SCP-5520 - ウサギの巣穴(原題: The Rabbit Hole)


原文: SCP-5520 by HarryBlankHarryBlank rev.103

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@keyframes diamondBorder {
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    to { box-shadow: -0.5rem 0 0 0 rgb(var(--black-monochrome, 12, 12, 12)); }

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アイテム番号: SCP-5520


Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-W and SCP-5520. 玄妙除却施設AAF-WとSCP-5520。

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-5520 is unnecessary at present..Archon-class objects can be contained, but should not be. Should containment become necessary, SUNDOWN protocol must be initiated. The Lake Huron bulkhead gates will be opened, flooding Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-W. This will activate the expanding foam seeded into the facility, sealing it.
特別収容プロトコル: SCP-5520の収容は現時点では不必要です。.Archonクラスのオブジェクトは収容可能であるものの、収容すべきではありません。収容が必要になった場合、サンダウン・プロトコルが実行されなければなりません。ヒューロン湖の隔壁ゲートが開放され、玄妙除却施設AAF-Wに浸水を起こします。これにより、施設にまかれた膨張性起泡剤が活性化して施設が封鎖されます。

Scranton Reality Anchors must be strategically placed to direct the growth of AAF-W away from Site-43, the bed of Lake Huron and the surface.

All access to AAF-W is prohibited.

Update: SUNDOWN protocol may only be enacted by Overwatch Command, except under emergency circumstances.
更新: サンダウン・プロトコルは、緊急の状況下を除いて、監督司令部によってのみ実行することができます。

Description: SCP-5520 is former SCP Foundation Senior Researcher and Provisional Site Co-Director Dr. Wynn Rydderech.
説明: SCP-5520は、SCP財団上級研究員の暫定サイト共同管理官であったウィン・リーゼレッハ博士です。

SCP-5520 is a Class-III reality bender, as a result of long-term exposure to esoteric materials. Correspondence with SCP-5520 has revealed serious and progressive cognitive impairment, dissociation, depersonalization, derealization, and both retrograde and anterograde amnesia. It remains aligned with the goals of the Foundation, but no longer answers directly to the executive structure.

SCP-5520 presently resides in a series of vast caverns and refineries located beneath Site-43, classified Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-W by former Site Director Dr. V. Lesley Scout. Though the facilities themselves exhibit no anomalous properties, their scale, their location, and the activities performed there do. Both manual and automatic cave surveying techniques have been unable to determine the precise extent of AAF-W, but best estimates suggest over two million cubic metres of interior space. A breathable oxygen atmosphere pervades throughout, presumably as a result of SCP-5520's activities.


Dr. Wynn Rydderech, c. 1943. ウィン・リーゼレッハ博士、1943年ごろ。

Addendum 5520-1, Phenomenological Overview: From 1915 to 1966 Dr. Wynn Rhys Rydderech headed the SCP Foundation's effort to manage the toxic materials generated by its catalogue of anomalous objects. His Acroamatic Abatement Group moved from Vienna, Austria to Provisional Site-43 in Canada in 1943, and he became Co-Director with Dr. Vivian Lesley Scout. The Applied Occultism and Acroamatic Abatement Sections of that Site became, under his direction, the foremost facilities for studying and neutralizing esoteric effluence on Earth. When Site-43 was upgraded from provisional status in 1965, Dr. Scout became the Site Director with his partner's sponsorship.
補遺5520-1、現象論的概説: 1915年から1966年にかけて、ウィン・リス・リーゼレッハ博士は目録の異常オブジェクトから生成された毒性物質を管理するSCP財団の取り組みを率いていました。彼の玄妙除却グループは、1943年にオーストリア、ウィーンからカナダの暫定サイト-43に移動し、彼はヴィヴィアン・レスリー・スカウト博士とともに共同管理官になりました。このサイトの応用隠秘学、玄妙除却セクションは、彼の監督のもと、深妙廃棄物の研究・無力化をする世界の第一線を成す施設となりました。サイト-43が1965年に暫定状態から昇格したとき、スカウト博士はパートナーの後援によってサイト管理官になりました。

Dr. Rydderech disappeared from Site-43 on the 14th of November, 1966, after fifty-one years of employment. Security and Containment Section agents searched his dedicated research laboratory in Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-A, and found it significantly altered and its forty-three staff members absent. Dr. Rydderech's notes revealed dozens of conflicting, frequently incoherent or unintelligible programs of research, suggesting that his disappearance had been voluntary. The entire Site was immediately placed on alert.

Dr. Scout ordered the Pursuit and Suppression Section to investigate the facility further.

Investigation Log Transcript

Date: 11/14/1966
日付: 1966/11/14

Investigation Team: Mobile Task Force Delta-43 ("Pit Bosses")
調査チーム: 機動任務部隊デルタ-43("ピットボスたち")

Team Lead: Captain Garth Kinsey (Delta-1)
チーム隊長: キャプテン ガース・キンゼイ(デルタ-1)

Team Members: Delta-2, -5, -6, -7, -9
チームメンバー: デルタ-2、-5、-6、-7、-9

Log begins.

Control: Describe your surroundings, please.
司令部: 周囲を説明してください。

Delta-1: Roger. We're standing in AAF-A, in what should be the basement sublevel. Blueprints from Janitorial and Maintenance say this is as low as it goes. Ah… there are considerably more pipes on the walls here than the schematics show. Some of them don't look right.
デルタ-1: ロジャー。我々はAAF-A内に立っている。ここは地下基底部であるはずだ。清掃・保守のブループリントではここが1番下だとなっている。あー……壁のパイプは設計図に書かれてあるよりもかなり多い。いくつかは正しいように見えない。

Control: Elaborate.
司令部: 詳述を。

Delta-1: I can't be sure without touching them, but at least some of these look like they're made out of bone? And maybe porcelain.
デルタ-1: 触らなければ確信は持てないが、少なくともいくつかは骨?でできているように見える。それとおそらくは磁器で。

Delta-5: Bone china, maybe.
デルタ-5: ボーンチャイナだろう。

Delta-1: Hey.
デルタ-1: おい。

Delta-5: Cutting chatter, sir.
デルタ-5: 私語は慎めと、サー。

Control: There's an open door leading to a stairwell at the end of the hall you're in, correct?
司令部: そこの廊下の端には階段に続く開いた扉がありますが、正しいですか?

Delta-1: Correct, Control. No door or stairwell on the blueprints.
デルタ-1: 正しい、司令部。ブループリントには扉も階段もない。

Control: Proceed downward with extreme caution, captain.
司令部: 細心の注意を払って下に進んでください、キャプテン。

Delta-1: Roger.
デルタ-1: ロジャー。

Delta-43 proceed to the next level of the facility without incident.

Delta-1: Oh, what the hell.
デルタ-1: うわ、何だこれは。

Control: Elaborate.
司令部: 詳述を。

Delta-1: The door at the bottom of the stairs is also open, Control. It opens onto a glass-walled tunnel. I can see cave walls outside the glass, illuminated by… I don't know. Illuminated.
デルタ-1: 階段の下の扉も開いている、司令部。ガラス張りのトンネルに通じている。ガラスの外に洞窟の壁が見えるが、照らしているのは……わからない。照らされている。

Control: Proceed, and narrate.
司令部: 進んで、解説してください。

Delta-1: This is definitely a connecting tunnel, there's another open door at the end. I can see a… very large cave system outside the tunnel. Very, very large.
デルタ-1: これは間違いなく連絡トンネルだな。端にもう1つ開いた扉がある。トンネルの外に見えるのは……とても巨大な洞窟系だ。とても、とても巨大だ。

Delta-43 enter the adjoining facility.

Delta-2: That's damn strange.
デルタ-2: 全くおかしい。

Control: Delta-2?
司令部: デルタ-2?


Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-A2. 玄妙除却施設AAF-A2。

Delta-2: This place looks like… I've seen photographs from Archives and Revision, of AAF-A in the forties. During the war, when they were building this place. That's what we're standing in now.
デルタ-2: この場所はまるで……記録・改訂で40年代のAAF-Aの写真を見たことがある。戦争の間、この場所を建てていたときのだ。それが私たちの今立っている場所だ。

Control: You've just left AAF-A, Delta-2.
司令部: あなた方はAAF-Aを離れたばかりです、デルタ-2。

Delta-2: No, sir, we've just left the present-day version. I'm telling you this is AAF-A as it used to look, twenty years ago.
デルタ-2: いいや、サー。私たちは今日のバージョンを離れただけだ。ここは20年前の姿のAAF-Aなんだと言っている。

Control: Understood. Please proceed.
司令部: 了解しました。進んでください。

Delta-1: Hold up.
デルタ-1: 待った。

Control: Report.
司令部: 報告を。

Delta-1: We've found a few of Dr. Rydderech's researchers. They're examining some pipes, and taking notes.
デルタ-1: リーゼレッハ博士の研究員を少数名発見した。パイプをいくつか検査してメモを取っている。

Control: Approach them, with caution.
司令部: 注意を払って接近してください。

Delta-1: Roger. Hey! Identify yourselves!
デルタ-1: ロジャー。おい! お前たちは何者だ!

Silence on recording.

Delta-1: Hey there!
デルタ-1: 聞こえているのか!

Fingers snapping.

Delta-1: No response, control.
デルタ-1: 反応なし、司令部。

Control: Understood. Proceed.
司令部: 了解しました。進んでください。

Delta-43 move through five sublevels of the new facility, before reaching a door in the same position as the door in the present-day AAF-A.

Delta-1: The door is closed, Control.
デルタ-1: 扉は閉まっている、司令部。

Control: Understood. Can you open it?
司令部: 了解しました。開けられますか?

Delta-1: Doesn't seem to be locked.
デルタ-1: 施錠はされていないようだ。

Control: Take a look.
司令部: のぞいてみてください。

Delta-1: Roger.
デルタ-1: ロジャー。

A loud metal squealing, then silence on recording.

Delta-1: …oh.
デルタ-1: ……おお。

Control: What do you see, Delta-1?
司令部: 何が見えますか、デルタ-1?

Delta-1: …oh. Oh, good lord. Ah… copy, Control, I see what appears to be a… ravine. An underground ravine. Can't begin to speculate on the depth. There are… structures, at the bottom. Structures on the walls, as well. Looks like a natural cave system, ah… augmented, with artificial construction. Consistent with the alterations to AAF-A we've already seen.
デルタ-1: ……おお。ああ、何てことだ。あー……コピー、司令部。見えているのはおそらく……渓谷だ。地下渓谷だ。深さは見当もつかない。底には……建造物がある。壁にも建造物がある。まるで自然の洞窟系が、あー……増強されているようだ、人工の建造物で。我々がすでに見たAAF-Aの改変と一致している。

Delta-5: It looks like somebody turned ten factories inside-out and stacked them.
デルタ-5: まるで10個の施設を裏っ返して積み上げたみたいだ。

Control: Copy, Delta-5. Would you say this ravine and its contents are larger than AAF-A, Delta-1?
司令部: コピー、デルタ-5。この渓谷と内容はAAF-Aよりも大きいと言えそうですか、デルタ-1?

Delta-1: I would say that this ravine and its contents are larger than Site-43, Control.
デルタ-1: この渓谷と内容はサイト-43よりも大きいと言えそうだ、司令部。

Dr. Scout recalled Delta-43 to AAF-A to regroup and plan further investigations. The research personnel encountered in the parallel facility were not re-encountered.

The Identity and Technocryptography Section had recently completed the installation of an experimental Site-wide computer system with a rudimentary command line interface, the Site-43 Information Network (INFOnet). When Delta-43 returned to Dr. Rydderech's office, they discovered that his networked printer had produced the following message for Dr. Scout:



I blame the comic books.

I started reading them as a middle-aged man. Something frivolous to take my mind off of toxicants and virions and threshold limit values, something fantastical. I do some of my best work when I'm distracted.

So many of those old superheroes were scientists, just like us. They got their super-powers because something stupid, but scientific, happened to them. Jay Garrick inhaled heavy water vapour, and instead of gaining NOTHING, he gained super speed. Rex Tyler created a one-hour strength pill, and started popping them like an addict. Ted Knight found the cure for gravity, and he used it to fly around and beat people up. My idiotic idols.

I swear, Viv, I didn't intentionally expose myself to esoteric materials. Then again, neither did the Flash.

There were accidents, of course, even back in Europe. A drop here, a shattered cask there, an accidental exposure every once in a while. I thought nothing of it when my pants started staying up without a belt, or I stayed warm in cold weather, or I didn't need to use the washroom unless I thought about it. Just getting fat and hot and slow and absent-minded, I thought.

Now, of course, I know it was just the maintenance of my self-image. Sometimes I'd wake up sweating in the middle of the night, and find myself wearing my three-piece suit and tie. Sometimes I'd look in the mirror and see my hair was red again, red like it hasn't been since the Great War. Once, only once, I had a long telephone conversation with my wife without remembering to dial out of the facility.

Or remembering that she's dead.

I know what this is, and you know, too. I'm Dr. Fate. I'm bending reality on my knee. Things turn out the way I want them to, or the way I think they should be. I'm starting to be able to direct it, now, which scares the everloving you-know-what out of me. You know how we've made such great strides these past months? How all our experiments have turned out perfectly? That's because I've wanted them to. I've willed them to.
これがどういうことかはわかっているし、君もわかっているだろう。僕はドクター・フェイトだ。膝の上で現実を歪曲しているわけだ。ものごとは望んだ通りに、そうなるべきだと思った通りになる。今やそれを制御できるようになっている。だから、僕がやったことを脅かしている。過去数か月で僕らがどれほど大きな進歩を生み出したかわかるだろう? 実験が全部完璧に行ったのを? それは僕がそう望んだからだ。僕がそうさせたんだ。

Where there's a will, there's a way.

But I don't have the will to be put in a cage, and you don't have a way of fixing what's wrong with me without PUTTING me in a cage. So, at the risk of belabouring the metaphor, I have to go away.

I hope I'll be back soon. In the meantime, I'll keep in touch. Do you remember what I told you at the lake, Vivian? Now is the time.
早く戻りたいと願っている。その間は、連絡を保ちたい。僕が湖で言ったことを覚えているか、ヴィヴィアン? 今こそそのときだ。

I'm counting on you.

- Wynn
- ウィン

I&T technicians reported that the terminal in Dr. Rydderech's office was now networked with a printer in an unknown location. After consultation with the Security and Containment Section, Dr. Scout began correspondence with Dr. Rydderech via the terminal and printers.


Dr. Scout: Wynn, please return to the Site. We can help you.
スカウト博士: ウィン、どうかサイトに戻ってきてください。私たちはあなたを手助けできます。

No, you can't. But I can help you. From down here.

Dr. Scout: We've got the finest doctors in the world on our side, Wynn.
スカウト博士: 私たちはこちら側で世界一の医師を確保していますよ、ウィン。

Precisely. The finest doctors in the world can't stop what's happening to me. I'm a toxicologist, Vivian, I've done the research. You're a toxicologist too, so please don't lie to me.

Dr. Scout: Think of your staff, Wynn. Is this what they wanted?
スカウト博士: あなたの職員を慮ってください、ウィン。これは彼らの望んだことでしょうか?

My staff don't exist.

Dr. Scout: What?
スカウト博士: 何ですって?

My staff don't exist. I invented them. My whole department was filled with phantoms I imagined into existence. I'm just imagining them down here, now. Check their employment records, you'll see what I mean. You know why there were forty-three of them? So I wouldn't forget how many there were, and call down an investigation on my head.

I've had this condition for a long time now. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner.

僕の職員は存在しない。僕が作り出した。僕の部門全体は想像で生み出した幻影で満たされている。今はここから彼らを想像しているだけだ。彼らの雇用記録をチェックしてほしい。僕の言う意味がわかるだろう。なぜここに職員が43人いたのかわかるか? だから僕は何人いたか忘れないだろうし、頭の中で調査をさせている。


Dr. Scout: We can fix this together, Wynn. You and I.
スカウト博士: 私たちなら一緒にこれを治せますよ、ウィン。あなたと私でです。

Why do you keep repeating my name? Do you think I don't know who I am?
どうして僕の名前を繰り返すんだ? 自分が何者なのか僕がわからないと思っているのか?

I don't want you to see me like this. It's better if I stay down here.

Dr. Scout: What do you expect me to do? Let you hide out underground until you suffocate or starve to death?
スカウト博士: 私が何をすると思っているのですか? あなたが窒息死するか餓死するまで地下に隠すとでも?

I expect you to be a scientist and let me alone to do my work. I'm close to a breakthrough, now. Very close. Just think of this as an extended research sabbatical, and I'll be back good as new before long.

Dr. Scout: Now who's lying, Wynn?
スカウト博士: 今、誰が嘘をついているというのですか、ウィン?

Dr. Scout: Wynn?
スカウト博士: ウィン?

Dr. Rydderech was subsequently classified SCP-520. This file uses the present-day SCP-5520 classification, and appended documentation is amended to reflect this.

The duplicate AAF-A was thoroughly examined over the next fourteen months, revealing that it, like the original, had fallen out of use. It was determined that SCP-5520 and his phantom staff had moved into the larger facility in the caverns, which had by then expanded twofold.

As SCP-5520 had not corresponded with Site-43 at all during this period, Dr. Scout instructed Pursuit and Suppression to rappel down into the larger structure, designated AAF-W, and investigate it. A partial transcript of their exploration is appended below.

Investigation Log Transcript

Date: 02/20/1968
日付: 1968/02/20

Investigation Team: Mobile Task Force Delta-43 ("Pit Bosses")
調査チーム: 機動任務部隊デルタ-43("ピット・ボスたち")

Team Lead: Captain Garth Kinsey (Delta-1)
チーム隊長: キャプテン ガース・キンゼイ(デルタ-1)

Team Members: Delta-2, -4, -5, -6, -8
チームメンバー: デルタ-2、-4、-5、-6、-8


Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-W, exterior. 玄妙除却施設AAF-W、外観。

Delta-1: Well. That was hair-raising.
デルタ-1: よし。あれは恐ろしかった。

Delta-5: Thank god for winches.
デルタ-5: ウインチがあってよかった。

Control: What do you see, Delta-1?
司令部: 何が見えますか、デルタ-1?

Delta-1: There's a… skyscraper of machinery. Gantries, pipes, tanks, chimneys and such protruding from the cave floor.
デルタ-1: これは……機械の摩天楼だ。ガントリー、パイプ、タンク、煙突、そういうのが洞窟の床から突き出ている。

Delta-5: A cave-scraper. A cave ceiling scraper.
デルタ-5: 摩窟楼だな。洞窟に天井張りする楼閣だ。

Delta-1: Must be one of the biggest buildings in the country, Control. Certainly the biggest thing underground.
デルタ-1: この国で一番巨大な建造物の1つに違いない、司令部。確実に地下では一番巨大だな。

Control: Understood. Begin your exploration.
司令部: 了解しました。探査を始めてください。

The first section of the facility resembles the Acroamatic Abatement Group laboratory in Vienna. The phantom researchers are absent. The second section of the facility is unfamiliar to the agents.

Delta-1: I don't think this is built to match any existing facilities, Control. The walls are orange.
デルタ-1: これが既存の施設に合わせて建設されてはいないように思う、司令部。壁はオレンジ色だ。

Control: Standby, Dr. Scout is joining us.
司令部: 待機してください。スカウト博士が参加します。

Delta-1: Roger.
デルタ-1: ロジャー。

Dr. Scout: You said orange walls, Delta-1?
スカウト博士: オレンジの壁だと言いましたね、デルタ-1?


Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-W, interior. 玄妙除却施設AAF-W、内観。

Delta-1: That's correct, doctor.
デルタ-1: その通りです、博士。

Dr. Scout: With a grey stripe down the middle?
スカウト博士: 中央には灰色のストライプがありますね?

Delta-1: …that's also correct, doctor. Somewhere you've both been?
デルタ-1: ……それその通りです、博士。あなた方2人がいた場所ですか?

Dr. Scout: It's the tox lab from Cardiff. Where we studied together.
スカウト博士: カーディフの毒物研究所です。私たちがともに研究したところです。

Delta-2: Did it have fluorescent lights when you were there, sir? In, uh, the 1910s?
デルタ-2: あなたがたのいたころには蛍光灯はあったのか、サー? あー、1910年代に?

Dr. Scout: Well. Wynn… the subject, might not be himself right now. Keep that in mind.
スカウト博士: うーん。ウィン……対象は、今は彼自身ではない可能性があります。それに注意しておいてください。

MTF Delta-43 turn the corner into a large room filled with shining copper pipes. SCP-5520 is standing in the middle of the room, pointing at each pipe and nodding. He turns to face the agents as they enter the room; he begins to weep.
MTF デルタ-43は、角を曲がり、輝く銅のパイプで満たされた大きな部屋に入る。SCP-5520は部屋の中央で立っており、それぞれのパイプを指さしてうなずいている。エージェントらが部屋に入ると彼はエージェントらに向かって振り返り、泣き始める。

SCP-5520: I won't remember tomorrow. I… I won't even remember tomorrow, tomorrow. I don't even remember tomorrow today.
SCP-5520: 僕は明日を覚えていまい。僕……僕は明日、明日すら覚えていまい。僕は今日明日すら思い出せない。

Delta-1: Eyes on the target, Control.
デルタ-1: 目標を確認、司令部。

SCP-5520: Was he a friend of yours?
SCP-5520: 彼は君らの友人だったのか?

Delta-5: He's unharmed, Control. Looks a little shaken, nothing bad.
デルタ-5: 彼は無傷だ、司令部。少し動揺しているように見えるが、何も悪くはない。

Control: Bring him in, Delta-1.
司令部: 彼を連れてください、デルタ-1。

Delta-1: Roger. Dr. R—
デルタ-1: ロジャー。リーゼ—

SCP-5520: Sometimes I get… confused. Sometimes.
SCP-5520: ときおり……混乱してしまう。ときおりな。

Delta-1: Dr. Rydderech? Can you come with us, please?
デルタ-1: リーゼレッハ博士? 一緒に来てもらえますか?

SCP-5520: Oh… I… I'm sorry, that was my fault. Was that my fault? I'm sorry.
SCP-5520: ああ……その……すまない。それは僕の責任だ。それ僕の責任なのか? すまない。

Delta-5: What? You're not making any sense.
デルタ-5: 何だ? まるで意味をなしてないぞ。

One of the pipes begins vibrating intensely. The sound is deafening. SCP-5520 is nevertheless audible.

SCP-5520: Where did he go?
SCP-5520: 彼はどこに行ったんだ?

Delta-Five reaches out to steady the pipe. When his hand touches it, he disappears.

SCP-5520: Oh, I wouldn't touch that.
SCP-5520: ああ、僕だったら触らなかったろうな。

The sound ceases.

Recording ends.

The five remaining members of 43-Delta were subsequently returned by SCP-5520, through unknown means, to AAF-A. A message was already waiting for Dr. Scout in Dr. Rydderech's office.



I'm sorry about your man. You won't be seeing him again.

I've connected my facility to AAF-A. Please send any new substances down the pipeline to me, and I'll see what I can do with them.

Dr. Scout: Why would we do that? You're not a Foundation researcher anymore, you're an SCP object.
スカウト博士: どうして私たちがそうしましょうか? あなたはもはや財団研究員ではなく、SCPオブジェクトなんですよ。

That's a good approach to take. I've seeded the facility walls with a compound that will expand to fill its container, immobilizing anything it touches and anaesthetizing humanoids. It's water-activated, so all you have to do is open the floodgates to my cavern and you'll be rid of me.

Oh, yes, my cavern has floodgates now. I hope the underwater panthers won't mind. These were their tunnels, did you know that? They used them to travel between the lakes. I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that literally nothing in those oral histories was wrong.
ああ、そうだ、洞窟にはもう水門がある。湖中豹が気にしないことを願う。水門は彼らのトンネルだったんだが、知っていたか? 彼らはトンネルを使って湖と湖の間を渡っていた。こういったオーラルヒストリーはどれも本当に間違っていなかったと聞いても、君は驚かないだろうと確信している。

No response. I suppose I can't blame you.

So, you have Special Containment Procedures for me now. We'll call that our framework for a working relationship.

Take my proposal to O5 and the Ethics Committee. Let them handle it. We both know you're too close to the issue.

The good work goes on, Vivian. It must.

By order of the O5 Council, Site-43 'employed' SCP-5520 from this point forward as a consultant researcher. Though Dr. Scout objected strongly to this practice, he agreed to remain SCP-5520's point of contact.

The Foundation began sending problematic substances to AAF-W. Geological measurements indicated that the artificial complex grew at a slow, steady rate every day for the next three decades. The efficiency of the Site-43 facilities improved at a commensurate rate, and SCP-5520 frequently delivered ad hoc research papers and chemical formulations to the Foundation via the printer in his former office.

A partial digest of the correspondence between Dr. Scout and SCP-5520 is reproduced below.


Dr. Scout: Alright Wynn, we're sending you something very caustic now.
スカウト博士: いいですかウィン、これから非常に苛烈なものを送ります。

Ah, you're finally coming down for a visit? I've missed you.
ああ、とうとう君がここにくるのか? 寂しかったよ。

Dr. Scout: I'll tell Security and Containment that you've still got your sense of humour, maybe it'll put them at ease. In any event, please see what you can do with this stuff. If we can ameliorate it, we can lock up the object creating it for good.
スカウト博士: 保安・収容セクションに、あなたにはまだユーモアのセンスがあることを伝えておきましょう。それで彼らは安心でしょうね。ともかく、この物質で行えることを見てください。もしこれを改良できるのなら、私たちはこれを生み出すオブジェクトを永久に閉じ込められます。

I'll take a look, but my sympathies are with the object (for obvious reasons).


Dr. Scout: How are you holding up down there?
スカウト博士: 地下は大丈夫なのですか?

I've developed a method for stripping the human body of its mucous membrane.

Dr. Scout: What? Why? That's not what you were supposed to be working on.
スカウト博士: 何ですって? どうして? あなたの取り組むことではないでしょう。

I'm going to cure catarrh! And the common cold.
カタルを治そうとしているんだよ! それと風邪も。

Dr. Scout: The mucous membrane keeps us from getting sick, Wynn.
スカウト博士: 粘膜は病気を防いでいるのですよ、ウィン。


Dr. Scout: But you know that, right?
スカウト博士: ですが知ってはいますよね?

Of course I do. I was just joking. To put you all at ease, remember?


Dr. Scout: We can't make sense of the data you're sending us.
スカウト博士: あなたの送ってきたデータが理解できません。

It's elementary enzyme design, Vivian.

Dr. Scout: We haven't invented enzyme design yet, Wynn.
スカウト博士: 私たちはまだ酵素デザインを発明していませんよ、ウィン。

Oh. Well, let me know when you have, then.


stop it

Dr. Scout: Stop what, Wynn?
スカウト博士: 何をですか、ウィン?

stop flushing your GODDAMNED TOILETS on me WHOEVER YOU ARE


Dr. Scout: Are you there?
スカウト博士: そこにいますか?

I'm sorry about last time. I got a little confused.

Dr. Scout: Yes, well, we're working on that problem for you. Is there anything else you need?
スカウト博士: ええ、それで、私たちはあなたのその問題に取り組んでいます。他に必要なことはありますか?

How are those floodgates doing?

Dr. Scout: The floodgates are fine.
スカウト博士: 水門は大丈夫です。

Maybe you should test them.

Dr. Scout: What do you mean?
スカウト博士: どういうことですか?

Dr. Scout: Wynn? What do you mean?
スカウト博士: ウィン? どういうことですか?


Dr. Scout: I'm sending you the chemical equations and synthesis outline for a new antipsychotic developed at Site-19. It will completely suppress your reality-bending symptoms. I want you to make it, and I want you to TAKE it, and I want you to come back home.
スカウト博士: サイト-19で開発された、新たな抗精神病薬を概略した化学方程式と化学合成を送りました。それであなたの現実歪曲症状を完全に抑制できるでしょう。あなたにそれを作って、飲んで、家に戻ってきてもらいたいです。


What a clever formula! Thank you so much for sending me this, it's right up my alley. I'm sending you a list of chemical and procedural improvements, the shots should work much faster now.
何とも巧妙な方程式だ! これを送ってくれて本当にありがとう。僕にうってつけのものだ。化学的改良と手続きの改良のリストを送る。このショットは今よりもずっと早く役目を果たすはずだ。

Dr. Scout: But did you take it, Wynn?
スカウト博士: ですが、飲みましたか、ウィン?

Dr. Scout: Wynn?
スカウト博士: ウィン?


this is what you wanted isnt it

Dr. Scout: What do you mean?
スカウト博士: どういうことですか?

i know who you are

i know what you DID

you put me here

youre KEEPING me here

you WANT me here

out of the way

Dr. Scout: You went down there on your own. I want you to come home.
スカウト博士: あなたはそこに独断で下ったのですよ。私は帰ってきてほしいのです。

do you think im stupid

do you think i dont understand

i hope you never forget what you did to me

i hope you NEVER FORGET what youre DOING to me



Where are you?


I'm sorry.

At this point Dr. Scout reiterated his opposition to the project and refused to participate any further. SCP-5520 continued to transmit regular commentary on its activities to I&T and respond to all inquiries, apparently unaware (most of the time) of Dr. Scout's departure. A partial digest follows:


Does chirality exist, Vivian? This is a serious question. Does chirality exist, or is it something I made up? This is a serious question.
キラリティーは存在するのか、ヴィヴィアン? これは真剣な問題だ。キラリティーは存在するのか、それとも僕がでっち上げたものなのか? これは真剣な問題だ。


I don't remember my eyes.


Where are you, Vivian? Why aren't you here? Please find attached five hundred pages of toxidrome reports.
どこにいる、ヴィヴィアン? どうしてここにいない? 添付した500ページのトキシドロームの報告書を見てほしい。


Why doesn't it ever rain down here, Vivian? It should rain down here. I NEED IT to rain down here.
どうしてここでは全く雨が降らないんだ、ヴィヴィアン? ここでは雨が降るはずだ。ここで雨が降る必要がある。


Yesterday I cured cancer. Today I can't remember how. Unless I'm imagining curing cancer yesterday, or imagining I've forgotten how, or imagining cancer, or imagining yesterday, or imagining today. Or


Please find attached one page of words. They're the right ones.


I've drawn up new manuals for AAF-C, Vivian. Please make sure you follow them to the letter when we build the facility twenty years ago. You don't want a repeat of what I just thought about.


I know you're not Vivian.

Addendum 5520-2, Incident Summary: On 9 February 1996, Dr. V. Lesley Scout attempted to enact SUNDOWN protocol and decommission SCP-5520. Safeguards installed under O5 instructions prevented this act, and Dr. Scout was summoned to Site-01 for immediate questioning. A partial transcript of his interview with O5-8 is appended below.
補遺5520-2、インシデント概要: 1996年2月9日、V・レスリー・スカウト博士はサンダウン・プロトコルを実行してSCP-5520を解体しようと試みました。O5の指令のもと取り付けられたセーフガードがこの行動を阻止し、スカウト博士は即時の質問のためサイト-01に召喚されました。彼のO5-8とのインタビューの転写の一部が以下に添付されています。



Dr. V. Lesley Scout, 1996. V・レスリー・スカウト博士、1996年。

O5-8: Please, help me to understand why you did what you did.
O5-8: どうか、君がなぜあのようなことをしたのか理解させていただきたい。

Dr. Scout: He gave his life to us, all of it, from start to finish. To the good work. I owed him this… courtesy.
スカウト博士: 彼は自分の人生を、全て、最初から最後まで私たちに捧げました。よき仕事のために。私は彼にこの……礼儀をする義務がありました。

O5-8: What you call a courtesy, I might call an execution. His life is not finished.
O5-8: 君の礼儀というものは、私は処刑と呼ぶだろう。彼の人生はまだ終わっていない

Dr. Scout: With respect, sir, you mean you aren't finished with his life. We're not talking about someone's abandoned grandfather, who just needs his loved ones to visit and brighten his day. We're not talking about someone with cognitive impairment who just needs patience and affection and rewarding work to live a meaningful life. Not anymore.
スカウト博士: お言葉ですが、サー、あなたは、あなたが彼の人生用を済ませていないと言いたいのでしょう。私たちは、誰かの見捨てられた祖父が、彼のもとに訪れて1日を明るくする愛するものを必要としているということを話しているのではありません。認識機能障害を患った誰かが、有意義な生活を送るための忍耐と愛情とやりがいのある仕事を必要としているということを話しているのでもありません。これ以上は言わせないでください。

We're talking about someone who's been completely alone and out of his mind for thirty years. Most of Wynn Rydderech is gone, and what's left is crying out for help, and we're not listening.

I've asked you, time and time again, to let me bring him back up here. To let me see if we can help him. He might never be the same, but at least he wouldn't be alone. He could live a real, human life, in the light. He would still be brilliant, he would still be Wynn, if we could manage his condition. But you refuse me, time and time again, and I've come to realize that you're never going to let him get better. You're going to keep him sick in the dark for all eternity if you can, so you can benefit from his sickness.

We are perpetuating a falsehood, through anomalous means, because it is convenient for us. That's not the Foundation I, or he, signed up to work for. Or built, if you please.

O5-8: You're one to talk about anomalous perpetuation. How old are you now, Mr. Baggins? Eleventy-one, isn't it?
O5-8: 異常延命をしているのは君もだろう。いくつなんだ、ミスター・バギンズ? 111歳じゃないか?

Dr. Scout: I'm still myself. Wynn is not, by his own metrics. He left specific instructions for me on the matter, and his wishes are the only ones that should count. It's his life, and he put it in my hands. He trusted me. As his friend, and as his partner.
スカウト博士: 私はまだ私です。彼の基準では、ウィンはもはやウィンではありません。彼は私にこの問題について明確な指示を残しました。彼の願いだけが、重要なのです。それこそが彼の人生で、私に託してくれました。彼は私を信頼したのです。友人として、パートナーとして。

O5-8: I have access to the INFOnet feed. I've seen what Rydderech is saying. Just last week he asked you to "look in on Ashley." That doesn't sound like someone who's dissociating to me.
O5-8: 私はINFOnetのフィードにアクセスして、リーゼレッハが何を言っているか見ている。つい先週、彼は君に「アシュレイを訪れる」よう頼んでいた。には解離している人のようには聞こえない。

Dr. Scout: Do you know who Ashley is, sir?
スカウト博士: アシュレイが何者かご存じですか、サー?

O5-8: No, and I don't see why it matters. Is it his daughter? His cat?
O5-8: いや、それがなぜ重要なのかわからない。彼の娘か? 飼い猫か?

Dr. Scout: His brother, sir. His dead brother, hit by a bus during the London Blackout of 1918.
スカウト博士: 兄弟です、サー。亡くなった兄弟です。1918年のロンドン灯火管制のときに、バスに轢かれて。

Silence on recording.

Dr. Scout: He's suffering. And we're letting him suffer, keeping him apart, because he's useful to us. You know what he wants. If you've seen the feed, you've seen him begging for it. But you don't care. This isn't about him, it's about you.
スカウト博士: 彼は苦しんでいます。私たちが彼を苦しめ、ひとりぼっちにしているのです。彼が私たちに有益だからという理由で。彼が何を望んでいるのかご存じでしょう。フィードを見ているのなら、彼が希求しているのを見たはずです。しかし、あなたは気にもかけていません。これは彼の話ではなく、あなたの話なのです。

Silence on recording.

Dr. Scout: You want to hear what Wynn, actually Wynn, thought about this?
スカウト博士: ウィンが、本当のウィンがこれについてどう考えていたかお聞きしたいですか?

Dr. Scout pulls a folded, yellow sheaf of papers from his suit.

Dr. Scout: Let me read this to you.
スカウト博士: 読ませていただきたいます。

O5-8: What is it?
O5-8: それは何だ?

Dr. Scout: It's a letter he wrote. He asked that I open it if he ever became… compromised. He gave it to me the last time we went topside together, the day the Site became official. The first day of April, 1965.
スカウト博士: 彼の書いた手紙です。私が開けていいのは彼が……冒されたときだと言っていました。私たちが最後にともに上部に出たとき、渡されました。サイトが公式になった日のことです。1965年、4月の初日です。

I opened it thirty years ago.

O5-8: Fine. What does it say?
O5-8: 結構。何と書いてある?

Dr. Scout: It says,
スカウト博士: こう書かれてあります。


I'm so pleased I got to see the lake one last time, and share that moment with you. As myself. Before…"

Dr. Scout pauses.

Dr. Scout: "…before what's going to happen to me. I know this is going to be difficult for you to understand, but I have to go away. I'm a danger to you, to the Site, maybe even to myself. I've tried to hide it, I've tried to control it, but I'm losing my grip. It's better for everyone if I disappear for a while.
スカウト博士: 「……僕に起きてしまうことの前に。君には理解しがたいかもしれないが、僕はいなくならないといけない。僕は君にとって、サイトにとって、おそらくは僕自身にとっても危険だ。隠そうとした。制御しようとした。だが、支配力を失ってしまった。しばらくいなくなるのが皆にとっていいことだろう。

Hopefully, I'll be back.

But if I'm not, I need to you understand something for me. I need you to understand who, and what, I am. So that you'll also understand if it's not me you're seeing, or hearing, down there in the dark. So that you'll do what needs to be done, as you always have. As we used to do, together.

You remember what we used to say at Cardiff? I know you've moved on to magic words and musty, dead old things, but I'm sure you haven't forgotten. There's magic in these words, too: "We are chemistry, and electricity."
カーディフでよく言っていたことを覚えているか? 君が魔法の言葉とかび臭く古臭いものに移っているのは知っているが、君は忘れていないはずだ。この言葉にも魔法がこもっている。「私たちは化学であり、電気である」

That, and nothing besides. You and I are the sum of our electro-chemical reactions. Electricity is the fire that is our conscious selves, and chemistry is the beating of our hearts.

The wet, sparking computers in our heads are the most powerful thinking, feeling machines in existence, more complicated than anything we can devise. More points of failure than any bridge, any airplane, any equation. They always break down, in the end, and so do we. That ephemerality is part of the magic. The fire goes out, the heart stops beating.

Sometimes the fire goes out first, and we lose ourselves. We become not ourselves. Every human being has the right to decide where that line is drawn for themselves, personally. You know full well where I draw it.

Words have power, Vivian, but chemistry is power. If you change the chemistry, you change who you are.

And it doesn't take much.

Yours very truly,

- Wynn."
- ウィン。」

Silence on recording.

O5-8: Is that all, Dr. Scout?
O5-8: それで全部か、スカウト博士?

Dr. Scout: Yes, sir.
スカウト博士: そうです、サー。

O5-8: We'll take it under advisement.
O5-8: 協議に持ち掛けよう。

Dr. Scout: …thank you, sir.
スカウト博士: ……ありがとうございます、サー。

I&T continued to correspond regularly with SCP-5520 under O5 direction, and Dr. Scout resigned from the SCP Foundation on 1 April 1996.


Per your offer of employment dated 1 April 1915, I must respectfully, retroactively, decline. You are not who I thought you were, and I, perhaps, am no longer who I thought I was.

You may keep your secrets, or you may benefit from them. You may not do both. If you continue to profit from the madness of our friend, you will soon find it impossible to hide him. The truth will out.

I should like to see the lake again.

- V. Lesley Scout, Director, Site-43
- V・レスリー・スカウト、管理官、サイト-43

He retired to the town of Grand Bend within the limits of Nexus-94, succumbing to advanced old age one year later. The following message was received from SCP-5520 that same day:



The sun sets for you, but never for me.

I look forward to seeing you, yesterday.

For today, the work goes on.


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タグ: en archon 人間型 場所 on-guard-43 現実改変 scp


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著者: HarryBlankHarryBlank
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