SCP-7000 - アイルランド人の運(原題: Luck of the Irish)


原文: SCP-7000 - Luck of the Irish by TstafforTstaffor rev.7

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SCP-7000 pictured smiling. ほほ笑んでいるところを撮影されたSCP-7000。

Item #: SCP-7000
アイテム番号: SCP-7000

Object Class: Neutralized
オブジェクトクラス: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7000 is buried in the Caheragh Old Cemetery.
特別収容プロトコル: SCP-7000はカエラ・オールド・セメタリーに埋葬されます。

Description: SCP-7000 was Donovan Hanlan, an Australian male of Irish heritage with the ability to subconsciously manipulate probability. Whenever SCP-7000 was in a situation with multiple possible outcomes, the outcome that SCP-7000 would deem to be the best option occurred. Due to this effect, SCP-7000's health did not degrade during its time in Foundation custody.
説明: SCP-7000はアイルランド系オーストラリア人男性のドノヴァン・ハンランであり、無意識的な確率操作能力がありました。SCP-7000は複数の結果が見込める状況にいた際、SCP-7000が最善策であると見なした結果が発生しました。この効果により、財団が保護していた間SCP-7000の健康状態は悪化しませんでした。

The plaid vest SCP-7000 wore at all times had a four-leafed clover pinned to it. This is suspected to be the source of its powers, although it shows no anomalous properties when utilized by anyone other than SCP-7000. During its containment, SCP-7000 refused all requests to remove the jacket.

Addendum 7000.1 Associated Phenomena:
補遺7000.1 関連する現象:
After records of the same individual dating back to 1754 were discovered, Foundation agents were dispatched to record SCP-7000's daily life to check for any abnormal incidents.

Date: 05/23/2002
Location: Melbourne, Australia
日付: 2002/05/23
場所: メルボルン、オーストラリア

[SCP-7000 is walking down the street when it encounters a young woman selecting bananas from a sidewalk corner store.]

SCP-7000: Try these ones, lass.
SCP-7000: これにしてみんさい、お嬢さん。

[It selects a bunch of ripe bananas without looking and hands them to the woman.]

Woman: Okay, thanks?
女性: わかりました、ありがとうございます?

[SCP-7000 then smiles and continues walking.]

Date: 05/28/2002
Location: The Crown Melbourne
日付: 2002/05/28
場所: クラウン・メルボルン

[SCP-7000 plays a slot machine, winning 1.3 million dollars.]

Date: 06/13/2002
Location: Castlemaine1
日付: 2002/06/13
場所: カッスルメーン2

[SCP-7000 and its husband,3 Oliver, are walking down the street]

Oliver: See, a trip isn't too stressful!
オリバー: なあ、旅行はそんなにストレスにならないだろ!

SCP-7000: A day trip an hour away from home is a lot different from going back to ol' Irelan, Oliver.
SCP-7000: 家から1時間ん日帰り旅行は、懐かしのアイルランドに帰るんとはまるで違えんだ、オリバー。

Oliver: I know that. I'm just so sure they'd be excited to meet you!
オリバー: 知ってるよ。その人たちがあんたと会うのに興奮してるのは確実だよ!

SCP-7000: I know, it's just a worry I've got in the back of me 'ead.
SCP-7000: そうだ。わしが頭で考えている不安に過ぎねえもんさね。

Oliver: I would come with you. You aren't alone in this, Don.
オリバー: 俺はあんたと一緒に行く。今の間は独りじゃないんだぜ、ドン。

[SCP-7000 hangs its head, looking down to notice a quarter on the sidewalk.]

Oliver: Well look at that, a lucky penny!
オリバー: おい見ろよ、ラッキーペニーだ!

SCP-7000: Heh, it's a quarter, Oliver.
SCP-7000: ああ、そりゃクオーターじゃねえか、オリバー。

Oliver: Still, it's a good omen.
オリバー: でも、いい前兆だ。

Date: 07/18/2002
Location: Melbourne
日付: 2002/07/18
場所: メルボルン

[SCP-7000 is approaching a crosswalk. Agent Harrison, attempting to trail it, approaches too closely and is noticed by SCP-7000.]

SCP-7000: Allow me t' get that for you!
SCP-7000: 君のために押してやろう!

[SCP-7000 attempts to press the crosswalk button, but is unable to activate the device.]

Agent Harrison: Uhh, it's alright, I'll just get the button.
エージェント・ハリソン: あー、大丈夫です。ボタンを押しましょう。

SCP-7000: That you ain't! I might not be hitting this button, but that means you won't be either, son.
SCP-7000: 君がやらんでいい! わしはこんボタンを押してねえかもしれんが、そりゃ君も同じく押さねえっつうこった、坊や。

Agent Harrison: I'd really like to cross the stre—
エージェント・ハリソン: 本当に通りを渡りた—

[A 3-car collision occurs in the middle of the intersection.]

SCP-7000: Ah, there she is! I just had to press in the center there.
SCP-7000: ああ、見ろ! わしゃこいつの真ん中を押さなきゃならんかったんか。

Date: 02/27/2003
Location: The Cup and Bean5
日付: 2003/02/27
場所: カップ・アンド・ビーン6

Barista: Donavon! Nice to see you. It's been a while, hasn't it?
バリスタ: ドノヴァン! 会えてうれしいわ。久しぶりじゃないの?

SCP-7000: That it has, Charlotte, that it has. I've just had… a lot on me mind. I'd like the usual.
SCP-7000: そうさね、シャーロット、そん通りだ。わしにゃ……気がかりなことがたくさんあんだよ。いつもの頼む。

Barista: Well, it must be your lucky day, because it's the first time since you were last here that the hot chocolate's on special.
バリスタ: そうね、今日はツイてる日のはずよ。だって、あなたが最後に来てからホットココアが安くなってるのは初めてなんですもの。

[As the barista is preparing the drink, the whipped cream can gets stuck, causing her to add twice the normal amount of whipped cream.]

Barista: Oliver told me you're headed out to Ireland tomorrow. I'll miss chatting with you, mate.
バリスタ: オリバーから聞いたわ。あなたは明日アイルランドに向かうのね。友達のあなたとおしゃべりできないのはさみしくなるわ。

SCP-7000: Thank ya Charlotte, I've appreciated er'y one of our talks.
SCP-7000: ありがとうシャーロット。会話にゃどれも感謝しているよ。

Date: 02/28/2003
Location: Tullamarine Airport
日付: 2003/02/28
場所: タラマリン空港

[SCP-7000 and its husband enter the airport.]

Oliver: I know you're confident in your… abilities, but I still think we should have booked our tickets.
オリバー: もちろんあんたの……能力に自信があるのは知ってるが、でもチケットを予約しておくべきだったんじゃないかって思うぜ。

SCP-7000: Don't ye worry Oliver, I'm sure it will all turn out alright.
SCP-7000: そんなに心配せんでもいい、オリバー。全部うまく行くのは確実さ。

[Both approach the desk.]

Receptionist: Hello, are you wanting to check in your baggage today?
受付: こんにちは、本日は手荷物のチェックインをお望みでしょうか?

Oliver: Actually, we're hoping to book our flight with you.
オリバー: 実は、ここのフライトの予約をしたいんだ。

Receptionist: And where is it you'll be traveling?
受付: ではどちらまで旅行されるのでしょうか?

Oliver: Cork International Airport.
オリバー: コーク国際空港。

Receptionist: You seem to be in luck! There are just two tickets left for a direct flight from MEL to ORK.
受付: 運がいいですね! MELからORKまでの直行便のチケットがちょうど2枚残ってますよ。

Oliver: We'll take them!
オリバー: それを貰いたい!

SCP-7000: Actually, looking outside, it seems a storm's rollin' in.
SCP-7000: 実は、外を見りゃ、嵐がやってきているようさね。

Due to the sudden emergence of a storm, Foundation agents confirmed SCP-7000's anomalous abilities and were able to apprehend it before it boarded its flight.

Addendum 7000.2 Interview Logs:
補遺7000.2 インタビューログ:
The following is an excerpt from SCP-7000's weekly therapy sessions.

Dr. Summers: Good evening, Donavon.7 How has your day been so far?
サマーズ博士: こんばんは、ドノヴァン。8今までのところ、今日はどうですか?

SCP-7000: I guess it's been okay. Same ol', same old.
SCP-7000: いいんじゃねえかね。いつもと同じく、いつもと同じように。

Dr. Summers: Now, it's been a while since we talked about the day you were… the day you arrived here. I'm correct in thinking you were headed to Ireland to visit your descendants?
サマーズ博士: では、あなたがここに……あなたがここに来た日について話してからしばらく経ちます。あなたは子孫を訪問するためアイルランドに向かっていたと考えて差し支えないですか?

SCP-7000: Aye, that I was. It was gon'ta be my first time back there in what'as it been? A hundred years or so? I spose I wasn't too ready for the trip.
SCP-7000: うん、そうさね。わしが帰んのは何年振りなんか? 100年くれえか? 旅行の準備ができてなかったんかもしれんね。

Dr. Summers: Don, did you cause that storm?
サマーズ博士: ドン、あなたがあの嵐を起こしたのですか?

SCP-7000: Honestly, I can't tell ya. These powers, I'm not in control of 'em. Things just sort of… turn out well. It should've cleared up. We should've been able to make it to ol' Irelan.
SCP-7000: 正直、言えはせん。こん力は、わしが操っとるわけじゃねえ。なんつうか……うまく行っとるだけだ。空は晴れるはずだったね。懐かしのアイルランドに間に合ったはずだ。

Dr. Summers: Don, did you want to go to your homeland?
サマーズ博士: ドン、あなたは母国に行きたいと思いますか?

SCP-7000: That be a troublin' thought don't it? It's not that I don't want t' see them. It's just… it's been so long.
SCP-7000: そりゃ厄介な考えじゃねえか? わしゃ子孫に会いたくねえわきゃねえ。ただ……あまりにも時間が経っちまった。

The following interview was conducted four years after initial containment, ten minutes before the cessation of SCP-7000's anomalous properties.

SCP-7000: Thanks for takin' the time to talk with me.
SCP-7000: 話すんに付き合ってくれてありがとう。

Dr. Kelp: Any time, Donavon.
ケルプ博士: いつでも結構だ、ドノヴァン。

SCP-7000: I've had a lot of time to think since ye lot locked me up in here. I think I've made my decision. Keppler, have you ever been in a moment of your life where you know you only had two options?
SCP-7000: ここに閉じ込められてから考える時間はたくさんあった。決心が付いた、んじゃねえかね。ケップラー、君にゃ選択肢が2つしかねえとわかっとるときが人生にあったかね?

Dr. Kelp: I can't say that I have, no.
ケルプ博士: あったとは言えないな、ない。

SCP-7000: Aye, a wee lad like yourself probably hasn't.
SCP-7000: うん、君みてえな小せえ坊やにゃねえだろう。

Dr. Kelp: I'm 56.
ケルプ博士: 私は56歳だ。

SCP-7000: That's beside the point. I've come to a decision about this place, doctor. I need to leave.
SCP-7000: そりゃ見当が違う。こん場所で決心したんだよ、博士。わしゃここを離れなきゃならねえ。

Dr. Kelp: I'm sorry Don, but you know we can't do that. You're an anomaly. Anomalies don't really… leave this place.
ケルプ博士: 申しわけないが、ドン。それはできないとは知っているはずだ。あなたはアノマリーだ。アノマリーは本当に……この場所から離れることはできない。

SCP-7000: I'm mighty aware of that. There don't be anything normal about me anymore. I've had my time. I know how old I should look, but… I miss my husband. You'd let me leave if I didn't have the powers, wouldn't you?
SCP-7000: 重々承知だよ。わしにゃなんも普通のもんはねえ。時間が経っちまった。わしがどんくれえの年に見られるべきなんかは知っとる。だが……夫が恋しい。もしわしが力をもってなきゃあ、君らはわしを出してくれたんだろう?

Dr. Kelp: In all likelihood, but I don't see why that's relevant.
ケルプ博士: ほぼ確実にそうだ。ただそれがどう関係しているのかわからないが。

SCP-7000: I won't be around much longer now. If I don't make it long enough, I beg ya, tell Ollie I love him.
SCP-7000: わしゃもうそんなに長かねえだろう。わしが十分長くいられなかったなら、頼む、オリーに愛していると伝えてくれ。

[SCP-7000 stood up, leaving its jacket hanging on the chair. The interview concluded, and SCP-7000 returned to its chamber without incident; the jacket was placed in temporary storage until required again.]

The following day, tests performed on SCP-7000 determined its anomalous properties to be neutralized. Due to its cooperative nature, and the rapid decay of its body due to the cessation of anomalous intervention, SCP-7000 was allowed to leave containment with Foundation escort.

SCP-7000 flew to Ireland and reunited with its 7th-great-grandchildren.9 Two days after this, it expired. Its husband Oliver buried it alongside all previous generations of the Hanlan family in the Caheragh Old Cemetery with the clover from its jacket planted over its grave.


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原文: SCP-7000 - Luck of the Irish by TstafforTstaffor rev.7

ソース: SCP-7000 - Luck of the Irish rev.7
著者: TstafforTstaffor
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