Mikell Bright 設定2


Name: Cowboy

Alias: Michael, Sir.

Played by: Bright

Position:Special Agent, Clearance Level Higher Then Yours

Description: A rather old man, easily in his late sixties, early seventies. Long white hair usually kept tied back in a pony tail. Brilliant green eyes. He is never seen without his trademark cowboy hat. Most often, he wears an immaculate Armani suit, and walks with an ivory cane, topped with a silver wolfs head. He is never seen anywhere without his two identical bodyguards.

Background: Very little is known about the background of the man who goes by 'Cowboy.' If he hasn't been with the Foundation for ever, then someone with that name has been. And the name is attached to some very high profile cases. Rumor has it he has:

  • Single handedly bested 682.
  • Repeatedly bested 076, being the only agent who said skip felt 'Made things fun.'
  • Destroyed three Groups of Interest.
  • Been responsible for the creation of seven Groups of Interest.
  • Killed over a thousand enemy combatants, using only hand to hand weaponry.
  • Capable of sniping the wings off a fly at over a mile.
  • Involved in the capture and containment of over 150 SCPs.
  • And much more.
  • 容易に682に対応する。
  • 何度も076と対峙している。skipが「物事を面白いものにした」と感じた唯一のエージェントである。
  • 3つの要注意団体を破壊した。
  • 7つの要注意団体の創設責任者となった。
  • 1000人以上の敵戦闘員を殺したが、近接武器しか使わなかった。
  • 1マイル以上先を飛ぶ蝿の翅を狙撃することができる。
  • 150以上のSCPの捕獲と封じ込めに関与した。
  • その他多くのこと

Some say he's been promoted. Some say he's a legend. But he shows up from time to time, with his own agenda, to make things happen.


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