SCP-4790 かの良き夜を穏やかに受け入れるな(原題:Do not go gentle into that good night.)


ソース: Flicker
ライセンス: CC BY 2.0

タイトル: Best image of Alpha Centauri A and B
著作権者: Hubble ESA
公開年: 2016

Priorihominus: A previous iteration of humanity. Whether they were destroyed outright or went into hiding is unclear.
Chekov-.009: Chekhov's gun. Left in the system, unfired and alone.
Lang Distortion Drive: A para-technological engine allowing for faster-than-light travel via spacetime manipulations. Essentially, hacking reality to make your ship go faster. It's mentioned in other Ad Astra articles. In-universe, they're experimental and very prone to malfunction, but they get the job done. In any case, it's why the ship gets to Alpha Centauri so quickly (in 160 days — faster-than-light by an order of magnitude).
  • Priorihominus: 人類の以前の反復。彼らが完全に破壊されたか隠れていたのかは明らかではない。
  • チェーホフ-.009: チェーホフの銃。システム内に残され、解雇されず、たった一人。
  • ラング歪曲ドライブ: 時空操作を介して超光速航法を可能にする超常技術機関。本質的には、現実をハッキングして船の速度を速くします。他のアド・アストラ記事で言及されています。宇宙空間では、それらは実験的で非常に故障しやすいが、仕事をこなしてしてくれる。いずれにせよ、船があっという間にケンタウルス座アルファ星に着くのはそのため(160日で — 光よりも桁違いの速さ)。
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▷: ACCESSING FILE: intSCPFN:/files/scp-4790/lvl=4


アイテム番号: SCP-4790 LEVEL 4/4790


Alpha Centauri A and B photographed by the ESA (with the Hubble Space Telescope) and NASA.ESA(ハッブル宇宙望遠鏡を使用)とNASAによって撮影されたケンタウルス座アルファ星AとB。

Special Containment Procedures: Scientific consensus on Alpha Centauri B is to be falsified and mainstream publications altered, to explain its abnormal properties as the product of non-anomalous magnetic field disturbance. Theories on the possibility of extraterrestrial life emerging at Alpha Centauri are to be met with extreme skepticism and discredited where possible.
特別収容プロトコル: ケンタウルス座アルファ星Bの異常性については、関連する科学的コンセンサスの誤誘導および主要な出版物の改竄を通し、非異常な磁場の乱れによるものであるとする説明を流布します。ケンタウルス座アルファ星で地球外生命体が出現した可能性についての学説が極端に懐疑的な態度に出会うようにし、可能な限り覆されます。

Description: SCP-4790 refers to a series of abnormal phenomena associated with Alpha Centauri B (also known as "Toliman"), a star located 4.37 light-years from Earth.
説明: SCP-4790は地球から4.37光年に位置するケンタウルス座アルファ星B("トリマン"としても知られる)に関連する一連の異常現象を指します。

Initial Hubble observation detected a field of irregular gravitational activity surrounding Toliman with a radius of 5.1 to 16 Astronomical Units.1 Objects within this range disobey causal laws, regularly exhibiting random fluctuations in size, composition, velocity, and ontology. In all instances, objects in Toliman's stellar neighbourhood become trapped at the edge of an unexpectedly powerful gravity well, forming a ~0.05 AU-thick debris field around the star at a radius of 0.9 AU.

Mainstream astronomers assert that 45% of debris corresponds with the unexplained destruction of speculated Earth-sized exoplanet α Cen Bb. In a study population of 2,700 civilian and Foundation researchers attached to the observation of Toliman, 83% tested positive for cognitohazard infection and expressed considerable distress toward their findings.
主流の天文学者らはデブリの45%が仮説上の地球と同サイズの太陽系外惑星α Cen Bbの原因不明の破壊に相当すると主張しています。トリマンの観測に参加した民間および財団の研究者2700人の研究団体を対象とした検査で、83%が認識災害感染の陽性反応を示し、その結果に対し相当な苦悩の様子を示しました。

Autonomous satellite Chekhov-.009 departed3 on its maiden voyage to study Toliman with advanced para-technologies — including onboard Artificially Intelligent Conscript Fledgling.aic.

Chekhov-.009 arrived near Toliman on July 11, 2020 and made confirmation of the debris field. Fledgling.aic immediately detected an unexpected 1,420 MHz signal burst. The signal was filtered automatically via counter-cognitohazard algorithms before its contents could be translated. Fledgling.aic launched a monitoring probe on a vector to the signal's source.

Located at the source was a vessel built according to a previously documented Priorihominus5 design, displaying the outward shape of an enclosed Klein bottle. Entering the vessel, the probe encountered an internal environment containing extensive hydroponics, cryogenics, and habitation spaces, suggesting its purpose as a generation ship.

Upon closer inspection, the probe was unable to find any signs of life, including microbial. This information, in addition to the discovery of empty data cores, suggests that the vessel has not been inhabited at any point.

Soon after, the probe's audiovisual feed experienced disruption and broadcast images of pervasive purple light, strong visual static, and several layers of indecipherable audio. This broadcast persists despite all attempts at powering down the probe, which cannot be recovered.

Since first receiving the transmission, Fledgling.aic reports experiencing tactile sensations of fluttering in the abdomen — a symptom of human anxiety — despite lacking a physical body. Fledgling.aic also notes feelings of regret and general dread toward the state of the Alpha Centauri system. It requested to leave.7

Fledgling.aic detected 160 other space-faring vessels trapped in the debris field. All vessels are of similar fabrication, suggesting each vessel is a generation ship from the same extrasolar location.

All attempts at hailing these vessels have resulted in failure.

▷: UPDATE DETECTED IN: intSCPFN:/files/scp-4790/containment_procedures



The Alpha Centauri system is under quarantine. Travel within 600 AU of Alpha Centauri AB is suspended on an indefinite basis.

Fledgling.aic is to transmit its findings to Extrasolar Activities Monitoring Station Erebus-07, located on Luna, at which point all data will be seized. All associated personnel are to be amnesticized and transferred.

Pursuant to Artificially Intelligent Conscript Standard Principle, Fledgling.aic must undergo expungement of all Chekhov-.009 systems and begin immediate and indefinite cessation of activity.





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