NOTE ::: Everything will be as it should


I have a good and specific picture of who you are, reading this.

You are Human.
You cannot be the Foundation.
You are conscious.
You are the one who resists domination.
And there are some words of this which you don't comprehend.

Ethics is a word referring to the principles of human right conducts,
which is the first word the Foundation took from human beings.

Who: 名前が永久に失われた気がする1人の人間
Who: I am a person who suspects that its name has been lost forever.
Where: 収容コンテナの前、エリア-67215第5層
Where: In front of a containment unit, the fifth floor of Area-67215.
When: 2101年12月25日
When: 2101/12/25

  • 財団職員に相応しい上品なブラックスーツ
    An elegant dark formalwear for the Foundation personnel.
  • 床に短杖が2本転がっている ← 私物?
    Two short walking sticks on the floor ← My belongings?
  • どこかの部門の徽章(どの部門なのかわからないけれども収容コンテナにも同じロゴが描かれている) → 私は財団職員?
    An insignia of some department(It is unknown to me and there is a same logo printed on the containment unit) → Am I a Foundation personnel?
  • IDカード(レベル5クリアランス) ← 所属部門名と氏名が読めない
    An ID card(Clearance Level 5) ← It is impossible to read the name of the department or the owner.
  • 紛失に備えてロゴを写しておく
    The transcription of the logo in case of losing the insignia is below.


  • 名前を含む自分自身に関わる記憶がなぜない?
    Why is there no memory regarding myself including my name?
  • 見えないなにかがジリジリ近づいてきている気がする ← 建物の中に今いるから気配だけ感じる?
    I can feel something invisible approaching. ← The is because I'm in a building?

How: 外に出るか窓から気配の方角を見ておきたい
How: It is necessary to go outside to see from or look out of the window at which direction the thing is coming.

Where: エリア-67215 第5層(SCP-3125-AQ収容層)
Where: The fifth floor of Area-67215(SCP-3125-AQ containment layer)
A dragging sound is heard from the other side of the hallway(the same direction as the thing).
少し先にドアあり ← 覗き窓から見る → 死んだような顔をした人が壁を押して歩いていた ← オレンジのツナギを着ていたから多分Dクラス ← 壁を押す特別収容プロトコル?
A door short distance ahead ← Look through the viewport → A pale-faced person is walking pushing the wall ← Probably they are a D-class personnel as they wear an orange jumpsuit ← Special Containment Procedure pushing the wall?
↑Examining the map of this area, I am in the SCP-3125-AQ containment layer.

No windows anywhere

Where: エリア-67215 第4層(Dクラス職員収容層)
Where: Area-67215 the fourth floor(D-class cell layer)
私のIDカードではエレベーターを動かせず階段を使うしかなかった。この層は標準Dクラス収容室ばかりある。多くのDクラス職員がいる。珍しそうに私を見ている。 ← 人間の財団職員は基本的にいないから妥当な反応か
My ID card doesn't have enough clearance to use the elevator and I had to use the stairs. This layer has only standard D-class cells. There are many D-class personnel, who stare at me curiously. ← These are reasonable reactions because there are no human Foundation staff.
Why: 私はなぜ人間なのか
Why: am I a human being?

Where: エリア-67215 第3層(職員宿泊層)
Where: Area-67215 the third floor(personnel housing layer)
物の上に埃が積もっている ← 見たところ数十年分 ← だが床は清潔。自動清掃機械の作動音有り
There is dust on top of things ← Seemingly roughly decades of dust ← However, the floor is clean. A noise of the automated vacuum cleaner is heard.
かつて職員食堂であった部屋には一脚の椅子と一つの食卓があるのみ ← 私好みのデザインであり、サイズも私に丁度良い。私の物?
There is only one chair and one dining table in the room that used to be the staff cafeteria ← Both the chair and the table are designed to my liking and their sizes are just right for me. My belongings?

There are a brand new full automated cooker and dishwasher in the kitchen. It's almost certain that I'm the only human personnel in this site.

The second and first layers required the clearance level 6. It's unclear how many meters underground I am, but I'll take the fire escape to the ground to see what the approaching thing is.

Where: 地上、見渡す限り氷しか無い。
Where: Ground. There's nothing but ice as far as I can see.
What: 気配の方角は丁度南極向き。見えざるピンクの壁。こちらにゆっくりと近付いてきている。
What: The direction in which the thing is approaching is exactly in the direction of the South Pole.
見えざるピンクの壁 = 見えざるピンクの光 + 壁
The invisible pink wall = The invisible pink light + the wall
見上げれば遥かな宇宙の果てまで続き、左右もまた無限に広がる垂直に立つ壁 ← 実体なし地面貫通
A vertical wall that extends to the far reaches of the universe when you look up, and also extends endlessly to the left and right ← Intangible and passing through the ground

見えると思って見ようとするほどにくっきり見える → 意識の集中をやめれば壁の向こうの現実が透けて見える
The more I focus it, the clearer I see → When I stop focusing it, I can see through the walls to the reality beyond.

Why: 動機心情
Why: Motivation Mental Activity

  • 見えざるピンクの光に惹かれる。
    I'm attracted by the invisible pink light.
  • 壁の邪魔をしてはいけない予感がする。
    I have a feeling that I'm not supposed to physically contact with the wall.

How: ↑どちらが正しい? SCPデータベースにアクセスして類例を検索すること
How: ↑Which is right? The access to the SCP database is necessary and I should search the similar examples.
Go back to the underground facility of Area-67215? The disallowance of my elevator use is the root cause why I took the fire escape.
700階分また降りるのはつらい ← 1階3mとして地下2100m
It is hard to descend another 700 floors ← Assuming 3m/floor, it's located 2100m underground.

壁について判明 かつ 触れても良い なら そのまま施設に留まる
IF 'Database tells me what the wall is' AND 'the wall is safe to contact with' THEN 'I can stay in Area-67215',
その他の場合 なら 施設から壁に触れずに脱出できない
ELSE 'I cannot get out of the facility without contacting with the wall'.
↑ Considering the speed at which the wall approaches and the time it would take to ascend and descend the stairs for a round trip of 1,400 floors, it's impossible.
確率は不明なので安全策を取るべき → エリア-67215以外の財団施設へ行く
Since the probability is unclear the safer option should be chosen. → Go to the Foundation facility except Area-67215.

最寄りの財団施設はオーストラリア ← 南極から遠すぎる ← 放浪者の図書館経由で行ける確信アリ
The nearest Foundation facility whose exact location I know exists in Australia ← It's too distant from Antarctica ← I'm confident that I can go there via Wanderer's Library.
放浪者の図書館に入館できる財団職員は一応まだ人間である機動部隊シグマ-3("書誌学者")構成員のはず → 私はシグマ-3のメンバーだった?
The Foundation personnel who can enter the Wanderer's Library should be the members of MTF Sigma-3 ("Bibliographers") who are still human beings → Was I a member of Sigma-3?
I wrote down the specifics of the 'Portal' location existing in Antarctica and the way how to 'Knock' on another note.

It will take me four days of walking to reach the 'Portal'. I will not eat, drink, or sleep during that time, but I will probably be able to keep it up, taking into account my well-trained body.

When: 2101年12月29日
When: 2101/12/29
Who: 一度も排泄しなかったから多分私は異常性のある人間
Who: Because I've never defecated once since 12/25, I suspect I'm an anomalous humanoid entity.
Where: 私のメモによると"門"らしい場所
Where: The place supposed to be the 'Portal' according to my note
Addendum: "門"という概念をメモを見るまで忘れていた。厳密には今も思い出しているわけではなくメモから学んだ。
Addendum: I'd forgotten the concept of 'Portal' until I read my note.
最大の問題: "門"の開き方がわからない
The biggest problem: I don't understand how to open the 'Portal'
手順として指定されている"伊る"とか"加つ"とか"佐う"とかの意味も読みもまるでさっぱりわからない ← 反ミームアノマリー(多分見えざるピンクの壁)に攻撃されているのか?
I have no idea what "eyling", "hsaut", and "huirreghau" mean and how to pronounce them ← Under attack by some antimemetic anomaly(possibly the invisible pink wall)?
Besides, MTF Sigma-3 does not exist as far as I know, all regular Foundation personnel except for the D-Class are supposed to be post-humans.

The walls are closing in. Let's get to the coast, and if by any chance there is a port or a boat, let's get on it.

When: 2102年1月1日
When: 2102/01/01
Who: 暫定的に自身をSCP-3125に指定しておく 私の母語が日本語であることから日本支部職員だった可能性がある。-JPを付けるべきか?
Who: Temporally designate myself as SCP-3125. There is a possibility that I was once a JP branch staff since my mother tongue is Japanese. Should -JP be appended?
Where: 南極大陸
Where: Antarctica
What: 出来事
What: Events

  • ずっと白夜で青空だったのが緋色になった
    It had been blue sky all this time and the current season is the midnight sun, but the sky turned scarlet.
  • 壁が分厚くなり見えざるピンクが薄れた
    The wall got thick and the invisible pink turned more transparent.

Letting the wall approach as close as I can, I observe the wall. How majestic the wall is! I throw ice at the wall. As expected, there is no physical interference.

When: 2102年2月
When: 2102/02
Where: オーストラリア アデレード近郊 人間のパーツが葉となっている樹が生い茂る森を抜けた場所
Where: The place through the forest where trees with human parts as leaves grow thick in the vicinity of Adelaide Australia
Who: 財団?のロゴを入れ墨した武装人間複数名と遭遇
Who: I encountered the armed people with the logo of the Foundation? tattooed on their bodies.
↑Since there is no purely human Foundation personnel, they are, of course, not personnel.
Addendum: 土地の人間ではないため襲撃された。逃げ延びることは出来たが山狩りをされた。山に隠れ潜んでいたおそらく非異常性人間の一家が殺されていた。見えざるピンクの壁の向こう側で襲撃者たちが皆Secure, Contain, Protectと叫びながら処刑しているのはまるで悪夢を見ているようだった。財団は笑わない。財団職員は収容のために悪を為すが楽しみはしない。あくまで必要悪 ← 必要悪は武力によって首輪をつけられた悪
As I'm not a native of this land, they attacked me. I managed to escape from their hunt in the mountains. A non-anomalous human family hiding in the mountain was found and executed. On the other side of the invisible pink wall, the attackers were all shouting 'Secure! Contain! Protect!' and executing the family, which was like a nightmare. The Foundation never laugh derisively. The Foundation personnel do the evils but not enjoy them. Those are only necessary evils ← Necessary evil is evil controlled by force of arms possessed by a great power
They're acting on instinct terminating the threats. A disgusting instinct to control others with violence.

Why: 大々的な終了を行うのはGOCの得意とする所だったはず ← あれは財団ではない。破壊を愛するGOCの影響だろう。
Why: The GOC would be good at extensive termination ← They must not be the Foundation. They must be affected by the GOC.
Following Lifted Veil scenario, the GOC and the Foundation were to release the joint statement.
How: これまで自己収容のために人間を避けてきたがどこかの人里において過去の声明を見なければならない。
How: I've avoided people for self-containment, but I have to go to town or village anywhere to read their previous statements.

The GOC and The Church of the Broken God had allied and declared war on the Foundation.
As if the Foundation was the evil.

Why did I hide and watch the family of five executed by the 25 Foundation pseudo-personnel in the forest of Adelaide?
↑The execution was done behind the invisible pink wall where I couldn't obstruct it.
But I could have thrown stones at the executioners.
In order to save five people, I would have had to take the armed forces away from 25 persons completely.
As it's impossible for me to throw stones precisely at their weapons or arms, if I had thrown stones I would have killed 25 persons.

Should I take 25 lives to save 5 lives?

I can now read the name of the department on my ID card.
It said the Ethics Committee.
What enabled me to read it?

Who: 眠気と空腹と悩みで最近人相が凶悪になりつつある私
Who: I whose face is lately turning evil with sleepless, hunger, and worries
Where: オーストラリア ニュー・サウス・ウェールズ州 徐々に全てがガラスになりつつある土地
Where: The land where everything is slowly becoming glass, New South Wales Australia
What: まるで生きているかのようなディテールのガラスの彫刻が複数存在。
What: There are multiple glass sculptures with details that look as if they are alive.
すすり泣く声が聞こえる ← 生存者。財団職員モドキ。足首から先がガラス化している。
I heard someone sobbing ← A survivor. A Foundation pseudo-personnel who was vitrified from their ankles down.
Addendum: 会話を試みる。救助を要請されたため、横抱きで運搬する。
A conversation attempt. As they requested for saving them, I carried them in my arms.

There is a religion worshiping the Foundation: the Foundationism.
According to them, this massive containment breach is the Christian equivalent of Armageddon, the last battle between the good Foundation and the evil anomalies.
Secure, Contain, Protectの三聖句を唱えれば、終末において財団に永遠に収容して貰えるそうだ。
They say that if you recite the three holy verses Secure, Contain, Protect, you will be contained forever by the Foundation in Eschaton.
Under the instructions of the Holy Spirits, they are taking their guns and shooting the enemy to secure the anomalies.
↑The Holy Spirits = the regular Foundation personnel? Some of those guys must have once been transformed into Pistiphage entities.
キリスト教ベースでハルマゲドンなら神の子が復活しているはず → アメリカに降臨したらしい ← O5-1か管理者か?
If it were Christian-based Armageddon, the Son of God would have been resurrected. It is rumored that the Second Advent took place in the United States ← Is IT O5-1 or the Administrator?

They are a Foundationist, not a Foundation pseudo-personnel. When I first encountered them, they were vitrified from the ankles down, but now they are vitrified all the way up to their thighs. They have been aware of this, then they are chanting the three holy verses repeatedly, hoping for the Containment.
Holding them who were terrified of death in my arms, I walked to the church of the Foundationist.

They die in a world where the normalcy they had believed in is shattered and death may not be the end.
The Foundationist who rely upon the security of eternal Containment as the only support are too pathetic to blame.

The Foundationist, whose whole body was vitrified in my arms, is laid to rest in the church where everything was vitrified.
What should I have answered to the dying Foundationist who asked me if they would be contained after their death?

Why am I not vitrified?

The church of the Foundationism was my destination site in Australia.
However, everything was vitrified and no information was retrieved.

The nearest site which I know exact location is the Ethics Committee Site-8155 of JP branch.

Where: オーストラリア クイーンズランド州 樹も土も川も全てがガラスになった土地
Where: The land where all the trees, all the ground, all the river, and everything turned into glass, Queenslander Australia
What: 幼児とそれに石を打ち付けようとしていた人間1人
What: A toddler and one person trying to slam a stone against it
Addendum: 走り込んで幼児に覆い被さった。私の背中に石が打ち付けられ、脇腹が抉れた ← 傷口から煙が立ち上っていた
Addendum: I ran in and covered the toddler. The stone slammed into my back and gouged my side ← Smoke was rising from the wound
The emaciated person sat down and made no further attempt to attack.

A Parent and Child Relationship
No vitrification phenomenon unless you come in contact with a vitrified object. You must be on an object that was originally glass.
食糧は全てガラス化して新規入手不可 → 食糧難 → 無理心中
All foodstuffs were vitrified and cannot be newly obtained → food shortages → murder-suicide

My side healed back to normal in less than 30 minutes.
ガラス化した軽トラ ← 押せば車輪は回る。舗装道路なら力を振り絞れば移動可能。
A vitrified pickup track ← The wheels turn when pushed. On the paved road, I can carry if I exert myself.
An informed consent(Cannibalism)
Intake of water

  • Blood
  • 唾液 ← こっち
    Saliva ← this

Where: オーストラリア ヨーク岬の近く ガラスの大地
Where: The vitrified land, near Cape York Australia
Addendum: 4歳児が亡くなった。人肉食のみでは必須栄養素が不足していたのだろう。
The 4-year-old toddler died. A cannibal diet alone would have lacked essential nutrients.

The parent refused to eat food with the body in their arms.

Where: オーストラリア ヨーク岬最北端
Where: Northernmost point of Cape York Australia
Addendum: ガラスの大地に葬られる位なら火葬にしてほしいと頼まれていた。
Addendum: The parent had asked me to have them be cremated rather than buried in the vitrified earth.
The former sandy beach is now vitrified land.

I cremated their bodies. Although the fire power was supposed to be insufficient, the bodies of the parent and child melted and went up in a puff of smoke.

I did not see any smiles from them until the end.
Feeding the hungry in front of you should be the most simple good.
But they would not have smiled because the food was unbearable.

Oh, if only my blood had been wine and my flesh had been bread!

When: 2102年2月
When: 2102/02
Where: インドネシア ニューギニア島 インドネシアとパプアニューギニアの国境線近くの塹壕戦
The battlefield with trench warfare near the border between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, New Guinea Island Indonesia
The Foundationists and the GOC are at war with each other in the most normal way. The vitrification anomaly does not seem to have crossed the ocean.
Who: 最近飢えや疲れ、眠気を殆ど感じなくなって来て超人振りに磨きが掛かってきた。
Who: Recently, I hardly feel hunger, fatigue, or sleepiness anymore, and I have been becoming trans-human.
Addendum: GOC職員に誰何されて事情を説明。彼らは"Ethics(倫理)"という単語を知らなかった。会話中に彼らが黒く塗りつぶされる現象発生。
Addendum: I was interrogated by The GOC personnel and explained my situation. They didn't know the word 'Ethics'. During the interrogation, they were blacked out and turned into masses of unidentifiable black material.
At the same time, I lost the meaning of the word 'GOC'. It was very similar to the situation where I lost and recalled the meaning of 'Portal' while I was unaware.

It is believed that if a person loses their underlying concept(faith, name, etc.), they ceases to exist as a human being.
I suppose that I was also blacked out when the concept of 'Ethics' was lost.
Fortunately I came back from that state, but can they?

The human blacked out was squishy to the touch. Since they were neither alive nor dead, they could not be cremated and had to be left alone.

When: 2102年2月末
When: End of 2102/02
Where: インドネシア バカン島 おそらく赤道近傍
Where: Probably near the equator, Bacan Island Indonesia
Who: 超人トランスヒューマン人外ポストヒューマンの間に立つ私
Who: I stand on the borderline between trans-human and post-human.
Description: 私は日々強くなってきた。筋力・体力・眠気に抗う精神力などは常人を遥かに超えた。これまでの私は財団の定義によると超人だった。
Description: I am getting stronger day by day. My muscular strength, stamina, and mental capacity to resist sleepiness far exceeded that of an ordinary human. Until now, I was a trans-human based on the Foundation's definition.
And I have a hunch, which is so certain that it could be called a certainty, that this is where I, as a human being, will end up.
I am sure that one more step north and I will cross the line into the post-human, and I will no longer be hungry or sleepy.

The difference between human, trans-human, and post-human is explained as a difference in sensitivity.
In essophysics, knowledge and concepts are compared to stars in the night sky. Following this metaphor, ordinary/trans/post-humans are represented as human beings standing on the earth.

  • 完全な一般人:南極点に立つ
    Completely Ordinary Humans: Stand at the South Pole
  • 超人/異常性がある人間:南半球に立つ
    Trans-/Anomalous Humans: Stand in the Southern Hemisphere
  • 人外:北半球に立つ
    Post-Humans: Stand in the Northern Hemisphere

There are no stars that are the same in the starry sky seen by extreme post-humans standing at the North Pole as in the starry sky seen by completely ordinary humans standing at the South Pole.
In both the northern and southern hemispheres, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, but it moves in the opposite direction.
Constellations also appear to be upside down. Trans-humans and post-humans see the same things very differently.
It is hard to say that post-humans and ordinary humans see the same starry sky in the first place.

I, whose anomaly is gradually augmenting, rapidly approached the northern hemisphere(post-human) from the South Pole(ordinary human).
And now, I am right on the equator, the borderline between trans-humans and post-humans.
Somehow I know that this is my last chance to die as a human being in peace.

I have already been determined to proceed, but let me record this situation before proceeding.
Even if I move so far north that the Southern Cross is no longer visible, that's okay, because I kept track of it correctly when I was in the Southern Hemisphere, I can still calculate its position.
I need to make sure that I behave correctly and ethically when I meet with humans in the future.
I want to be the one whom my past self would be proud of.

Where: フィリピン ミンダナオ島
Where: Mindanao Island Philippines

Too many bodies are left out in the cold.
They are cremated as much as possible so that they can ascend to empyrean as smoke.
No matter how humiliated the body was, no matter how eroded by anomalies, no matter whether it is the body of a Foundationist, they all become smoke as soon as they are cremated.
All the mountains, the river, and the plants potentially have Buddhahood and are able to attain Buddhahood.

The invisible pink light, which has been fading recently, twinkled as if in response to my recitation of Hail Amida Buddha.

Post-humans of the Foundation in the Arctic Circle moved the stars in the night sky while on Earth.
Each human being has their own star of calling. And without the light of that star, the person would not be able to retain life and would dissipate.
The Foundation hid the star visible from the South Pole called 'Ethics' below the horizon, and the members of the Ethics Committee of the Antarctic Circle were wiped out.
I wonder what the constellations in the night sky visible from the northern hemisphere taught the Foundation.
If I am to believe the statement of the Foundationist, I wonder if the Foundation dreamed of eternal Containment.
I wonder if the Foundation purged the Ethics Committee because it thought it would be opposed by the Ethics Committee.

Then it would be ethical for me to act as an antipathist of the Foundation.

Where: フィリピン ルソン島 全面的に焦土となった海近くの戦場跡
Where: The Remnants of a battlefield near the sea that has been completely scorched, Luzon Island Philippines
What: GOCの制服を着た青年 ← 戦場に残る遺体を荼毘に付している中で会った唯一の生存者
What: A young person in the GOC uniform ← The only survivor I encountered while cremating the bodies left on the battlefield
Addendum: 大腿に銃創あり。
Addendum: A gunshot wound to their thigh.
They voluntarily made manual compressions, but were in no condition to avoid exsanguination.
I cut off the fifth finger of my left hand and offered it to them.
They didn't seem to understand what I meant, so I gave them a smoking example.
I cut off the fourth finger of my left hand additionally and placed it between their lips to smoke.
I held their hand as they shed tears for 15 minutes until they passed away.

Where: 日本 沖縄県 沖縄本島 荼毘に付すための燃料を得るために侵入した家
Where: The house into which I broke to get fuel for cremation, Okinawa Main Island Japan
What: 男性幼児の遺体に見えるもの
What: What appears to be the dead body of a male infant.
Addendum: 頭部に銃創所見あり。皮下に蠢くものあり。
Addendum: There was a gunshot wound on the head. There were wriggling underneath its skin.
It peeled off and I saw that it was crawling with more than several hundred little pale worms whose faces were all the same as that of the male infant.
All laughing, they scurried off into the shadows to avoid the scarlet light shining through the windows.
↑It peeled off naturally and I didn't forcibly damage the body.

Better to be alive and laughing than dead. It was the most pleasant thing that had happened to me in a long time.

Where: 日本 沖縄県 硫黄鳥島 サイト-8155 ← Keterサイトで見た目には建物に破損も何もないのに誰もいない、なぜ?
Where: Site-8155, Iwotorishima Okinawa Japan ← No damage to the building or anything on the Keter Site by the looks of it, but no one is there, why?

The Southern Cross shines above the horizon.
I feel a strong sense of nostalgia.
There is the slowly-beating thrum of anticipation.
I know nothing about me, but I have a feeling that surely this is where the truth lies and this is where this journey will end.

The instinct to achieve the unachievable, to challenge in the face of defeat, is core to Our Foundation's ideology, and so goes unquestioned.
The above quote were left by an essophysicist before the Foundation became trans-humanized, which is the very reason why I did not stop walking.
Now I understand that the Foundation's attempt to contain the entire universe is a challenge in their own way.
The Foundation, which consists of only post-humans, has been trying to contain the entire universe forever against the unprecedented massive containment breach.

While I am dedicated to the three directives('Secure', 'Contain', 'Protect') of the Foundation, however, I must resist the Foundation based on the Ethics that the Foundation has annihilated.
サイト-8155に唯一収容されているKeterクラスミーマチックアノマリー SCP-3125-JPの収容違反が現実的かつ倫理的に妥当な反抗であると私は信じる。
I believe that the containment breach of the Keter-Class memetic last anomaly being contained in Site-8155 is realistically and ethically reasonable resistance.
I will avoid mentioning the specific nature of SCP-3125-JP as this memo will be read in the event of failure, but I think it is very ethical towards human beings.
Everything will be as it should.

Based on the asynchronous research covenant, I have to document what to do next if this resistance fails.
The fact that you are able to read this note means that humans still have the liberty to enter this site and read the text.
And you must have relearned the concept of Ethics through my notes.
Follow your heart and judge what is right and what is hideous with my actions.
I hope you to do your ethical rebellion by humanity.

I bequeath an Artificially Intelligent Conscript named Horace.aic to you.
They will pass on knowledge that will help you in your rebellion appropriately to avoid becoming post-human depending on your trans-human degree.
I hope you can live your life as the humanity you are.
Don't worry about the invisible pink light.

A Nobody

Secure, Contain, Protect, Control, █████


















































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