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Instance of an SCP-1927 device.



Item#: SCP-1927-EX
アイテム番号: SCP-1927-EX
Object Class: Keter Explained
オブジェクトクラス: Keter Explained
Former Special Containment Procedures: Manufacturers of cathode ray-tube electronics are to be infiltrated and taken over if necessary by Foundation assets. Broadcast television networks are to become Foundation-maintained assets in the same fashion. Corporate espionage procedures for this industry involve the following:
前特別収容プロトコル: ブラウン管の電子機器メーカーに潜入し、必要に応じて財団資産に引き継ぎまます。放送局ネットワークは同様の方法で財団が管理する資産となります。この業界の企業のスパイ活動には以下のものが含まれます。

  • Taking over as many broadcast stations as front companies can legally own in key regions
  • Influencing legislation which allows for further consolidation of corporate assets
  • Branding which allows public relations campaigns to be undetected as Foundation-based campaigns.
  • 主要地域でフロント企業が合法的に所有できる数の放送局を引き継ぐ
  • 企業資産のさらなる統合を可能にする法律への影響
  • PRキャンペーンが財団ベースのキャンペーンとして検出されないブランディング

Once a consolidation on the American media market has taken place, further testing may result in more hands-off containment procedures.
Description: SCP-1927-EX is a phenomenon relating to the popularity and growth of television as a medium for broadcast news, entertainment and information. It has a far greater impact on public opinion compared to previous mass-media devices, such as the radio.
説明: SCP-1927-EXは放送ニュース、娯楽、情報の媒体としてテレビの普及と成長に関係する現象です。ラジオなどの以前のマスメディアに比べて、世論に与える影響ははるかに大きいです。
Since the invention of the television broadcast by PoI Philo T. Farnsworth in 1927, the public perception of global safety and security has declined in spite of statistical evidence. This same effect occurred at the advent of printed media, newspapers and radio but to a much lesser comparative effect.
Foundation media monitors initially classified SCP-1927-EX after analysis of news and public opinion showed anomalous correlations. It has since been classified as Explained.


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