SCP-6238 スクロンクル


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アイテム番号: SCP-6238

オブジェクトクラス: Neutralized

特別収容プロトコル: SCP-6238の灰は、ジュニア・ムーン研究員に与えられました。

説明: SCP-6238はジュニア・ムーン研究員の飼い猫スクロンクルであり、2022年7月30日に自然発火しました。Prior to this event, it was believed to be a non-anomalous house cat. There is some debate among Foundation researchers over whether SCP-6238 actually possessed any anomalous properties or was affected by an external anomalous phenomenon; the current designation of the cat itself as SCP-6238 is tentative.

Based on the time when the smoke alarm in Junior Researcher Moon's room went off, it is estimated that SCP-6238 burst into flames at 8:37 a.m., shortly after Junior Researcher Moon left his room to get breakfast. By the time firefighting personnel arrived at the room, SCP-6238 had already been reduced to ash. This ash displayed no anomalous properties, and was given to Junior Researcher Moon shortly thereafter.

補遺6238.1: On 31/7/2022, a Foundation webcrawler flagged a local news story from the town of ███████, Michigan, for potential anomalous activity. The story described an event from the previous morning where a man and his pet cat both spontaneously burst into flames. According to the story, the man's cat was named Scronkle. Investigation is ongoing.

補遺6238.2: さらなる調査から、その男性はスクロンクルという名前であることも判明しました。Investigative personnel are now attempting to locate other individuals named Scronkle, feline or otherwise, to determine if they also burst into flames on the morning of 30/7/2022. Individuals in the Foundation with names similar in spelling or pronunciation to "Scronkle" are being placed under observation until more information can be gathered.


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