SCP-5469 私たちはあなたを見守っている(原題:We Watch Over You)


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First recorded image of SCP-5469. Photo features former President Abraham Lincoln’s wife with an unusually clear instance of SCP-5469 in the background, circa 18701最初に記録されたSCP-5469の画像。写真には1870年頃の背景にかつての大統領であるエイブラハム・リンカーンの妻と異常にはっきりとしたSCP-5469実例が写っている。2

Item #: SCP-5469
アイテム番号: SCP-5469

Object Class: Euclid
オブジェクトクラス: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawlers are patrolling image hosting and social media sites to locate and delete instances of SCP-5469.
特別収容プロトコル: 財団ウェブクローラーは画像ホスティングサイトやソーシャルメディアサイトを巡回し、SCP-5469実例を捜し出し削除します。

In the event of an SCP-5469 instance becoming corporeal, all individuals who were present at the event are to be administered Class-B amnestics and any items left behind by SCP-5469 are to be retrieved.

Description: SCP-5469 are humanoid entities which can usually3 only be viewed in photographs. SCP-5469 are always captured in photographs of events that bear great emotional significance, including weddings, funerals, graduations, birthdays and baby showers. Instances of SCP-5469 appear next to or in between people in the photograph, and often appear to be attempting to hug or touch them.
説明: SCP-5469は通常4写真のみで視認可能な人型実体です。SCP-5469は結婚式、葬式、卒業式、誕生日、ベビーシャワーを含む大きな感情を伴う出来事の写真に必ず写っています。SCP-5469実例は写真の人物の隣または間に出現し、しばしば抱きしめたり触れようとするように見えます。

SCP-5469 instances range in transparency, colour and form. The most vivid have discernable facial features, though most are vague dark blurs. They are usually disregarded as dirt smudges or abnormal lens flares by the photographer.

There have been reports of possible SCP-5469 instances becoming temporarily visible to the naked eye, primarily during funerals or shortly after death. The instances will vanish shortly after.

Addendum: An SCP-5469 instance materialised inside of a chapel on 12/01/21 during the funeral of Wilbur Brooke. The attendees fled and the instance dematerialised prior to the arrival of law enforcement.
Foundation Agents recovered the following text written on the back of the funeral program of Wilbur’s son, Jack Brooke. The handwriting was near illegible and the paper showed signs of discolouration.

補遺: 2021/12/01、ウィルバー・ブルック氏の葬儀中にSCP-5469実例が礼拝堂内に出現しました。出席者は逃げ、警察が到着する前に実例は消失しました。

I remember when I saw you just after you were born. Your cute little hands squeezed my fingers and I knew I wouldn't ever leave you.

When you were three, we started putting aside money for your university. Even then I had the feeling that you were a smart cookie.

You were ten when I got the diagnosis. I knew I would have to pull through for you and Melinda.

My heart stopped beating the same day that you got accepted into your dream university. My biggest regret is not living long enough to hug you and tell you how proud I was. How proud I still am.

Now here you are, a proper man, ready to face the world.

You're going to do big things, Jackie.
And I'll be here to watch them.


タグ:euclid 人間型 scp 写真

ライセンス: パブリックドメイン

タイトル: File:Mumler (Lincoln).jpg
著作権者: William H Mumler
公開年: 2012


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