SCP-7795 - ÐはÐirteenのÐ (原題: Ð is for Ðirteen)
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Item #: SCP-7795
アイテム番号: SCP-7795
Object Class: Dependent1
オブジェクトクラス: Dependent2
Special Containment Procedures: Until a method for neutralizing SCP-7795-A has proven successful, SCP-7795 shall remain in Foundation custody under the duty of an assigned caretaker.
特別収容プロトコル: SCP-7795-Aを無力化する方法が成功するまで、SCP-7795は割り当てられた管理人の義務の下、財団の管理下におかれます。
Each year, for the 48-hour duration spanning October 23rd and 24th, Applied Task Force Zen-13 "Remediation" is to remain within a 100-meter radius of SCP-7795, utilizing specialized equipment to continuously monitor their location, mental status, and vitals; upon detection of any abnormalities, or manual alert by SCP-7795's caretaker, ATF Zen-13 must immediately converge upon SCP-7795 and attempt to prevent the manifestation of SCP-7795-A. Should they fail, efforts must immediately translate into remediation, in which SCP-7795's death should be made as painless as possible.

Should remediation prove impossible, the continuation of SCP-7795's existence is therefore deemed unethical, and neutralization by lethal force is preemptively authorized. All involved agents will be administered amnestics following such an occurrence.

Description: SCP-7795 is twelve year old Mia ██████.

SCP-7795-A is a phenomenon which invariably results in the death of SCP-7795 on their thirteenth birthday.3 The day following their death, SCP-7795 will materialize in their bed having de-aged exactly one year whilst retaining all memories of the previous, lost year; this results in an annual looping effect.

All attempts to impede or mitigate SCP-7795-A have resulted in failure, and efforts to suppress SCP-7795's memories thereof have similarly proven futile. To alleviate the compounding physiological and psychological effects associated with this event, SCP-7795 has been provided a Foundation therapist, who has successfully convinced them that their birthdate does not coincide with SCP-7795-A.

Despite this, SCP-7795's mental health continues to deteriorate as occurrences of SCP-7795-A become increasingly traumatic.

Notice from The Ethics Committee

The following documents denote gruesome depictions of the mutilations, deaths, and suicides of a child. Should one read through these documents and find themself negatively effected by their contents — whether emotionally or physically — the Absolution from Volatile Knowledge Act (AVKA) allows any employee not directly involved with an anomaly to seek out immediate amnestic treatment.

Incident #: 7795-1
Incident Date: October 24th, 2003.

Incident Report: During a return trip from their grandparent's house (in which the grandparents were driving Mia home), an intoxicated driver suddenly swerved lanes, resulting in a 120 km/h4 head-on collision. Both the offender and Mia's grandparents were killed on impact, whereas Mia's stomach was pierced by multiple pieces of glass. Despite medical professionals arriving to the scene in less than ten minutes, Mia bled out after only seven.

While this event was not inherently anomalous, the Foundation was alerted when Mia's mother made a frantic call to the local police the following morning in which she claimed that a "demon" was in her child's room. Foundation operatives were immediately dispatched to the scene where they discovered a seeming clone of Mia wearing a party hat.5 Due to the child's own distress and panic, alongside that of the mother, they were swiftly taken into Foundation care.

The "clone" is, in actuality, a materialization of the same, previously deceased child, though de-aged one year. This is corroborated by their retaining memories of the previous year (including those of their expiration), alongside being two inches shorter. As such, the child has been denoted as SCP-7795 and moved into a humanoid containment chamber at Site-37.

Since entering Foundation custody, Mia has expressed severe confusion, due, in part, to both memories of their death and their sudden detachment from their parents and friends. As their anomaly (SCP-7795-A) is not yet understood, and Mia is considered deceased outside of the Veil, they have been amnesticised of all familial connections and other recurrent stressors. Attempts to remove memories of their death have failed however, though I have since managed to persuade them that it was simply a nightmare.

Let us all hope, for this child's sake, that this is a one-off anomaly. They still have their entire life ahead of them; I'd prefer they spend it outside of a cell.

- Researcher Rebecca Larson, SCP-7795 Research Head

Protocol Update: As per standard Human Containment protocol, SCP-7795 may be provided typical amenities (within reason) at their request. So far, they have requested multiple outfits, a television set, a bookshelf with multiple books, a stack of paper, and multiple packs of colored pencils, all of which have been approved by Researcher Larson.

Incident #: 7795-2
Incident Date: October 24th, 2004.

Incident Report: While eating lunch in Site-37's central cafeteria, Mia suddenly began choking, prompting the immediate response of multiple nearby personnel. Multiple attempts were made to perform the Heimlich maneuver, resulting in the breaking and fracturing of four separate ribs, though ultimately they proved futile, as Mia expired six minutes after the incurrence due to both a lack of oxygen and internal bleeding caused by a fractured rib puncturing a lung.

The following morning, Mia rematerialized within their containment chamber having once-more de-aged a year. These revivification occurrences are hereby designated 7795-RES Events.

Similarly to the aftermath of their first 7795-RES Event, Mia expressed confusion and disorientation, alongside a noticeable apprehension towards eating. Attempts to convince them that this occurrence, again, was simply a nightmare, has shown tentative success, but I have doubts that such success will continue in the future. My team has suggested the implantation of multiple similar nightmares throughout the intermittent year of each event may help in disguising the actual occurrence, but I won’t put a child through dozens of pseudo-deaths for the sake of upholding a lie. They deserve the best of us, not the worst.

- Researcher Rebecca Larson

Protocol Update: SCP-7795 must be supervised by at least one staff member at all times on October 24th. Should SCP-7795-A start to afflict SCP-7795, said staff member is to immediately notify Zen-13 for medical aid. Additionally, SCP-7795 is to be provided access to a Foundation therapist, with a mandatory attendance of at least one session a week.

Incident #: 7795-3
Incident Date: October 24th, 2005.

Incident Report: At 1251 (local time) a breach occurs at Site-37, during which seven Euclid and four Keter class anomalies breached containment. As such, standard lockdown procedure was enacted, including site-wide lockdown, resulting in Mia being locked within their cell for the duration of the event. 27 minutes later, breached sectors were flooded with parasedative gas, though an error in the dispersal technology resulted in Mia's cell also being flooded with said gas; due to the presence of various nerve-agents therein, Mia expired after two minutes of suffocation. The breach was summarily contained just three minutes after.

7795-RES Event occurred as expected.

Following their revival, Mia has expressed acute symptoms of multiple breathing ailments, the foremost of which is asthma. While time and therapy will likely remedy such symptoms, I worry this is only a warning of things to come. They have already expressed a subconscious dread of the 24th, and if their deaths can lead to future conditions despite their seeming "reset”? Well, I simply hope we don't find out. My team continues to suggest the implantation of nightmares, but I will deny each and every proposal. Pain for the sake of future relief is a foolish notion to force upon a child. They're already going through enough.

- Researcher Rebecca Larson

Incident #: 7795-4
Incident Date: October 24th, 2006.

Incident Report: At 1547, Mia was spending recreational time in the outdoor sector of Site-37 alongside the children of Researchers Leo and Persi when a thunderstorm suddenly formed. Due to its rapid appearance, the children were unable to be called in before Mia was abruptly struck by lightning six times in a row, the first two of which also managed to injure one of the children. Mia expired immediately following the sixth impact; the other child was determined to be paralyzed from the hips-down.

7795-RES Event occurred as expected.

Mia awoke with in a flurry of twitches and spasms, the likes of which were so extreme that Zen-13 had to immediately administer muscle relaxants. Even days later, however, their hands continue to tremble; I worry they may not stop. And yet that is only the half of it. Mia is regressing emotionally, and I fear it is out of guilt. Their friend was paralyzed, and even though we have avoided explaining Mia’s anomaly to themself, they still reasoned out that, somehow, the blame must fall upon them. They have sobbed themself to sleep for the past three nights.

Things have to get better. They must.

- Researcher Rebecca Larson

Protocol Update: Individuals unaware of SCP-7795's anomaly are not allowed within 10m of SCP-7795 on October 24th as to avoid incidental injuries.

Incident #: 7795-5
Incident Date: October 24th, 2007.

Incident Report: At 1642, Mia was attending an impromptu therapy session following a series of particularly extreme breakdowns; despite concerns raised by Zen-13 (due to the date), their therapist still demanded to see them immediately. 27 minutes later, a then-unknown GoI6 breached Site-37, overtaking multiple sectors, during which Mia's state immediately began to regress as they repetitively proclaimed that the breach was "all their fault." Their therapist attempted to soothe them until 1733, when five armed individuals suddenly breached the room, executing her in the process. Mia was then taken as a hostage.

Using them as a negotiation piece, the group made multiple demands,7 claiming they would kill Mia should they not be met. Despite Dr. Larson's advocation for Mia's life, however, Site-37's director determined their demands to be an unreasonable exchange, especially when considering the revival aspect of Mia’s anomaly.

As such, MTF Ruin-09 "Life Goes On" was quickly deployed to Site-37 with the express goal of the immediate capture and/or assassination of all infiltrators, with additional orders stating to treat Mia as collateral. Within the next 12 minutes, all overtaken sectors were successfully recaptured, though not before the group holding Mia hostage became aware of the attack, prompting them to execute Mia via the thaumic removal of all of their blood through their pores. Despite Ruin-09 executing this group within one minute of this process occurring, immediate medical response proved futile and Mia expired three minutes later due to blood loss.

7795-RES Event occurred as expected.

Mia was catatonic for approximately 48 hours following their manifestation, after which they have remained selectively mute. They have also expressed an aversion to socialization and an intense phobia of the color red. Attempts to remedy these effects are ongoing, but their newfound guilt surrounding the death of their therapist has made it extremely difficult to address said issues. I've been trying to help them myself, but progress is slow, to say the least.

Thus far, Mia's only words have been, "I don't want anyone else to get hurt."

- Researcher Rebecca Larson

Incident #: 7795-6
Incident Date: October 24th, 2008.

Incident Report: Due to an infohazardous breach, Mia suddenly became aware of [REDACTED], following which it manifested and proceeded to mutilate Mia, who incurred the following injures; 47 powderized bones, inversion of 35 organs, 180 degree rotation of the torso, oculi combustion, and cerebral liquidation. Despite spontaneous corruption of camera footage after the manifestation of [REDACTED], recorded audio was unaffected; screams therein suggest Mia lived through their dismemberment for approximately 13 minutes before expiring. Following their death, MTF Omen-00 “Oblivion” quickly eliminated the threat.

7795-RES Event occurred as expected; following revival, Omen-00 amnesticised all of Mia's memories pertaining to the infohazard.

Mia's state continues to regress; alongside general mental degradation, Mia continues to grow fearful of the world around them. Even dim corners seem to terrify them, requiring lamps and other light fixtures in most rooms they go through simply to keep them from breaking down. It's no way for a child to live; in pain and scared. I will figure something out soon. I have to.

- Researcher Rebecca Larson

Incident #: 7795-7
Incident Date: October 24th, 2009.

Incident Report: On October 23rd, for the first time in roughly 18 months, Mia agrees to attend therapy, during which they steal three different bottles of pills. At 2355 that same night, they swallow all 73 pills before going to sleep, only to awaken at 0523 the next morning, vomiting. The guard stations outside their room immediately came in to provide assistance and helped them to the bathroom, unaware that Mia had pickpocketed their clearance card. At 0643, they would then leave their room under the pretense that they were attending another therapy session, only to instead navigate to one of Site-37's arms lockers. A gunshot followed a minute later.

Mia was determined to have expired from a gunshot wound to the temple.

7795-RES Event occurred as expected.

After manifestation, Mia begged me to let them die.

- Researcher Rebecca Larson

Incident #: 7795-8
Incident Date: October 24th, 2010.

Incident Report: At 0023, Mia was administered a lethal injection; they expired two minutes later.

7795-RES Event occurred as expected.

Mia's manifestation following this incident was the most calm I've seen them in six years. They still wouldn't speak much, and their phobias were still as realized as before, but they seemed much calmer. Almost peaceful. I should feel happy. I should feel overwhelming delight. But how could I ever rest easy knowing I ordered the death of a child, even if it was to give them peace?

- Researcher Rebecca Larson

Protocol Update: Following Ethics Committee deliberation, a routine has been instated in which SCP-7795 will be terminated in their sleep via lethal injection on October 24th.

Incident #: 7795-11
Incident Date: October 24th, 2013.

Incident Report: As per routine, Mia was administered a lethal injection at 0001; they expired two minutes later.

7795-RES Event occurred as expected.

Three years of success.

None of them have been easy, but its hard to overstate Mia's improvement. Their selective mutism has all but disappeared, only popping up in now-infrequent breakdowns, and many of their phobias have been reduced to vague fears by routine therapy. They seem as alive as they were when they first came to the site; jovial, happy, and brimming with life. Their paintings as of late have been a wonder to behold.

Things are looking up.

- Researcher Rebecca Larson

Incident #: 7795-15
Incident Date: October 24th, 2017.

Incident Report: As per routine, Mia was administered a lethal injection at 0001. Instead of the expected reaction, however, Mia woke up seven minutes later convulsing in pain. Zen-13 was immediately alerted and, after a series of tests, determined Mia was experiencing mass necrosis and organ failure. All attempts to treat these conditions were met with adverse reactions, usually resulting in a greater degree of bodily harm than it would have otherwise reduced. As such, Zen-13 resorted to treating Mia with an assortment of pain relief, numbing agents, and anesthesia, all of which proved moderately successful, though quickly diminished in effect by the 12th hour.

Mia lived through this pain for over 18 hours — notably much longer than their condition should have allowed them to — most of which they spent sobbing, writhing, and screaming, causing their vocal cords to rupture by the 15th hour and most of their skin to be rubbed raw to the point of damage. At 1831, Mia expired.

7795-RES Event occurred as expected.

I held their hand. For nearly 19 hours, I held their hand as they screamed and shook and cried and prayed for help. And I was helpless. All I could do was sit there and hope their pain would end, for hours and hours. What did they do to deserve this?

Since this incident, Mia's state has greatly regressed, further even than their state prior to the lethal injection program. They attend about 1 in 4 therapy sessions, have effectively cut contact with all friends, refuse to eat more times than not, and sleep over 10 hours every day.

- Researcher Rebecca Larson

Incident #: 7795-16
Incident Date: October 24th, 2018.

Incident Report: Mia attempts to hang themselves with their bedsheets at 0311; a guard notices such after approximately 35 seconds and manages to cut them down before they expire. Mia then lunges at said guard, attempting to wrestle the blade8 from him, cutting their hands multiple times in their efforts. The guard shoves Mia off of him, though in the process they fall and crack their head against their bedframe, splitting their skull open. The guard, panicked, immediately alerts Zen-13.

Despite Zen-13's quick arrival, Mia died from internal bleeding at 0317. The guard was amnesticised and placed on paid leave.

7795-RES Event occurred as expected.

Mia has become entirely mute and emotionally distant, alongside showing severe signs of general dissociation. They eat about once every day, and seem generally unreactive to most conversation; they completely refuse to attend or even acknowledge therapy. They're slipping away, and we're running out of options.

- Researcher Rebecca Larson

Proposed by Dr. Larson, Project Neverland aims to neutralize SCP-7795-A through use of temporal technology. She proposes that stunting SCP-7795's aging through localized temporal stasis will effectively keep them from reaching the age of thirteen, which is suspected to be the main activation requirement for SCP-7795-A. Following approval of Site-37's director, Director Celzin, the Department of Chronology developed a MLTS9 device which SCP-7795 is henceforth required to wear at all times.

Incident #: 7795-17
Incident Date: October 24th, 2019.

Incident Report: Despite functioning at full capacity for the entire year, the MLTS device suddenly began experiencing a series of malfunctions on October 24th, resulting in the abrupt and rapid aging of Mia. As a result, they aged 132 years in approximately 27 minutes; due to the death of most tissue and organs throughout the last 40 "years," Mia expired by the end of the 27th minute.

7795-RES Event occurred as expected.

Mia awoke experiencing extreme levels of disorientation and appeared extremely distraught; despite such, they were entirely unreactive to most stimuli. To date, they must be lead most places and reminded to eat, though even this has proven unsuccessful most times. Either they've entirely locked themself away in their head, or there isn't much of them left.

I will not lose them.

- Researcher Rebecca Larson

Proposed by Dr. Larson, phase two of Project Neverland suggests the use of a Temporal Stasis Chamber, a device regularly used by the Department of Chronology and therefore determined to be much more stable than the MLTS device previously used on SCP-7795. Following Director Celzin’s approval, it was determined that SCP-7795 would be placed in the TSC one month before October 24th, during which they would be supplied oxygen and sustenance through a series of tubes, along with multiple added pain relievers and soothing agents with the hopes of mitigating mental state degradation should a failure occur.

Incident #: 7795-18
Incident Date: October 24th, 2020.

Incident Report: On September 24th, Mia was successfully sedated and suspended within the TSC, where they remained until 2317 on October 24th; at this time, Site-37 experienced total collapse of all on-site power, including that of backup generators, resulting in the breach of 13 anomalies. This resulted in the loss of 31 personnel and, due to absence of power, the TLC's oxygen recycle failed, causing Mia to suffocate within the chamber after 17 minutes.

7795-RES Event occurred as expected.

Mia reacts to no stimuli and is effectively comatose. As such, Zen-13 have placed them under life support, including continual routine medical care and supervision.

If I could take their spot, I would.

- Researcher Rebecca Larson

Proposed by Dr. Larson, she suggests that the continuous failure of temporal stasis suggests that being younger than thirteen does not mitigate the anomaly; as such, she instead suggests the utilization of a modified TSC to instead age SCP-7795 an entire year before October 24th occurs. Phase three proposes this would be accomplished by aging them at a rate of 100x traditional speed, aging SCP-7795 one year in approximately 4 days. Following Director Celzin’s approval, this was successfully carried out on August 5th and successfully concluded without incident on August 9th.

No changes in mental status have yet been observed in SCP-7795; they continue to remain on life support under Zen-13's supervision.

Incident #: 7795-19
Incident Date: October 24th, 2021.

Incident Report: At 1730, Site-37's on-site nuclear warhead suddenly primes, with activation reported to occur in 5 minutes. All attempts to deactivate the warhead — including attempts made both on and offsite — were met with failure. All attempts to remove or otherwise dispose of the warhead through thaumaturgic or anomalous means were similarly met with failure. Dr. Larson became aware of these continuous failures at 1733, at which point they immediately made their way to Mia's medical bed, where they sat beside them, crying as they held their hand.

At 1734, with one minute remaining before the warhead's detonation, she withdrew her sidearm, muttering "I'm sorry" over and over again. With 23 seconds remaining, she put the gun to Mia's temple and shot them, terminating them instantly. The nuclear warhead deactivated simultaneously.

7795-RES Event occurred as expected.

I have nothing left to say.

- Researcher Rebecca Larson


SCP-7795 is to be abandoned within a non-dimension, in which their expiration can neither be said to occur or not occur; the Department of Surrealistics insists this will neutralize their affliction by SCP-7795-A, which will be unable to occur due to the cessation of SCP-7795's existence. This will result, unfortunately, in SCP-7795's termination, however the Ethics Committee has deemed it the only remaining ethical solution available to the Foundation.

Incident #: 7795-20
Incident Date: August 9th, 2022.

Incident Report: Through the use of a modified Scranton Reality Anchor, Mia is sent into a non-dimension, at which point the device is deactivated and destroyed.

7795-RES Event has yet to occur.

I am sorry we could not save you, Mia. Rest well.

- Larson


















































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