魔法の新時代我らが時は最後に来たれり。/Our time has finally come.
The Sacred Djehuti鳥と鮫の戦いについての聖典。/These are the sacred texts of Birds vs Sharks.
千年九尾狐またの名を "あの妖狐"。/Also known as, "that damned Vixen."
Lord Goran緋色の王の鉄砲玉。/A brute of the Scarlet King.
The Kaiju Seaもっと大きなやつらが控えている。/There's always a bigger fish.
The Slumbering Prince
How To Make A Focus Of Ultimate Power
The Gallows Tree
The Grove of Exiles, またの名を禁忌とされる場所。/aka the place whose name is taboo.
Pozz喪ったものがあったって、死人は蘇って幸せになれるかもしれない。皆がそうとは限らないけれど。/Those who fall may come back and be happy, despite their loss. Not all of them, though.
否認者たちすべての敬虔な信仰者、奇跡術の実践者、超自然の研究者への敵対者。/The opponents of all faithful adherents, practitioners of thaumaturgy, and students of the occult.
ROCK WAR! ROCK WAR!一枚岩たちのバトルロワイヤルにみられる社会的評論。/Social commentary on battle royales involving slabs of rocks.
Karcist Halyna Ieva爪先無しの家臣たちを進軍させる堕ちたカルキスト、趾を求む母。/The Mother Who Demands One's Toes, a fallen Karcist who marches an army of toeless minions.
The Great Shucks of the Unnamed Lords大きく、真っ黒なイッヌ。/Big, black doggos.
Clown Town道化師の街。/A Town for Clowns.
"Scattersomnia": A Disease of the Wise and Drowsy Wanderers思考の悪疫。/A plague of thought.


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