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🌈 BHL + Sigma 9 Pride Logos! 🌈

Disclaimer: This is 100% not endorsed by SCP Staff in any way. I am an SCP Author who has decided to create these for other SCP Authors to use in celebration of Pride month (and beyond if they so choose.)

Would you like to add a pride logo to one of your pages?
Well, you've come to the right place!

BHL = Black Highlighter, the theme you are looking at now2

Sigma 9 = Regular, base theme used on the SCP Wiki

Just include this code on your page to add the logo of your choice.
Both Black Highlighter and Sigma 9 Includes are available:

LGBTQ+ Pride


White Outline LTBTQ+ Pride Logo


Black Outline LTBTQ+ Pride Logo

White Outline
BHL Include:
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Sigma 9 Include:
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Black Outline
BHL Include:
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Sigma 9 Include:
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Lesbian Pride


White Outline Lesbian Pride Logo


Black Outline Lesbian Pride Logo

White Outline
BHL Include:
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Sigma 9 Include:
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Black Outline
BHL Include:
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Sigma 9 Include:
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Transgender Pride


White Outline Transgender Pride Logo


Black Outline Transgender Pride Logo

White Outline
BHL Include:
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Sigma 9 Include:
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Black Outline
BHL Include:
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Sigma 9 Include:
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Bisexual Pride


White Outline Bisexual Pride Logo


Black Outline Bisexual Pride Logo

White Outline
BHL Include:
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Sigma 9 Include:
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Black Outline
BHL Include:
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Sigma 9 Include:
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Pansexual Pride


White Outline Pansexual Pride Logo


Black Outline Pansexual Pride Logo

White Outline
BHL Include:
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Sigma 9 Include:
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Black Outline
BHL Include:
[[include :scp-wiki:component:pride-highlighter |inc-pan-alt= --]]]

Sigma 9 Include:
[[include :scp-wiki:component:pride-highlighter |inc-s9-pan-alt= --]]]

Asexual (Ace) Pride


White Outline Asexual (Ace) Pride Logo


Black Outline Asexual (Ace) Pride Logo

White Outline
BHL Include:
[[include :scp-wiki:component:pride-highlighter |inc-ace= --]]]

Sigma 9 Include:
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Black Outline
BHL Include:
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Sigma 9 Include:
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Genderfluid Pride


White Outline Genderfluid Pride Logo


Black Outline Genderfluid Pride Logo

White Outline
BHL Include:
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Sigma 9 Include:
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Black Outline
BHL Include:
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Sigma 9 Include:
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Non-binary Pride


White Outline Non-binary Pride Logo


Black Outline Non-binary Pride Logo

White Outline
BHL Include:
[[include :scp-wiki:component:pride-highlighter |inc-nb= --]]]

Sigma 9 Include:
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Black Outline
BHL Include:
[[include :scp-wiki:component:pride-highlighter |inc-nb-alt= --]]]

Sigma 9 Include:
[[include :scp-wiki:component:pride-highlighter |inc-s9-nb-alt= --]]]

Ally Flag


White Outline Ally Logo


Black Outline Ally Logo

White Outline
BHL Include:
[[include :scp-wiki:component:pride-highlighter |inc-ally= --]]]

Sigma 9 Include:
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Black Outline
BHL Include:
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Sigma 9 Include:
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Pastel Flag


White Outline Pastel Pride Logo


Black Outline Pastel Pride Logo

White Outline
BHL Include:
[[include :scp-wiki:component:pride-highlighter |inc-plgbt= --]]]

Sigma 9 Include:
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Black Outline
BHL Include:
[[include :scp-wiki:component:pride-highlighter |inc-plgbt-alt= --]]]

Sigma 9 Include:
[[include :scp-wiki:component:pride-highlighter |inc-s9-plgbt-alt= --]]]

Animated Pride

Animated Logo by 7happy77happy7!

BHL Include
[[include :scp-wiki:component:pride-highlighter |inc-animp= --]]]

Sigma 9 Include
[[include :scp-wiki:component:pride-highlighter |inc-s9-animp= --]]]

Please let me, WoedenazWoedenaz, know if you'd like more pride logos added. I would be happy to oblige!


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This component is currently ACTIVE


On any wiki:

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Optional Addons

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What this is

A component that applies the Black Highlighter theme to your article.

This component will apply a stable version of the Black Highlighter theme, but it might break sometimes as it's updated.

Reporting problems

If you've got a Github account, create an Issue here detailing your problem (whether it's technical, or aesthetic, or whatever).

If you don't have a Github account, or if you'd prefer to discuss your issues with someone directly, either join the #black-highlighter channel on SynIRC, or send a PM to WoedenazWoedenaz or CroquemboucheCroquembouche.

Theme Colors

Payne's Grey--gray-monochrome(66, 66, 72)
Rosewood--bright-accent(133, 0, 5)
Alto--very-light-gray-monochrome(215, 215, 215)
White Smoke--pale-gray-monochrome(244, 244, 244)
Bastille--dark-gray-monochrome(48, 48, 52)
Buccaneer--medium-accent(100, 46, 44)
Maroon--dark-accent(100, 3, 15)
Mango Tango--newpage-color(221, 102, 17)



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Theme Colors

Bright Red--medium-accent(171,0,5)

Chinese Foundation Branch Logo



Note: This is a Black Highlighter based theme. You will need to import the Black Highlighter theme as well in order to use this theme. To learn more go here.

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SCP-5550-1's supposed former identity. SCP-5550-1の元の正体と思われるもの

Item # アイテム番号: SCP-5550

Object Class オブジェクトクラス: Keter ケテル [Formerly Thaumiel 以前はタウミエルだった]

Clearance Level クリアランスレベル: Four レベル4 [Formerly 以前は Three レベル3だった]

Special Containment Procedures: Following the events of 12/11/2020, SCP-5550 and Site-28 are not to be disturbed. In the event of an incident involving SCP-5550 and the Foundation, personnel are to attempt to collect SCP-5550 and return it to containment. Local tactical defense forces are to continue attempting to find a way into Site-28 without being caught by SCP-5550-1.
特別収容プロトコル: 2020年12月11日以降、SCP-5550とサイト28に手を出してはいけない。SCP-5550と財団が関与する事件が発生した場合、職員はSCP-5550の回収を試み、格納庫に戻さなければいけない。現地の戦術的防衛部隊はSCP-5550-1に見つからずに、引き続きサイト28への侵入を試みる。

Description: SCP-5550 is the designation for approximately three cups of ashes of PoI-1342, Hari Singh Nalwa. SCP-5550 is located inside a cremation urn dating back to the 19th century Punjab region. Nightly, a Class II spectral entity composed of ash, designated SCP-5550-1, manifests adjacent to SCP-5550's container. SCP-5550-1 claims to be PoI-1342, though the Foundation has been unable to verify this claim due to SCP-5550-1's current state. SCP-5550-1 displays high degrees of sapience, and frequently attempts friendly conversation with personnel.
説明: SCP-5550はPol-1342、ハリ・スィン・ナルワの遺灰約三杯分の名称。SCP-5550は19世紀のパンジャブ地方の火葬骨壷の中にある。SCP-5550-1と名付けられた灰からなるクラスIIの幽霊のような実体がSCP-5550の容器に隣接して現れる。

SCP-5550-1's effects are activated when SCP-5550 is placed at the highest point of any human-made structure. Any entity SCP-5550-1 deems "hostile" to any inhabitant of the structure will suffer the effects of acute and sudden-onset phobia. Though the type and specificity of each phobia varies among affected individuals, the phobias induced by SCP-5550-1 will have the net effect of preventing any affected individuals from coming within 200 meters of the protected structure.

Recovery Details: SCP-5550 was recovered following a noon-time raid on a Chaos Insurgency fortification in the Khyber Pass area of the Pakistani-Afghan region. Previous raids during evening hours resulted in failure due to SCP-5550-1’s abilities. Upon capture of the location, SCP-5550 was found to be hanging from the outer wall of the abandoned fort. It was taken in for observation, at which point SCP-5550-1’s anomalous effects were discovered.
発見の詳細: SCP-5550は正午にパキスタン・アフガン地域のカイバー・パス地区のカオス・インサージェンシーの要塞が襲撃された際に発見された。これまでの夕方の時間帯の襲撃ではSCP-5550-1の能力により失敗に終わっていた。場所を確保したところ、廃砦の外壁にSCP-5550がぶら下がっているのが発見された。観察のために捕獲され、SCP-5550-1の異常が発見された。

An initial interview log is attached below.

INTERVIEWER: Dr. Trevor Mago トレバー・マゴ博士

SUBJECT 内容: SCP-5550-1

<BEGIN LOG ログを開始する>

[Mago enters the containment chamber, carrying a small bundle. マゴが小さな束を持って格納庫に入る。]

MAGO マゴ: Hello, SCP-5550-1. こんにちは、SCP-5550-1。

[SCP-5550-1 gives a small smile. SCP-5550-1が軽く微笑む。]

5550-1: Hello, strange man. こんにちは、変な男。

MAGO マゴ: Hello. My name is Dr. Trevor Condon Mago, but please just call me Dr. Mago.

5550-1: I shall. You seem most agreeable. Though I must warn you, please note the 'seem' in my words. I am a tad wary. The previous ones clad in the black armor were kind as well, much like you. At least, at first.

MAGO マゴ: Do tell me about them, 5550. それらについて教えてくれ、5550。

5550-1: Well you see, Dr. Mago, just like the worldly desires of Maya3, these false warriors lured me in with sweet talk. Claimed I would be treated with much respect in the situation. That, however, was a horrid lie. [SCP-5550 grimaces.]
5550-1: マゴ博士、世俗的なマヤの欲望のように4、偽りの戦士たちが甘言で私を誘い込んだんだ。彼らは私に敬意を払って扱うと主張したがそれは忌まわしい嘘だった。[SCP-5550はニヤリとした表情を浮かべる。]

MAGO マゴ: [Sighing] I heard our attempts to recover the area surrounding the building in which you were captured in were… many, to say the least.
[溜息をつく] 君が捕まった建物の周辺を復旧させようとしたみたいだけど…いくら控え目に言っても何度もね。

5550-1: Precisely what I meant. I assure you I am most proud of mine and my Fauj's success. We are very good at what we do; that is to say defending the innocents against oppression. And only the innocents.

MAGO マゴ: I see. I take it you were not used for this purpose in our raids; they were enough to infiltrate your old base.

5550-1: I never said you were innocent. 君が無実だと一言も言っていない。

[Mago frowns, creasing his brow. マゴは眉に皺を寄せ顰める。]

MAGO マゴ: Mhm. はい。

5550-1: I was used to clear out civilians. The innocents. Simply because I was told they were hostile. I laid on top of a small tower the warriors would erect. Come nightfall, I could hear it. I could see it. See them all. See it. I heard the cries of the children as I hurt them, gave them terrible horrid nightmares. Of the veterans, as I heard them crying of bombs dropped. I hurt them all.

[Silence for approximately one minute. 約一分間の沈黙]

5550-1: It was… distressing. I did not like living for those men.

[Mago nods. Retrieving a small image of Pol-1342, he displays it to SCP-5550-1.]

5550-1: I take it that is.. me? それは..私か?

MAGO マゴ: Indeed it is. You, and well, the memory of you, are most important to your faith.

5550-1: Memory? 記憶?

MAGO マゴ: Ah. See. I'm not quite sure how to put this.

[22 seconds of silence, peppered with occasional starts and subsequent stops of sentences by Dr. Mago.]

MAGO マゴ: You, well, you're dead. Have been for 200 years.

<END LOG ログ終了>

NOTES: SCP-5550-1 is not allowed to know of the existence of Operation Blue Star5, Partition6, or any other events that impacted India and the Sikh diaspora negatively, as well as any sort of current news media.
注意事項: SCP-5550-1はブルースター作戦7、パーティション8、インドとシーク教ディアスポラに悪影響を与えたその他の出来事や、現在のニュースメディアの存在を知ることは許されない。

INTERVIEWER インタビュアー: Dr. Trevor Mago トレバー・マゴ博士

SUBJECT サブジェクト: SCP-5550-1

FOREWORD 序文: Prior to the interview, SCP-5550-1 had been seen sulking around its containment area during the times when it manifested.

<BEGIN LOG ログ開始>

[Mago enters the containment chamber, carrying a small bundle. マゴが小さな束を持って格納庫に入る。]

MAGO マゴ: Hello, SCP-5550-1. こんにちは、SCP-5550-1。

5550-1: Hello, strange man. It has been awhile. こんにちは、変な男。久しぶりだな。

MAGO マゴ: That it has. そうだな。

5550-1: I apologize for my childish actions - I assume you all were concerned about me.

MAGO マゴ: Well, not all. Some more selfishly than the rest.

[SCP-5550-1 frowns. SCP-5550-1が眉を顰める。]

5550-1: I see. そうか。

MAGO マゴ: I can confirm to you that I was, at the very least.

5550-1: What is but one man compared to the overwhelming majority?

MAGO マゴ: One more than you had before, 5550-1.

5550-1: Fair observation. 公正な観察だ。

MAGO マゴ: I assume you're a tad… confused? 君は少し…混乱しているのではないか?

5550-1: Indeed I am. Sharp eyes, you have there. [SCP-5550-1 rolls his eyes.]

MAGO マゴ: Please allow me to briefly explain who I am, and who we—my organization—are.

5550-1: Do tell. 説明してくれ。

MAGO マゴ: I am a doctor in the employ of the SCP Foundation, an international, non-governmental group dedicated to safely containing things that violate the laws of science and what would generally be considered, well, "normal."

5550-1: Things such as… [SCP-5550-1 motions to himself.] myself?

MAGO マゴ: Well, yes, you would be the type of thing that we would contain. We work with various governments all over the world, but we are not affiliated with any of them. We are not obligated to any one country or nation.

5550-1: I would think that such an organization would crumble under the pressure to join forces with a nation. You must be a very powerful group if you hold these things that you claim you do.

MAGO マゴ: Fortunately, the world is a very peaceful place right now. There's no fighting going on for our allegiance, and nobody is trying to direct us in any nation's favor. Our only goal is the protection of humanity from these dangerous things.

5550-1: You say the world is peaceful. What is the state of my people in the world right now? The last I remember of them, they had begun wearing strange scarlet uniforms with white straps9. I have not seen them in much time. I fret something may have occurred.

MAGO マゴ: Those uniforms were always common among civilians, but your people are safe. Their empire has flourished in your absence.

5550-1: So they are safe. Hmm. [SCP-5550-1 leans back.] That's good to hear. Let me tell you a story.

MAGO マゴ: I don't believe that's rel- 俺はそんな-

5550-1: That was not a request. これはリクエストではない。

[SCP-5550-1 clears its throat.]

5550-1: The last time I recall being… in a familiar location, I was in Jamrud. I was atop the battlements of a fort of the same name. There were many. Many of us. Many of them. It looked like a river delta, one of the five, with blood running up and down, snaking around and through bodies. Nothing but thunder ringing out across the land. I looked out amongst the battlefield, and I felt something. My soldiers were doing beautifully, but were in retreat. I looked, and I felt something once more. A bullet. It had struck. I was rushed into chirurgeon, but insisted to come back.

MAGO マゴ: Did you? そうなのか?

5550-1: Of course. All I heard were screams and shouts, crying and laughter, the sick sound of swords severing and swinging, and what an awful cacophony it was. Arms in hand, I requested to be taken back to the top. I was. I looked once more, and the field froze. Men, standing up and down like training dummies looking at the fort. At me. And they ran. Those demons on earth, killers of innocence, turned tail and ran. It was a joyous sight. And I closed my eyes and let go.

[Researcher Mago appears a bit worried. マゴ研究員は少し心配そうにしている。]

MAGO マゴ: I see. A joyous sight indeed. なるほど。喜びに満ちた光景ね。

5550-1: You've given me confirmation we won that battle, and many, many more in the future. Our Kesari11 billows valiantly in the wind, and our Nagaras12 beat loud with the knowledge the Sikh empire has remained strong.
あなたは私にその戦いに勝利したことを確認させてくれた。将来的にはもっと多くのことが起こるだろう。我々のケサリ13は風の中で勇敢にうねり、我々のナガラス14は大きな音を出し、 シーク帝国が強力であり続けていることを知っている。

[SCP-5550-1 beats its chest once, a proud smile on its face. SCP-5550-1は一度胸を打ち、誇らしげな笑みを浮かべた。]

MAGO マゴ: If I may, I would like to say something related to what I said earlier. もしよければ、先程の話に関連したことを言ってもいいか?

5550-1: Yes, speak. ああ、話せ。

MAGO マゴ: Earlier, I mentioned how many people in my organization were not concerned for you. This was not due to them not caring about you, but rather due to them being ve ry focused on the containment and control of other, much more dangerous and deadly anomalies.

5550-1: They preoccupy themselves with keeping others safe…are they able to keep themselves safe? 彼らは他人の安全を守ることに夢中になっているが、自分自身の安全を守ることができるのか?

MAGO: That is the other thing I wanted to discuss. 俺はその話がしたかったんだ。


Incident 5550-1 インシデント5550-1
On 2/3/2020, a team of Chaos Insurgency operatives attempted to breach Site-28 in a nighttime raid. SCP-5550 was deployed in an attempt to halt the raid.

<BEGIN LOG ログ開始>
SCP-5550-1 can be seen on the roof of Site-28, perched on a corner. Several Chaos Insurgency operatives are clustered around a vehicle beyond the range of SCP-5550. SCP-5550-1はサイト28の屋根の上で角に止まっているのが見える。数名のカオス・インサージェンシーがSCP-5550の射程外の車両を取り囲んでいる。
5550-1: Hmm. They have not approached yet. Perhaps they know who I am… うーん。彼らはまだ近づいてきていない。私が誰だか知っているのかもしれない。
A flash is seen from the operatives, and a rocket impacts the roof besides SCP-5550-1. SCP-5550 is unharmed by this, though SCP-5550-1 retreats from the edge of the roof. 工作員から閃光が見え、SCP-5550-1のほかにロケットが屋根に衝突する。SCP-5550-1は屋根の端から退却するが、SCP-5550は無傷である。
5550-1: What was that? あれは何だったんだ?
A second vehicle is seen in the distance, rapidly approaching. It enters the range of SCP-5550, and immediately attempts to turn around. The vehicle flips, and several operatives are seen emerging from the vehicle and backpedaling towards the other operatives while staring at Site-28. 遠くに二台目の車両が急速に接近しているのが見える。SCP-5550の射程内に入り、すぐに旋回しようとする。車両が反転し、数名の工作員が車両から出てきて、サイト28を睨みながら他の工作員に向かって後退しているのが見える。
5550-1: Wha-what? No, that cannot be right. Why would they fear that? な-何だ?いや、そんなわけがない。なぜ彼らはそれを恐れるのだ?
SCP-5550-1 moves to the rooftop hatch, intently observing the Foundation symbol printed on it. He turns around and stares at the operatives in the distance, who are each individually activating emergency teleportation runes. Some spasm on the ground, shrieking and crying, attempting to activate their runes. SCP-5550-1は屋上のハッチに移動し、そこに印刷された財団のマークを注意深く観察していた。彼は振り返り、遠くにいる工作員たちをじっと見つめていた。何人かは地面に倒れ、泣き叫びながらルーンを発動させようとしている。
5550-1: [shouting] Why do you fear them?

[叫ぶ] なぜお前は彼らを恐れる?

Unknown Operative 不明な工作員: [shouting] Look at yourself!

[叫ぶ] 自分を見てみろ!

The remaining operatives finish teleporting out before Foundation combat personnel can arrive. SCP-5550-1 does not move from the edge of the roof until demanifestation. 残った工作員は、財団の戦闘員が到着する前にテレポートを終了する。SCP-5550-1は脱魔化するまで屋根の端から動かない。
<END LOG ログを終了する>

Tests were performed with SCP-5550 to determine its worth as a possible security asset. All tests were conducted within Foundation-owned facilities.

"Hostile" Entities 「敵対的」存在 Intent of Entities 実体の意向 Actions of Entities 実体の行動 Results 結果
Foundation canine unit 財団のイヌ科のユニット Directed to attack Agent Bangot エージェント・バンゴットへの攻撃を指示 Attempted to charge towards Agent Bangot upon seeing him next to SCP-5550-1 SCP-5550-1の隣にいるのを見て、エージェント・バンゴットに向かって突撃しようとした。 Unit suffered identical effects to humans exposed to SCP-5550-1. Effects confirmed to not be limited to humans. ユニットはSCP-5550-1に曝露された人と同一の影響を受けた。
Agent Glaros エージェント・グラロス To walk around and inspect the building Agent Bangot was in エージェント・バンゴットがいた建物を見て回る。 Waving their personal firearm around and pointing it at Agent Bangot from a large distance 個人的な銃器を振り回して遠くからエージェント・バンゴットに向ける。 Standard effects, albeit reduced in intensity from other reported tests. Intent of "hostile" entities appears to matter more than actions. 他の報告されたテストと比べると強度が低下したとはいえ、標準的な効果。「敵対的」な存在の意図は行動よりも重要であるように見える。
Agent Glaros エージェント・グラロス To assault Agent Bangot once within hand-to-hand combat range 射程距離内にいるエージェント・バンゴットを突撃する Walking at a casual pace 気軽なペースで歩く Standard effects. "Hostile" action does not appear to be necessary to trigger the effects of SCP-5550-1. 標準的な効果。「敵対的」行動はSCP-5550-1の効果を発動させるのに必要がない。
Agent Bangot エージェント・バンゴット Shoot an owl outside of Site-28's borders. サイト28の境界線の外でフクロウを撃つ。 Sitting down. 座る。 No effects. "Hostile" action must be taken by a non-inhabitant towards an inhabitant. 効果無し。「敵対的」行為は非居住者が居住者に対して行ったものでなければならない。
Agent Bangot エージェント・バンゴット Cut down a tree inside Site-28 while standing outside Site-28's borders. サイト28の境界線の外に立ちながら、サイト28内の木を切る。 Walk towards Site-28 with a small, dull saw. 小さくて鈍いノコギリを持ってサイト28に向かって歩く。 Standard effects. "Hostile" designations appear to extend to intentions against non-sapient entities. 標準的な効果。「敵対的」指定は知性のない実体に対する意図にまで及んでいるように見える。
Agent Bangot エージェント・バンゴット Slam his head against a wall. 壁に頭をぶつける Slam his head against a wall. 壁に頭をぶつける。 Standard effects. The unplanned nature of the test suggests an automatic quality to SCP-5550-1's effects, that extend to self-destructive actions. 標準的な効果。テストの無計画な性質はSCP-5550-1の効果が自動的に自己破壊的な行動にまで及ぶことを示唆している。

Abridged logs of field activity are attached below.

Date 日付 Attacking Party 攻撃側 Notes and Results ノートと結果
10/13/2020 Chaos Insurgency カオス・インサージェンシー Repelled, however SCP-5550-1 expressed distress afterwards, as well as a mild aversion to the Foundation symbol. 撃退したがSCP-5550-1はその後、財団のシンボルに対する軽度の嫌悪感と苦悩を表明した。
10/30/2020 Serpent's Hand 蛇の手 Repelled, although the radius to SCP-5550-1's effect appeared to have diminished to 190 meters. 撃退したがSCP-5550-1の効果は190メートルに減少したように見えた。
11/10/2020 Renegade Global Occult Coalition operatives レネゲイド世界オカルト連合工作員 Intervention from on-site security personnel was required to repel the assault, as despite suffering from the phobic effects of SCP-5550, operatives were able to continue approaching Site-28. SCP-5550の恐怖症効果にもかかわらず、現場の警備員の介入が必要であったため、攻撃を撃退するためには現場の警備員の介入が必要でした。
12/02/2020 Serpent's Hand 蛇の手 Effects of SCP-5550 did not manifest on attackers not carrying physical weapons, and on-site personnel were required to engage. SCP-5550-1 did not engage with any Foundation personnel again until 12/10/2020 SCP-5550の影響は、物理的な武器を持っていない攻撃者には現れず、現場の職員が従事する必要があった。SCP-5550-1は2020年12月10日まで財団職員と再び交戦しなかった。

INTERVIEWER インタビュアー: Researcher Mago マゴ研究員

SUBJECT サブジェクト: SCP-5550-1

<BEGIN LOG ログ開始>

5550-1: I believe I already discussed how iffy I was about this whole proposal.

MAGO マゴ: You did, but-

5550-1: If I must be honest, Mago my good man, I am quite conflicted.

MAGO マゴ: Why?

5550-1: I have seen what I have done. I have fought for justice my whole life. However, this is not it. I know not who those men were - what they have done, whether they have families, whether they truly have evil in their hearts.

MAGO マゴ: It is for the greater good. You're doing work that is keeping hundreds of people out of the line of danger, and letting the manpower that would be used here instead be used in places that may need it more.

5550-1: That is what everyone tells me, yes. However, I can't help but feel as if me being here is simply doing more harm than good. I used to fight for good. Felt correct when I saw the throngs of people running. I felt right. Not now. Not at all.

MAGO マゴ: Wait, wai-

[SCP-5550-1 raises a hand towards Mago. SCP-5550-1がマゴに向かって手を挙げる]

5550-1: Let me finish. Why is it that I see your sigil everywhere? The circles, the arrows, it's in everyone's mind as their fear. Even those who I claim to protect are scared of themselves. They can all see, and they won't stop seeing this fear. That's all it is.

MAGO マゴ: I-

[SCP-5550-1 glares at Mago. He raises a hand once more. SCP-5550-1はマゴを睨みつける。彼はもう一度手を挙げる。]

5550-1: I'm not done. All I've done is exacerbate that issue. It is hard for me to control this, and it's led to a number of negative effects, this I know. I saw myself in the mind's eye of a few passersby. It's as if I have some death-touch.

MAGO マゴ: I'd disagree, but-

5550-1: Perhaps it'd be better if I had somewhere to calm down.

MAGO マゴ: I- I see. そ-そうだな。

[SCP-5550-1 speaks softer, though still in a demanding tone. SCP-5550-1はまだ厳しい口調ではあるが、柔らかく話す。]

5550-1: Mago, have I ever told you about my home?

MAGO: Many times, SCP-5550-1.

5550-1: Back in Punjab, we used to have a few banyan and mango trees about. I used to sit in their shade and take care of them. However, I don't see nearly as many trees about. Perhaps I should plant a few.

<END LOG ログ終了>

Incident 5550-2 インシデント5550-2
During the night of 12/11/2020, SCP-5550's effects spontaneously began affecting every member of Site-28's personnel except Researcher Mago. This is SCP-5550's and Researcher Mago's 22nd meeting.

<BEGIN LOG ログ開始>
All on-site personnel are attempting to flee Site-28 as fast as possible, with several researchers lying unconscious at the base of the central stairwell. The discarded weapons and gear of on-site guards is scattered around the equipment lockers, and all containment chambers are in emergency isolation mode. SCP-5550-1 is manifested within the security center of Site-28, pacing. Researcher Mago enters, almost tripping over a chair as he approaches SCP-5550-1. 現場の全ての職員は出来るだけ早くサイト28から逃げようとしており、中央階段の吹き抜けのそこには数人の研究者が意識不明のまま横たわっている。現場警備員の廃棄された武器や装備品が機器ロッカーに散乱しており、全ての格納容器は緊急隔離モードになっている。SCP-5550-1はサイト28のセキュリティセンター内に姿を現し、歩調を合わせている。マゴ研究員はSCP-5550-1に近づき、椅子に躓きそうになる。
MAGO マゴ: Nalwa, what are you doing? The entire site just ran out of the building out of fear except me, and there's no impending attack. Is there a bomb hidden in the site somewhere you found, some sort of imminent attack from inside? ナルワ、何をしている?俺以外は恐怖で建物の外に今にも起こりそうな攻撃はない。君が見つけた敷地内のどこかに爆弾が隠されていて、内部からの攻撃が差し迫っているのでは?
5550-1: Mago, friend, there is no threat. I simply needed time to think. マゴ、友よ、脅威はない。考える時間が必要だっただけだ。
MAGO マゴ: We could have taken you up to the roof, given you some time to- 屋上に連れていくことも出来たんだが…
5550-1: No, that would not have done. I needed time truly alone to consider my thoughts. いや、それは出来なかっただろう。考えるために本当に一人の時間が必要だった。
MAGO マゴ: But why come to the security center? だがなぜセキュリティセンターに来たんだ?
5550-1: This place is fascinating. You can see many things from here, both within what you've called the site and outside of it. この場所は魅力的だ。君がサイトと呼んだ場所の中でも外でも色んな物が見れる。
MAGO マゴ: Well, yes, we need to know what's going on to make sure that everybody, including you, is safe. そうだな、君を含めた全員の安全を確保するためには、状況を知る必要がある。
5550-1: Mago, I have seen what happened to my people. マゴ、同胞の身に起きたことを見てきた。
Mago's eyes widen, and he takes a step backwards towards the security room exit. マゴは目を見開き、警備室の出口に向かって一歩後ろに下がった。
5550-1: I know that you made an effort to not only hide this information from me, but to make me think they were better off than they actually were. I assume this was in an effort to get me complacent and willing to work for your organization, no? 君はこの情報を隠すだけでなく、実際よりも安楽であると思わせるために努力したことを私は知っている。これは私を満足させてあなたの組織で働きたいと思わせるための努力だったのでは?
MAGO マゴ: I—please—look—fucking fine! God, I didn't want to lie to you like that, but it was administration orders. I wanted to tell you the truth from the beginning, because I knew it was wrong to lie to you. 俺は—お願い—見ろ—分かった!俺は君に嘘はつきたくなかったんが、管理命令だったんだ。最初から本当のことを言いたかったのは君に嘘をつくのは間違っていると思ったからだ。
5550-1: But you did! You were told to do something, and instead of doing the right thing, you did what you were told. だが君はやってしまった!君は何かをするように言われて、正しいことをする代わりに言われたことをした。
MAGO マゴ: I fought in every way I could! I was against using you as a defense. I watched out for you, not that I was made to, but because I could. I was on your side in everything that has been going on from the very start, I've just wanted to help you from the beginning. 全力で戦った!君を防衛に使うのは反対だったんだ。俺は君を見守っていたんだ。強制されたわけじゃないが、出来るからした。俺は最初から君の味方だった、最初から君を助けたかったんだ。
5550-1: No, no, no. This is just a ruse, a ploy to try and get me working for you all again, questioning it even less than before. いや、いや、いや。これは私を再び君たちのために働かせるための策略だ。以前よりも更に疑問が薄れた。
MAGO マゴ: No, that's not true at all. I'm on your side, Nalwa, I want to help you! いや、全然そんなことはない。俺は君の味方だ、ナルワ、君を助けたいんだ!
5550-1: If you were, you would have ignored your orders! もしそうなら君は命令を無視していただろう!
MAGO マゴ: That's not an option with the Foundation! 財団ではそんな選択肢はない!
5550-1: Then you further prove you do not care. それはあなたが無関心なことを更に証明している。
MAGO マゴ: Nalwa, listen to me. You've cut off communications out of the site. There is no way we would be able to contact superiors. There is no reason for me to be here at all except to help you. ナルワ、聞いてくれ。君はサイトの通信を遮断している。上官と連絡が取れるはずがない。俺がここにいる理由は君をたすけるためだけだ。
SCP-5550-1 slowly approaches Mago, appearing to grow in contrast to his surroundings. Mago begins flinching with every step taken by SCP-5550-1. SCP-5550-1はゆっくりとマゴに近づき、周囲とは対照的に成長しているように見える。マゴはSCP-5550-1が一歩踏み出すたびにたじろぎ始める。
5550-1: You're lying. I know it. Everything you've done, it's all for a greater purpose dedicated to hurting me! You weren't on my side, you lied to me about that, and then you lied about everything else! I am nothing more than a weapon. All can see it. They never will stop seeing. 君は嘘をついている。分かっている。君がしてきたことは全ておれを傷つけるためだったんだ。君は私の味方ではなかった。そのことで私に嘘をついた。他のことでも嘘をついた!私は武器以外の何物でもない。誰が見ても一目瞭然だ。彼らが見るのをやめることはないだろう。
Mago begins running away from SCP-5550-1, sprinting towards the nearest exit. マゴはSCP-5550-1から逃げ始め、最寄りの出口に向かって走る。
5550-1: I was told I was protecting innocents. I will protect innocents. But you are not among them. 私は無実の人を守っていると言われた。私は無実の人を守る。だが君は彼らの中にはいない。
Mago runs out the maintenance exit, tripping as he moves through the door. He continues to sprint away from Site-28, occasionally looking back at the site. マゴはドアを通り抜けようとしたときに躓きながら、メンテナンス出口から走り出す。時折、サイトを見返しながらサイト28から走り去る。
<END LOG ログ終了>

Approximately 57 Foundation attempts at recapturing Site-28 have taken place, all of which have failed. Due to the high cost of performing these operations, they have been temporarily suspended.

Note ノート: Three weeks after SCP-5550-1's takeover of Site-28, strong windstorms prevented SCP-5550-1 manifestation for two days. Foundation local tactical defense forces, originally intended to defend Site-28, attempted to occupy Site-28 during this time, but were stopped due to weather conditions during the first two days and forcibly removed by a smaller SCP-5550-1 manifestation on the third morning. All further SCP-5550-1 manifestations have been at this new size.
Worldwide reports of ghosts in forests causing hallucinatory effects in loggers following this event are currently being investigated. 世界的に森林内の幽霊がこの出来事を受けて採掘者に幻覚作用をもたらしたという報告があり、現在調査が進められている。





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