闇寿司ファイルNo. 120 "マブ巻き"


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The various variants of Mab Maki./マブ巻きの多種多様なバリエーション

Mab Maki is an exclusive, never-before-seen piece of sushi. Developed by Dark Sushi with Fae history in mind, it serves both as a powerful conduit between thaumaturgic forces and the body of the customer and as a lesson in the olden days.

The core of the Mab Maki experience is carp meat. Cut from the legendary fish acquired by Dark Sushi from Vanguard Research and Preservation Site-120, it contains within itself the ancient magic of the Fae Empire. To restrain the power of Queen Mab herself the carp is imbued with, the meat is surrounded by rice grown in the sunny fields of Esterberg. The sushi is then wrapped in seaweed taken from the underwater gardens of the sidhe-inhabited Baltic Trench, completing the dish.
マブ巻きの体験の中枢は鯉の肉にある。 ヴァンガード研究保護サイト-120から闇寿司が入手した伝説的魚類から切り出され、その内部には妖精帝国の往古の魔法が宿っている。マブ女帝本人の力を制御するために肉は染み込ませる。すなわち肉はエスターバーグの日当たりの良い田で育った米でくるむのである。それから寿司はバルト海溝に生えるsidheの水中庭園地帯から採取された海藻を巻かれ、完成となる。

Mab Maki's composition is one of delicacy; crafted with exclusive ingredients, it takes the customer through the rocky history of the Fae species. From the magic powerhouse of its Empire through the establishment of the City of the East to the discovery of the underwater subspecies, it serves as a reminder of what the species had been through. Those that are willing to let themselves get carried away by Mab Maki's taste will no doubt finish the meal with a true, magic-filled understanding of the life and times of Homo sapiens sidhe.
マブ巻きの配合は美味の1つに数えられる。唯一無二の食材で作られ、妖精種族の苦難の歴史を顧客に体験させられる。帝国の魔法源から東洋の都市建設を経ての水棲亜種の発見に至るまで、種族の辿ってきた歴史の追体験として効果を発揮する。これらは嬉々としてマブ巻きの味により恍惚とさせられている客達が間違いなく、Homo sapiens sidheの歴史と暮らしに係る嘘偽りなき、魔法で辿り着いた理解を得た上で食事を終えられるだろう。

Sushiblade Usage

Mab Maki's primary trait is the immense magical potential it holds. Through the usage of miniature ritual circles engraved into its rice, the sushi enables the transfer of thaumaturgic energy from its carp meat to those that eat it. As a result, individuals that consume Mab Maki will gain temporary — but significant — magical skills they are free to employ however they like, for as long as the effect persists.
マブ巻きの主要特性は本体に内包されている、無尽蔵の魔法の潜在力にある。シャリに刻まれた小型魔法陣を介して、寿司は鯉の肉から食べた対象への奇跡術的エネルギーの伝達を可能にする。その結果、マブ巻きを摂取した人物は一時的 ― だが著しい ― 効果が持続する限り、好きなだけ自由に行使できる魔法技能を習得するだろう。

Mab Maki offers a chance for any skillful sushiblader to improve their tactics with the magic it contains. However, if a sushiblader is bereft of innate thaumaturgic skills or doesn't want to use them, Mab Maki is still capable of proving a significant force to employ. Although its usage in sushiblade is limited and may indeed prove difficult, Mab Maki's raw physical strength is unmatched. Each of its strikes on the arena feels like the rush of tens of thousands of Fae warriors, ready to decimate everything in their wake.


Mab Maki is a true one-dish army in the sushiblade arena. Most of its statistics are outstanding; however, it does fail in the Usability category. While it can deliver powerful strikes and effortlessly carry its sushiblader to victory, its versatility leaves much to be desired. Despite this, the attacks it can perform are nothing if not unstoppable. The most impressive move I've seen Mab Maki pull off was burying its enemy six feet underground — and I don't just mean it as a figure of speech.
スシブレード競技場においてマブ巻きは嘘偽りなく強力無比の一皿である。能力値の大半は抜きん出ている。しかしながら操作性カテゴリーにおいては大きく落ち込んでいる。強力な攻撃を繰り出して容易くスシブレーダーに勝利をもたらしてくれる一方で、万能性の点では残念な点が多い。にも関わらず、発動可能な攻撃はどう見ても向かうところ敵なしである。筆者が目にしたマブ巻きの勝利の内で最も印象的なムーブは敵を地下6フィートに生き埋めにしたというものである ― そしてこれは単なる比喩的表現で言っているのではない。

While I believe Mab Maki's power can prove useful in developing future fighting styles, the extent of its power, while great, is fairly basic compared to what an experienced sushiblader can do with a more specialized sushi. This is due to the fact that it was not created with the art of sushiblade in mind, but a different purpose altogether.

Other usage

Mab Maki's secondary usage — one that does not involve the art of sushiblade — is indeed the main purpose it was made for. Its primary objective is not to blow away foes in combat, but instead to do something much more down-to-earth — remind the population of Earth about the lost and forgotten history of the Fae species.
マブ巻きの副次的活用法 ― スシブレード術とは無関係 ― こそ主要開発目的である。その本来の用途は戦闘における仇敵の討伐ではなく、それよりも遥かに現実的なもの ― 妖精種の滅び忘れ去られた歴史について地球の全人類に思い出させるため、というものである。

As a thematic core of any event concerned with such history, Mab Maki offers a unique chance to not just hear about the stories of the Fae past, but actively feel them. Every one of its components — from the carefully-picked ingredients taken from monuments of Fae culture to the runes engraved upon the rice in a style developed by the Fae Empire's demigod mages — somehow represents part of that heritage.
上記の歴史に関するイベントの中核として、マブ巻きは妖精の過去の物語を聞くだけではなく、実際に体感できる唯一無二の機会を与えてくれる。構成要素 ― 妖精文化の記念碑から採取され、厳選された素材から妖精帝国の半神魔導士により開発された方法に従いシャリに刻まれた秘文字に至るまで ― が一つ残らず、その遺産の一端を表現してくれる。

It should then come without any surprise that Mab Maki is not just any food — it was designed as the centerpiece of a planned Dark Sushi event, aimed at educating the highest of Silesia's elites about the aforementioned history of the Fae civilization.
それからマブ巻きが単なる食べ物ではないという驚きもなく到来するはずである ― マブ巻きは妖精文明の上記の歴史についてシレジアのエリート層向けの闇寿司イベント計画の要を目的として作られたのである。


I was just a kid when I first saw the beauty of the Fae.

It was a summer evening, right during the solstice — maybe '12 or '14. The sun was already setting, and I could feel the warm air slowly turn into the chilly night breeze. There, at that very edge of day and night, at the side of a hill somewhere in Silesia — that was where I saw it. Beautiful lights of Summer and Winter, the magic aurora borealis of Seelie and Unseelie, the physical representation of seasons changing illuminating the very sky above me. For a single infinitesimal second, I sat there, incapable of turning my eyes away from the star-ridden dance of true nature unraveling itself before my eyes.
夏の夕暮れ、ちょうど夏至の間 ― 多分2012年か2014年だ。太陽は既に沈んでおり、暖かい空気が冷たい夜風へと変わっていくのを感じ取れた。まさしく昼と夜の境目、シレジア某所の丘の斜面、筆者が目にしたものはそこにあった。夏と夜の美しき光、シーリーとアンシーリーの魔法の北極光、まさしく筆者の頭上の天空を照らす季節の移ろいの具現。わずか一瞬の内に、私はその場に座り込み、空高く架かる星の舞踏から目を離せずにいた。

I blinked, and it was all over. It just vanished, as if it had never even been there.

Since, I had known no other purpose in life than to re-feel that very moment.

I became a man of passion, quickly finding myself behind the Veil in my studies. From there, it was just a few months to get into the Sidhe Lounge. But that wasn't enough — how could it ever? None of them shared my vision. Not even the Lounge, said to be a pillar supporting Fae culture, could understand the virtues and beauty of what it was meant to protect. Besides, just reading about that indescribable beauty of Fae stretching their then-wings upon the wind could never be like experiencing it again myself.
研究において情熱に取り憑かれ、気が付くと瞬く間にヴェールの裏側にいた。そこから妖精のラウンジシー・ラウンジへの参加に至るとなると、数か月しか要さなかった。だが十分ではなかった ― どうすれば良かったというのか?あの美景を誰一人分かち合ってくれなかった。妖精文化を支える中心勢力と言われたラウンジでさえ、保護せねばならぬ美徳と美を理解しなかった。のみならず、あの時に翼を広げて風に乗る妖精の得も言われぬ美しさを読むだけでは絶対に、筆者のような追体験は不可能だった。

I craved something more than just words upon ancient paper, describing in dry words and numbers the reality of the Empire. I craved to become witness to the ancient power and grace the two Queens had made manifest before my eyes as a sign of their struggle within the skies above my six-year-old self.

It took me almost thirty years and two degrees to realize that I would never, ever be able to re-live that moment. Not walking the degenerate streets of Esterberg, bereft of that paragon culture; not exploring the castles of Hy-Brasil, so vilely corrupting the Queen's ideas; not experiencing the fable-ruin of Avalon, now merely a shade of its former might. Not even among the Six Lost Cities, their traditional culture and wisdom unmade by their adherence to outside influence.

I decided that instead of trying to find the passion I had caught beneath the naked sky within scrolls, tomes, and people without culture, it was high time I made it manifest myself.

Mab Maki is an expression of that wish — of my genuine, childlike wonder, molded into sushi. I decided to craft all of the magic and beauty the Empire had once stood for into a form so small and digestible that anyone would be able to experience it. Through the creation of a special dinner featuring Mab Maki, I hoped to allow more open-minded individuals such as myself to see the just values that deeply beautiful civilization had once stood for, before it was ruined. Ruined by those that weren't bright enough to see its true values.
マブ巻きはこの意思の表明 ― 純粋な、子供じみた驚異をスシの形にしたもの ― である。誰もが体験できるであろう小さく消化しやすい形で昔日に表現された帝国の全ての魔法と美を作り上げんとした。マブ巻きが出される特別な夕食の創造により、筆者自身のような更に偏見のない人々が昔日に現れた後で滅亡した極めて美しい文明という真の価値を理解してくれると願っている。真価を理解する聡明さを持たない者共に滅ぼされたのだ。

Mab Maki isn't just food — it's an experience. It makes you feel the components of the Fae Empire with each of your senses, only to finish the course by embuing you with a particle of its beauty — its overwhelmingly wondrous magic. For the small moment Mab Maki's users can truly experience the magic paramount to a fraction of the Empire's true might and order — for that small moment, they can really, truly feel what beauty once was. What beauty still might be, if we just take action against those that keep it ruined. Against those that stand for values opposite to those of the Empire — opposite to those of nature.
マブ巻きは単なる食べ物ではない ― 体験である。五感で妖精帝国の要素を体感でき、その美の欠片 ― 圧倒的な驚異の魔法が染み渡る以外の結末はあり得ない。ごくわずかな間に、マブ巻きの使い手は帝国の真の強さと秩序の一端である魔法の頂点に君臨する者を噓偽りなく体験できる ― そのわずか一瞬の間で、使い手は在りし日の美を間違いなく、噓偽りなく感じ取れる。滅んだままにしておこうとする勢力に対して行動を起こしたとしても、美というものは変わらずに在り続けるのかもしれない。帝国の美と逆の ― 在るべき姿と逆の価値感を支持する勢力に対してである。

Once they taste that overwhelming, unimaginable beauty, since-ruined by the cultureless mob of history's progress — once they taste that dance beneath the sky, I truly believe they will understand the meaning of wonder, and why we need to do anything possible to bring it back, at least in our land. No matter the cost.
ひとたび歴史の大河の蛮人どもにより破壊されて以来の圧倒的、想像の及ばぬ美を体験したのなら ― ひとたびあの天空の舞踏を体験したのなら、驚異の重要性と少なくともこの世界に全力を尽くして取り戻さなければならない理由を理解してくれると固く信じている。

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Author: Tomasz Bardoń

文責: トマシュ・ バルドン

Tomasz Bardoń


what do you think you're doing here, exactly
first you disappear from work during a goddamn emergency
despite knowing full well we need you
then you just fail to report to anyone for 2 days
you do realize what i'll be forced to do, right


alright, i'm giving you a last warning




this is it. i've been willing to deal with your bullshit in the past but now you've officially crossed a line.
call me immediately when you get this message


i'm done. you're fired.


Go fuck yourself.
Before you do, though, you might want to turn on the news.

🔗 One (1) file attached: the_insurgent_manifesto.mp4

Enjoy the little peace you still have left.














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