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SPC-140 is currently active. Agents are to make every effort to secure the hides and ink of CYAN ABYSS Deviant-Type Selachian Entities, and to secure any other instances of BRONZE UPPERCUT. Efforts to locate GREY WANDERER and any associated persons are ongoing. In the event of positive contact with GREY WANDERER related persons, a priority OMEGA-BLACK report is to be made to the CICAPOCO immediately; direct contact without authorization is to be avoided if possible; in the event of unavoidable contact, personnel are to engage diplomatically as GREY WANDERER may be a useful ally against the selachian threat.


SPC-140は現在稼働中です。エージェントはCYAN ABYSS変種鮫科存在の皮膚並びに墨の確保及び他の『青銅の昇拳』の実例の確保に最大限努力してください。グレイ・ワンダラー及び協力者を特定する試みは進行中です。グレイ・ワンダラー及び関連人物との有益な接触事案においては、オメガ-ブラックの優先事項として即座にCICAPOCOへの報告が義務付けられています。許可なき直接的な接触は可能な限り回避が推奨されます。不可避の接触事案においては、グレイ・ワンダラーが鮫科存在に対する有力な同盟者足り得る性質上、職員は外交儀礼に則った行動を義務付けられています。


CYAN ABYSS Deviant-Type Selachian Entity, Manual of Selachian Pugilism, 11th ed., Plate VI:LI CYAN ABYSS変種鮫科存在、『鮫科拳闘マニュアル』第11版、図版6:51

Project #: SPC-140
プロジェクト番号: SPC-140

Selachian Pugnātorial Capabilities: The sophisticated SPC methods described by BRONZE UPPERCUT, as well as those located in archeological sites generated via SPC-140 enhancement have been instrumental in the Centre's ability to deal with the selachian threat. Furthermore, should SPC-140 fully activate, it may result in a favorable reality restructuring event that will remove the effect of SPC-001 from history completely.
鮫科殴打ケイパビリティ: 『青銅の昇拳』に記載された高性能SPC術及びSPC-140の更新により出現した考古遺跡上の出土品はセンターの鮫科存在の脅威への対処能力において有益であり続けています。加えてSPC-140が完全に稼働した場合、SPC-001の影響を歴史から完全に排除するであろう有益な再構築イベントを引き起こすと考えられています。

Project Component(s): SPC-140 consists primarily of a scroll (BRONZE UPPERCUT), written on the skin of CYAN-ABYSS Deviant-Type Selachian Entities with the ink derived from these entities, in a proto-Uralic language, entitled "Chronicle of the Sharkic War". Additional components are the skin and ink from CYAN ABYSS entities, and other instances of BRONZE UPPERCUT (especially those of extra-universal origin).
プロジェクト構成: SPC-140は主にCYAN ABYSS変種鮫科存在の皮膚に当該実体より得られた墨を用い原ウラル語で書かれた巻物(『青銅の昇拳』)によって構成され、『シャーキック戦争年代記』という題名が付けられています。追加の構成物はCYAN ABYSS鮫科存在より得られた皮とインク、及び他の『青銅の昇拳』実例です。(特筆すべき点として、これら他の実例は外宇宙由来です。)

BRONZE UPPERCUT describes the war between a previously unknown civilization, originating in Central Asia, and selachian entities. This war began in approximately 1800 BCE with a slave revolt in a minor city-state called "Adytum". These rebel slaves adopted the direct worship of SPC-001, and are identified as the "Sharkic1 Cult". Using deviant biotechnology, these Sharkics were able to transform themselves into chimerical organisms using selachian and cephalopodian tissues: CYAN ABYSS entities2. At the time of initial discovery, this war ended in c. 300 BCE with the annexation of this civilization's last strongholds by the expanding Kingdom of Yan and the execution of the ruling scholar class, the daeva, by being fed to selachian entities. As a result of enhancement this date has been brought forward to 1210 CE, when the civilization joined with the Jin Dynasty in the alliance that would eventually become the Jianese Federation (see Enhancement Summary), following the deaths of nearly the entire daeva class during a boating accident.

BRONZE UPPERCUT describes the discovery by the daeva philosopher-kings of SPC-001's vulnerability to selachian pugilism, and their continued development, as the war progressed, of increasingly sophisticated selachian pugnātorial capabilities. Furthermore it describes the creation of itself as a sophisticated causal weapon aimed at removing SPC-001's influence from history entirely.

BRONZE UPPERCUT, when exposed directly to the hide and ink of CYAN ABYSS entities or to additional copies of the scroll, will absorb these objects. This causes the scroll to lengthen and generate new text. Although these new sections sometimes include elaborations or refinements of previously covered selachian pugnātorial techniques or historical events, they more frequently include new, more recent accounts of information chronicling the continued history of the civilization and advancements to the art of selachian pugilism. Former accounts of the civilization's final collapse become setbacks; new persons, events, and refinements to the pugnātorial art (including illustrations) are inserted. Centre archaeologists have discovered corresponding new artefacts and traces of the civilization in applicable locations and strata, in some cases found in dig sites that had already been thoroughly explored. Each time the civilization comes to an apparent end, nearly every member of the ruling daeva class is killed and consumed by selachian entities. In every case, up until the final collapse, surviving daeva were able to rally and restore the class to power.

The ink required for enhancement can be extracted from CYAN ABYSS entities' two ink sacks, positioned directly beneath the thoracic gills, roughly where the lungs would be located in a human torso (see the Manual of Selachian Pugilism, 3:13.3 to 3:13.5).
強化に必要な墨はCYAN ABYSS実体の胸部の鰓の真下、人間の胸部ではおおよそ肺に相当する箇所の2つの墨袋から採取されます。(『鮫科拳闘マニュアル』3:13.3から3:13.5を参照。)

Enhancement Summary: BRONZE UPPERCUT was discovered on November 28th, 1952 in the aftermath of the raid by the UAS government on the Hades Shoal CYAN ABYSS outpost off the coast of Massachusetts. The document was fully translated by March of 1954 and techniques derived from it were included in the 6th Edition of the Manual of Selachian Pugilism in 1956.
強化概要: 『青銅の昇拳』は1952年11月28日、マサチューセッツ州沖のCYAN ABYSSの前哨基地である冥王の砂州へのアメリカ衆合国政府による襲撃後に発見されました。文書の全訳は1954年3月までに完成し、1956年に得られた技術が『鮫科拳闘マニュアル』第6版に収録されました。

On December 2, 1963 contact was made via a Centre dead drop by an unknown person or persons (GREY WANDERER). The encoded note, written in the proto-Uralic language of BRONZE UPPERCUT, congratulated the Centre on finding the scroll and suggested that the Centre expose it to CYAN ABYSS hides and ink. On February 13th, 1964, CICAPOCO authorized the test, and the method of enhancement by exposure to the CYAN ABYSS products was discovered.
1963年12月2日、正体不明の人物もしくは集団(グレイ・ワンダラー)により、センターに宛てての情報の提供が行われました。『青銅の昇拳』中の原ウラル語で記されていた、暗号文書ではセンターによる巻物の発見を祝福しており、加えてセンターにCYAN ABYSSの皮もしくは墨を接触させるよう提案してきました。1964年2月13日、CICAPOCOにより実験が許可され、CYAN ABYSS由来の産物の接触による強化方法が発見されました。

On January 30th, 1975, the Centre located a second copy of BRONZE UPPERCUT in ruins near Muynak, Khorezm Republican Khanate. On contact, the two documents merged, resulting in a roughly four hundred year extension to the timeline.

Overall, 313.6 litres of CYAN ABYSS ink, 470.4 kg of hides and two additional BRONZE UPPERCUT instances have been used to enhance BRONZE UPPERCUT, extending the scroll by 205 metres and the timeline by approximately one thousand years. This has resulted in significant refinements to the Manual of Selachian Pugilism; 102 of the 170 advanced techniques in the 11th edition were derived directly from BRONZE UPPERCUT.
全体として、313.6リットルのCYAN ABYSSの墨、470.4kgの皮膚そして『青銅の昇拳』の追加の2つの実例が『青銅の昇拳』の強化に用いられ、巻物の長さは205メートルまで、タイムラインでは約1000年の延伸しました。この結果、第11版での170点の応用技術のうち102点が『青銅の昇拳』からの直接の情報元になるという『鮫科拳闘マニュアル』への大規模な修正が発生しました。

On July 20th, 1984, Centre Agents tracked GREY WANDERER to a meeting with Serpent's Hand agents. The following transcript is of audio surveillance of the meeting:

<Begin Log>
First Unidentified Serpent's Hand Operative: I can't say I'm unimpressed with how you've played the Boxers, certainly none of your alternates ever get very far with Jailors, but I don't have the slightest idea why you think we'll help you. You aren't welcome in the Library5 any longer, and saying the Archivists wouldn't be happy with us if we help you is a massive understatement.
正体不明の蛇の手の工作員1: お前が殴り屋たちと児戯に興じているのは退屈だとは言えないけどね、並行世界のお前は看守たちと上手くいった試しは間違いなく無かった。だからと言って、我々が助けてくれると考えた理由は全く分からないぞ。お前は今後一切図書館6から歓迎されないし、アーキビストたちも我々がお前に手を貸したとすれば相当控えめに言ったとしても、いい顔はしないだろう。
GREY WANDERER: I understand, there is much bad blood between my people and the Library. However, in this case, I feel our interests do coincide. This worldline, my home, is a dangerous aberration that threatens all possible Earths. I seek to correct this flaw in the fabric of my reality … and I can make it worth your while.
グレイ・ワンダラー: 承知しております。我が民と図書館との間では夥しい悪しき血が流れました。しかしながら、この件において、共通の興味関心を抱いていると思うのです。私の故郷であるこの世界線はあらゆる生じうる諸地球を脅かす危険な逸脱を有しています。私はこの現実の骨組みにおける欠陥の修復を試みてきました….お気に召してくれると思ったのです。
First Unidentified Serpent's Hand Operative: That's a bit disingenuous, since what you are asking us for won't just get rid of your shark problem, it would solve your whole nonexistence problem entirely. Which is unacceptable to the Library, it wants the daeva to stay extinct.
正体不明の蛇の手の工作員1: 誠実さを些か欠いているな。非存在の問題の完全な解決にまで膨らんでしまう以上、我々への要求の内容はお前の所のサメの問題の解決に留まらなくなるのだから。望んでいるのはダエーワの絶滅であるため、図書館としては受け入れがたい、。
Second Unidentified Serpent's Hand Operative: [Laughs] Eaten by sharks is good.
正体不明の蛇の手の工作員2: [笑い声] サメに貪り喰われるのはイケてるけどね。
First Unidentified Serpent's Hand Operative: Yeah, well, you must think you've something pretty valuable. What, exactly, are you selling?
正体不明の蛇の手の工作員1: そうだな、つまりだ。お前は自分の価値を証明しなければならない。具体的に言えば、お前は我々に何を対価に出来る?
GREY WANDERER: Quid pro quo. If you bend the rules for me, I'll bend for you. There are things that are unknown to your Library, but not unknown to me.
グレイ・ワンダラー: お返しですね。もし私のためにルールを捻じ曲げてくれるのであれば、こちらも同じ手を打ちましょう。あなた方の図書館には未知であっても、私には未知とはいえぬ事象が幾つもあります。
First Unidentified Serpent's Hand Operative: You don't mean?
正体不明の蛇の手の工作員1: 気は確かか?
GREY WANDERER: It isn't safe to even name it, but yes I do. I will teach you that forbidden lore in exchange for a copy of the Chronicle untainted by the Mistaken Beast7.
グレイ・ワンダラー: 名付ける行いでさえも安全とは言えぬのですが、私は本気です。Mistaken Beast8の手に落ちていない年代記一冊と引き換えに、禁断の伝承を伝えましょう。
First Unidentified Serpent's Hand Operative: Well … well, that is something. Who knows, maybe the Library will overlook your crimes in exchange for information that it doesn't possess. That's a rare commodity. I can't make this deal without some hints about how the Library will actually react though. I'll take this back, see what kind of reception it has, and if the deal is workable, I'll get back to you. I wouldn't count on it, though.
正体不明の蛇の手の工作員1: ええと…なるほど、こいつか。所有下にない情報を対価とするなら、恐らく図書館とてお前の罪業に目を瞑ってくれるだろう。こいつは稀少品だ。ただし実際の図書館が見せる反応の中身について手掛かりがない中での取引は無理だ。持ち帰って、どういう風に受理されるかを確認した上で、取引が成立可能とされた場合、返却するとしよう。ただし保証は出来ないだろうな。
GREY WANDERER: That is acceptable, for now. Needless to say, I'd prefer if you were discreet in your inquiries, as my own counterparts will find a way to kill me if they were to learn what I am offering you.
グレイ・ワンダラー: 今は構いません。言うまでもなく、私があなた方に提示した取引の中身を並行世界の私たちが知ってしまった場合に、私を殺す術を見つけ出す未来が存在する以上、あなた方が調査に慎重になってくれるのは有難いものですから。
<End Log>

As a result, Agents are to be alert for versions of BRONZE UPPERCUT with extra-universal origins and to make all necessary effort to secure and report them immediately, if located. If the Centre's access to VENUSBERG is restored, acquisition of alternate BRONZE UPPERCUT documents is to be considered highest priority (in this event, agents within VENUSBERG are strongly prohibited from interacting with any selachian entities; INCIDENT GOBLIN CHARIOT must not be repeated)
この結果を受け、エージェントは外宇宙起源の『青銅の昇拳』の諸版に警戒し、発見した場合は確保及び報告に最大限努力を尽くすよう義務付けられました。もしセンターが再度VENUSBERGへのアクセスを確立した場合、並行世界の『青銅の昇拳』文書の入手は最優先事項と判断されます。(当該事案時での、VENUSBERG内のエージェントは鮫科存在との接触は厳禁となります。インシデント GOBLIN CHARIOTを繰り返してはなりません。)

出典: SPC-140
原題: It's a Shark Punching Book!
訳題: サメを殴る本だ!
参照リビジョン: rev.25
作成日(EN): 2016/4/2
著者: sirpuddingsirpudding
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