SCP翻訳案 SCP-2547 Dog Days Of Summer (真夏の犬)


出典: SCP-2547
著者: AbsentmindedNihilistAbsentmindedNihilist
作成日(EN): 2016/11/14

アイテム番号: SCP-2547

オブジェクトクラス: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-2547, effective containment is not possible at this time. Towns determined to be susceptible to SCP-2547 manifestation events are to be monitored via remote surveillance and evacuation of the population is to be attempted if deemed possible. Towns undergoing an event are to be dosed aerially with Class A amnestics at the end of the manifestation event.

特別収容プロトコル: SCP-2547の性質上、その効果的な収容は現時点では不可能です。SCP-2547の出現による影響を受けやすいと判断された町は遠隔監視が行われ、可能な場合は住民の避難が行われます。出現の影響を受けた町の住民には、出現イベントの終了後にクラスA記憶処理が施されます。

Description: SCP-2547 is a pack of approximately 4000 different members of the family Canidae.1 Members of SCP-2547 do not need food or water. Any attempts to harm, kill or tranquilize a member of SCP-2547 will result in the rest of the group becoming hostile and aggressive. Members of SCP-2547 can be separated from the group and detained, but will disappear the instant they are no longer directly being observed and rejoin SCP-2547. DNA testing has revealed that members of SCP-2547 are genetically identical to human beings.

説明: SCP-2547はそれぞれの種が異なる約4000頭のイヌ科の生物が所属する群れです2。これらの生物は食物及び水を必要としません。SCP-2547に所属する生物への殺傷や鎮静の試みは、群れの他の生物が攻撃的かつ敵対的になる結果を招きます。SCP-2547に所属する生物は群れから引き離して拘束することができますが、直接観察されなくなった時点で消失し再びSCP-2547に加わります。DNA鑑定の結果、SCP-2547に所属する生物はヒトと遺伝子的に同一であることが判明しました。

SCP-2547 only manifests in rural American towns. Affected states include Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, and southern California. The town must have a population of less than 3,000, as well as a reservoir and a church. Manifestations will occur only between June 1 and August 31. For the duration of the event, the local temperature will remain above 32 degrees Celsius, and all local precipitation will cease.


The following is a timeline of SCP-2547 manifestation events.


An excerpt from one of SCP-2547-1's speeches has been provided for reference:


You ask me, who am I. I ask you, where am I? In the beginning there was the word and the word was not a word at all, but a howl. Where am I, in the meat brain, encased in bone, dripping with brine, sizzling with sparks? Where am I in your chemical soup? Am I sacred? Have I been on the cross? Once I was woven into you, all your kind, deep in the pit of yourself from which you pull your wildest tales and strangest desires? I gave you the gift that saved you. I would have been your Eden, I would have tended you as a shepherd his sheep. I taught you all how to lie. And you, though the only way you gibbering sheep of apes survived is through deceit, you have forgotten me!? You have replaced me with a serpent who crawls on the ground!? [SCP-2547 stops, and begins to sob.] I gave you stories. You worshipped me, once. And now you are disgusted. Heretic, you say. No. I am a martyr, like your beloved carpenter. You dare not look upon me, for fear of burning in brimstone. So be it, then. Let me be something that you should truly be repulsed by. You brought this on yourselves. You looked back as Sodom burned.


Interviewer: Agent Miller

Interview: SCP-2547-1

Opening Statement: Agent Miller had been stationed in the town of ██████████, Utah, which had been deemed at risk for an SCP-2547-manifestation event. The manifestation event occurred on 6/12/15. Agent Miller had been given 4.5 g of amber and enough water to last him for 3 months. He presented the gift to SCP-2547-1, but requested information in lieu of water.

<Begin Log>

SCP-2547-1: Oh, how beautiful. And look! Look there. A fly, caught in the midst.

Agent Miller: How fitting, given our situation.

SCP-2547-1: Hah! A sense of humor! Oh, I like you. [SCP-2547-1 takes Agent Miller's face in its paws and kisses him. Agent Miller does not respond.] Hm? No? Very well, then. Now, your water.

Agent Miller: I happen to be well stocked with water for now, as it happens.

SCP-2547-1: Cunning you. Perhaps it was good I didn't have you after all - you might have a little too much of me in you for me to be properly in you, it seems. - pardon my pun, of course. It would have been highly embarrassing. But. What boon do you seek of me?

Agent Miller: I'd like to know more about you. What you want. Why you do this. Who you are.

SCP-2547-1: Three questions! Oh, you do know your myths! How delicious. What do I want? Has anyone ever dreamed of you, my beautiful man? I'll bet they have. If so, you'd never want it to stop. Now, why do I do this? To put it in your terms, I'm upping my publicity, of course. The myth field has been taken over by hacks and milquetoasts. I'd like my old hunting grounds to myself. But you can't spread legends the way you used to, not anymore. So my approach has had to be…unorthodox. As to who I am, your kind knows me, all right. You know who I am. Not in the bits of you that do all your numbers and lines, but the parts of you that paint and sing and fuck and leap. I am yours, as you are mine. You know who I am, gorgeous man. All you have to do is look. It's right in front of you, I promise.

<End Log> SCP-2547-1 refused to respond to any further questioning, and left 18 days later. Agent Miller tried to gain more information, but SCP-2547 refused to engage in conversation on any subject except propositioning Agent Miller.

インタビュアー: エージェント・ミラー

対象: SCP-2547-1

冒頭陳述: エージェント・ミラーはユタ州██████████の町に駐留していました。この町はSCP-2547の出現の危険性があると判断されていました。15/6/12、出現イベントが発生しました。エージェント・ミラーは4.5gの琥珀と彼が3ヶ月間生存するのに十分な量の水を与えられていました。彼はSCP-2547-1に贈り物を贈りましたが、水の代わりに情報を要求しました。


SCP-2547-1: おお、なんと美しいんだ!そしてここを、ここを見なさい!ハエが真ん中に閉じ込められている!

エージェント・ミラー: あなたのご希望に添えましたでしょうか?

SCP-2547-1: ああ!ユーモアのセンスをお持ちですね!ああ、わたしはあなたを気に入りました。[SCP-2547-1はエージェント・ミラーの顔のところにその前足を持ち上げ、彼にキスをする。エージェント・ミラーは応えない。]ん?いや?えーと、はい、これがあなたの水です。

エージェント・ミラー: 私はたまたま水をたくさん持っているので大丈夫です。

SCP-2547-1: ずるいですね。多分私があなたを飼っていなかったのは良かったのでしょう、結局——あなたは、私がきちんとあなたの中にいるには、少し私が入りすぎているみたいですね。駄洒落で恐縮ですが、もちろん。それはとても恥ずかしいことでした。でも、あなたは私にどんな恩恵を求めていますか?

エージェント・ミラー: もっとあなたのことを知りたいのです。あなたは何がしたいのか。なぜこんなことをしているのか。あなたは誰なのか。

SCP-2547-1: 3つの質問ですね!ええ、あなたはあなたの神話を知っています。とても面白い!

<ログ終了> SCP-2547-1はさらなる質問への回答を拒否し、18日後に町を去りました。エージェント・ミラーはより多くの情報を得ようと努力しましたが、SCP-2547-1はエージェント・ミラー自身に関する話題以外についての会話を拒否しました。

Following Agent Miller's return, Protocol DESERT GRASSROOTS was enacted, which consists of a many-faceted multimedia campaign to produce narratives that involve the SCP-2547-1 entity in some way. Projects created by DESERT GRASSROOTS include:


  • A series of children's books centered around modern retelling of Southwestern Native American myths and legends.
  • 南西インディアンの神話と伝説の現代的な再編を中心とした児童書シリーズ。
  • A common street art design depicting a coyote wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses, using a crucifix as a pipe.
  • 十字架をパイプとして使い、革のジャケットとサングラスを着用したコヨーテを描いた一般的なストリートアートのデザイン。
  • An internet meme template character in the "advice animal" format called Kinky Coyote.
  • キンキー・コヨーテと呼ばれる”アドバイス・アニマル”7のインターネットミーム的キャラクター。
  • A television show called Angels of Dust, featuring an antagonistic cult with hedonistic beliefs, led by a man calling himself Latrans.
  • エンジェルズ・オブ・ダスト」と呼ばれる、「ラトランズ8」と自称する男が率いる快楽主義的な敵対的カルトを特徴とするテレビ番組。
  • An interactive fiction game focusing around a pilot, call sign "Coyote One", stranded on an unfamiliar planet after his ship crashed in a desert.
  • 宇宙船が砂漠で墜落し知らない惑星に取り残された「コヨーテ・ワン」と言うコールサインのパイロットに焦点を合わせた、双方向型フィクションゲーム。
  • A modern surrealist art exhibit at the Boston Isabella Gardner museum, which conveys a canid-man hybrid's conversion to an odd religion. The pieces are done entirely in wire sculptures and taxidermy.
  • ボストンのイザベラ・スチュアート・ガードナー美術館における現代的シュールレアリズムアートの展示。作品はイヌとヒトのハイブリッド生物の宗教への改宗を促進する内容である。作品は完全にワイヤー彫刻と剥製で構成されている。
  • A collaboration album between alternative music artist ██████ ██████ (frontman of alternative-folk band ███ ████) and rap artist █████ ████. The album makes repeated references to an entity called Canis, who represents their primal desires and fears which they must constantly push down and ignore in order to be civilized humans.
  • オルタナティブ音楽アーティスト██████ ██████(オルタナティブフォークバンド███ ████の表看板)とラップアーティスト█████ ████のコラボアルバム。アルバム内では文明的な人間になるために絶えず押し殺し無視しなければならない、彼らの欲求と恐怖を表す”イヌ“と呼ばれる実体について度々言及がなされる。

Following implementation of Protocol DESERT GRASSROOTS, SCP-2547 manifestation events have decreased in frequency by 30%, but SCP-2547-1 no longer appears to accept stories as payment during events, resulting in a 15% increase in the average number of additions to SCP-2547 per manifestation.


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