SCP-522-JP 英訳

作者:Mamekusa_T 氏

Item #: SCP-522-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-522-JP is regaeded as Site-81██; it is difficult to contain
SCP-522-JP ordinarily because of its size. Deploy guards about it and prevent invasion of civilians. If you conduct measurement of concentration of baguette in the air, get permission of 2/522-JP clearrance personnel. After measurement, calculate the impact to reality by SCP-522-JP-1.

Description: SCP-522-JP is a ordinary and mid-size air baguette concentration measurement facility at Mt. ██, ████ city, Gunma Prefecture. 7m-class Charles' Reflection Measure is inside it.

It became plain that SCP-522-JP-1 actually exist while the "internal memory" of SCP-522-JP contains measurement that has SCP-522-JP-1. Data of internal memory is reset after exporting to print medium; SCP-522-JP-1 exist for quite a brief period. Research for features of SCP-522-JP-1 is now on. For more information, please refer Document 522-JP.

Though SCP-522-JP-1 don't affect reality so extremely, remember to submit each data of SCP-522-JP-1 after measuring.


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