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Raid incident in progress
Welcome, District-81 Mobile Task Force Command Staff Officer. After reviewing the report of Provisional Item #SCP-1WJK-JP, please access the District-81 Mobile Task Force Operations Room terminal and take command of the incident suppression operation and the Area-81JH recapture operation.


Provisional Item # SCP-1WJK-JP 暫定アイテム番号SCP-1WJK-JP

Provisional Item #: SCP-1WJK-JP

Provisional Object Class: Euclid

Provisional Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1WJK-JP is reported to be able to be subdued by physical attack. MTF に-9 ("Mortal Officer") and MTF ぜ-5 ("Durandal"), which have entered in advance, and MTF Messiah-7 ("Seventh Heaven"), MTF Ω-4000 ("Poetry Tower Melissa"), MTF ж-542 ("Dead of Night") and MTF Messiah-14 ("Lorenz Atrax"), which are standing by within a kilometer around Area-81JH, are to be commanded to eliminate SCP-1WJK-JP group occupying Area-81JH and resolve the Safe class area containment breach.
暫定特別収容プロトコル: SCP-1WJK-JPは物理的攻撃による鎮圧が可能であると報告されています。先行突入している機動部隊に-9("モータルオフィサー")、機動部隊ぜ-5("デュランダル")と、エリア81JH周辺1km圏内に待機している機動部隊メサイア-7("セブンスヘヴン")、機動部隊Ω-4000("詠楼メリッサ")、機動部隊ж-542("真宵")、機動部隊メサイア-14("ロレンツ・アトラクス")を指揮し、エリア81JHを占拠しているSCP-1WJK-JP群を排除すると共に、Safeクラスエリアの収容違反を解決してください。

Containment Specialist Team S-9 ("Logi-Extrium Ag.") is to be dispatched to Area-81JH to recover one or more valid samples of SCP-1WJK-JP. Successfully recovered instances of SCP-1WJK-JP are to be stored in light-shielded containment bags and stored in standard containment cells at Site-8127.

Description: SCP-1WJK-JP is an anomalous entity released into Area-81JH by GoI-0853 "The Koigarezaki Times Company1" affiliated with LoI-0850 "Koigarezaki2". SCP-1WJK-JP is composed of concrete and rebar, and is designed and painted to resemble a gnome. Several instances of SCP-1WJK-JP are identified, with 31 identified at the present moment.
説明: SCP-1WJK-JPはLoI-0850「恋昏崎3」傘下のGoI-0853「恋昏崎新聞社4」がエリア-81JHへ放出した異常実体です。SCP-1WJK-JPはコンクリートと鉄筋で構成されており、ノームを模したと思われる意匠と塗装が施されています。SCP-1WJK-JPは複数確認されており、現在までに31体が確認されています。

SCP-1WJK-JP is hostile only to Foundation personnel. SCP-1WJK-JP actively searches for Foundation personnel by autonomous movement with upright bipedal walking. The initial hypothesis that SCP-1WJK-JP is remotely controlled by agents of the Koigarezaki Times Company has been rejected due to it has maintained its autonomous state even after the agents was eliminated. SCP-1WJK-JP is reported to stop its autonomous behavior and become inactive when it receives a certain amount of physical damage. The mechanism by which SCP-1WJK-JP discriminates between Foundation personnel and other humans has not been determined.

SCP-1WJK-JP moves aggressively to make Foundation personnel see the placard it is carrying that written "PAINTING Sorry for the inconvenience". Foundation personnel who see the placard will get the anomalous property of spraying their own blood from their fingertips. When Foundation personnel get the anomalous property, they lose all self-awareness and spray blood on the floor or walls until they lose consciousness due to blood loss. The anomalous property has been confirmed to be reversible by applying Class-B or higher amnesics to the corresponding memory.

Addendum: 3 hours have passed since the incident occurred. All 18 agents of the Koigarezaki Times Company are holed up in the personnel quarters area and continue to resist. Of the 31 total instances of SCP-1WJK-JP identified, 13 were successfully neutralized and one is successfully contained as a valid sample. As for the damage situation within Area-81JH, the Safe class containment area has been destroyed by agents of the Koigarezaki Times Company, resulting in a medium scale containment breach. The objects that have been released due to the containment breach will be reported by District-81 Tactical Officer after accessing the District-81 Operations Room terminal.
補遺: インシデント発生から3時間が経過しています。恋昏崎新聞社のエージェント全18名は職員宿舎地区に立てこもり、抵抗を続けています。確認されているSCP-1WJK-JP全31体中13体の無力化に成功し、有効サンプル1体の収容に成功しています。エリア-81JH内の被害状況として、Safeクラス収容エリアが恋昏崎新聞社のエージェントによって破壊され、中規模な収容違反が発生しています。収容違反によって解放されてしまったオブジェクトに関しては、81管区作戦室端末へアクセスした後に81管区戦術士官より報告されます。

Access the District-81 Operations Room terminal Granted

Notice from the operations room terminal: Initiate hologram projection protocol to the District-81 Operations Room and multidimensional reality extension to the viewers. Please remain seated and refrain from any unnecessary movement during the reality extension.
作戦室端末より通告: 81管区作戦室へのホログラム投射プロトコルと、閲覧者への多次元性現実拡張を開始します。現実拡張中は席を立たず、不要な動作は控えてください。


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