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On any IRC server in any chatroom, PM an operator who appears inactive.

If he replies, ask to see the Holder of the SPC's.

Should he respond with a kickban, leave, and never come to the server again, lest the wrath of its admins shall descend upon you as a K-line.

If instead, he responds with "You have to consult an alchemist." reply quickly with "The psi folks tell he's not unlike a jester". Should you mistype, or should he leave the channel upon your response, pray for your end to be quick, for there's nothing that will save you.

You will then be invited to another channel, whose name I know not, for its listed name is pure black. In there, a parade of trolls most vile shall fill your screen with revolting imagery and enraging ignorance. Do not reply, and do not become angry, for if you do, they will devour your soul.

Instead, when one of them shall post a link to /x/, reply with "That is where it all began, and where it shall end." The channel owner will step in with a masskick.

Rejoin the channel immediately. A single man, his whois address set to localhost, will await you there. He will react to the sole phrase, "Choke on a goat dick." At that moment, the server will grant him a +o, and he'll begin telling tales of every bad SCP submitted, discussion clusterfuck, asinine wiki application. Should you retain your sanity, he will ask for your deepest desire. Reply with [DATA EXPUNGED]. You will disconnect from the server, and your chat history will be gone as if nothing happened, but on the surface nearest to your right hand shall lie a cartridge "Sisters of Cheyenne Point."
すぐにチャンネルに参加し直せ。WHOISアドレスがローカルホストに設定された一人の男がお前を待っている。そいつは「山羊の男根で喉を詰めろ。Choke on a goat dick.」という言葉にしか反応しない。その瞬間、サーバーが奴に許可を出してくれる。奴はあらゆる投稿された悪しきSCP、ディスカッションでの大紛糾、内容の薄いwikiアプリについて話し始めるだろう。お前が正気を保っていれば、そいつはお前の心の奥底に潜む望みを聞いてくる。[データ削除済]と返事しろ。お前はサーバーから締め出され、チャット履歴は何事もなかったかのように真っ白になっている。だが右手の一番近い場所に"シスターズ・オブ・シャイアンポイント"という題名のカートリッジが1本転がっているだろう。

The cartridge is object 069 of 0, and it is worth the twenty hours of net playtime.

原題: Holder Of The Foundation
参照リビジョン: rev.11
クロスオーバー作品: クリーピーパスタシリーズ"The Holders"より『終焉の保持者(The Holder of the End)』
作成日(EN): 2012/3/31
著者: VAElynxVAElynx
翻訳: DirStarFishDirStarFish
親ページ: クロスオーバープロジェクト
tags: project-crossover tale
タグ: tale en project-crossover


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