SCP-822-JP - Cabinless Secrete-alien(外閣感冒)
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The following file contains several questions that remain unverified. The personnel in charge should investigate the Questions indicated in the footnotes and immediately make additions and corrections to the current version.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA



— RAISA管理官、マリア・ジョーンズ


[IMAGE RECOVERED]: SCP-822-JP subsequent to containment; SCP-822-JP-01 is not shown.[回収された画像]: 収容後のSCP-822-JP。SCP-822-JP-01は映っていない。

Item #: SCP-822-JP

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: While most of SCP-822-JP has now been neutralized, its related records and items must be found and contained as soon as possible. The remains of SCP-822-JP-02 through SCP-822-JP-18 are placed in steel cylindrical containers, frozen, and placed in the small item storage room at Site-81AM.
特別収容プロトコル: SCP-822-JPの大部分は現在無力化されていますが、その関連記録及び物品は可能な限り早く発見・収容されなければいけません。SCP-822-JP-02からSCP-822-JP-18の残骸はそれぞれ鋼鉄製円柱容器に入れて冷凍後、サイト-81AMの小型アイテム保管庫に安置されています。

Description: SCP-822-JP are the Objects that are recorded as formerly contained at Site-8141. Following a catastrophic containment breach at Site-8141(see Incident 822-JP-A), nearly all information on SCP-822-JP was lost due to data corruption and other factors.
説明: SCP-822-JPはかつてサイト-8141に収容されていたと記録されているオブジェクトです。サイト-8141における壊滅的収容違反(事案822-JP-Aを参照)の発生に伴い、SCP-822-JPに関するほぼ全ての情報はデータの破損その他の要因によって失われました。

SCP-822-JP had already been neutralized when the Foundation personnel arrived on the scene. Although some records have been recovered as a result of the Foundation's attempts to recover the original containment documents and accompanying records, there are still many unanswered questions about SCP-822-JP.


Description: SCP-822-JP is a group consisting of several humanoids (SCP-822-JP-01 through SCP-822-JP-18). With the exception of SCP-822-JP-01, all SCP-822-JP instances have in common that they have a body with the characteristics of Mongoloid adult male, that their head has been replaced by some kind of object, that they wear tailcoats or military uniforms1, and that they do not perform any physiological activities such as eating, defecating, or sleeping.
説明: SCP-822-JPは複数の人型存在(SCP-822-JP-01からSCP-822-JP-18)により構成される集団です。SCP-822-JP-01を除き、SCP-822-JP実例はいずれもモンゴロイド系成人男性の特徴を持つ身体であること、頭部が何らかの物品に置換されていること、燕尾服または軍服2を着用していること、食事・排泄・睡眠など一切の生理的な行動を行わないことが共通しています。

With the exception of SCP-822-JP-01, SCP-822-JP instances always maintain an upright posture and engage in repetitive vocalization of specific speech without interruptions with flat inflection. Although there are various examples of each individual's specific speech, ranging from word salad-like word lists to tens of thousands of sentences with clear meanings, it should be noted that the contents are strong-tongued arguments, described as "oratory-like", that are generally a gathering of propaganda and illogical thoughts related to elitism, totalitarianism, the war against something called "the Night" or "the Land of Dusk", and the glorious "Empire".

SCP-822-JP was first captured by the Foundation on 19██/██/██ when SCP-822-JP-023 suddenly appeared on the platform of ██ subway station in ██ Ward, Tokyo, Japan. In response to reports of complaining of severe headache and shock symptoms from the surrounding civilians, destruction of railroad tracks, and diagram congestional anomaly4, Mobile Task Force も-9 ("Hunters of the City") was dispatched to the scene, and succeeded in securing SCP-822-JP-02 despite the MIA of two of its members. After proper dissemination of the cover story, the 12 civilians affected by SCP-822-JP-02 were terminated in accordance with the Foundation Ethics Code based on speculation from medical judgment.

Due to the vocal content of SCP-822-JP-02 was determined to be an important source of information related to OPREmpr-0000317 through research subsequent to SCP-822-JP-02's containment, a full-scale operation to secure humanoids with similar characteristics to SCP-822-JP-02 was deployed. The following is a list of known SCP-822-JP instances created as a result.

No. 番号 Substitute Head 置換された頭部 Vocal Content 発声内容 Notes 注記
01 Nothing worth mentioning9 特筆すべき点は無し10 None 無し
02 A sheet of foreign telegram form filled with unknown languages 未知の言語で埋められた外国電報送達紙 "Our Empire hereby declares war on you, the Land of the Dusk. The glory of the Empire will burn away your darkness of the corruption of alcohol by our clearly loyal and brave subject vanguard." "ここに我らが帝国は汝ら宵の国に対して宣戦布告を行う。昭に忠誠勇武なる臣民尖兵により、帝国の光栄は酒気の堕落にまみれた汝らの闇を焼き尽くすであろう。" See the Description section. 説明セクションを参照。
03 An old-style police cap 旧式の警察制帽 "The hairburden11 subjects who have undermined the Imperial Government by inciting rebellion. Even their branch lineages are potential vile degenerates and still pose a threat, therefore they must be turned and exterminated. Honor cops, run. Slam down the lynching of the Legitimate World." "反乱を扇動し帝国政府をゆるがせにしたhairburden12臣民。その枝葉の血統に至るまでもが潜在的な下劣頽廃者であり、依然脅威なれば転向・族滅もやむなし。名誉警官よ走れ。正統世界のリンチを叩き下せ。" Handed over to the Foundation based on an agreement with the Special Investigation Bureau of the National Police Agency1314.警察庁特事調査部1516との協定に基づき財団へ引き渡された。
04 A blank ledger 白紙の金銭出納帳簿 "Well, during the long heartorical(歴心) period of the Empire, with brainless honesty, her subjects have been, striving to increase production and wealth of the country. As for this time's national treasury encroachment, well, above all, it is clear that the loss of not less than 500 million was caused by the DUSKs, and, well, the expenditure on the report the 16 light shafts of the new Canopy to the throne is definitely not necessarily the main cause." "えー、帝国の長き歴心期間において、臣民達は脳無しらしく、愚直に殖産富国に務めてきた訳で、あります。今回の国庫蚕食につきましては、えー、何よりも五億を下らぬ忘失が宵の者らの手によることは明らかでして、えー、けして新天蓋の16光条奏上への出費が必ずしも主たる原因ではないので、あります。"
05 A miniature anti-aircraft cannon ミニチュアの高射砲 "The Imperial General Staff awards the First Class Silver Sparkle Medal to all members of the Dornaku Sacred Corps for their s-sssstern heroic efforts on the Kanivarus front. In truely magimark17 fact, the Imperial Military is spreading the unshadowed light wings acacacacacross every battlefield. Our victory is near." "帝国参謀はKanivarus戦線においてかっかかか苛烈な殉勇を見せたドルナクゥ神聖隊の全員に対し一等銀輝勲章を授与する。真にmagimark18な事実として帝国軍は遍く戦場ににににに翳らざる光翼を広げつつある。我らが勝利は近い。" Secured following a raid on a GoI-012("Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.") related facility in Minato Ward, Tokyo. 東京都港区のGoI-012("マーシャル・カーター&ダーク株式会社")関連施設への襲撃に伴い確保。
06 A miniature warship ミニチュアの軍艦 "Regret washed over me as I watched the Light Palace fall. The Lower Army only told our subjects about the glamorous aspects of the battlefield, but we, the Upper N, knew. The Night is an unclean and hideous taboo. Invading and settling reversed the principal and auxiliary, and we had already lost the war when we declared it. We forgot. They were not even people." "堕ち行く光宮を前に後悔の念が去来する。下陸軍は戦場の華々しい面のみを臣民に触れ回ったが、我ら昇海は知っていた。夜は穢れたるおぞましき禁忌。侵略と開拓は主客を逆転させ、宣戦した時点で我らはすでに敗北していたのだ。忘れていた。奴らは人ですら無かった。" Handed over to the Foundation based on an agreement with the Special Matter Investigation Bureau of the National Police Agency. 警察庁特事調査部との協定に基づき財団へ引き渡された。
07 A tilted balance 傾いた天秤 (The full text of the criminal code in force under the former Imperial Japan. Accompanied by lengthy exceptions that change the severity of the punishment depending on the status of the perpetrator and the victim of the crime) (旧大日本帝国の下で施行されていた刑法全文。犯罪の実行者と被害者の身分によって刑罰の重さを変更する長大な例外規則が付随する) Secured through a raid on GoI-101("ElMA"). GoI-101("エルマ外教")への襲撃によって確保。
08 A giant fountain pen tip 巨大な万年筆の筆先 (A concise explanation of plant life that seems to have been drafted for elementary school students. However, the germination and growth of all plants involves an being called "the Ray".) (小学生に向けて起草されたと思われる植物の生態についての簡潔な解説。但しすべての植物の発芽と成長に"光芒"と呼称される存在が関与している) Recovered from Hotel █████ in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. 北海道札幌市のホテル█████より回収
09 The blade of an axe or hoe 斧または鍬の刃 "Bumper year. Bumper year. It is this great governing body that promises us unlimited blessings and fruitfulness. Absolute command is what we have been desperately seeking, and we will be ruled together with the world. Surrender is freedom. Safety is bondage. Brainless bow down to the eternal reign of the Ray." "豊年だ。豊年だ。このおおきな支配機構こそが我らに限りない恵みと実りを約束してくださる。絶対的な統率こそ我らが切実に求めていたものであり、世界とともに我らは支配される。屈服こそが自由。安心こそが束縛。脳無しは光芒の永世君臨にこうべを垂れる。"
10 A giant hammer 巨大な金槌 "The first principle of the service of the subjects of the Empire is work, and workers will shine with perpetual radiance. How beautiful are those who bear all the toil that stands in the shadows of broad daylight. Iron, blood, and oil are the only things that truly fuel the daybeam." "帝国の臣民奉仕是の第一義は労働なりて、労働者は恒久の輝きを放つ。白昼に影立つあらゆる労苦を背負いし者ら、なんと美しく。鉄、血、油こそが真に其の陽射を焚きつける。" Recovered from the home of ██ ████, who was being investigated as a Japanese collaborator of GRU Division "P" ソ連軍参謀本部情報総局"P"部局(GRU“P”部局)の日本人協力者として調査が進められていた████ ██の自宅から回収
11 Top of an old-style letterbox (round post) 旧式の郵便ポスト(丸型ポスト)の上部 "Censor the defeat. Repaint the world to legitimacy. The dazzling Ray still does not sleep in dawn." "敗戦を検閲せよ。世界を正統に塗り替えよ。さんざめく光芒、未だ暁に眠らず。"
12 A giant ticket punch 巨大な検札鋏 "It's just a one-way ticket that never sleeps. The North Star will never shine again in the Canopy, and heroes will fall into daydreams. How far will the laying of the tracks go? ██████ are crap. Once ethics is blocked anyway, it's a distraction of the floating life." "所詮眠らぬ片道切符。北極星は天蓋に二度と輝かず、英雄は白昼夢に落ちる。沿線敷設はどこまで続く?██████なんぞはくだらない。どうせ倫理は閉塞されぬれば、浮かれ浮世の憂さ晴らし。" Secured through a raid on GoI-101("ElMA"). GoI-101("エルマ外教")への襲撃によって確保。
13 A poster of an illustrated eye 図案化された眼のポスター (An altered summary of the story, presumably from George Orwell's 1984, in the form of a supervisory journal of a colony belonging to the superstate Oceania, which appears in the book.) (ジョージ・オーウェル著『1984年』と推測されるストーリーの改変された要約。本編に登場する超国家"オセアニア"に属する植民地の監督日誌の形式を取る) Recovered from ██████ █████ facility in Johannesburg, South Africa 南アフリカ、ヨハネスブルクの施設██████ █████より回収
14 A giant syringe 巨大な注射器 "Your rebuttal is arbitrary. I'm not justifying ruling by violence, but an absolute violent system is kwigodly19 indispensable to absolute power. Power is the shield that protects us, and accepting its protection to the fullest is the efficient, rational, and wise way to behave in the new age of Ray heartory." "君の反駁は恣意的だよ。暴力による統治を正当化するわけでは無いが、絶対的な権力には絶対的な暴力機構がkwigod20的に不可欠だ。力こそ我らを守る盾であり、その庇護を余すことなく受け止めるのが新たな光芒歴心時代の効率的で合理的で賢い振る舞い方なのだよ。" Secured through a raid on "Nogi Trading Company", an organization related to trade of anomalous items 異常物品の取引に関連する団体、"埜木商会"への襲撃によって確保
15 A list filled with unknown languages. 未知の言語で埋められたリスト "We need to get the blood flowing through the Empire. The Land of the Dusk is still a threat, and the feckless brainless of the heartorical period are not move without a command. The breath of the Ray must not cease. Hope will continue to progress even as I am engulfed in the endless whirlpool of circular work." "帝国に血を巡らせなければならぬ。宵の国は未だ脅威であり、歴心期間の腑抜け脳無しは指令を与えねば動かぬ。光芒の息吹は絶えてはならない。私が終わり無き循環業務の渦に呑まれようとも、希望は前進を続けるだろう。"
16 A wooden baton 木製警棒 "Be vigilant, be vigilant of corruptions and old evils. The authorities will conduct a thorough investigation. It is inadequate for the law not to punish doubtable with narrow-minded ethics. The corruption at terminals must be cut off quickly. Much more we are in wartime. We must defeat those who are not willing to fight who are in league with the Night." "警戒せよ、腐敗と旧悪を警戒せよ。当局としては徹底して捜査する。固陋とした倫理で疑わしきを罰せぬのは法の不備なり。末端の腐敗は疾く切り落とさねばならぬ。いわんや戦時中である。夜と通づる厭戦者討つべし。" Recovered from ████████, a live music venue in Canada カナダのライブハウス████████より回収
17 A paper eboshi hat 紙製烏帽子 "Only honorary duties. The continuation of the brilliant event. We will be preserved as an honor and engraved into the brainless to become the remaining cabinet of the Empire. It is only natural for us, the supreme honorary duty." "名誉職務だけでごじゃりましゅる。燦然と輝く事象の継続。我ら栄誉として保存され、脳無しに刻みこまれることで帝国の残される筐体となるのでしゅ。至高の名誉職務である我ら、当然であろ。" Recovered from a national park in ██ City, ███ Prefecture, Japan. ███県██市に存在する国立公園より回収
18 An iron pan 鉄製平鍋 "It's still far away. But it's within reach. I can see an infinite halo. Oh, Empire, wonderful." "未だ遠い。しかれど手は届く。無限の光背が見える。ああ、帝国よ、素晴らしい。"

Immediately after SCP-822-JP-02 through 18 were all contained in Site-8141, SCP-822-JP-01 was recovered. Normally, SCP-822-JP-01 does not vocalize spontaneously. However, when SCP-822-JP-01 is brought into contact with another SCP-822-JP instances, SCP-822-JP instances will form a circle, holding each other's hands, and form a circular formation surrounding SCP-822-JP-01 inside.

After that, other SCP-822-JP instances stop their own repetitive vocalizations and begin to move in counterclockwise rotation. During this movement, SCP-822-JP instances will also slightly raise and lower its connected hands. During this process, the head of the SCP-822-JP instance emit a high heat of [REDACTED] degrees Celsius on average, as observed by a radiation thermometer.

Once in this state, SCP-822-JP-01 becomes active and responds to calls and questions. The information that can be obtained from SCP-822-JP-01 in the activated state is considered to be the most important information in OPREmpr-0000312122. The following is Log of Interview Test conducted by Dr. Tohbe, the chief of the operation. Dr. Tohbe is equipped with a headgear-type anti-exposure device based on Mode Veterascet auditory/visual cognitohazard countermeasures.

Test Log 822-JP

Example Entry:

Input: [Describe the content of question here]
Action: [Describe any notable reactions here]
Time: [List the elapsed time to response here]
Output: [List summary or excerpt of response to question here]
Comments: [Add relevant notes or personal remarks here]
入力: [質問の内容を記述]
行動: [特筆すべき反応を記述]
時間: [応答までの経過時間]
出力: [質問への応答の概要、または抜粋]
コメント: [関連するメモ、または個人的言及を追加]

Input: What is "the Empire"
Action: A slight rise in the speed of rotation when asked
Time: 7 minutes
Output: "One canopy, a ray, four chancellors, 18 lord ministers, and endless subjects."
Comments: Although it is quite abstract, it is consistent with known information25. SCP-822-JP would be a credible source of information.
入力: "帝国"とは何か
行動: 問いかけた際、回転の速度がわずかに上昇
時間: 7分
出力: "1つの天蓋、1人の光芒、4人の宰相、18の大臣卿、そして限りない臣民。"
コメント: かなり抽象的ではありますが、既知の情報26と符合します。SCP-822-JPは信用に足る情報源でしょう。

Input: Origin of SCP-822-JP
Action: A rise in temperature
Time: N/A
Output: As the temperature continued to rise without SCP-822-JP-01 responding, the test was stopped and the testing chamber was lowered by the cooling system.
Comments: Maybe they deliberately refused to answer, or maybe they can't answer complex questions.
入力: SCP-822-JPの起源について
行動: 温度の上昇
時間: N/A
出力: SCP-822-JP-01が返答しないまま温度が上がり続けたため、実験は中止され冷却装置により実験チャンバーは低温化された。
コメント: 意図的に返答を拒んだか、もしくは複雑な質問には答えられないのかもしれません。

Input: About "Xehyoifent"27
Action: None
Time: 3 minutes
Output: A detailed biological description of a space-controlling elephant (Elephantidae).
Comments: It was not the reaction we had hoped for, but it was a big gain. I missed some notes because I dropped my pen during the test28. I will use a typing device next time.
入力: "Xehyoifent"について29
行動: 無し
時間: 3分
出力: 空間を支配するゾウ(Elephantidae)についての詳細な生物学的説明。
コメント: 期待していた反応とは違いましたが、大きな収穫です。実験の最中にペンを落としてしまい、一部メモを取り損ねてしまいました30。次回からはタイプ装置を使用します。

Input: What is a "ray"
Action: A rise in temperature and a clear rise in rotation speed
Time: 5 minutes
Output: A lengthy reference to how "the Ray" created the "Heartorical period" that brought peace of mind to the subjects, using many words such as "glow", "daylight", "beautiful", "savior", and "canopy goddess", and mentioning the relationship with "Chancellor Gidico", "the Canopy Plate", and "16 rays of light".
Comments: I still have that monotonous voice stuck in my ears. It was a meaningful time, but I didn't expect the speaking to continue even after spending half a day. If this kind of thing continues in the future, I would feel a little uncomfortable asking someone to witness the test.
入力: "光芒"とはなんであるか
行動: 温度の上昇、回転の速度の明確な上昇
時間: 5分
出力: "輝き"、"陽光"、"美しい"、"救世主"、"天蓋神"などといった言葉を多用し、"宰相Gidico"、"天蓋盤"、"16の光条"などとの関係性について触れながら、臣民に安心をもたらした"歴心期間"を如何に"光芒"が創世したかについて述べた長大な言及
コメント: 未だにあの単調な声が耳にこびりついています。有意義な時間でしたが、半日を費やしてもまだ話が続くとは思っていませんでした。今後もこんなことが続くようであれば、誰かに実験の立ち合いを頼むのは少々気が引けますね。

Input: What is a lord minister
Action: A (temporary) significant rise in rotation speed and rise in temperature
Time: 4 minutes
Output: "Honorable chief of the internal and external organ-ministries. Controlled by the head."
Comments: Who is the head? Not that it matters, but the heat seems to have melted and cracked the wall of the testing chamber a bit. I'll apply for more power for the cooling system.
入力: 大臣卿とは何か
行動: (一時的に)回転速度の著しい上昇、温度の上昇
時間: 4分
出力: "内外の臓省の名誉ある長。首班により統括される。"
コメント: 首班とは何者を指しているのでしょうか?関係は無いですが、熱で実験チャンバーの壁が少し溶けてひび割れてしまったようです。冷却装置の出力をもっと上げるよう申請しておきます。

Action: A rise in temperature
Time: 57 minutes
Output: "The great Empire is now in hibernation. It is waiting for the day when it will grow its leaves into sunlight with its roots stretched out."
Comments: something is wrong.
行動: 温度の上昇
時間: 57分
出力: "偉大なる帝国はいま雌伏している。根を張りつつ、陽光へ葉を茂らせる日を待っている。"
コメント: なにかがおかしい。

Input: test33
Action: None
Time: [List the elapsed time to response here]
Output: "Dissemination is our mission. A move of passionate vision that brings the door closer. Still no luck finding the key. I am delighted."
Comments: I found it. The pen was burrowed into a crack in the testing chamber, which was plenty hot, squishy, bloody, and festered. When I pulled it out and observed it, the pen was analyzed as a seed. The cracks should be repaired.
入力: テスト34
行動: 無し
時間: [応答までの経過時間]
出力: "流布は我々の使命。扉を近づける、熱き展望の一手。鍵は未だ見つからず。私は喜ばしく思う。"
コメント: 見つけました。ペンは実験チャンバーのひび割れに潜り込んでいて、そのひび割れは能く熱を帯びてじゅくじゅくと血塗れて膿んでいました。引き抜いて観察したところ、ペンは種子であると分析されました。ひび割れは修理しておかなれけば。

Input: How does heat affect the world
Action: A rise in temperature
Time: One hour and 12 minutes
Output: "Heat is information. By spreading heat throughout the space, the Legitimate World is overwritten in this land."
Comments: I've changed testing chamber and had walls repaired many times, but the cracks won't go away. The cracks are increasing. They are hotter, and there is a haze on my head as they melt together when touched. My mind only works when I hold the pen. The pen is clearly growing.
入力: 熱はいかに世界へ作用しているのか
行動: 温度の上昇
時間: 1時間12分
出力: "熱は情報である。あまねく空間に熱を行渡らせることで正統世界はこの地に上書きされる。有りうるべきでない。"
コメント: 実験チャンバーを変更して壁も何度も修理してもらったのに、ひび割れが消えません。ひび割れが増えています。より熱を持って、触れると溶けあうように頭に靄がかかります。ペンを握るときだけ頭はさえます。ペンは明らかに育っています。

Input: None
Action: A rise in temperature
Time: 78 seconds
Output: "Have you got the key?"
Comments: It became obvious. He and I have become intelligent. I'm a researcher.
入力: 無し
行動: 温度の上昇
時間: 78秒
出力: "鍵を得てしまったのか?"
コメント: 明確になった。彼と私は聡明になった。私は研究者です。

Action: A rise in rotation speed and laughers from the circle
Time: 43 seconds
Output: "You shouldn't have gotten it. I didn't want it."
Comments: Everything will becomes the Zone of Control by me. Heat is within me. Glory is behind me.
行動: 回転速度の上昇、円陣からの笑い声
時間: 43秒
出力: "お前はそれを得るべきではなかった。私はそれを望まなかった。"
コメント: すべては私によって統括領域となります。熱は私の内に。光栄は我が背に。

Input: How can the "Empire" sprout in this land
Action: A significant rise in temperature
Time: 3 seconds
Output: "We should not have risen."
Comments: No. The Ray still shines unclean. Here. The Empire will transcend the calamity and spread again in the spring of this world.
入力: "帝国"は如何にしてこの地に催芽しうるか
行動: 著しい温度上昇
時間: 3秒
出力: "我々は蘇るべきではなかった。"
コメント: いいえ。光芒はなおも穢れ輝いています。ここに。帝国は災禍を超克し、再び此の世の春に蔓延るのです。

[回収された記録 終了]

Incident 822-JP-A: At about the same time as the last testing log was saved to the database, the sequence of events specified in Incident 822-JP-A was initiated. 14 minutes elapsed between the onset and the spontaneous resolution.
事案822-JP-A: 最後の実験ログがデータベースに保存されたのとほぼ同時刻に、事案822-JP-Aに指定されている一連の事象が開始されました。発生から自発的な収束までには14分が経過しています。


The following files are excerpted and compiled in chronological order by the Undefined file Compiling and Catalog editing Administration from the video and audio records recorded around Site-8141 before and after the occurrence of Incident 822-JP-A, which have minor data damage. The files may contain unidentified cognitohazards and partial data corruption.

See the files with the above in mind.

— Sikimi Marobime, Acting Director of the Undefined file Compiling and Catalog editing Administration:District-81
— 未詳資料/目録編纂室:81管区室長代理、転眼式見

ライセンス: パブリックドメイン/CC0

タイトル: Cabinet of Hideki Tojo 3.jpg
著作権者: 不明
公開年: 1941

ライセンス: パブリックドメイン/CC0

タイトル: ガラス-構造-抽象的な-モダン-3447456/
著作権者: FelixMittermeier
公開年: 2018年

ライセンス: パブリックドメイン/CC0

タイトル: アーキテクチャ-モダン-1138967/
著作権者: MichaelGaida
公開年: 2016年

ライセンス: パブリックドメイン/CC0

タイトル: フラクタル-太陽-炎-デザイン-1665314
著作権者: insspirito
公開年: 2016

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