翻訳 SCP-5545 - アブノ―マリティー(原題:ABNORMALITY)


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Provisional Site-344-1, Antarctica. 

Item #: SCP-5545
アイテム番号: SCP-5545

Object Class: Safe
オブジェクトクラス: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Provisional Site-344-1 has been built around SCP-5545-1. At least eighteen individuals must be present within Site-344-1 at all times.
特別収容プロトコル: 臨時サイト-344-1はSCP-5545-1の周辺に構築されています。少なくとも18人の人間が常にサイト-344-1の中に存在している必要があります。

Conceptual Site-344-2 contains SCP-5545-2 via association lock. All Foundation personnel entering Provisional Site-344-1 must be presented with the following phrase:

SCP-5545-2 is contained in Site-344-2.

SCP-5545-3 will remain inactive as long as SCP-5545-1 and SCP-5545-2 remain contained.



Description: SCP-5545 refers to a series of interrelated anomalous objects and phenomena.
説明: SCP-5545は、相互に関係した一連のオブジェクトと現象です。

SCP-5545-1 appears as a series of hallways manifesting within the subterranean complex of Provisional Site-344-1. SCP-5545-1 instances appear in various forms, but will always lack doors or discernible markings, possess light fixtures at regular intervals, and be indistinguishable architecturally from its surroundings. Although SCP-5545-1 instances extend indefinitely, these hallways cannot be entered from any other location; it is believed that SCP-5545-1 intersects an extra-dimensional space.

SCP-5545-2 is an entity located within Site-344-2. No further information can be provided.

SCP-5545-3 is a phenomenon resulting in SCP-5545-2's interactions with SCP-5545-1. During this process, SCP-5545-1's area of effect will exponentially increase with time, resulting in the manifestation of SCP-5545-1 occurring globally within a period of 4–6 hours. This will continue so as long as SCP-5545-2 is present within SCP-5545-1; subversively, SCP-5545-1 will logarithmically decrease in its area of effect while SCP-5545-2 is not present within it.

Although this is not the limit to the relationship between SCP-5545-2 and SCP-5545-1, further information would constitute a containment breach.

Discovery: Although the exact details behind SCP-5545's discovery are unclear, its central anomaly was believed to have been repeatedly discovered by colonial explorers since the late 1700's. Due to their interactions with SCP-5545-1 and -2 (and in some cases the indirect activation of SCP-5545-3), a vast majority of colonial explorers who learnt of the anomaly died, either from the anomaly itself or suicidal tendencies provoked by it. The total number of casualties during this time period are believed to number around seventy.
発見: SCP-5545の発見における正確で詳細な背景は不明ですが、その中心となるアノマリーは、1700年代後半から植民地時代の探検家によって繰り返し発見されていたものだと考えられていました。SCP-5545-1と-2の相互作用(場合によってはSCP-5545-3の間接的な活性化)が原因で、アノマリーを発見した植民地探検家の大半が、アノマリー自身またはそれによって引き起こされる自殺願望によって死亡しました。この期間における死傷者の総数は、約70人だと考えられています。

On September 8th, 2003, Foundation researchers discovered SCP-5545 during an expedition into Antarctica. The anomaly was initially believed to be confined to SCP-5545-1, and a provisional site was quickly established. However, after discovering the site in which SCP-5545-2 was located, sixteen members of the research team died. After investigation, the current containment procedures were set in place.

The remainder of this file has been deemed extremely sensitive information. If your O5 Clearance credentials are found to have been falsified, you will face termination charges.


Between December 3rd, 2003, and November 15th, 2019, twenty-nine Mobile Task Force units have been sent into SCP-5545-1 instances, and seventy-three D-Class personnel. None have been accounted for since. Another expedition was scheduled for December 21st, 2019, but was prevented from occurring.

On November 18th, 2019, Director Jason Monroe submitted a formal inquiry to investigate the documentation surrounding SCP-5545, the extensive loss of human life, and the general misconduct of staff in the site. Director Monroe was permitted to conduct his investigation; a full list of relevant documentation can be found below.

Addendum 1: Official Inquiry Request and Response
補遺1: 正式調査依頼とその返答

Addendum 2: Initial Exploration
補遺2: 初期探索

Addendum 3: Investigation
補遺3: 調査

Addendum 4: Conclusion
補遺4: 結論

scp en keter メタ 語り 人間型


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