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In the fog, this city had been repainted Grayscale

始まり/The beginning

南太島市脱色事件/Minami-Futo-Shima City Depainted Case

ある男の絵画/A man's picture

死者との約束/A Promise to the Dead

追憶と受容/Recollection and Acceptance

最初の一筆/First stroke


To be announced

単話/Single story

誰も知らぬ絵/Unknown picture

薄明/Faint light

Art works


"Grayscale" is a series on the canon "Broken Masquerade".

The basic setting depends on Broken Masquerade. People know the existance of anomalies, the Foundation has been out in the public and many GoIs are trying to make their way into the sunshine side of the world. In such a world, it is the big feature of this series that the Foundation tempted providence.

The Foundation reclassified SCP-8900-EX as nomal number and restarted tackling containment to it. However, this attempt was interrupted at the last minute, and the effect was only to rob one Japanese city of its color. The city is called Minami-Futo-Shima. It is the main scene of Grayscale.

Grayscale describes various events over the Minami-Futo-Shima city, which is repainted gray. If you are attracted to this city, you may be able to see the interesting thing.


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