エージェント・スプーンの提議(原題: Agent Spoon's Personnel Request)
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To: O5 Command

Proposal Type: Personnel Request

From: Agent Spoon

Date: ██/██/20██

Security Level: CLASSIFIED

Introduction: After careful review of the Foundation's special Mobile Task Force Teams, I have found a rather glaring weakness in the organization of the Foundation's SCP recovery and protection systems that can be solved through several simple actions.

Problem: First and foremost is the glaring disparity between Foundation Agents and Task Force members. While Task Force members are usually culled from the best special forces units from around the world and are given the latest and most advanced equipment, their duties are usually restricted to SCP protection and surveillance, which seems to be a tragic waste of resources and talent. This can mostly be blamed on the fact that the formation of Task Forces are usually reactionary measures to the unpredictable nature of SCPs.

Agents, on the other hand, are largely derived from civilian sources such as local and federal law enforcement agencies. They are often similarly equipped, but are given the actual duty of tracking down and recovering SCPs. While the vast majority of SCPs are rather harmless and can easily be dealt with by Agents, there is currently no viable way under the current system for first responder Agents to deal with violent or unpredictable SCPs, or rival SCP seeking organizations. Mobile Task Force Delta-7 is an exception, but as we all know, they are currently committed to tracking ORIA agents and lack the flexibility or resources to expand their mission profile.

Most importantly, the Foundation lacks an actual offensive military option. While the Foundation has been able to carry on this far by co-opting government resources and forming Task Forces in times of emergency, the Office for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifact's theft of SCP-112 and threats of an impending attack by the Church of the Broken God reveal the need for a cohesive, elite offensive military unit more than ever before.

Solution: My solution to this problem is to form a brand new Task Force that will not be tied to a singular Site or SCP. Instead, this Task Force will perform the dual role of first response and hostile recovery of SCPs. This should serve as a suitable counter to outside threats, as well as giving the Foundation a means to directly recover SCPs from rival organizations. They will also serve as primary offensive support for Field Agents to reduce reliance on local law enforcement.

Proposal: I must admit though, the formation of a brand new Task Force is a decision not taken lightly. Also, due to the nature of their duties, the initial casualty rates of this new Task Force are expected to be extremely high, with an estimation of 70% losses after the first ten missions. This is why I am only requesting personnel who fit the following criteria:

*Current Task Force members and Agents facing disciplinary action that can/will result in demotion to D-class, transfer to Keter duty, or termination.
*Prospective Task Force and Agent applicants with questionable pasts or qualifications.
*D-Class personnel who have proven themselves to possess exceptional skill or abilities.
*Remnants of Task Forces that have suffered high casualties and now face disbandment.
*Any personnel with practical skills that Foundation supervisors feel like getting rid of.

It is of my opinion that some these personnel are not useless, and may in fact still prove quite useful to the Foundation if not for their unfortunate infractions. These personnel will of course undergo a rigorous screening process to weed out the promising ones from the dead weight.

Conclusion: I would like to hope that you are able to see the Foundation's glaring weaknesses as clearly as I have. I believe it is time for us to take a more aggressive approach to dealing with rival organizations. While our main objective is to secure, contain, and protect, there is no reason we cannot achieve defense through an effective offense.


Note: Seriously, where do these morons come from? It seems they just keep getting dumber. If a system works, why fix it? -O5-6

Addendum: You look, but do not see. Let me tell you what you're missing.

First of all, you're ignoring the completely different roles MTFs and Agents take. Let's use examples from Tom Clancy video games. Being an Agent is like playing Splinter Cell: maybe not the earlier games where you're a ninja sneaking through buildings alone, but Double Agent, where you also have to infiltrate organizations. You work alone. You gather information. You pursue objectives on your own initiative. When you find an SCP, you call in help, or if you think you can do it alone, retrieve it yourself. Like a sliver of glass: small, sharp, nearly invisible. Civilian law enforcement is trained to do just that: wait, watch, and defuse situations with minimal force.

The MTFs are like playing Rainbow Six: you have a defined goal, because the Agents found it for you. Now you move in. No matter how subtle you are, people are going to remember six guys in black suits with submachine guns storming a building. So you minimize impact by being fast, violent, and hella aggressive. You're the hammer, the SCP is the nut. Military and SWAT teams (which are more paramilitary than law enforcement) is trained to do that: hit hard, hit fast, fade away.

Secondly, you completely misunderstand the mission of the Mobile Task Force. They are not formed to CONTAIN specific SCPs. They are formed to EXPLOIT them: Pandora's Box with Able, Puddle Jumpers with the Wading Pool, Lotto Steppers (before his sad demise) with Stanley Cubic. Either that or they're experts in certain types of SCPs: Mole Rats train in specific techniques to navigate and escape from dimensional SCPs that alter local geography, for instance.

Finally: under NO circumstances should the SCP Foundation create an offensive military force. Offensive military forces are designed for one thing: conquest and expansion. Imposing your will on others. The day the Foundation does that is the day it fails its mission: Secure. Contain. PROTECT.

And trust me: there are plenty of other organizations who only tolerate the Foundation because it stays on the defensive.

- Clef

Note from a concerned Agent:

Ick. Form our own military? The next step from there would be to form our own government. And at that point we're ruling the world. O5 would become an evil council of doom, with an iron fist of cold, cruel, semi-justice. No doubt this idea will appeal to some of our more militaristic personnel. This is scary shit. Who proposed this anyway?

Note: I must admit, Dr. Clef puts up a very convincing argument and I submit to his seniority over the matter. However, I would like to say, history has the nasty habit of shoving unfair circumstances on the wrong people. One day, there may be a time where the scientists must become the soldiers…

-Agent Spoon

Note: We're not there yet, Spoon. Pray that it never gets that bad. If it does, then we're all fucked. I mean XK-class End of the World Scenario All Up In Our Shit Right Now level fucked.

- Clef

Note: Anyone else find the irony in Dr. Clef scoffing at the idea of Foundation Scientists acting as combatants? Anyway, I support the idea of recruiting selected D-Class personnel. After all, many Deltas get a lot more experience with some SCPs than the researchers they are assigned to. Besides, killing them at the end of the month or pumping them full of Class-MindFuckLobotomy amnesiacs and throwing them back into prison is a waste of people that could be doing useful things.

Hey, don't the Russians have a prison conscription program? Maybe we could bully them into letting us in on that.

- Malign

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