314159265 piのサンドボックスポータル

Item #: SCP-3009
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3009 may be logged in on one (1) instance of SCP-3009-B, which is to be kept in storage at Site-19. SCP-3009 is not permitted to publish Snapchats to any public forum, nor may it exchange correspondences with civilians or unapproved site personnel. Approved personnel may exchange correspondences with SCP-3009 on Snapchat for the purpose of fulfilling its socialisation needs, contingent on its good behaviour. All correspondences with SCP-3009 must be screenshotted for the Foundation’s records.
SCP-3009 appears to believe that the Foundation will assist it in returning to its own body and has so far fully co-operated with the Foundation based on this stipulation. It is highly recommended that personnel assigned correspondence duty with SCP-3009 maintain this belief if possible.
SCP-3009-C is currently housed in Site-17 and is not permitted unsupervised contact with electronics. In the event of a containment breach, SCP-3009-C has been implanted with a tracking device. It is to be provided with non-electronic forms of entertainment such as books, board games or magazines targeted at a teenaged audience when requested, and is permitted supervised socialisation with approved Foundation staff members depending on their availability.
UPDATE: In light of Experiment 3009-A-4, SCP-3009 may be reprimanded in the event of a disciplinary infraction by being logged out of all instances of SCP-3009-B for a time period dependent on the severity of the infraction but lasting no more than three weeks.
In light of Experiment 3009-B-5, it is strongly recommended as of ██/06/2018 that Foundation staff refrain from initiating discussion of communications with SCP-3009 while SCP-3009-C is present, except in the settings of either counselling sessions or during testing.





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