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by Nagiros

2/4415 LEVEL 2/4415



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4415 is self-contained within Site-17's Humanoid Containment Wing. To mitigate the potential loss of an anomalous humanoid during testing, SCP-4051 should be administered a Class-S ("Slow Burn") amnestic prior to each exploration of SCP-4415. The amnestic should be activated after each mission.

特別収容プロトコル: SCP-4415はサイト-17のヒト科収容棟に自己収容されています。試験中のヒト科異常存在による潜在的な危険を軽減するため、SCP-4415の探査の際は事前にSCP-4051にクラス-S("スローバーン")記憶処理剤が投与される必要があります。この記憶処理剤は探査の完了後に活性化します。

Description: SCP-4415 is a set of extradimensional locations accessible through the door of the former Humanoid Containment Unit #λ045. SCP-4415's interior serves as a waypoint for multiple extra-spatial and extra-temporal locations, which present themselves semi-randomly1 once the unit's door has been fully shut and reopened. Additionally, SCP-4415 is only accessible to anomalous humanoids: attempts to enter SCP-4415 by non-anomalous persons have been universally unsuccessful.

説明: SCP-4415はかつてのヒト科収容ユニット#λ045のドアからアクセスできる異次元空間の総称です。SCP-4415の内部は複数の異次元空間へ繋がるウェイポイントであり、接続先はドアを開閉するたびに準ランダム2に変更されます。

Reality within Unit #λ045 often fluctuates and does not entirely comport to baseline, but is capable of sustaining human life indefinitely. Several entities, most anomalous in their own right, have resided within for a considerable length of time due to readily-accessible food sources and shelter. The primary source of water within the each location is a large river3, ostensibly similar throughout locations, suggesting SCP-4415 may be a vast singular geological structure4.


The purpose of exploratory missions within SCP-4415 has primarily been to discover the nature, origin, and intent of its hypothetical creator; SCP-4051 has been selected to achieve this end, due to its proximity to SCP-4415 and past exploratory experience.

Extradimensional spaces encountered by SCP-4051 include:


Description: A dense forest of deciduous megafauna. An offshoot of the central river forms a small pond approximately 100 meters from Unit #λ045's door.

Inhabitant: A female humanoid with notable scarring to the hands, torso, and scalp. Subject demonstrated an extreme aversion to human contact.


Description: A flat geometric plane surrounded by free-floating digital polygons. A "flow" of polygons is visible some distance from Unit #λ045's door.

Inhabitant: A younger, male humanoid with ontokinetic capabilities. Subject seemed to have inconsistent physical form, and half its face demanifested during attempted questioning.


Description: A modest domicile overlooking an ocean cliff.

Inhabitant: An elderly male humanoid with thaumaturgic and occult symbols inscribed onto its body. Subject possessed significant physical trauma from an unknown source.


Description: Location exists in a state of spatial flux, but generally possessed a purple hue.

Inhabitant: An amorphous entity with metamorphic capabilities, often presenting as two female humanoids. Subject(s) possessed mild clairvoyance, but could rarely communicate intelligibly.


Description: A stone spire, inside of which is an unoccupied and unremarkable library. A steady flow of water from beneath the spire generates the central river.

Inhabitant: N/A

+ Document.4415.1 ("Exploration of 1B7-4415-005"): SITE DIRECTOR EYES ONLY [ACCESS DENIED]
+ Document.4415.2 ("SCP-4415 Inhabitants"): SITE DIRECTOR EYES ONLY [ACCESS DENIED]
+ Document.4415.3 ("RAISA Petition Regarding SCP-4415"): SITE DIRECTOR EYES ONLY [ACCESS DENIED]

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