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Item#: 6294
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6294's area of effect is to be guarded by Foundation personnel at all times. Any individuals attempting to enter should be turned away by Foundation personnel under cover of a "power station" security procedure. SCP-6294's area of effect is to be edited to appear mundane on all public maps and information.

Description: SCP-6294 is an anomalous phenomenon affecting the lower atmosphere of a 6 km x 6 km square area above the city of Weissert, Nebraska, United States of America. SCP-6294's anomalous effects manifest during otherwise mundane regional snow events. During snow events within SCP-6294's range, SCP-6294-1 will fall from the sky resulting in significant negative effects.

SCP-6294 was discovered by the foundation in 1976 after reports of the anomalous effects were forwarded to the Foundation. The following is a transcript of the original call between Weissert Sheriff William Benning and the FBI.

During precipitation events, SCP-6294 will manifest approximately 95% non-anomalous snowflakes and 5% SCP-6294-1 instances. After 50 years in containment, the proportion of SCP-6294-1 instances has begun rising. The above information cannot be updated accurately.

SCP-6294-1 is the designation for anomalous snowflakes associated with SCP-6294-1. SCP-6294-1 instances are standard-class wormholes within the physical form of a mundane snowflake. Individual SCP-6294-1 instances pose little threat as few objects can fit through the small space. Multiple SCP-6294-1 instances together pose extreme risks. SCP-6294-1 are wormholes to SCP-6294-Prime.

SCP-6294-Prime is an extradimensional space accessed through contact with SCP-6294-1. SCP-6294-Prime appears to consist solely of non-anomalous air. Testing has indicated that SCP-6294-Prime is likely an infinite space. SCP-6294-Prime is visible through SCP-6294-1, and appears consistently as a glowing blue space appearing to be sunlit skies. As such, SCP-6294-1 instances appear individually to be blue-glowing snowflakes.

Weissert, Nebraska is a city of approximately 20,000 people. Disinformation programs have successfully removed knowledge of its existence, however continued information leaks have caused it to be reported multiple times as a ghost town.

Log of Significant SCP-6294 Snow Events

2020-11-14 Snow was 25% SCP-6294-1 instances. Dog reportedly fell through an area of continuous instances. "Snow" has been shoveled to isolate threat.
2021-1-9 SCP-6294-1 made up 50% of snow. Much of city surfaces affected. Shoveled to 86th and Weyland street to form standard-class wormhole.
2021-3-19 SCP-6294-1, after making up 100% of latest storm, has obstructed most of area. Impossible to travel between buildings within area. Multiple instances of screaming from area reported by personnel just outside area, though cause was not seen through SCP-6294-1 accumulated instances. Screaming reportedly seemed to become more distant before becoming inaudible.


Date: 2021-4-16
Testing initiated to determine effects of SCP-6294-Prime entry on humans. D-9752 entered SCP-6294-Prime via remotely operated helicopter, but due to lack of an exit point ran out of fuel before being able to exit.

D-9752: It's all blue, as far as I can see.
Dr. Angela Williams: Alright, we're looking for a gps signal but you seem to be off the map.
D-9752: Ok. So you're bringing me back now right? Bring the helicopter back around?
Dr. Williams: D-9752, unfortunately we lost contact with our entry point.

D-9752: Are you saying I'm stuck here?

Dr. Williams: You need to stay calm, there's no threats within the space you're in. We're doing our best to bring you back.
D-9752: Stay [expletive] calm? Am i stuck in here? Yes or [expletive] no?

Dr. Williams: Yes, for the time being. We're gonna bring you back, just stay calm.
32 minutes elapse. D-9752 has become more distressed.
D-9752: I have an even bigger problem now. Losing fuel! I'm almost out of fuel here! Get me out of here!
Dr. Williams: Alright, we're sending in-
D-9752: [expletive]! I'm [expletive] falling!

Video logs indicate D-9752 died after gaining extreme velocity and subsequent helicopter disintegration.

Video connection briefly restored 2021-6-7. D-9752 remains alive despite undergoing extreme gravitational stress. Status of former area citizens (in the thousands in number) is presumed to be same as D-9752 reports "they're in here with me".


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