SCP-1281 さきがけ 要翻訳部分の修正


SCP-1281: "This is our harbinger. It brings good tidings.
SCP-1281: 「これは我々の“さきがけ”(harbinger)。 よい報せを届けるものです

"We will be dead when it reaches you. Our planet is dying. We do not have time to save ourselves. We only have time to ready ourselves, and to send a message.

"We have seen the signals from those who came before us. They were different, and we still don't really understand them. But if there were those who came before, there may be those who come after. It is in this hope that our harbingers travel.

"One has found you and learned your language so it can relay this message. Please listen.

"The galaxy is dark, and empty, and cold. It spins inevitably toward death. You will die too, one day. Perhaps you will have longer than we have. We hope so. But one day you too must vanish.

"Before that time comes, you must light the darkness. You must make the night less empty. We are all small, and the universe is vast. But a universe with voices saying "I am here" is far greater than a universe silent. One voice is small, but the difference between zero and one is as great as one and infinity.

"We waited too long. Our voice is gone to echoes. Find others while there is still time. Make a chorus.

"And if this finds you too late, and your time is also passing, please send this message on, so the next voice can speak against the darkness."



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