From ancient times, the Shareholding Academy has been instrumental in suppressing demons and curbing their evil. The original reason for the realization of national peace through the three main propositions is the use of the knowledge and wisdom of the collection institution.

However, it is no longer necessary to argue that the solution is not just one way of collecting. The simple act of collecting unique objects, not understanding the nature of the danger from which the monstrosity arises, and using magic to prevent misfortune are all due to the lowly wisdom of the Institute. In order to promote discernment in a higher sphere, one must be able to use science. One should not change into something other than classical music.

A collector, on investigating the "demon god" believed in in a village, discovers that the results of a ritual differ from those of the classical works, but is unable to steel himself to believe in the rituals. It is unfortunate that all the arbiters who visited a certain village later on due to their erroneous knowledge died due to this. This is the ultimate in fictitious learning.

Cultivating science is not simply a matter of technical level. The most necessary thing here is a scientific method. First and foremost, science should not be accomplished unless one has completed Wobselwachung 2 and Rezoning 3. The second is to emphasise the objective nature of what is being observed and the process of logical reasoning. Putting more than a few things into words or phrases that are ad-hoc and that tend to stick to the traditional ones should be criticized. Don't put several arguments in a row if you can only put them in a few places. Accept only sufficient causes, and use the same causes for the same kinds of phenomena as far as possible. Those who seek to secure our national security in the present and the future should use these methods to make scientific inferences.

Look at the prosperity of recent generations of farmers in the Western states. It must be entirely based on science. Science is the only factor that will enable us to achieve success in building a strong military force. The application of science to the study of demons and monsters is equally important. If this is not done in a timely manner, the anomaly will be revealed in front of the public, as in the case of the Cheong Dynasty's Taiping Kingdom, and this will lead to social disorder and a crisis for our country. The word "demon and monster" is no longer scientific; therefore, it should be called "supernatural phenomenon" or "supernatural".


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