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原メタタイトル:Two Favours One

メタタイトル訳案: (直訳:二人は一人を支持する) 未定

原タグ:alive doomsday2018 euclid humanoid sapient scp sentient

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Item #: SCP-3818
アイテム番号: SCP-3818

Object Class: Euclid
オブジェクトクラス: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3818 is two human beings with no other known anomalies, and as such have been contained within separate standard humanoid containment suites within Bio-Site 66. All security clearance has been revoked from SCP-3818 at the time of writing; personnel are to be reminded that SCP-3818 is to be referred to as such until further notice.
特別収容プロトコル: SCP-3818は他の異常性を持たない2人の人間であり、そのため生物サイト-66にある個別の標準ヒト型収容室に収容されています。報告書執筆時点で、SCP-3818から全てのセキュリティ・クリアランスは取り消されています。職員は追って通知があるまでSCP-3818がSCP-3818と呼称される事に注意しなくてはなりません。

SCP-3818-A and -B have been fitted with comfortable and locked collars indicating their SCP designations. These collars must be worn at all times.

Description: SCP-3818 is two identical instances of a human male of Irish-English ancestry. It stands 175cm tall (5 foot 9 inches) and weighs 75.75 kilograms (167 lbs).
説明: SCP-3818は、全く同一なアイルランド系イングランド人を先祖に持つ男性実体2体です。身長は175cm(5フィート9インチ)で、体重は75.75kg(167 lbs)です。

On ██/██/████, a perfect doppelganger of Agent David Hawk, Level 3 Field Agent, manifested in the agent’s quarters of Bio-Site 66 sometime in the early morning hours while the ‘original’ was asleep. Prior to the manifestation of SCP-3818, Agent Hawk was attached to Task Force 066-Beta, which assists with the management of biological items contained for study at Bio-Site 66; currently, both instances of Agent Hawk have been contained collectively as SCP-3818 at Bio-Site 66 until the nature of this anomaly can be ascertained. The two have been arbitrarily designated SCP-3818-A and SCP-3818-B at this time, collectively SCP-3818.

Physical and psychological examination has revealed that both instances of Agent Hawk are identical. Below is an assortment of observations made during the initial containment process:;

  • Both instances have the exact same DNA, height and weight, fingerprints, vocal signature, dental impression, tongue print, birthmarks, freckles, footprints, gut flora, and blood type.
  • 両実体は完全に同じDNA、身長、体重、指紋、声紋、歯形、舌紋、母斑、そばかす、足紋、腸管内菌叢および血液型を有する。
  • Both instances have evidence of a healed clavicle, previously broken at age 13 while playing lacrosse, as well as independently reported mild memory loss from a car accident.
  • 両実体は、以前13歳の時にラクロス中骨折した鎖骨癒合の痕跡があり、また同様に自動車事故による軽い記憶喪失がある事をそれぞれ独自に報告した。
  • Both instances appear to possess the same memories, with knowledge of their login credentials, passwords, and specific knowledge of data on Agent Hawk’s computer.
  • 両実体はログイン用の資格情報、パスワード及びエージェント・ホークのコンピューター内にあるデータについての特定の知識など、同じ記憶を有しているように思われる。
  • Both instances possess the same memories of interpersonal history with other personnel within and outside the Foundation.
  • 両実体は財団内外の対人関係の履歴について、同じ記憶を有しているように思われる。
  • Both instances have an allergy to cumin.
  • 両実体はクミンアレルギーを有する。
  • Both instances have previously taken speech therapy to minimize a lisp.
  • 両実体は以前、歯擦音の異常発音の改善の為、言語聴覚療法を受けた事がある。
  • Both instances have previously been wounded during an altercation with an instance of SCP-████, as evidenced by [unnecessary data redacted].
  • 両実体は[不要なデータの為編集済]によって明らかになったように、以前、SCP-████実体との激しい口論中に負傷した事がある。
  • Both instances dislike the nickname “Dave”.
  • 両実体は"デイブ"というあだ名を嫌っている。

The origin of this anomaly is as of yet unknown; no SCP anomalies associated with Bio-Site 66, any of its researchers, or agents, have any history or effects that are in any way associated with the manifestation of duplicated human beings in the manner displayed in SCP-3818.

Interviews: SCP-3818-A and -B were interviewed separately by Drs Bridge and Seidelman at 9:45 AM on the day of their discovery, and then multiple interviews at different points in time afterward. Below are transcripts of various interviews taken with SCP-3818.
インタビュー: SCP-3818-A及び-Bは、発見当日の午前9:45にブリッジ博士とシーデルマン博士によって個別に聴取を受け、その後も異なる時期に複数回の聴取が行われました。以下はSCP-3818に対し行われた諸聴取の記録です。

Below are further interviews, both taken eight days after initial containment.

Dr Bridge and Dr Seidelman believe that the above interviews are worthwhile keeping in the main SCP-3818 summary file; further interview logs are available upon request.

Follow-Up Summary: SCP-3818-A and -B remain in Euclid class humanoid containment. Both maintain ignorance to the nature of their shared anomaly.
追記: SCP-3818-A及び-BはEuclidクラス人型実体として収容されたままです。双方とも彼ら自身が共有する異常性については知らない状態を保持しています。

Incident Summary - Security Breach ██/██/████:edited On ██/██/████ at 2:17 P.M. local time, a wide-scale breach occurred across Bio-Site 66, causing the accidental release of multiple Euclid class SCP entities. During this time, a number of containment systems, site and SCP surveillance, and backup power systems experienced rolling failures across the Site.
インシデント概要 - セキュリティ違反 ████/██/██:編集済 現地時間████/██/██午後2:17、生物サイト-66において大規模な収容違反が発生し、偶発的な複数のEuclidクラスSCP実体の解放を招きました。この間、サイト中における多くの収容システム、サイトの監視システム、SCPの監視システム及び予備電源システムが作動に失敗した記録が残されています。

The incident lasted for approximately two-and-a-half hours. Of note is that all humanoid containment at Bio-Site 66 failed during this breach; however, humanoid SCP objects other than 3818-A and 3818-B remained within containment, for their own safety. SCP-3818-A and -B are unaccounted for during the entire duration of the breach.

During this time, security surveillance was irregular, with camera systems rebooting repeatedly. Due to this, limited visual records exist of the breach. While mostly successful in their efforts, the escaped SCP-████ became especially difficult towards the latter half of the breach and forced the present members Task Force 066-Beta to scatter.

By 5:02 P.M. local time, several Mobile Task Forces arrived at Bio-Site 66 to lend support from other Sites. System functionality was restored and remaining SCP objects were soon returned to containment.

At 6:22 P.M. local time, SCP-3818-A and -B were discovered in an unused containment chamber. The designation collars had been damaged and removed from both instances; one instance was found dead, with the other bearing wounds consistent with SCP-████ as well as close-quarters-combat.

The remaining instance of SCP-3818 remains in containment; the deceased instance has been given full funerary process, at the behest of Dr Bridge.

##182D6E|The cause of the breach is as of yet unknown.

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