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So, Glass has told me I need to write about my brother. I said sure, no problem, and wrote a fantastic little thing about how my older brother being a foundation agent who died in the course of his duties has affected me deeply. And it kinda has. Michael ( I refuse to call him by his ridiculous call sign. Cowboy. Come on, what kind of name is that for a good Jewish boy from Germany? We never even LIVED in the west.) he was someone I looked up to. Our parents didn’t want either of us to join the Foundation, but he was all gung ho about it. Faced off against Able on multiple occasions, and so many other dangerous skips… and then he died, like a punk. Out on assignment tracking down a  rogue Skip, and some gutter punk shoots him for his wallet? Talk about stupid. But then Glass gave me the evil eye, and told me to write about the OTHER brother.
グラスに兄弟のことを書けと言われたんだ。勿論、問題ないと言って、任務中に亡くなった財団のエージェントである兄がいかに私に深い影響を与えたかを書いた。それはちょっとしたことだった。マイケル(私は馬鹿げたコールサインで彼を呼ぶことを拒否している。カウボーイだって?冗談だろ。ドイツ出身のユダヤ人の少年に対してそんな名前があるか?西部に住んでいたこともないのに) 彼は私が尊敬する人だった。両親は私たちのどちらも財団に入ることを望んじゃいなかったが、兄は熱心に取り組んでいたよ。アベルと何度も対決していたし、他の多くの危険なskipとも…。そして死んだ。若僧みたいにな。厄介なskipを追跡する任務に出た時だった。ガターパンク共が財布の為に彼を撃ったんだぞ? 馬鹿な話だ。だがその時グラスに睨まれて「もう一人の兄弟の事を書いて下さい」と言われた。

What is there to say about TJ? He was a good kid. Looked up to me. Wanted to be a scientist like me. And then it turned out he was a skip, and I had to turn him in. It wasn’t actually so bad, back in the day. When I first joined the foundation, humanoids weren’t as… reviled? as they are today. As long as they weren’t dangerous, they could walk around, talk to people, be treated, as, y’know, people. TJ had a rather comfy job, helping heal wounded Agents, given time to recuperate from his efforts, all that stuff.
TJのことで何か私が言うべきことはあるか? 彼は良い子だった。私を尊敬していた。私のような科学者になりたがっていた。彼がskipだと判明したから、私は彼を財団に収容するしかなかった。…実は昔はそんなに悪くなかったんだ。私が最初に財団に入った時、ヒューマノイドは…蔑まれてはいなかったんじゃないか?少なくとも今よりは。危険でさえなければ歩き回ったり、人と話したりして、所謂人間として扱われていた。TJはむしろ快適に仕事をしていた。怪我をしたエージェントの治療を手伝ったり、その怪我からの復帰までに休養の時間が与えられたり。

Then that bitch showed up. Some stupid bit of fluff who used her daddies pull as an O5 to get assigned to work with the humanoids, despite being dumb as a brick. Dumb enough to get involved with a skip. They thought they were being clever. They thought they could get away with it, not get found out. Until little miss bimbo turned up pregnant. And daddy showed up pissed. He wanted TJ terminated for defiling his little girl. Fuck, with TJs powers, she was still a virgin! It wasn’t that big of a deal…

So, I saved him. Did what I had to do to make the big bad O5 think he was being punished, and yet keep my baby brother alive. That was the start, I think, of a change in treatment of skips. They weren’t to be considered human anymore. We didn’t want to have this mistake happen again. We came this close to mandatory sterilization of all humanoid SCPs.

I still see my niece from time to time. She doesn’t know we’re related. Her grandfather told her that her parents died from a skip attack. She grew up at a foundation satellite site, trained herself to be the best she could. And hates skips with a passion.

I see my brother all the time. I still think I did the right thing. But sometimes… I miss him.


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