SCP-2756 - Surreal Landscaper / 超自然的な庭師


原文: by Alan CorbieAlan Corbie et al., rev. 11
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Item #: SCP-2756
アイテム番号: SCP-2756

Object Class: Keter
オブジェクトクラス: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2756 affected material and personnel are to be restricted solely to SCP-2756-A, SCP-2756-B and Site-██. Personnel found affected by SCP-2756 are to be reassigned to the Site-██ detail. Affected civilians are to be detained at Site-██ indefinitely.
特別収容プロトコル: SCP-2756の被影響物品および職員はSCP-2756-A、SCP-2756-Bおよびサイト-██から隔離されねばなりません。SCP-2756の影響を受けたと判明した職員はサイト-██の特殊部隊に再配置されます。民間の被影響者はサイト-██で無期限に留置します。

SCP-2756-A, SCP-2756-B and Site-██ are to have a perimeter set up 1 km away from the affected area surrounding each site. Any party attempting to break through the perimeter is to be detained immediately. If said party has made contact with affected material, they are to be detained in Site-██. Affected material found outside the perimeter is to be incinerated on location.

Communication with the Site-██ detail is to be maintained, and supplies are to be dropped in when necessary. Any physical contact with the residents of SCP-2756-A and exploration of SCP-2756-B is restricted to personnel belonging to the Site-██ detail. All files, logs and documents are to be electronically filed and transmitted to an active site.

Once every 4 weeks, Procedure-Kappa-8 is to be carried out. Procedure-Kappa-8 entails no less than 15 members of the Site-██ detail equipped with flamethrowers enter SCP-2756-B and incinerate hostile SCP-2756 growths.
4週間に1度、手順-Kappa-8 が実行されます。手順-Kappa-8では必ず、15人程度の火炎放射器で武装したサイト-██の特殊部隊でSCP-2756-Bに突入し、敵対的なSCP-2756の腫瘍を焼却処分してください。

Description: SCP-2756 is an infection of unknown origin capable of spreading to both organic and inorganic material. Inorganic material affected by SCP-2756 will begin to deform and grow tendrils or various organs and appendages such as eyes or arms. Said organs and appendages appear to be organic and appear to resemble human organs. Living subjects that come in contact with SCP-2756 will undergo a mutative process. Over the course of at least 3 weeks an infected subject will develop growths that will grow into additional limbs or organs. Plant matter appears to grow only sensory organs of various types. All growths originating from SCP-2756 affected material and living subjects appear to be functional. Other than said mutation the subject's physical health is not affected. Research is still ongoing in order to determine the extent of SCP-2756's invasiveness. Incineration has so far proved to be an effective method of destroying SCP-2756's effect. The method in which SCP-2756 spreads is unknown.
説明: SCP-2756は出自不明で、有機物・無機物の双方に拡散しうる感染症です。SCP-2756に感染した無機物質は変成し始め、巻きひげや目や腕のような様々な器官・付属肢を発達させます。前述の器官や付属肢は有機的であるように見え、人間の臓器に類似するもののようです。SCP-2756と接触した生物は変異プロセスを経験します。少なくとも3週間のうちに感染者には腫瘍が形成され、それは手足や新たな臓器へと成長します。植物については様々な感覚器官が成長するようです。SCP-2756に感染した無機物質および生物由来のすべての腫瘍は正しく機能するように見えます。前述の変異以外に感染者の健康状態への影響はありません。SCP-2756の侵攻範囲を決定するために調査が続けられています。これまでの調査で、焼却処分を行うことはSCP-2756の影響の封じ込めに効果的であることが判明しています。SCP-2756が蔓延する仕組みは不明です。

SCP-2756-A is a town located in the [REDACTED] desert. SCP-2756 has spread throughout SCP-2756-A but has not spread beyond 100 m from the edge of the town. According to the residents, first sightings of SCP-2756-A began on 26/5/1992. SCP-2756 quickly spread to the rest of the town, and by 3/8/1992 the whole town been affected by SCP-2756 and the residents had started mutating. Despite their physical condition, the residents of SCP-2756-A have managed to re-establish a normal lifestyle (see Interview-2756-G5 for details). SCP-2756-A was allowed to recover before it was approached in █/█/20██.

SCP-2756-B is a city located approximately ██ km away from SCP-2756-A. SCP-2756-B appears to have been affected by SCP-2756 as well; however, contact with its residents has not been established. It has been assumed, from the remains of what appear to be human bodies, that the residents have murdered each other in the process of mutation; however, it is difficult to prove this theory due to the fact that SCP-2756's effect may have created what appear to be human remains. Occasionally growths in SCP-2756-B will become hostile, attempting to assault people who approach the growths.
SCP-2756-BはSCP-2756-Aからおよそ██km の距離にある都市です。SCP-2756-Bも同様にSCP-2756の感染域となったように思われていますが、住民との接触は確立されていません。残る人間の死体のようなものから、変異の過程で住民がお互いを殺害し合ったと推測されていますが、SCP-2756の効果により人間の死体のように見えるものが形作られた可能性があるため、この理論を証明することは困難です。時折、SCP-2756-Bにある腫瘍は敵対的になり、近づく人間を攻撃しようとします。

SCP-2756-A was discovered on 28/6/1992, by a recovery team sent from Site-██ after Foundation agents within the World Health Organization intercepted a call from SCP-2756-A regarding a strange disease. Any individuals with knowledge regarding SCP-2756 and SCP-2756-A were administered class-C amnestics. The team arrived under the guise of members of the World Health Organization and equipped with standard hazmat suits, but due to SCP-2756's nature, SCP-2756 spread throughout Site-██ and by 7/9/1992 the whole of Site-██ had been affected. The demolishing of Site-██ was considered, but due to the need of further research regarding SCP-2756 and due to all on site functions still being operational, Site-██ was placed under quarantine. Site-██ now serves as the main research center regarding SCP-2756. SCP-2756-B was discovered in 22/10/1992 after a Foundation helicopter dropped in supplies for Site-██. The pilot noticed a small city that appears to have been affected by SCP-2756 approximately ██ km away from SCP-2756-A. Upon informing Site-██ of the existence of SCP-2756-B, a team of ten Site-██ detail members was sent to SCP-2756-B. Upon arrival, the team found SCP-2756-B to be empty aside from hostile SCP-2756 growths. SCP-2756-B was quarantined without incident, and a cover story involving an epidemic was formulated.

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