SCP-3660 - The Zoo Zipper / ズー・ジッパー


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アイテム番号: 3660



Experimentation with this item has been placed on hold until further notice. Please direct any concerns regarding either SCP-3660 or its CoMARP-G2AU Authorization to Senior Researcher Dr. Aldrich Hanssen.

— 施設副管理官 ミレナ・ロペス博士
— 収容副管理官 ソフィア・チューナー
— Dr. Milena Lopez, Asst. Dir. of Facilities
— Sophia Turner, Asst. Dir. of Containment



特別収容プロトコル: SCP-3660はサイト-64の標準セキュリティーロッカーに保管されます。SCP-3660を扱う職員は手袋を着用する必要があります。SCP-3660を扱う職員は全身を覆う化学防護服を着用する必要があります。事故による植込みが起きた場合、組織の周りへ局所麻酔を適用することができますが、SCP-3660は可能な限り早く表皮から摘出されなくてはなりません。
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3660 is kept in a standard, secure locker at Site-64. Personnel handling SCP-3660 are required to wear gloves. Personnel handling SCP-3660 are required to wear full-body, hazardous material suits. In the event of accidental implantation, local anesthesia may be applied to the surrounding tissue but SCP-3660 must be surgically removed from the epidermis as soon as possible.

説明: SCP-3660はセーターやリュックサックに見られるものと同様の黒い金属製のジッパーです。アイテムの状態は劣悪です。塗装の大部分は剥げており、金属は歪み、スライダーの半分は欠けています(ねじ切られたように見えます)。SCP-3660は人間の皮膚1に押し付けられるまでは異常性がなく不活性です。植込み事例からすると、押し当てる力は無視されている可能性があります。磁気吸引力と同様に、SCP-3660は皮膚に軽く押し当てるだけで対象に引き寄せられます。
Description: SCP-3660 is a black metal zipper, similar to those found on sweaters and backpacks. The item is in poor condition. A significant amount of its paint has been ground off, the metal is warped and half of its slider is missing(appearing wrenched off). SCP-3660 is non-anomalous and inert until it is pressed against the skin of a human being2. The amount of force applied can be disregarded when considering an implantation event. In a manner not dissimilar to magnetic attraction, SCP-3660 will gravitate into the subject if held lightly against their skin.

In the event of implantation, SCP-3660 will sink into the flesh until only the pull-tab is visible. While subjects have reported feeling an itch at this location, significant pain is rarely reported. Major distress has only been observed in subjects already aware of SCP-3660’s effects.


D-33313. Deceased.

Within 10 minutes, SCP-3660 will activate and unzip the host’s skin by dragging itself across the epidermis before detaching from the skin. While the resultant opening varies in size between subjects, and is presumed dependent on the size of the new organism within, it is consistently lined with metallic zipper teeth. This process not only "hollows" the subject, but also gives their skin the consistency and composition of silicone rubber. Extreme shifts in mass have occurred. What SCP-3660 exactly does with the subject's viscera is currently unknown.

As SCP-3660 activates, an animal will be synthesized inside the skin. This transfiguration is instantaneous and, theoretically, would require massive investments of energy. The friction involved in the destruction/creation of cells at this speed should generate heat high enough to boil blood and damage cells. SCP-3660 bypasses this process entirely. Beyond a small amount of steam expelled from the skin's opening, there are no indications that energy dynamics have occurred at all. As of ███ experiments, only amniotes, cephalopods, and chondrichthyans have been created by SCP-3660. Utilizing species from other biological groupings is presumed non-viable. Testing as to whether SCP-3660 creates species at random, or in accordance to an undiscovered pattern is ongoing is pending approval.


D-46296 following induced identity expungement.

While a subject immediately post-transfiguration may initially display shock and/or animalistic behavior attesting to the contrary, the human identity is relatively intact. Transfigured subjects are consistently capable of confirming their identities through various methods such as standard memory tests, simple communication through gestures and, when applicable, written testimony. However, it is inaccurate to state that SCP-3660 does not fundamentally alter the subject. Transfigured subjects adopt a natural proficiency in operating their new forms. Examples include:


D-30812, acquired by Site-45 on 02/21/2018.

  • 水中でのヒレ推進移動。
  • 翼を使った飛行。
  • つかむのに適した尻尾動作。
  • 毒の注入。
  • 求愛儀式。
  • 体温調整。
  • Fin propelled locomotion in water.
  • Winged flight.
  • Prehensile tail manipulation.
  • Venom injection.
  • Courtship rituals.
  • Internal heat regulation.

Furthermore, subjects may experience the supplanting of specific, albeit now incompatible, aspects of their humanity in order to accommodate species-specific traits. These new instincts and behaviors are not necessarily compulsive nor overpowering. Depending on the individual constitutions of the subjects, human identities can be easily maintained with minimal deviation, even unconsciously so, while others may have their identities steadily eroded away without professional intervention. Currently the change in diet and mating urges are reported as being the most difficult to resist, according to 94.7% and 59.2% of the cumulative subject pool, respectively.

The transformation is, currently, irreversible. Testing into this matter is ongoing.

SCP-3660 CoMARP統合: 共同資材研究プロジェクト(CoMARP)はスカークリフ博士によって提出された提案書-048を受理しており、このアイテムは現在、CoMARP一般取得利用認可の対象になっています。そのため、SCP-3660により変貌させられた被験者は、他の研究チームにより取得または一時的に利用される可能性があります。SCP-3660の被験者の利用は、CoMARP-G2AU認可のある他の資産と同様に、下記の条件を満たす必要があります。
SCP-3660 CoMARP Integration: The Collaborative Materials and Research Project has accepted Proposal-048, submitted by Dr. Scarcliffe, and this item is now cleared for a CoMARP General Acquisition and Use Authorization. As such, subjects transfigured by SCP-3660 may be acquired or temporarily utilized by other research teams. Usage of SCP-3660's subjects, as with other resources with an attached CoMARP-G2AU Authorization, requires satisfaction of the following requirements.

  1. 利用/取得の申請書は、申請チームの上級研究員が提供し、提示された利用期間に応じて、要求した資材の長期または短期計画を記載する必要があります。
  2. Applications for use/acquisition must be provided by the applicant team’s senior research personnel and include either long or short term plans for requested material, depending on the proposed duration of use.
  3. 申請は提出する前に、申請者のサイトを担当する管理者に承認される必要があります。この条件を満たさない申請は自動的に拒否され、適切な管理局に通知されます。
  4. Applications must be approved by administrative personnel responsible for the applicant site before submission. Applications that fail this requirement will be automatically denied and the appropriate administration will be notified.
  5. 提供している研究チームは適切なCoMARPの連絡係を通じて申請を承認する必要があります。SCP-3660の場合、ステファニー・スカークリフ博士です。アルドリッチ・ハンセン博士です。
  6. The supplying research team must approve the application through the relevant CoMARP liason. For SCP-3660, this is Dr. Stephanie Scarcliffe. Dr. Aldrich Hanssen.

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