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This file is restricted to 6805-authorized personnel and members of the O5 Council. Unauthorized access is strictly forbidden.



アイテム番号: SCP-6805

Object Class: Ticonderoga1

オブジェクトクラス: Ticonderoga2

Special Containment Procedures: All multi-universal Foundation counterparts and approximate equivalents have been made aware of the existence of SCP-6805. In the event of an imminent and irreversible K-Class Scenario, all 6805-approved personnel are to report to Site 6805 for further instructions.
特別収容プロトコル: 全多元宇宙の財団に対応する組織及び財団相当体はSCP-6805の存在を認知します。差し迫った不可逆的なKクラスシナリオにおいて、全ての6805承認職員はサイト6805に通達し、更なる指示に待機してください。

As per the Memorandum of Understanding between SCP-6805 and all Foundation equivalents, SCP-6805 is considered to be aligned with the Foundation but not under its direct jurisdiction. As such, ex-personnel living there are not subject to Foundation authority.

Under no circumstances are members of the Serpent’s Hand to be informed of the existence of SCP-6805.

Description: SCP-6805 is an extra-dimensional building that exists in a self-contained pocket universe. Formerly the Universe 6000 equivalent to Site 19, SCP-6805 was detached from its home universe following the latter’s destruction. It is believed to be the only surviving remnant of Universe 6000. It is impossible to exit except by anomalous means; all doors leading away from Site 19 have been modified to loop back into the Site instead.
説明: SCP-6805は自己収容型のポケット宇宙に存在する外次元建造物です。かつてはユニバース6000におけるサイト19でしたが、ユニバースの破壊イベントによって親宇宙から分離しました。ユニバース6000から唯一生存したものと思われます。異常な手段を用いずにサイトから退出することは不可能であり、サイト19の外部につながる扉は全てサイト内に戻ってしまうように改造されています。

The primary functions of SCP-6805 are twofold:

  • To serve as an extra-dimensional “lifeboat” which can temporarily attach itself to universes that are undergoing K-Class Scenarios which will result in the destruction of Earth and/or reality. Because the reality-tethering process utilized by SCP-6805 causes catastrophic and irreparable damage to any matter targeted by it, SCP-6805 can only be deployed to Earth-equivalents that are in danger of imminent destruction.3
  • 地球及び/あるいは現実に破壊をもたらすKクラスシナリオにある宇宙へ一時的に接続が可能な外次元の"救命艇"。SCP-6805の利用する現実接続のプロセスは、対象となる物質に壊滅的かつ修復不可能な損害を引き起こすため、差し迫った破壊の危険にある地球同位物にのみ展開が可能です4
  • To serve as a refuge for Foundation personnel that survive the destruction of their worlds. These personnel typically regard the Foundation’s original purpose as defunct and are quickly incorporated into the local society (see below). Only 6805-authorized Foundation personnel are made aware of its existence in the event of a K-Class Scenario; all employees are prioritized for clearance in accordance to their history with and contributions to the Foundation.5
  • 財団職員が世界の破壊から逃れるための避難所。これらの職員は一般に財団本来の目的を失われたものと見なし、速やかに現地社会へ組み込まれます(下記参照)。Kクラスシナリオ下において6805権限財団職員のみがその存在を知らされます。全ての財団職員はその経歴と財団への貢献に応じて優先的にクリアランスを付与されます6

SCP-6805 currently houses approximately 25,000 people. It is colloquially known as “Safehold”7 by its inhabitants.

Origins and History: SCP-6805 first developed its present properties approximately 30 years ago9. In Local Year 2030, Universe 6000 was destroyed via an Apollyon-class SCP object, SCP-6000, that incorporated all local matter into an extra-dimensional location commonly known as the Wanderer’s Library. Originating as an anomalous spacetime rift in the 6000-equivalent Amazon rainforest, it soon spread at an uncontainable rate, resulting in all of Earth becoming part of the Wanderer’s Library by March 2030 LY.10 A small number of Foundation and Global Occult Coalition members survived via officially sanctioned extra-dimensional backup sites. SCP-6805, however, was the result of an unsanctioned extra-dimensional experiment taking place in Site 19 on January 25, 2030.
起源と歴史: 現在SCP-6805が有する特性はおよそ30年前に発現しました11。現地時間の2030年、ユニバース6000はApollyonクラスSCPオブジェクトであるSCP-6000によって破壊され、地球上のあらゆる物質が、一般に放浪者の図書館として知られる外次元領域へ取り込まれました。ユニバース6000におけるアマゾン熱帯雨林に発生した異常な時空間の裂け目は収容不可能な速度で拡大し、現地時間の2030年3月には地球全体が放浪者の図書館に組み込まれることとなりました12。少数の財団職員と世界オカルト連合メンバーが正式に認可された外次元バックアップサイトによりこれを逃れましたが、SCP-6805は2030年1月25日、サイト19で未認可に行われた外次元的実験の産物です。

On that date, a Senior Researcher named Adrian Jackson ignored the orders of his superiors to prepare Site 19 personnel and anomalies for evacuation. Instead, he worked in tandem with several humanoid SCPs known to have reality-altering capabilities to remove Site 19 from Universe 6000 without informing any other personnel within it. This event13 successfully severed Site 19 from local reality ; it then remained in a state of inter-dimensional flux without any destination for (from the inhabitants’ perspective) 3 1/2 years.

The usage of previously contained SCP objects was crucial to the survival of SCP-6805 during this time period, as most useful provisions had been evacuated from Site 19 prior to the destruction of Universe 6000. Thus, of the two factions of former personnel that emerged within SCP-6805 in the immediate aftermath of the 6805 event (one dedicated to the ideals of the Foundation and one advocating cooperation with anomalies for survival), the anomaly-aligned faction was by far the largest and soon won the support of most former personnel. A small number of Euclid and Keter-class SCP objects were forcibly neutralized after their integration with the newly formed SCP-6805 society proved impossible.

SCP-6805 continues to heavily utilize SCP objects15 to ensure its continued survival. Its food and water supply are anomalously generated, and the stable existence of the SCP-6805 pocket dimension itself relies on heavily modified Scranton anchors and the voluntary cooperation of several reality-benders. Additionally, the interior space of the former Site has been continuously expanded via the use of anomalies in order to accommodate new residents.

Personnel evacuated to SCP-6805 are discouraged from questioning its structure and practices, as they have little power to change it and inhabitants will regard this questioning as evidence of either naivety or hostility.

Select SCP-6805 Evacuation Events:

|Universe Approximate Number of Survivors Destruction Event
ユニバース おおよその生存者数 破壊イベント
Universe 6000 400 (Foundation), 300 (living anomalies) Initial establishing event for the existence of SCP-6805.
ユニバース6000 400(財団職員), 300(生命アノマリー) SCP-6805の存在が最初に確立したイベント
Universe 2317 17 (Foundation) Earth destroyed due to containment failure on SCP-2317, known as the “Devourer of Worlds.” SCP-6805 arrived at the specific request of the O5 Council, about one hour before all life on Earth was extinguished by SCP-2317. Due to the short amount of time between SCP-6805’s arrival and its subsequent detection by SCP-2317, the former only had time to evacuate the O5 Council itself and four of their staffers. The 2317-O5 Council (but not their staffers) subsequently become pariahs within SCP-6805: most residents held an extremely low opinion of their actions leading up to the SCP-2317 containment breach.
ユニバース2317 17 (財団職員) "世界を貪る者"として知られるSCP-2317の封じ込め失敗によって地球は破壊された。SCP-6805はSCP-2317が地球上の全生物を絶滅させるおよそ1時間前にO5評議会の特別要請によって到着した。SCP-6805の到着後SCP-2317に短時間で捕捉されたことから、O5評議会と4名の職員を退避させるに留まった。その後2317-O5評議会はSCP-6805における下層民となった。SCP-2317収容違反に先立つO5評議会の行動を大多数の居住者は非常に低く評価たためである。
Universe 5872 70 (Foundation), 200 (civilian) Earth accidentally destroyed via activation of SCP-5872, an anomalous energy transfer device which was inadvertently used on the moon and resulted in the latter impacting onto the planet. SCP-6805 arrived approximately 12 hours before the destruction of Earth at Site-73, a Site formerly used by the 5872-equivalent Foundation to store Safe-class SCP objects. Site personnel and associated family members evacuated, along with around two hundred civilians who happened to be near SCP-6805 during its activation. SCP objects formerly stored at Site-73 were incorporated into SCP-6805 society.
ユニバース5872 70 (財団職員), 200 (民間人) 異常なエネルギー伝達装置であるSCP-5872の作動により、地球は偶発的に破壊された。装置は不注意から月に対して使用され、月が地球に衝突する結果となった。SCP-6805は地球崩壊のおよそ12時間前、5872における財団がSafeクラスSCPオブジェクトの保管に利用していたサイト-73に到着した。サイト職員及びその家族ならびに活動中のSCP-6805の付近に偶然いた民間人約200名が退避した。かつてサイト-73に保管されていたSCPオブジェクトはSCP-6805社会に組み込まれている。

Society and Culture: Although superficially resembling a Foundation Site, decades of isolation has resulted in SCP-6805 developing its own culture, often with values directly antithetical to the Foundation’s own. A brief summary of SCP-6805’s most notable social/cultural traits are listed below:
社会と文化: 表面的には財団サイトと類似していますが、数十年に渡る孤立からSCP-6805は独自の文化を発展させてきました。それらは我々の財団とは対照的であることがしばしばです。以下にSCP-6805の最も顕著な社会的/文化的特徴の概略を列記しています:

  • As noted in the Description, SCP-6805 actively utilizes anomalous phenomena to ensure its continued survival. Residents of SCP-6805 regard “skips” as equal members of society and find the concept of “Secure, Contain, Protect” illogical. Former personnel resident in SCP-6805 argue that their Foundation equivalents failed in their original mission and that no universe exists to “protect” from anomalies outside of SCP-6805.
  • 説明で述べられているように、SCP-6805はその持続的な生存を確立するために異常事象を積極的に利用しています。SCP-6805の居住者は"skip"を対等な社会の構成者と見做しており、"確保、収容、保護"の考えを非論理的なものと捉えます。SCP-6805に居住する元職員は、自身の財団相当体は本来の任務に失敗し、SCP-6805以外にアノマリーから"保護"する必要のある宇宙は存在しないと主張しています。
  • Owing to its origins and function, residents of SCP-6805 often come from dramatically different backgrounds. They typically embrace a combination of their home universe’s culture and that of SCP-6805. For example: although taste in music varies widely among the population, nearly all residents consider the song Refugee by the baseline band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers to be the unofficial “anthem” of SCP-6805.
  • その起源と役割から、SCP-6805の居住者はしばしば劇的に異なる背景を有します。一般に彼らは親宇宙の文化とSCP-6805文化の融合を積極的に受け入れます。例として、音楽の趣向はグループ層によって様々ですが、ほぼ全ての居住者がベースラインのバンド、トム・ペティ&ザ・ハートブレイカーズのRefugeeを非公式の"テーマ曲"と見做しています。
  • The leaders of SCP-6805 do not give any deference to former Foundation leaders found among refugee populations. Evacuees who were members of an O5 Council (or approximate equivalent) are instead closely scrutinized, frequently reminded that they are expected to treat humanoid anomalies with respect, and prohibited by local law from holding administrative positions within SCP-6805.
  • 指導者は難民グループに見られる財団の元指導者を一切尊重しません。代わりにO5評議会(またはそれに相当するもの)のメンバーは厳しく監査され、敬意を持って人型アノマリーを扱うよう求められることを頻繁に念押しされ、現地法に基づき管理職に就くことを禁止されます。
  • The government of SCP-6805 consists of officials (referred to as administrators) who are directly elected in a community-wide vote that occurs every five years. These administrators then choose the “Administrator of Safehold”, who acts as the executive of SCP-6805. Voting is compulsory and a significant social stigma exists against the small number of nonvoters.
  • 行政機関は、五年ごとに行われコミュニティ全体が投票する、直接選挙によって選出された役員(管理者と呼称される)で構成されます。管理者はさらにSCP-6805の最終決定者として働く"セーフホールド管理者"を選出します。投票は義務であり、少数の非投票者には重大な社会的スティグマが存在します。
  • The economic structure of SCP-6805 escapes easy definition. All residents are required to contribute to the maintenance and function of SCP-6805 via 15-20 hours of mandatory labor each week; food, clothing and basic accommodations are given to all residents in return. However, the large amount of anomalous objects in the possession of individual residents has created a complicated gray market. Private enterprise resulting from this anomalous activity is generally unregulated, as the social safety net guaranteed by the administration of SCP-6805 is perceived to provide sufficient protection from exploitation and abuse. In extreme cases, the administration of SCP-6805 will confiscate anomalous objects, although this has only occurred twice in its history.
  • SCP-6805の経済構造を簡単に定義することはできません。全ての居住者は週15-20時間の義務的労働を通してSCP-6805の維持・機能に貢献することが求められており、対価として食糧、衣服及び基本的な居住施設が全ての居住者に提供されます。しかし、居住者が個人的に所有する膨大な数の異常物品は複雑なグレーマーケットを生み出しました。SCP-6805管理部の保障する社会的セーフティーネットは搾取や悪用から居住者を十分に保護していると認められており、異常な活動から生じる私営事業は一般には規制されません。極端な事例ではSCP-6805管理部が異常物品を押収することもありますが、そのような出来事は過去二度しか発生していません。
  • Over time, residents of SCP-6805 have placed greater importance on its identity as a separate and distinct entity from the Foundation. As a result, the Memorandum of Understanding negotiated between the SCP-6805 administration and various Foundation-equivalents has become a source of increasing controversy. A minority of citizens have been vocally advocating for a referendum on overturning the Memorandum of Understanding; however, it continues to receive plurality support among SCP-6805 residents on the basis that Evacuations are both an important moral responsibility and a source of new inhabitants.
  • 時間の経過とともにSCP-6805の居住者たちは、財団とは別個の存在としてのアイデンティティを重視するようになりました。その結果、SCP-6805管理部と様々な財団相当体との間で交わされた了解覚書がますます議論の的となっています。少数の住民は国民投票によって了解覚書を否決するべきだと声高に主張し続けていますが、その一方で退避は重大な道義的責任であり、同時に新しい居住者の供給源でもあるという理由から、多くのSCP-6805居住者の間で支持されています。

Addendum 6805.A: SCP-6805 Serpent’s Hand Encounter: During the Universe 5872 Evacuation Event, a member of the Group of Interest “Serpent’s Hand” was discovered to have been taken into SCP-6805 along with the small number of civilians rescued from that universe. The member (designated PoI-6805-A) reacted extremely negatively to the existence of SCP-6805 and was subsequently killed when he attempted to resist detainment upon revealing his Library affiliation. A transcript of the surveillance tape which recorded PoI-6805-A’s actions has been provided by the administration of SCP-6805 to the Foundation, and is reproduced below. Containment Procedures have been updated to prohibit members of the Serpent’s Hand from learning of SCP-6805’s existence.
補遺6805.A: SCP-6805と蛇の手の接触: ユニバース5872退避イベントにおいて、要注意団体"蛇の手"のメンバーが当該ユニバースから救出された少数の市民と共にSCP-6805へ引致されていたことが判明しました。メンバー(PoI-6805-Aに指定)はSCP-6805が存在に対して極端に否定的に反応した後、図書館に所属することが明らかにし、拘束に対して抵抗を試みた際に殺害されました。PoI-6805-Aの行動を記録した監視テープの筆記録がSCP-6805の管理部より提供され、以下に複製されています。収容プロトコルはSCP-6805の存在を蛇の手のメンバーが知ることを禁じるように更新されました。

[PoI-6805-A moves away from the recently arrived group of Universe 5872 civilians and approaches an SCP-6805 administrator. He is visibly angry.]

PoI-6805-A: This place should not exist!
PoI-6805-A: この場所は存在してはならない!

SCP-6805 administrator: Excuse me?
SCP-6805管理者: どうしました?

PoI-6805-A: This…”Safehold”…is an affront to the Library. How dare you attempt to escape the end of your stories!
PoI-6805-A: この…"セーフホールド"と言ったか…これは図書館に対する侮辱だ。自らの物語の終わりから逃れようとするなど!

SCP-6805 administrator [aware of SCP-6805-A’s affiliation and now also visibly angry as a result]: We didn’t want our “story” to end. You killed billions of people to feed your library. We did what we had to.
SCP-6805管理者: [PoI-6805-Aの所属に気づいた結果、目に見えて憤慨している]: 私たちは"物語"の終わりを望まなかった。あなたたちは図書館を満たすために何十億もの人々を殺した。私たちはすべきことをしたんだ。

PoI-6805-A: The arrogance! [pause] We did not kill them. All realities must come to an end. It is the way of the Library and the way of the universe. It is not death any more then closing a book is death-
PoI-6805-A: なんと傲慢な![小休止]我々は殺していない。全ての現実は必ず終わりを迎える。それが図書館の在るべき姿であり、宇宙のあるべき姿なのだ。死ではない、それが本を閉じることと同様に-

SCP-6805 administrator: If you didn't kill them, then where's my daughter? And my wife, and my sister?
SCP-6805管理者: 殺してないというのなら私の娘はどこだ?私の妻は?妹は?

PoI-6805-A: They and their lives may be found in the Library. Why can't you see that?
PoI-6805-A: 彼らとその人生なら図書館で見つけられよう。なぜそれがわからない?

SCP-6805 administrator: Enough with the euphemisms, you fucking murderer! [turns to several nearby long-term residents] He's with the Library! Help me detain him!
SCP-6805管理者: 婉曲表現は十分だ、この人殺しが![古参の住人数名の方に振り返る]彼は図書館側だ!拘束するのを手伝ってくれ!

PoI-6805-A: Stay back!
PoI-6805-A: 近づくな!

[PoI-6805-A violently resists detainment and attempts to fight off the SCP-6805 residents with a previously-hidden combat knife. He suffers a mortal stab wound in the process. Before he expires, audio analysis of the surveillance footage and eyewitness testimony indicates he said the following:]

PoI-6805-A: You can’t [pause] escape [pause] the end of [pause] your stories. We will find [pause] this place. [pause] We will close your books.
PoI-6805-A: お前たちは[小休止]物語の[小休止]終わりから逃れることなど[小休止]できない。我々は必ず[小休止]この場所を探し出し[小休止]我々がお前たちの本を必ず閉じるだろう。


“You see you don't have to live like a refugee (don't have to live like a refugee)”



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