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アイテム番号: 4855

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4855 is to be housed in a modified humanoid containment unit in Site-17's Auxiliary Containment Wing C.
Modifications must include soundproofing and a Faraday cage surrounding the chamber. Only Foundation staff who score above 90 on a Dunning–Kruger Memetic Resistance test are permitted to interact with SCP-4855.


Any requests by SCP-4855 for entertainment or other informational material may only be granted after said material is screened by both the memetics department and on-site AIC to prevent accidental contamination of anomalous information. In the event of unintended exposure to such information, SCP-4855 is to be immediately treated with Class-A amnestics. Any requests by SCP-


Testing may only be permitted via approval from the Director of Site-17. Absolutely no testing will be allowed with entities or items that have demonstrated lethal effects. After completion of testing, SCP-4855 is to be treated with Class-A amnestics.


Description: SCP-4855 is a 74 year-old African-American female, legally named Ms. Edwina Drake, of ██████████, North Dakota.


SCP-4855 is immune to informational, psychological, memetic, and antimemetic anomalies. Analysis of the neural structure of SCP-4855's brain reveals no obvious structural or functional differences from baseline humans, and no internal or external mechanism has yet been discovered that could cause
SCP-4855's anomalous effects.

SCP-4855は情報的、心理的、ミーム的、反ミーム的異常に対して免疫があります。 SCP-4855の脳の神経構造の分析は、通常の人間との明らかな構造的または機能的な違いは無く、SCP-4855の異常性を引き起こす可能性のある内部または外部のメカニズムはまだ解明されていません。

SCP-4855 is able to retain any anomalous information given to it as if said information were non-anomalous.
While this ability effectively shields SCP-4855 from all known informational or psychological anomalies, it also allows SCP-4855 to intentionally or unintentionally spread said anomalies to other parties. As such, the potential danger of an undetectable carrier for mental anomalies necessitates its current containment procedures. Exposure to standard chemical-based amnestics is sufficient to remove knowledge of any recent anomalous information, while memetic amnestics are not sufficient.


SCP-4855's mental acuity is above-average for a person of its age, although not exceptionally so. Psychological tests show that SCP-4855 shows no major mental illnesses, with above-average memory retention. SCP-4855's mental state and willingness to cooperate with Foundation staff have been demonstrated to decline in the prolonged absence of regular, sustained human contact. As such, frequent visits are allowed by approved staff trained in elderly psychology and companionship.

SCP-4855の精神的鋭敏さは、例外的ではないですが、その年齢の人間としては平均以上です。心理テストによると、SCP-4855が平均以上の記憶保持力で、 SCP-4855には大きな精神疾患はないことを示しました。SCP-4855の精神状態と財団職員への協力意欲は、定期的で持続的な人間との接触が長期間ない場合、低下することが証明されています。頻繁な訪問は、高齢者の心理学と交流について訓練された職員によって許可されています。

Acquisition:SCP-4855 became known to the Foundation on ██/██/2019, after the town of ██████████, North Dakota was exposed to a self-spreading class-III cognitohazard. A raid on nearby Site-██ had resulted in the public containment breach of a copy of SCP-████, resulting in 92 deaths by the time Foundation assets arrived to contain the situation. SCP-4855 was discovered unharmed in a local nursing home, near the center of the affected area. Being the only living witness to the initial spread of the cognitohazard, SCP-4855 was detained and quarantined. Upon initial interview, SCP-4855's anomalous abilities became apparent.

SCP-4855は、██/██/ 2019にノースダコタ州の██████████町が自己拡散型クラスIIIの認識災害に曝された後財団に知られるようになりました。近くのサイト-██への襲撃により、SCP-████のコピーが公的に封じ込め違反となり、財団の機動部隊が到着し、封じ込めるまでに92人の死者を出しました3。SCP-4855 は、影響を受けた地域の中心部の地元の特別養護老人ホームで無傷で発見されました。SCP-4855は 認識災害の最初の蔓延に対する唯一の生きた証人として、拘留と隔離が行われました。最初のインタビューで、SCP-4855の異常な能力が明らかになりました。


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