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Preliminary image of Victoria Crater, showing the location of SCP-4011. The entrance to the site is concealed beneath the ledge.

Item #: SCP-4011
アイテム番号: SCP-4011

Object Class: Thaumiel Keter
オブジェクトクラス: Thaumiel Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The former Provisional Area-R01 has been lost. Automated lockdown procedures are in effect, and Mobile Task Force Upsilon-53 is monitoring the facility entrance. All SCP-4011-1 instances found outside of SCP-4011 are to be destroyed on sight should not be approached or otherwise provoked until further notice. The SCPS Moksha was launched from Site-███ on 2053-01-21, carrying relief forces and supplies for the establishment of Armed Area-R02. It is expected to reach Martian orbit on 2053-08-30. Should SCP-4011-1 attempt to breach automated Area-R01 defenses before the establishment of Armed Area-R02, MTF Upsilon-53 members are advised to retreat to a safe location until Foundation rescue forces arrive.
特別収容プロトコル: 旧暫定エリア-R01は喪失しました。全自動封鎖プロトコルが作動し、機動部隊ウプシロン-53が当該施設入口の監視に当たります。SCP-4011外で発見された全SCP-4011-1実例は直ちに破壊されます。には接近も更なる注意を引き付けるまでの挑発も行われるべきではありません。2053年1月21日、サイト-███より、武装エリア-R02建設を目的として救援部隊と援助物資を載せたSCPSモークシャ1が打ち上げられました。火星軌道への到達は2053年8月30日を予定しています。武装エリアR-02完成に先んじて、SCP-4011-1が全自動化されたエリアR-01防衛体制を突破する危険性があり、MTFウプシロン-53の隊員は財団救援部隊到着前に安全な場所までの撤退を推奨されます。

Description: SCP-4011 is a facility located within and beneath Victoria Crater on Mars. The only known entrance to the structure is an airlock hidden beneath an alcove on the northern rim of the crater. The full extent of the facility is currently unknown likely to be infinite. The architecture and symbols found within the facility are similar to those of a standard Foundation site, though the materials used for construction appear to be of Martian origin.
説明: SCP-4011は火星のビクトリア・クレーター地下に広がる施設です。当該建造物の既知の唯一の入り口はクレーター北側の縁に存在する窪み下に隠されたエアロックです。施設の全容は 現在まで判明していません無限と考えられています。使われている建材そのものは火星産のようですが、施設内の構造物とシンボルは標準的な財団サイトで採用されているものと類似します。

The interior of the facility is entirely isolated from the outside, and neither traditional radio communication nor any tested anomalous communication system4 will allow a signal to pass between the facility's interior and its exterior. The internal atmosphere is comprised almost entirely of argon gas, with low concentrations of nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

SCP-4011-1 is the designation given to a large-scale, distributed anomalous artificial intelligence system within SCP-4011, comprised of a large number6 of robotic beings, each individually sapient yet also interconnected into an overall hierarchy.7 SCP-4011 is inhabited solely by instances of SCP-4011-1, which perform various maintenance and administrative tasks. SCP-4011-1 instances show a large degree of variation in form - the 3 currently-known categories of instance have been designated SCP-4011-1A through -1C, and are described below.

SCP-4011-1 has demonstrated extremely in-depth knowledge of world history (and particularly the history of the Foundation), and it has shared detailed descriptions of previously-unknown events. To date, all provided information which can be verified has proven accurate. Recovered documents have been used to discover, explain, and improve upon containment procedures for more than ██ other SCP objects. As such, SCP-4011 has been classified as Thaumiel, Threat-Level Orange as of 2052-08-12 By O5 order on 2053-01-05, SCP-4011 has been reclassified as Keter TL-Orange and no further communication or interaction with SCP-4011-1 is permitted without direct approval from the O5 Council and Ethics Subcommittee on SCP-4011.

SCP-4011-2 refers to level B17 of SCP-4011 and all levels below it.

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⯈ Addendum 5: Exploration Log 2052-12-26
⯈ Addendum 6: SCP-4011-2
⯈ Addendum 7: Incident 4011-28

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⯈ 補遺5: 探索ログ 2052年12月26日
⯈ 補遺6: SCP-4011-2
⯈ 補遺7: インシデント4011-28


ENTER LEVEL 5/4011 資格情報を入力

出典: SCP-4011
原題: History is Written by the Victors
訳題: 歴史の正統性は戦勝者ビクトリア人にあり。
著者: incidental_cabbageincidental_cabbage
翻訳: DirStarFishDirStarFish
作成日(EN): 2018/6/7
tags: 4000 anderson automaton building daevite extraterrestrial foundation-made keter knowledge sapient scp sentient temporal
タグ: 4000 アンダーソン 自動装置 建造物 daevite 地球外 財団製 keter 知識 知性 scp 自我 時間


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