SCP-7749 - "Plague" Doctor



SCP-7749 upon discovery.

Item #: SCP-7749

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7749 is contained within a Standard Secure Humanoid Containment Cell at Site-17. During transport, SCP-7749 must be secured within a Class Ⅱ Humanoid Restriction Harness.

While generally cooperative with Foundation personnels, due to the exhibition of common symptoms of depression, SCP-7749 has been granted weekly counseling meetings with the on-site therapist.

All SCP-7749-2 instances are contained at Site-Q51.

Description: SCP-7749 is a 1.80-meter tall humanoid entity, which bears the appearance of a medieval plague doctor. While SCP-7749 appears to be wearing the thick robes and the ceramic mask indicative of that profession, the garments instead seem to be part of the body2. Investigation of the skeletal structure by using X-ray has failed.

SCP-7749 is capable of causing all biological functions of an organism to cease through direct skin contact. When using this ability, the anomaly perform a surgery on the subject using the implements contained within its robes3.

SCP-7749-2 instances are reanimated subjects that have been operated on by SCP-7749. While these instances seem to retain their prior memories and mental functions, lethargy and personality changes have been observed.

SCP-7749 thinks that this world is in the face of the presence of what it calls the "Disease", seem to be an issue of immense concern to the anomaly. SCP-7749 will become hostile with individuals it sees as being fatally affected by the "Disease", attempts to use its ability.

Addendum 7749.1:  Discovery

SCP-7749 was discovered during the investigation of a series of unknown disappearances and unnatural personality changes in the town of Nevada in the United States. During a raid on a local home, investigators found several instances of SCP-7749-24, as well as SCP-7749.

The following interview was conducted during the initial containment.

Interview Log 7749-01

Date: 2022/12/10

Interviewer: Dr. Desmond Bacon

Interviewee: SCP-7749


Dr. Bacon: Hello, My name is Dr. Desmond Bacon. Normally you are to be called by your number, but you are still new in here, so let's call you by your name for now. What should I call you?

SCP-7749: Fine with being called by numbers. It's a minor concern. ……Hmm, A doctor. Wherein is your speciality, sir?

Dr. Bacon: Cryptomedicine.

SCP-7749: Medicine! (Laughs) That's good to hear.  I was worried I had been abducted by some kind of a dangerous organization! Well, it is in the sense of handling dangerous things, though. Then, this place is a laboratory? That would explain such little trace of "Disease" here.

Dr. Bacon: What do you mean that "Disease"?

SCP-7749: The anger of Earth, Retribution from the lord! What made so many to succumb, and force many more will continue to. ……And, about the name, there's no such thing. No one believed the existence except me. So I simply call it "Disease".

SCP-7749: It has existed on earth for ages, and abounds outside these walls even now. Importantly, it undermines people from their birth. Well, most of them die from other reason…… Still, we can no longer be so reassured for the last 100 years. They started to occur with explosions in various places, as if they were to be further punished. Haven't moved for more than 150 years from there, but I still had to feel the pandemics that were happening around the world.

SCP-7749: But this reign of terror is coming to an end. (Stands from the chair) I am very close to the development of the perfect cure. It is my duty in life to rid the world of it, and the duty is now beginning to be fulfilled!

Dr. Bacon: Hrmm, I see. ……Can you talk a little more about that "Disease"? Like, the…… types? If there are any.

SCP-7749: Very good point! I figured out that there are at least four types of this "Disease". Two of them are powerful but easy to prevent, and in some cases can be prevented with a piece of paper. The problem is the other two. They are stubborn and difficult to escape from it, like ghosts. One of them is particularly pernicious and can easily consume people. Though there are different kinds, but they all do the same thing. After years of research, I have almost perfected the cure to stop the further erosion of the "Disease". I have also performed surgery on myself, making my body nearly impervious to it.

Dr. Bacon: OK…… Then it may be…… (Calls the staff and order several things)

SCP-7749: Any problem, sir?

Dr. Bacon: Well, I think we know something about that. I asked him to bring a few things to make it sure.

SCP-7749: Ooh! Maybe there's some research being done here too. It'll be a reassuring thing if true.

Dr. Bacon: Not sure yet, though. But if my guess is correct, what I just ordered would be the source of the "Disease".

SCP-7749: The source? If it's true, the research could go a long way.

Dr. Bacon: That may be true, but-

Staff: Doctor, I have what you asked for.

Dr. Bacon: Thank you. Put them here.

(An americium alpha radiation source, a bone imaging agent containing technetium, and uranium ore get placed on the desk.)

SCP-7749: This is……! The very source of the "Disease"! How ominous. All of them are being put out with great vigor. Where did you get these?

Dr. Bacon: Uum……

SCP-7749: Doctor?

Dr. Bacon: Well, um…… We know it very well indeed.

SCP-7749: Really! Then-

Dr. Bacon: Wait a minute. ……And we know it's not an actual disease.

SCP-7749: ……Huh?

Dr. Bacon: We call it "radiation"…… General term for particles and electromagnetic waves with high energy. Not germs nor viruses.

SCP-7749: Radi…… What?

Dr. Bacon: "Radiation". It would be easier to understand if I say it "a kind of light or something smaller than dust, with powerful energy". It's true that these things are harmful and can be the cause of cancer, but they also have a beneficial side. We have succeeded to some extent in controlling them, and we also use them.

SCP-7749: Using the "Disease"……!?

Dr. Bacon: For example, this uranium ore can be used for making electricity. Another famous one is X-rays. It enables us to see the bones clearly. Now I understand why the X-rays didn't work on you.


Dr. Bacon: Well, so, radiation is now a part of our life, too. There are still plenty of problems in it, but not a thing to reject.

SCP-7749: (Silence)

Dr. Bacon: I'll send you a related book later, so you can read it for more details. ……7749?

SCP-7749: (Shivers) My…… All of my work……

Dr. Bacon: ……Well, um, have you ever took a newspaper, or watching TV for getting news about that……?

SCP-7749: I, thought it would cumber my research…… I've been stuck at home for a long time……

Dr. Bacon: ……I, I think it's still too early for you to give up your life. It could be used for something else, maybe.

SCP-7749: Everything was…… All nothi- (Faints)

Dr. Bacon: Hey! Come on! Somebody get me a stretcher!


Addendum 7749.2: Further Research and Present Condition

Verification results show that SCP-7749 and SCP-7749-2 instances have a reflectivity of more than 99% against major radiation.

SCP-7749 is now observed to exhibit common symptoms of depression, becoming lethargic, and unwilling to speak about the "Disease".

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