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アイテム番号: SCP-2917

オブジェクトクラス: Euclid

特別収容プロトコル: SCP-2917は移動させることができないため、その周囲にサイト-37が建造されました。最低5人のDクラス職員が無人探査が不適当であるとみなされる場所の探査の為に維持されます。All personnel charged with exploration of SCP-2917 are to undergo Advanced Decontamination before their departure as well as upon their retrieval. Individuals dispatched through SCP-2917 must be equipped with a redesigned Environmental Protection suit, modified to include pressurized containers welded to the surface to enable transport of samples without triggering a relocation event too quickly.

Any individual found to have accidentally traveled through SCP-2917 is not to be followed under any circumstances, and any attempts at communication with such personnel must be through radio or other indirect means.

Revision 07/15/19██: After relocation event 2917-315, no fewer than three armed security guards are to be kept onsite.

Revision 12/17/19██: After Event 2917-A, the interior of SCP-2917's containment chamber is to be fitted with a reinforced carbon-carbon heat shield, and at least three meters of thermal insulation.

説明: SCP-2917は██████の█████████の地表から0.5mの位置に存在する半径2mの球状の領域に影響を及ぼす現象です。SCP-2917の境界面と接触した可視光や電波などの電磁波及び任意の固体は太陽系外の天体へと瞬間移動します。気体または液体は移動先の天体との気圧の差がないと境界を通過することが出来ません。探査 is made difficult by the 傾向 of SCP-2917 to relocate - once every four hours, the anomaly closes, and reopens 0.1 seconds later to a different planet. Relocation events are also triggered when two objects traverse its borders within this four-hour interval.

補遺: SCP-2917実験ログ

補遺2: イベント2917-A


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