There is no relief for death
No one can escape from death
It is the most scary

—Count Apolion

Secure, Contain, Protect


Object class:Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Currently, SCP-2157-jp is difficult to contain completely. It also suggests the possibility of a kind of X-K scenario,
In addition, all personnel are prohibited from conducting experiments with this SCP under the order of the O-5 BoIf SCP-2157-jp is found outside of Japan, promptly disseminate a Class Level 5 amnestic and appropriate cover storyard.

Finally, this is not an order,
SCP-2000 activation failed
No response from SCP-2000-jp, Fortunately no public transmission of SCP-2157-jp in Japan has been confirmed, I want you to collect things as soon as possible


At the time SCP-2157-jp was discovered, it was recognized as a kind of virus, Safe.However, the spread of infection in Japan (mainly in Foundation facilities) was soaring, and the upgrading of objects was discussed.

However, at that time the upgrade was rejected, saying it was not involved in any of the anomalies.
However, in late 20██, the Japanese branch chief discovered that SCP-2157-jp's killing capacity had risen sharply and had increased ██ times the death rate at the time of its discovery.

To date, approximately 54.4% of SCP Foundation Japan Branch facilities have been destroyed by SCP-2157-jp.

Protocols to prevent further destruction of the facility are currently being discussed with Foundation headquarters.

Emergency declaration from O-5-38-jp:

No way, we will end the world with only one very small "fungus"
However, fortunately, it has no effect on the general public at the moment,
That was at least salvation.
From now on, we will fight desperation and nightmares, fighting "fungi", no one can win without a sword named vaccine …
But never give up
I can only pray anymore


Secure, contain, protect


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