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In order to appreciate the pains for a year, a year‐end party and Christmas party are held on site-8181.
Then, they are usually in uncomfortable duties, how do they enjoy the party?
On the contrary, do they revel so much? Or feel chill?
Or make irregular chaos including both?

Started hearing Christmas song. Officer's voice and sometimes scream. Anyone may act without restraint again or be "made without restraint" by Maehara or somebody…

From "Hated Santa" by elsamaelelsamael

The announcement that Summer Festival is going to be held

"Let's form an idol group of officers and hold a concert in the Summer Festival."

The flesh tore us. Rossiya separated their bond and <Tataro Yoke> came up to the Foundation.
This is a story of the fight between destructors and those who would have been destructed.

Kill. The world loves a evil perfume.

The containment breach of SCP-682-E-1 ── it was just an opening. The Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition decide to cooperate with each other in the face of an unprecedented huge threat entity. Here the decisive battle with all might of humanity is about to begin.

"Kanahebi, Would you die for us?"

Red lamps are gleaming at night, which tells opening a new party. The Foundation, Insurgency, Division "P", Logos and Arimura-gumi, They revel around the real bender. What do detectives see with their eyes while the spree?

After party, this is a story of vulnerable people.

Lights of life cannot be extinguished now. Most stop blowing on the fire, but we won't. Can't extinguish, so I'll just stab begging shit's ass. Wake up, moral junkies. Be infatuated with fuckin over the lens.

I flip the Broken moral off.

Shinano Chuo Post is a mass medium company located in Nagano prefecture.
It is, at the same time, one of the front companies of the Foundation tasked with dissemination of cover stories.

How will Japanese paratech industry go? Tou-Hei Heavy Industries Co. (THHI), the largest paranormal heavy industry company in Japan, announced on April 17 that it expects to post a 45 billion yen loss for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2040. This will be their fifth consecutive year of deficit.

There is no Anomaly but on a highway, which in itself is nomal in the world.

Mosaki Natsuki sighs deeply. Few minutes after she started patroling at noon, sky's color is truning little by little.

As soon as you discover a large anomalous structure object, you shouldn't label immediately it entire. Any large things are involved with the larger. Operate on the land of Japanese islands. Vivisect the rock of thousands. 

The hypothesis is set up that the serial anomalous events is what reproduced a part of historical events to happen the birth of japanese islands where 120 million people in public live.

And you may be one of them, we all have ancestors. Even if it doesn't leave clearly as a family line record, the blood of your ancestors still lives in you. Perhaps, your ancestors may have done great things. White color picture family line record is a story that follows such people.

The forefather of Shironose is said to have turned into "White" for some reason.

Temple bells ring at night three. Covering the moon, deeper dark.
Anyone waited and come now.
I will speak alone to you. Told in eight states of Japan land, the left by Mononoke forgotten.

"If you are a story-teller, Keep speaking out even by a Tiger!"

An error was found.
The Foundation flowed low and fell to an evil.
Chaos overflowed and spread to the world without death.

The deception seemed to be enough for the time to be out of joint.

Usurp the PURPLE.

She continues to study or train in dream almost without rest. She gradually has a dream altering ability and practices control of the ability recently, which all is to achieve the foundation's containment of Dream.

The world will go on the same way, leaving a town. In this town having lost color, people will live on the same day.

May 10th, the Foundation PR announced that will contain SCP-8900. SCP-8900 is an anomalous phenomenon having affected in 1940's and the object having repainted the world. The Foundation in the days gave up containing it because of its serious spread but will restart tackling containment officially with the announcement.

Be enlightened. Be critical. Doubt and mock all truths. We deny unification.

That is jealousyjalousie. It is that although I have created works of sculpture since was 10 years old, why I can't win against such the wickedméchant woman who is younger by 10 years old furthermore does not specialize in sculpture.

HERO show, start!

"If that, yes, don't worry. H.E.R.OWe promise. If we were not able to protect <Everybody's peace>, couldn't work as H.E.R.Ohero."

This is a tale of revenge, and the story of the fools who unknow its mean and how to end it.

This was a tale of revenge.

The answer that stopped humanity was a future encased in ice.

To me in tomorrow.
The world's end came today.
After, nobody halps you. Believe yourself only.

One day, the disaster in the Foundation assaulted cruelly evenly officers. The Foundation officers becoming un-"humankind" one after another independently of position and job. Even that, they will live as "human".

Forever, Anomaly continue increasing, and "something" too.
But the world doesn't change, and the Fondation won't change too.

A bundle of colorless thread as cases involve black thread as anomaly.
Solving it is our job.

The man called special counselor or simple advisor   Umno's profession is almost working with his brain, in some cases, and his foot to resolve a problem happening in cases dealt with by the Foundation.

Perhaps, It slides out even from a category of "Kwaidan", such a tale.

Something could has what ominous connections.

From "not relate" by Pear_QUPear_QU

Deviant warfare can break out in any condition.

"We have will and capacity to deal with deviant warfare, unlike you."

[ameニモnimo負ケズmakezu] [kazeニモnimo負ケズmakezu]

The frequency that works of PoI-1933 relate anomaly is much higher even than other authors in the same generation, which is considered as a enough basis that the Foundation classified him into PoI.

Think that Human, Yokai, something other can be still alive.

The temple has a side unknown to the local residents. It is as a Yo-kai temple gathered by Ayakashi.

Collaboration Series

The following series is collaboration, but which doesn't mean "they cannot be closed" like canon.

Announcement about marriage hunting party for the Foundation eccentric officers and forced entry command by each chiefs. Which direction does his/her tomorrow indicate?

Congratulations. I'm so happy to support you by offering meeting location. I pray for your future endeavors and your relationship's growing even stronger, which I would like to take to offer our congratulations.

From "Closing speech" by Nanigashi SatoNanigashi Sato

The 9/11 attacks in the Post-Veil world. Manhattan fell into the hell. Confronted with massive para-terrorism unparalleled in history, countless stories are weaved in the infernal region with various will of various people. The silver wings of chaos soar, and the silver screen shows the movie of advance.

Just after Three planes for Manhattan crashed into World Trade Center(WTC), the area of Manhattan around WTC collapsed into another dimension having nested crystal structure.

Objects affecting weather spread in the world. The Foundation, in order to execute its principle and mission ── to protect humankind finally, takes "Control of the sky" and start managing weather.

Everyone, welcome to the department of weather management! Supervise, Control, Predict.

Wide area Containment Cases, it is stories that somebody boldly confront complicated anomalies which hide in human's life.
Here, there are officers unraveling, cutting off or connecting a tangled mystery by showing each their capacity.

They knew that there are those who confront anomalous menaces and protect innocent people in the world.
This is stories of such Officers.

When can't sleep, wanna concentrate on containing, have too much time by waiting,
Please turn a channel on your device and listen lightly.

DJ on this radio is a site-8148 officer who know anything about animal officers,
The Foundation field agent Madaraza Marina!

"dārum tracer" is a term which indicates individual/collective trying to summon, to project or to imitate metaphysical substances.

As spoke, I have studied comprehensively metaphysical conceptual existence under metaphysical biology.
I propose the idea called "dārum-plan" from the outcome.

From ""From the speech on a regular briefing session by Mrs.Christiane, metaphysical biology laboratory" by GermanesOnoGermanesOno, roneatosuroneatosu, falsehoodfalsehood


















































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