The Ghost Sign
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Thank you for coming, I'm Black Queen Datura.

My call sign is Flannelshirtpineapple.

Hello! this is Tokei Kamata! the Head of THE TELE-TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTIVE g-II Division, and a Black Queen!

I am the black queeeeen siiiiign. Hiiii.




こんにちは! THE TELE-TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTIVE g-II部部長! 兼、黒の女王の蒲田とけいです!



The Ghost Sign is an object with a word or symbol on it that means "yield", capable of perception, autonomous thinking, and speech. In most of universes, it takes the form of a regulatory sign with the English word "YIELD" written inside a red triangle, standardized by the United States Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. If its roots are not the USA, or if the USA does not exist in that universe in the first place, Datura is not correct. But on the other hand, it may be YIELD in Brazil, Korea, space, or the library, or it may not be YIELD in the USA.

幽霊の標識は、知覚、自律思考、そして発話が可能な、「道を譲れ」という意味の言葉か記号が書かれた物体です。ほとんどの宇宙では、アメリカ合衆国の「交通制御機器類統一の手引き(Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices)」によって標準化されている、赤い三角形の中に「YIELD」という英単語が書いてある規制標識の形態を取っています。ルーツがUSAでないか、そもそもその宇宙にUSAが存在しなかったりする場合は、ダチュラの言う通りではない。しかし逆に、ブラジルにあっても韓国にあっても宇宙空間にあっても“図書館”にあっても「YIELD」であることもあれば、USAにあってそうでないこともある。

It often claims itself to be a ghost, but it changes its self-identification unpredictably. 'I'm no longer a ghost because I dropped my ghost license' or 'I'm a seal now' or 'I was a woman from Sanka, but I'm no longer a woman from Sanka because I dropped my woman from Sanka license.' Anyway, we call this sign "the Ghost Sign" for convenience. At leaaaast I'm the Blaaack Queeeeen Siiign noooooow! Frankly, the sign always seems to be acting like "nonsense" - regardless of what it thinks.

自分を幽霊であると主張することが多いけれど、無軌道に自称を変える。「幽霊免許を落としたから幽霊じゃなくなった」、「オレは今はアザラシだ」、「サンカの女だったけどサンカの女免許を落としたからサンカの女じゃなくなった」、など。ともあれ我々はこの標識を、便宜上「幽霊の標識」と呼んでいる。少なくともこのオレはあぁあ、今はぁ黒の女王のおぉおお標識だあぁぁああ! 率直に言って、標識は常に“ナンセンス”に振る舞ってる……ように見える。当人がどういうつもりなのかは別として。


  • Well - I'm not sure. I mean, it's like it's in every universe.
  • Earlier we hypothesized that the sign could only exist where there is a writing culture and ghosts, but - oh, I'll get to that later.
  • Existeeeence of a conceeept of liceeense. What is the definition of "concept of license"……? Thaaat's not a decision for the licenseeee to maaake! Hmm, well, maybe.
  • ええと……よくわかってない。っていうかどの宇宙にもいるみたいなんだよね。
  • 以前の私たちは「標識は文字文化と亡霊が存在する場所でなければ存在できないのではないか」という仮説を立てていたのですが……ああ、後述します。
  • 宇宙に免許のぉおお概念があぁることだぁあ。「免許の概念」の定義って何……? それはぁあ、免許を取る側の決めることじゃあなぁあい! ん、まあ、そうかもしれない。


It's good someone to talk to. It can kill a lot of time. This is a very important duty, Sign. In these tens of millions of parallel universes, there are not many things more terrifying than loneliness and boredom. On behalf of all the siiigns, I am proooud to saaay. Other than that, it seems to be able to disturb the pursuers with inexplicable words and actions. Personally, I'd like to collect or produce them and line them up in large numbers - but I think the cost would be too much.


Also, it's worth noting, though it's easy to forget, that the signs aren't only able to talk in every universe. Property may be assigned to the Ghost Sign instance later on, for reasons such as being amused by their character, or wanting to catch the enemy off guard. In contrast, the personality of the Ghost Signs is the same in every universe. It is not explicitly hostile to sapient or life. It may look like a "silly mood", but that doesn't mean it can't carry out orders. Thus it can be expected to have utility value as partner or artifact through negotiation. That is, of course, if we can get an initiative against the sign.



Since there is an example of it was silenced by the material destruction of the part written "YIELD", we can analyze that part as being the nucleus. However, since it later recovered by materially repairing the part, it is likely that the Ghost Signs do not die completely. To the extent that only the part is cut off and moved, there seems to be no fatal problem, at least not to the extent that instance may complain. Ghosts don't diiiiiiiie! I'm the Blaack Queeen, but I still don't diiiiiiiiiiie‼︎ Oooooooooh‼︎

「YIELD」が書いてある部位が物質的に破壊されたことで沈黙した例があるため、その部位が核なのではないかと分析できる。しかしその後、該当部位が物質的に修復されることで回復したことから、幽霊の標識らに完全な死はないとも考えられる。該当部位だけで切り離されて移動させられる分には、実例が不服を表明することはあれど、少なくとも致命的な問題はないらしい。幽霊は死ななぁああぁい! オレはぁ黒の女王だが、やっぱ死ななぁああぁあぁあい!! うおぉおおぉおお!!

Instance: Timeline A-133

A "YIELD" sign, one of the Merrymakers - Gamers Against Weed's mascots of sorts. It also has a blog on Tumblr that it updates weekly. However, in this universe, two or three of the members transferred their abilities to the sign when they retired from their activities as them, which gave the sign a fairly strong and extensive capability regarding memes, as well as the ability to get involved in their typical activities. I have a personal relationship with them in this universe to some extent, but whether or not I can get help from the sign will depend on the circumstances and conditions. Well, please contact me.


Instance: Timeline A-329

A "YIELD" sign, contained by the Foundation. As of 2015, it appeared that the containment and experimentation project was being overseen by someone named Dr. James, but he was only confused by the sign's words and actions, and didn't think about the value of using the sign or anything else. And since the nature of the Foundation in this universe is that of orthodoxy, it is unlikely that any effective use of the sign will be carried out by them. From the sign's point of view, living at the Foundation would be boring, so you could talk to it or steal it, but it's probably not worth the cost-benefit ratio.


Instance: Timeline A-589

A "YIELD" sign that was floating in the orbit of Mars. Oookaaaay, thaaat's my frieeeeend. Yeah, I'll discuss the relationship between the Black Queen Sign and the Ghost Sign instance in this universe later. I don't know how long the instance in this universe has been in that position, but when I visited A-589, a non-paranormal academic institution had just captured the instance, the media was reporting on it, and there was a no small panic. I wasn't able to contact normalcy preservation organizations, but perhaps they failed to cover it up very badly or failed to detect the existence of this instance. When attempting to experimentally meet the signs face to face, Black Queen Sign received telepathy from the instance. They was lonelyyyyy because they was drifting throuuuugh space alooooooone. Soooo they decided to send telepathyyyy to all signs in the univeeeerse. I became their first frieeeend, but the next time we came to this universe - theeeey waaas gooooone! Oooooooooooh‼︎ …On a third visit, not only was the instance not found, but all traces and records of the instance's existence had disappeared. The Foundation's intervention is clear, but no details are available. OK, I'll explore this in the near future. To get a friend of a friend back.

「YIELD」の標識であり、火星の衛星軌道上を漂っていた。オォオオォケェエエェイ、アイツはぁああ、オレのダチ公だぁあぁ。うん、黒の女王の標識とこの宇宙における幽霊の標識実例との関係性については後述する。この宇宙の実例がいつ頃からその位置にいたのかはわからないが、僕がA-589を訪れた時にはちょうど非超常な学術機関が実例を捕捉し、マスコミがそれを報道し、小さくないパニックが発生していた時だった。正常性維持組織へのコンタクトはできなかったが、恐らく隠蔽に手酷く失敗したか、この実例の存在を察知できなかったものと思う。実験的に標識同士の対面を試みようとすると、黒の女王の標識が実例からのテレパシーを受信した。アイツはぁああ、一人で宇宙空間を漂っていてぇえぇ、寂しかぁあぁったんだぁあぁ。だからぁあぁ、宇宙の全ての標識にテレパシィイイィを送ることにしたぁあぁ。オレはアイツの最初の友達になったんだがぁああ、次にこの宇宙に来た時には……もうアイツはぁあぁいなかったぁあんだぁああぁ! うおぉおおぉおぉ!! ……再々訪時、実例は見つからなかったばかりか、実例の存在に関する全ての痕跡と記録は消失していた。財団の介入が明らかだが詳細は不明。OK、私も近々探りを入れてみましょう。友人の友人を取り戻すために。

Instance: Timeline B-080

A "YIELD" sign. It was investigated by The Global Occult Coalition, but it still baffled them and was handed over to the Foundation - am I correct in this, Datura? That's correct. The information on how it happened is vague, but I guess The Global Occult Coalition wasn't so interested in the sign, unlike the Foundation that store up anything that doesn't make sense to them. After that, it's the same as A-329. And in Tokei's and my hypothesis, this stream of the universe should be the most common.

「YIELD」の標識。世界オカルト連合に調査されたけど、やっぱり困惑させて、財団に引き渡された……で合ってるっけ、ダチュラ? 合ってます。経緯は情報が曖昧なんですが、意味がわからないものでも取り敢えず貯め込む財団と違って、世界オカルト連合は標識にさほど興味を惹かれなかったのでしょうね。そのあとはA-329と同じです。そして、私ととけいの仮説では、この流れの宇宙が一番多いはずです。

Instance: Timeline B-876

The sign in this universe is a thin young man living in Philadelphia, USA. His personality is almost the same as the signs in other universes, but he has enough common sense to have a social life. He is Eucreides, a member of the Foundation, and by changing into a special costume and wearing a mask that resembles a "YIELD" sign, he gains the ability of "Specters' Signs", which causes a cacophony of unknown sound sources and countless scratches around him. Supplement - The entire planet in B-876 has been strongly "flattened" by the Foundation Department of Pataphysics. The immediate reason for this is unknown. Here, most sapient anomalies are called "Eucreides" or "Keter" and act as "superhuman" or "monster". Oops, thanks Pine. I know you'll be curious, but if you're just curious about this universe, I can explain it to you. If you have any use for "Specters' Signs", I could resist the flattening for a short time. It's something I talk about in many places, don't go to B-876 unless you have an effective tolerance. Reality flattening is a very difficult force to deal with, so we shouldn't approach it carelessly.

この宇宙における標識は、アメリカのフィラデルフィアに在住する痩せ型の青年だった。性格は他の宇宙の標識とほとんど変わらないけど、社会生活を送れる程度の常識はある。彼は財団所属のエウクレイデスで、専用コスチュームに着替えて「YIELD」の標識を模った仮面を被ることで、周囲に音源不明の不協和音や無数の引っかき傷を発生させる「死霊の痕」Specters' Signsの能力を得ることができる。追補 - B-876の地球全体は財団パタフィジックス部門によって強力に“平坦化”されている。その直接的な理由は不明。ここでは殆どの知性ある異常存在は「エウクレイデス」か「ケテル」と呼ばれ、“超人”や“怪人”として振る舞っている。おっと、ありがとうパイン。興味深く思うだろうけど、この宇宙が気になるだけなら私から説明してあげられる。もし「スペクターズ・サイン」に用があるなら、私なら短い間平坦化に抵抗することもできる。色んなところで話してることだけど、有効な耐性がなければB-876には行かないで。現実平坦化はとても対処が難しい力で、迂闊に近付くべきじゃない。

Instance: Timeline C-302

It is possible that there is no direct relationship with the Ghost Sign to be discussed in this catalog, but I mention it just in case, considering that the Ghost Sign instance has not yet been found in C-302 - despite the fact that the concept of license exists in this universe. Between 2010 and 2016 A.D., there were frequent sightings of bizarre phenomena in Japan in the form of a "other danger" sign that emitted an ominous voice. As far as I'm aware, 11 people have been identified as witnesses, and all of their sightings have taken place in the mountains, in inland prefectures such as Nagano, Saitama and Shiga. Since the signs do not speak any meaningful language in any of the sightings, it could be interpreted as a loss of sapience in exchange for population growth. Siiiigns that have looooost their sapience aare……scaryyyyyyy……. No, you're the exception because most signs don't have sapience. However, the authenticity of those ghost stories is unknown. Apparently members of Serpent's Hand living in C-302, Shūshū-In, the Foundation and other occult-related organizations with sufficient investigative capacity have not been able to confirm this, or are not interested in it in the first place. By the way, it is a well-known Japanese urban legend that some "other danger" signs are placed by the government to warn people of the presence of ghosts. Hmmm. It would be interesting to see if this "other danger" is really "the Ghost Sign" in the universe - but since we don't usually know where the sign is in the solar system, "The Ghost Sign has not yet been found" doesn't seem to be a very strong argument. If I ever get a chance to go to C-302, I will follow Shūshū-In or Communities of Former the Tales Club to investigate.


Instance: Timeline D-337

Idiosyncratic timelines continue, the sign in D-337 is also humanoid. A drifter from the Empire, apparently a teenager, but her head has been replaced with a sign that reads "讓路" (讓路 is a sign used in China and is roughly equivalent to "YIELD"). Her own objectives are unknown, but when I met her in Ulaanbaatar, she was a somewhat senior-looking operative of Chaos Insurgency. ……If she hadn't opened her mouth (Oops, that's a figure of speech.Signs don't have mouth), I wouldn't have thought she was the Ghost—or rather the chaos sign. I only spoke with her briefly when I was dealing with the Insurgency, but I think she probably has some added abilities. Be careful when you make contact.


Instance: Timeline E-565

Now Sign, it's your turn. Wheeeen I waaaaaas the ghooooost siiiiiign, I was iiin Columbiaaaaa, Missouriiiiiii! I'm a siiiign that says YIEEELD, and America has been full of guys named Thomas Huang for the last 10 yeaaaars, I mean, Chaaaaaaarles! He's the last man standiiiiing, someone for lonely me to talk tooo! aaaand the maan who became my father in the long ruuuuun! What, oh, uh - Dad? No, what? …I see. He met meeeee while he was wandering around, having loooost his familyyy, and decided to cut my heeeeead off and use me as a talking point to keep him saaane. Charles figured out that Thomas Hoang is a funguus that could infect humaaaans, but unfortunately, he was becoming Thomas Hoaaaang by contracting the Thomas Hoang funguuuuus. But - then one day a Saiga showed up, said it was for a cure and took him awaaaay - leaving me behiiiiind! No, tha - that's too much information! Saiga?! Then I was left alone in the univeeerse, but then Datura showed up and listened to meee! Yes, I visited this universe to find out about Saiga and came across Sign by chance. Rokumi Saiga seems to have chosen E-565 as a sacrifice for several other universes, imposing the threat of the Thomas Huang fungus on this universe. And perhaps he forcefully recruited Charles Ogden Gears, the only survivor of E-565, as a co-researcher……. As someone with the same roots - I couldn't leave Sign alone.……Tokei, does this give you an idea of why I care about the treatment of Sign? Well - yes, I think I understand the "how it happened". Also, you should mention the utility of the Black Queen Sign here. Yes, the utility of "the Black Queen Sign" is the extensive survival knowledge they gained in battle alongside Charles Ogden Gears in E-565, as well as their bravery and camaraderie like no the signs in other timelines. On behalf of all the siiigns, I am proooud agaiiin to saaay.

さあ標識、あなたの番ですよ。オレは幽霊のぉぉお標識ぃいいだぁああった頃ぉおおおぉ、ミズーリ州ぅうのコロンビアぁああぁにいたぁあああぁあ! オレはぁあぁYIELDって書いてある標識でぇえ、アメリカは10年前からトーマス・ホアンってやつだらけになっててぇえぇ、つまり、チャールズぅううぅぅう! 彼は最後の男ぉおぉおにして、孤独なオレの話し相手ぇえ! そしてぇえぇ長い戦いの中でぇオレのになった人だぁああぁ! えっ、あっ、——パパ? いや、え? ……なるほど。彼はぁああぁ家族を失ってぇぇえ放浪している最中でぇえオレと出会い、オレのアタマを切り取ってぇええぇ正気を保つための話し相手とすることにしたぁあ。チャールズはトーマス・ホアンが人間に感染する菌類なのだぁということを突き止めたぁあぁが、不運にもトーマス・ホアン菌に感染してぇえぇトーマス・ホアンになりつつあったぁああぁ。しかし……ある時サイガってやつが現れて、治療のためだと言って彼を連れてったぁあぁ……オレを置いてぇえええ! いや、じょ、情報量が多い! 犀賀?! その後オレは一人その宇宙に残されていたぁあが、ダチュラが現れてオレの話を聞いてくれたんだぁあ! そう、私は犀賀のことを調べるためにこの宇宙を訪れ、偶然標識に出会ったのです。犀賀六巳は他の複数の宇宙の犠牲としてE-565を選び、トーマス・ホアン菌の脅威を、この宇宙へ押し付けたようです。そして恐らく、E-565唯一の生存者であるチャールズ・オグデン・ギアーズを、共同研究者として強引にリクルートした……。私は……同じルーツを持つ者として、標識を放っておくことはできませんでした。……とけい、私が標識の処遇にこだわる理由が、これでわかってもらえますか?まあ……うん、“これまでの経緯”はわかったよ。あとは黒の女王の標識の有用性もここに書いておいてね。ええ、“黒の女王の標識”の有用性は、E-565におけるチャールズ・オグデン・ギアーズとともに戦いの中で得た広範なサバイバル知識と、他のタイムラインの標識には見られないほど勇敢で仲間想いである点です。全標識を代表してぇえ、再び誇りにぃい、思う。

Instance: Timeline F-668

Um - this universe. F-668 was the last universe I visited, and I remember that this place was also "used" by Rokumi Saiga, but - Aaaaall riiiiight, thaaaat's my friend, tooooo. The sign in the universe is, er, the Earth itself. On the Russian land of it is written a 200km-long "ផ្តល់វិធី" and it speaks with obvious personality of the sign from near the equator. And - there is no trace of any literate entity on this sign. They saaaaaid, "I am the planeeeet siiiiiiiiign!". What are your views on this instance? The mystery deepened because "the sign could only exist where there is a writing culture and ghosts" has been rejected. The concept of license was definitelyyyy thereeee! Oh I still have to adopt the theory that depends on the concept of license……. Oh, well, it's the sign that's been a mystery from the beginning. You can do all the research you want. I'll go along with that as much as I can, as Datura's friend.

えーと……この宇宙か。F-668は直近で私が訪れた宇宙で、ここもまた犀賀六巳が“使った”と覚しいのですが……オォオオォラァアアァイ、アイツもぉおぉ、オレのダチ公だぁあぁ。この宇宙における標識は、えー、地球そのものです。ロシアの大地に200km大の「ផ្តល់វិធី」が書かれていて、赤道付近から明らかに標識としてのパーソナリティで発話します。且つ……この標識の上に、識字能力を持つ存在の痕跡は一切見られません。「オレはぁあぁあ、惑星の標識ぃいぃいいぃ!」ってぇええ言ってたぁあぁあなぁあ。この実例についての見解は? 「標識は文字文化と亡霊が存在する場所でなければ存在できない」が否定されたので、謎が深まった形です。免許の概念はぁあぁ、間違いなくあったぁあぁ! ああ……やはり免許の概念に依存する説を採用するしかないのか……。 いやあ、まあ、最初から謎しかないのが標識だったじゃん。好きなだけ調べたら? 私もできるだけ付き合うよ、ダチュラの友人としてね。

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Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso! He is one of the most famous and rebellious painters of our time. But who would have known that he was one of the operatives of the Global Occult Coalition! One day in 19██, he left France and landed in Krungthep Mahana Korn Amone Ratchasna Koshin Mahintara Yuttayama Hardy Rock Pop Noppa Ratchastany Bryrom Udomra Chaniwait Maha Saturn Amone Piman Awatan Satit Sakka Tattiya Wisanukam Prasit, the capital of Thailand, on a sensitive mission.

It was a hot morning―― Under the sunshine shining in front of the airport, the operative with the long name stomped his feet irritably and looked at his watch. ……He was being waited on by a man. This time, he was on a joint mission with one of the agents of the Foundation, a huge, hateful, and mysterious organization. Why is it necessary for him to accompany them? Why were only the two of them being deployed? He was not told the reason. But it's going to be a long job again……

"Hi, you're Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso, right?"

He was called from behind and turned around. There was a man there. He had an Asian face……and was probably Japanese.

"Yes, Japonais, but I would like you to refer to me by my codename during the mission. ……Although I've forgotten your codename."

"Oh, do I need to introduce myself? All right, you'll remember me! I'm assigned to the Foundation East Asia Region―― Codename: Jugemu Jugemu Gokō-no Surikire


















































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