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出典: SCP-4597
著者: WerylliumWeryllium
作成日(EN): 2019/06/08
SCP-4597 - Thick-Skinned Man
SCP-4597 - 皮の厚い男
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SCP-4597 - Thick-Skinned Man

SCP-4597 - 皮の厚い男

Item #: SCP-4597

アイテム番号: SCP-4597

Object Class: Euclid

オブジェクトクラス: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4597 is contained within a Standard Humanoid Containment Cell. SCP-4597's hands are to be encased in fitted gloves filled with polymer gel #MCN119, refreshed daily. A plexiglass partition divides the cell between SCP-4597 and SCP-4597-A.

特別収容プロトコル: SCP-4597は標準人型実体収容セルに収容されます。SCP-4597の手は、重合体ゲル#MCN119で満たされた大きさのあった手袋に完全に入れられなければなりません。ゲルは毎日交換されます。プレキシグラスの仕切りがSCP-4597とSCP-4597-Aのセルを間で分割します。

Description: SCP-4597 is a young human male suffering from dermatillomania1.

説明: SCP-4597は自傷性皮膚症2に罹った若い人間男性です。

SCP-4597's skin possesses accelerated, if flawed, regenerative properties. Observation has shown that regeneration takes only a few minutes even when entire sheets of skin are torn away; however, due to this, large portions of SCP-4597's dermis are heavily scarred and discolored. Additionally, the dead cornea stratum layer is abnormally thick, ranging from 5-120 mm depending on location, with SCP-4597's lips, fingers, toes, and knees exhibiting the thickest layers.

SCP-4597の皮膚は傷つけられた際に、促進された再生特性を有します。観察の結果、皮膚の全体が引きはがされた場合においても、再生には数分しか掛からない事が判明しています。しかしながら、これによりSCP-4597の真皮の大部分は重い傷跡が残り、変色します。加えて、死んだ角質層が異常に厚く、その厚さは場所に応じて5-120 mmに渡り、SCP-4597の唇や指、足のつま先、そして膝では最も厚い層が見られます。

SCP-4597's dead skin is abnormally difficult to cut or pierce without the use of either metal tools, lasers, or SCP-4597's teeth or nails; it also becomes gradually thicker and more durable each time it heals. SCP-4597 partially circumvents this durability by exploiting weak points such as ingrown hairs, new calluses, existing notches, or water-softened areas in order to continue its self-destructive behaviors. The living dermis exhibits no unusual durability.

Once removed from SCP-4597, the dead skin becomes animate. Dead fragments will wriggle before ultimately joining an existing sapient, amorphous pile of skin fragments in the shape of a large (currently 3 m tall) dust mite with elongated limbs (SCP-4597-A), held together with dried blood or pus.

一度SCP-4597から取り除かれると、角質は活性化します。角質片はうごめき、その後最終的に、乾燥した血や膿によりまとまった、細長い脚を持つ巨大(現在高さ3 m)なイエダニの形をした、皮膚の断片でできた不定形の山である、知的実体(SCP-4597-A)に接合します。

During initial observation of SCP-4597 while sleeping, SCP-4597-A was seen using its mandibles to bite thinner areas of SCP-4597's skin, creating small notches, and using rough edges of its skin portions to sharpen SCP-4597's fingernails. In response, current containment procedures were enacted.


Following separation from SCP-4597-A, SCP-4597 has exhibited signs of anxiety, while its condition has slowed significantly, with large sections of skin beginning to heal and decrease in thickness. Conversely, SCP-4597-A has begun to act erratically, hitting itself against the partition repeatedly, and peeling and chewing on parts of itself with its mandibles.






"I've got thick skin. No one can really hurt me but me."


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