SCP misteke BUNNSYO English is dificult


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item number: SCP-XXX-JP

object clasu: Eucrid

Specail containment protocol:

SCP-XXX-JP is dengialous object please.

It's very difficult containment please.

SCP-XXX-JP BUNNSYO isolation please, foudition usually containment rockar plese.

SCP-XXX-JP can experriment security clialanse level 3 plezse 3 person plezse.


SCP-XXX-JP is uveversity note.

SCP-XXX-JP has meme characterstc.

SCP-XXX-JP Contagion human to human

SCP-XXX-JP is make mistake SCP containnment BUNNSYO please.

SCP-XXX-JP exposure human is only use English please.

SCP-XXX-JP exposure human is only make mistake bad English SCP BUNNSYO please.

SCP-XXX-JP make K-clasu cinalio in detail EK-clasu undfefined cinalio please.

SCP-XXX-JP discovery ████ English University , ████ Doctor's desk please.

SCP-XXX-JP abnomarity remove clasu B memory delite meditin.


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