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アイテム番号: SCP-3960

オブジェクトクラス: Euclid

特別収容プロトコル: 組み立て前のSCP-3960実体はサイト-64保管棟の高セキュリティ電子機器保管コンテナに、元のパッケージに入れて保管されます。新たにSCP-3960実体を組み立てるには、サイトの倫理委員会連絡担当とサイト司令部の双方からの承認が必要です。
Special Containment Procedures: Unassembled instances of SCP-3960 are to be stored in their original packaging within high-security electronics storage containers in the storage wing of Site-64. Assembly of a new instance of SCP-3960 requires the approval of both the site's Ethics Committee liaison and Site Command.

The four assembled instances of SCP-3960 currently within Foundation custody are to be kept within a single Type-S Humanoid Storage Cell at Site-64. The cell is to be inspected daily for signs of attempted containment breach. Psychological evaluations of each instance are to occur on a weekly basis. Each instance is to be inspected bimonthly for any damage that may have occurred during containment.

説明: SCP-3960はアンダーソン・ロボティクスが製造した、合計10体の完全可動式人型ロボット玩具を指します。各実体の身体は、アルミニウムの骨格を覆う成形済ポリカーボネートの外装で構成されています。外装の外側はSCP-1360-1と同じ組織の黒い布で覆われており、内側には奇跡論的シンボルが描かれています。完全に組み立てられると、各実体は身長約31cm、体重約3kgになります。現在財団の管理下にある10体のSCP-3960実体のうち、6体のSCP-3960実体は組み立てられずに元のパッケージに入れたままであり、3体は財団が取得する以前からすでに組み立てられており、1体は財団の実験のために組み立てられました。
Description: SCP-3960 refers to a total of ten fully articulated humanoid toy robots manufactured by Anderson Robotics. The body of each instance is composed of molded polycarbonate casings over an aluminum frame. The exterior of these casings is covered in a black fabric of identical composition to SCP-1360-1, while the interior is covered in thaumaturgic symbols. When fully assembled, each instance stands at approximately 31 cm in height and weighs approximately 3 kg. Of the ten instances of SCP-3960 currently in Foundation custody, six instances of SCP-3960 remain unassembled within their original packaging, with three instances having already been assembled prior to Foundation acquisition and one instance being assembled as part of Foundation testing.

SCP-3960実体の組み立ては比較的簡単で、合計14個のパーツをはめることでロボットの身体が構築されます。各実体に付属している説明書によると、組み立ての最終手順は、実体を囲むように食塩で奇跡論的サークルを作り出す必要があります。円に沿っておよそ等距離にして5点に、性格特性が書かれた紙を置きます。この工程を終えると、製作者は"Vitam Amicus"1と唱えるように指示されます。その時点で奇跡論的サークルはすぐさまに消滅し、SCP-3960実体は動き出します。
Assembly of an instance of SCP-3960 is relatively simple, with a total of 14 pieces snapping together to form the robot's body. The final step of assembly, according to the pictorial instructions that come with each instance, requires the builder to create a thaumaturgic circle out of table salt around the instance. At five roughly equidistant points along the circle, the builder is required to place a piece of paper with a personality trait written on it. Once this is done, the builder is instructed to chant "Vitam Amicus"2, at which point the thaumaturgic circle will immediately vanish, and the instance of SCP-3960 will animate.

Upon animation, instances of SCP-3960 will attempt to follow the individual responsible for their assembly and assist them in a variety of tasks, ranging from playing games to advanced mathematical calculations. The personality and skill set of animate instances of SCP-3960 are correlated with the traits written on the pieces of paper used during assembly. Animate instances of SCP-3960 are capable of speech in a monotone voice; each instance will refer to the individual who performed the assembly chant as its best friend or in similar terms of endearment. Currently, there appears to be no means of changing who an instance of SCP-3960 is bonded to after assembly. Animate instances of SCP-3960 do not appear to require a power source to operate and are hypothesized to have the capacity to run indefinitely.

補遺 3960-A: パッケージの文章
Addendum 3960-A: Packaging Text
The following text is present on the back of the original packaging of each instance of SCP-3960:


With the new Hobby Personal Android from Anderson Robotics, your best friend is always with you. Each HPA is fully customizable and fully assembled within as little as 15 minutes!
From games to jokes, to homework help, and more, the possibilities of your HPA are only as limited as your imagination.
Don't wait! Build the friend you deserve today!

補遺 3960-B: 回収
Addendum 3960-B: Recovery
All instances of SCP-3960 were recovered on May 24th, 2024 during the joint Foundation/UIU raid on the offices of Anderson Robotics in Three Portlands. The following emails were recovered from the computer at the workstation near the containers in which the instances were found.

補遺 3960-C: 組み立てられた実体のインタビュー
Addendum 3960-C: Assembled Instance Interviews

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