SCP-3141 - Anomalous Theorem

出典: SCP-3141
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作成日(EN): 2017/05/06
SCP-3141 - Anomalous Theorem
SCP-3141 - 異常な定理
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Item #: SCP-3141

アイテム番号: SCP-3141

Object Class: Keter

オブジェクトクラス: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nonmaterial nature of SCP-3141, direct containment is impossible. Instead, automatic scanning software should be used to monitor quarterly reports of insurance and financial firms for undue discrepancies. Additional surveillance should be directed towards the monitoring of related trade journals and academic mathematics journals. Agents embedded in the peer review boards for such publications should be made aware of the possible presence of SCP-3141 and should be instructed to be vigilant for it.

特別収容プロトコル: SCP-3141の非物質的特性のため、直接的な収容は不可能です。代替として、自動スキャニングソフトウェアが1年に4回保険・金融機関の報告の過度の矛盾を監視するために使用される必要があります。関連する業界誌と学術的数学雑誌の監視に対しては追加の監視が行われなければなりません。このような出版物の査読委員会に潜入したエージェントはSCP-3141の存在の可能性を察知する必要があり、またそれについて警戒するように指示される必要があります。

In the event of the discovery of SCP-3141 characteristic discrepancies in quarterly reports of a firm, Foundation agents are to infiltrate the actuarial (or equivalent) department of the firm and ascertain which employees, referred to as subjects, grasp an understanding of the phenomenon. Subjects are then to be discredited in the firm in accordance with “Operation Underwriter”. Subjects will be taken into Foundation custody indefinitely. Class B amnestics are to be deployed according to agent discretion.


In the event that a proof or technique resembling SCP-3141 is discovered within a journal or peer review board, Foundation agents are to contact the journal publisher, as well as article authors and peer reviewers, and expose them to memetic agent “Counterproof-Zeta”. Additionally, if a proof for SCP-3141 was put into general circulation before Foundation discovery, Counterproof-$\zeta$ is to is to be circulated in the next possible issue of the journal. Due to the decaying effects of the memetic agent, Foundation operatives should monitor affected subjects monthly following application.


Description: SCP-3141 is a mathematical theorem that describes a method by which conditions for a set of random variables can be expressed in a specific system of equations in order to calculate stable state probabilities for the long term outcome of the variables. The solution to the system is non-obvious and requires a significant degree of mathematical expertise to solve.1 No computer is currently known to be able to solve the system. This is possibly due to the anomalous nature of the theorem. Approval for testing with Foundation artificial intelligence is pending.

説明: SCP-3141は確率変数の長期的結果に対する安定状態確率を計算するために、変数の集合に対する条件が特定の方程式系で表現できることを述べる数学の定理です。この系の解は自明でなく、解くために高度な数学的専門知識を必要とします。2この系を解くことができるコンピュータは現在知られていません。これは定理の異常性によるものである可能性があります。財団人工知能による実験の許可は審議中です。

The anomalous properties of SCP-3141 present themselves in the fact that during the process of solving the system of equations, the subject solving the system can manipulate the outcome of the solution to a “reasonable” desired result referred to as SCP-3141-$\pi$.3 This process occurs subconsciously in subjects who are unaware of the anomalous effects of the SCP with a rate of approximately .15. The remaining .85 proportion of subjects find the system inconsistent.4 Subjects who are aware of the effects of SCP-3141 are able to achieve this result with a .999 success rate.


If the conditions and random variables used as the conditions for SCP-3141 are not arbitrary (i.e. they represent an actual real world system), the conditions given are accurate with a significance level of α=.01, and if the exact calculations have not been completed within the past ██ ████, then the actual set of long term probabilities for the variables described becomes SCP-3141-$\pi$. The process by which this occurs is not currently understood.

仮に条件及びSCP-3141に対して条件として用いられる確率変数が任意である(すなわち、それらが実際の世界のシステムを表す)ならば、与えられた条件は有意水準α=0.1において正確であり、また仮に厳密な計算が過去██ ████以内に完了されていなければ、説明された変数の実際の長期的確率はSCP-3141-$\pi$となります。これを発生させるプロセスは現在理解されていません。

Addendum 3141-A: In accordance with Ethics Committee finding 3141-1, Foundation mathematicians are not to attempt to utilize SCP-3141 to reverse previous misuses. This is due to the currently unknown principles by which the anomaly operates and a possibly observed phenomenon by which actual stable state probabilities return to non-anomalous levels as time passes. This is possibly due to the variation of current real world conditions from initial conditions by which SCP-3141 calculations were based. To date, the Foundation is not statistically certain as to the existence of this reversion phenomenon.

補遺 3141-A: 倫理委員会結論3141-1に基づき、財団の数学者がこれまでのSCP-3141の悪用を逆転させるためにSCP-3141を利用することは試みられません。これはアノマリーの作動原理が現在不明であること、及び時間の経過につれ実際の安定状態確率が非異常なレベルに戻る現象が観測される可能性があることによります。これはSCP-3141の計算に基づいた初期の条件による現在の現実世界の状態の変動による可能性があります。現在まで、財団はこの逆転現象に関して統計的に存在を確定できていません。

Addendum 3141-B:

Incident Report for the events that occurred on ██/██/20██ in ██████████,USA

Background: At the time that these events occurred, the Foundation was not yet aware of SCP-3141. Foundation operatives had become aware of possible anomalous material at █████████ ████████ ████████, inc., hereafter referred to as Firm A, as the result of regular economic analysis and standard Foundation predictive modeling. Firm A was listed as a low priority concern and Agent Geoffrey Daniels, under the alias of George Denver, was directed to apply for an opening as an actuarial analyst at the firm. What follows is a transcript of third interview (first in-person) of Daniels and the subsequent events retrieved from a recording device hidden on Daniels’ person.

<Begin Log>

Participants: Geoffrey Daniels, alias George Denver; █████ P███, chief actuary for Firm A.

[Timestamp 12:00:10]

P███: Well Mr. Denver, may I call you George?, thank you for coming. It’s a pleasure to meet you in person.

Daniels: Of course. I’m glad to be here. The office looks wonderful.

P: Yes, I think that you’ll find that everyone here quite likes their position. We really are doing some cutting edge work here—really redefining the field, so to speak.

D: Yes, I’ve been doing my homework on you. You have quite the impressive track record.


[Timestamp 12:32:24]

P: Well George, it seems like you may be the exact kind of person we’re looking for here at █████████. I would love to show you around the office if you have the time.

D: That sounds excellent, sir. Lead the way.

[The sound of moving chairs, rustling papers, can be heard.]

P: We really have a great team here. Truly a bunch of winners. You know what I like in an employee, George? I’m sure you do, I’ve been blabbering at you for the last 30 minutes, but I’m going to tell you again. I like an employee that can get the job done. No shortcuts, no compromises. We’re both actuaries here, so of course you know about risk. But you also know without risk, there’s no reward. Without putting yourself out there a little bit, there’s no chance in Hell on any return. I have a team here that takes risks. My team here, they all know what it takes to get shit done. [P███ coughs loudly. The sound is muffled] My team, they go to Hell and back for me in order to make sure that this company turns a profit. And they do a pretty good job if you ask me. You know what it takes to succeed. I can see that in you, I really can. I think you have real █████████ potential. Anyway, here’s our main work area.

[Beeping sounds are audible, probably an electronic lock.]

D screaming: Oh GOD what the FUCK?!

<End Log, Timestamp 12:34:51>

At 12:35pm Agent Daniels activated his distress beacon. No more communication occurred after that. Three Foundation agents—Amanda Stiles, Philip Morehouse, and Juan Schaffer, hereby referred to as “the team”—stationed outside immediately enacted contingency plans stormed the building. The team used stairwells to access the sixth floor where the interview was taking place, incapacitating two security guards and one unidentified civilian in the process. Foundation support suppressed phone lines and cell phone signals coming from the building in order to prevent local interference.

Upon reaching the sixth floor agents noted the presence of the scent of sulfur and excessive smoke. Fire alarms appeared to be turned off. It took the team approximately two minutes to find the location where communication had been lost with Daniels. No contact with Firm A employees was made on the floor until the team reached the area that P███ referred to as the work area.

Foundation agents encountered Agent Daniels along with three adult males and two adult females. Daniels was incapacitated and laying in the corner of the room. All of the other individuals in the room, referred to hereafter as subjects, were naked and performing some kind of ritualistic dance around a pentacle in the center of the room. All subjects possessed tattoos on their body depicting elaborate mathematical notation. In the center of the pentacle lay a pulsating organic mass that was impacted with a Texas Instruments TI‑30XS MultiView Scientific Calculator, a red and black beeswax candle, and three [REDACTED].

The team successfully incapacitated all subjects and with local assistance had them remanded into Foundation custody. The incident was explained as a social media prank gone wrong. Letters of resignation were forged for all subjects and sent to Firm A. Subjects were given Class D amnestics and returned to families with a fabricated story of a bus accident. Agent Daniels suffered no permanent damage.

補遺 3141-B:


背景: これらのイベントが発生した時点で、財団はSCP-3141をまだ認知していませんでした。財団諜報員は定期的な経済的分析及び標準的財団予測モデリングの結果として、█████████ ████████ ████████株式会社(以下A社と呼称)における異常な可能性のある資料に気づくこととなりました。A社は低優先度企業としてリストされており、エージェント ジェフリー・ダニエルズはジョージ・デンバーの偽名で、保険数理アナリストとして企業の欠員に志願するよう指示されました。以下はダニエルズが隠し持っていた記録デバイスから回収された、ダニエルズの3度目の面接(直接のものでは最初)及びその後のイベントの転写です。


関係者: ジェフリー・ダニエルズ、偽名ジョージ・デンバー; █████ P███、A社の保険数理士長

[タイムスタンプ 12:00:10]

P███: えーデンバーさん、ジョージと呼んでもよろしいでしょうか?お越しいただきありがとうございます。お会いできて嬉しく思います。

ダニエルズ: もちろん。ここに来られて嬉しいです。このオフィスは素晴らしいですね。

P: はい、ここの誰もが自分の職をとても好いていることを分かっていただけるだろうと思います。我々は実はここで最先端の仕事をしているのです—実は、謂わば分野の再定義のようなものを。

D: はい、あなたについては勉強させていただいています。かなりの業績をお持ちになっているようですね。


[タイムスタンプ 12:32:24]

P: それでジョージ、あなたは当█████████社がちょうど求めているような人かもしれません。お時間があればオフィスを案内したいと思います。

D: 大変素晴らしいことですね。ご案内をお願いします。


P: ここには本当に素晴らしいチームがいます。正しく勝者の集まりです。私が社員のどこを好きかお分かりですか、ジョージ?分かっているはずです、これまでの30分あなたに喋っていたのですから。しかしもう一度伝えます。私が好きなのは仕事を片付けられる社員です。簡単な方法や妥協に逃げない社員です。ここで私達は保険数理士ですから、あなたもリスクについては勿論理解しているはずです。しかしリスク無くして利益が無いことも理解しているはずです。少し勇気を出さなければ、利益を出す機会は全くありません。私にはリスクを冒せるチームがあります。ここにある私のチームは皆コトを済ませるために何をすべきか分かっています。 [P███は大きく咳をする。音はくぐもっている] チームはこの会社の利益を確保するために地獄に行って私のところに戻ってきました。そして私に言わせれば、彼らはかなり良い働きをしてくれています。あなたは成功するために何をすべきかご存知です。あなたからはそれが分かります、本当に分かるんです。あなたには本当に█████████での見込みがあると思います。とにかく、ここが私たちのメインの仕事場です。


D 叫ぶ: おいおいなんだよこりゃ?!

<記録終了、タイムスタンプ 12:34:51>

午後12:35、エージェント ダニエルズは救難ビーコンを起動しました。その後それ以上の通信は行われませんでした。建物外部に配備されていた財団エージェント3名(アマンダ・スタイルズ、フィリップ・モアハウス、ファン・シェーファー、以下「チーム」と呼称)は即座に緊急の対応策を実行し、建物に突入しました。チームは階段でインタビューが行われていた6階へ向かい、その途中で警備員2名と未特定の民間人1名を無力化しました。財団は建物から出ている電話線と携帯電話の信号を遮断し、現地での干渉を防ぐことで支援を行いました。


財団エージェントは成人男性3名、成人女性2名が同伴した状態のエージェント ダニエルズに遭遇しました。ダニエルズは無力化された状態で部屋の隅に横たわっていました。室内の他の全ての人物(以下「対象」と呼称)は裸であり、部屋の中心に描かれた五芒星の周囲で何らかの儀式的舞踊を行っていました。対象は全員緻密な数学的表記法を用いた刺青を身体に保有していました。五芒星の中心には脈動する有機組織の塊があり、これはテキサス・インスツルメンツ社製TI-30XSマルチビュー式関数電卓、赤と黒の蜜蝋の蝋燭、[編集済]3個による打撃を受けていました。

チームは対象全員の無力化に成功し、現地での支援を受けて彼らを財団に再拘留しました。インシデントはソーシャルメディアによる失敗した情報撹乱であると説明されました。対象全員の退職届が偽造され、A社に送付されました。対象はクラスD記憶処理を実施され、バス事故に関する虚偽の情報とともに家族のもとに帰されました。エージェント ダニエルズには何ら後遺症が残りませんでした。

Addendum 3141-C: From the tattoos on the subjects involved in Incident 3141-A the Foundation was able to compile SCP-3141. The subjects at Firm A were apparently using SCP-3141 to alter the expected lifespan of purchasers of the firm’s retirement annuities, reducing their lifespans by ██ years. It is unclear how many premature deaths this has caused, but estimates range from 2,000 to [REDACTED].7 To this date it is unclear what purpose the ritualistic elements practiced by the subjects served. It should be noted that Foundation testing has concluded that such elements are not required in order for the effects of SCP-3141 to manifest.

補遺 3141-C: インシデント3141-Aに関与した対象の刺青から、財団はSCP-3141を纏めることが可能となりました。A社の対象は

To date, █ additional firms have been discovered to be using SCP-3141, and only 2 of them appeared to practice ritual elements in their utilization of the theorem. Over half of discovered firms used the theorem to shorten lifespans of annuity recipients, while approximately one fifth used it to improve the health and safety of insurance recipients. The purpose of use in other firms remains unclear. Additionally, full proofs of SCP-3141 have appeared in ██ journals and publications. Each has been successfully suppressed. Resurgence of SCP-3141 proofs in previously affected journals has been observed to occur at a rate of .15. Each proof has been markedly unique.

To date, despite extensive efforts led by head researcher Dr. Duncan Kemp, the Foundation has been unable to independently produce a proof of SCP-3141. The method by which individuals are able to conceive proofs for SCP-3141 is unknown. Therefore, at this time it is suspected that gestation of knowledge of SCP-3141 and related proofs is anomalous. It is unknown whether such knowledge occurs spontaneously, or if it is being imparted by groups of interest.

Researcher's note: We've spent four years working on this project, unable to make any headway. And yet, any time a new instance of a 3141 proof pops up, it seems obvious. Surely it's impossible, but it feels as if elementary axioms are changing every time one of these new proofs show up. Frankly, we have no clue where to go from here.
—Dr. Duncan Kemp


















































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