SCP-6343 "凄まじき存在しない獣!"



Item #: SCP-6343

アイテム番号: SCP-6343

Object Class: Neutralized

オブジェクトクラス: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6343's containment cell is to be monitored by one guard at all times. Changes in the behavior of SCP-6343 are to be reported to site staff.
No attempts to open or otherwise access SCP-6343 are to be made until further notice.

特別収容プロトコル: SCP-6343の収容セルは常に一人の警備員により監視されます。SCP-6343の行動に変化があればすぐにサイト職員に報告してください。

As of 16/2/21, SCP-6343 is considered neutralized.


Description: SCP-6343 is a large rectangular container comprised of an anomalously strong form of glass and a wooden base. A small locked hatch is located on the back of SCP-6343, although all attempts to open it have failed. A metal plaque is attached to the base of SCP-6343, with the words 'The Amazing Non-Existing Beast' present on its surface.

説明: SCP-6343は異常な強度を持つガラスと木製の底面で構成された大きな長方形の容器です。SCP-6343の裏側には鍵のかかった小さなハッチが存在し、それを開ける試みはすべて失敗しています。SCP-6343の底面には金属製の板がつけられており、表面には「凄まじき存在しない獣」という語句が書かれています。

Several objects are contained within SCP-6343:


  • A wooden chair.
  • A pair of shackles, both bolted to the floor.
  • Two metal bowls, both exhibiting signs of previously containing unidentified forms of meat and water, respectively.
  • ##A key, thought to be used to open the hatch on the back of SCP-6343, although this cannot be tested due to the key's currently unreachable location.

  • 木製の椅子。
  • 床に固定された一対の足枷。
  • それぞれ、不明な肉と水が入っていた形跡のある2つの金属製ボウル。
  • SCP-6343の裏側のハッチの開放に使われたとされる鍵。だが、現在位置に近接できないため、鍵を試験することはできない。

The objects within SCP-6343 are commonly moved and struck against the walls in a violent manner, and all show signs of severe damage. Notably, the shackles are in motion near the floor at most times. Noise regularly originates from SCP-6343, including muffled vocalizations and banging on its glass walls.


Recovery: SCP-6343 was recovered in a recently-abandoned pawn shop in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A note was found taped onto the object's exterior, which read as follows:

回収: SCP-6343はノバスコシア州、ハリファックスの質屋で回収されました。オブジェクトの外側にはテープで止められたメモがあり、それには次のように書かれていました:

Not sure how the hell this thing works, but it's been
going apeshit since I dropped the key in yesterday.
No wonder that guy was in such a hurry to get rid of it.

For some reason the door-thingy locked itself automatically.
Could you call someone to get it open?





The following is a log of all reported behavior of SCP-6343 during its period of containment:


11/2/21 Object is first contained.
11/2/21 Muffled yelling, banging on glass. Noises cease at 11:37 PM.
12/2/21 Previous day's behavior resumes. Metal bowls are interacted with; food waste and water droplets within the bowls appear to de-manifest via unknown means. All behavior ceases at 10:49 PM.
13/2/21 Previous day's behavior resumes. Objects now being violently thrown and struck against walls. Behavior ceases at 8:21 PM.
14/2/21 Behavior resumes, with much less frequency. Vocalizations are reported to sound much less aggressive in tone. Ceases at 5:44 PM.
15/2/21 Behavior resumes later than normal, now exclusively consists of infrequent moaning. Ceases at 1:30 PM.
16/2/21 No activity until 9:29 AM, when a loud thump is heard from SCP-6343. Shackles and chair are moved from their prior position.

11/2/21 オブジェクトが初めに収容される。
11/2/21 ガラスをたたく音とくぐもった叫び声。音は午後11:37に停止。
12/2/21 前日の行動が再開した。ボウルはお互いに作用され、未知の手段で金属ボウル内の食品廃棄物や水滴が消失したように見えた。すべての行動は午後10:49に終了。
13/2/21 前日の行動が再開。現在オブジェクトは激しく動き、壁に衝突している。動作は午後8:21に停止。
14/2/21 行動ははるかに少ない頻度で再開。叫声の調子は攻撃性を極めてて欠いたと報告されている。午後5:44に終了。
15/2/21 行動は通常よりも遅く再開し、今ではときどき呻き声が聞こえるのみ。午後1:30に終了。
16/2/21 SCP-6343から大きな衝突音が聞こえる午前9:29まで行動はない。シャックルと椅子は以前の位置から動かされた。

All anomalous activity from within SCP-6343 has ceased since 16/2/21, and the glass comprising its walls was able to be easily broken the following day. With the exception of the previously mentioned objects, nothing was found inside.


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