SCP-7000 - Pseudepigrapha (2nd Page)


5/7000 LEVEL 5/7000
Item #: SCP-7000

Assigned Sites: Area-70、Zone 23、Site-96K、Site-CN-99Area-Shell、Poland Branch Site-321Facility-57、Site-66MV、Site-8171、Site-DE10Site-MinervaSite UA-74Area-PT2Area-09CSSite-ZH-66、Site-VN-03

Project Leads: O5-10、Dr. Alfred Mothei

Research Heads: Director Kiu Ixiu, Dr. Marco Yosen, Various

Assigned Departments: Pataphysics, Deduction2, Subculture3, Linguistics, Temporal Anomalies, Quantum Supermechanics, Psychology, Various


Ushu Narrative Anchor

Special Containment Procedures: Mass produced Ushu Narrative Anchors (UNA) will be deployed around the Foundation's facilities and database servers worldwide to prevent the effects of SCP-7000. A total of 40 A-Z7K.aic will be constantly monitoring the database for SCP-7000 impact detection and correction.

If a space or an area on the database is found to be severely affected by SCP-7000, an UNA will be set up after an investigation by Mobile Task Force Alpha-70 (“Those Who Resist”).

The existence of this report is also a countermeasure to effectively contain the effects of SCP-7000, since a good understanding of the causes of SCP-7000 triggers the weakening of the phenomenon. However, the release of information for low-level clearance has been deemed unnecessary, and inadvertent release is considered a violation of protocol as it could inadvertently destabilize the entity.

A detailed explanation of the existence of the Foundation's administrative structure outside of the English-speaking world through natural means to all Foundation personnel is recommended.

Description: SCP-7000 is a destabilizing phenomenon of multiverse existence within the base narrative layer caused by a collective lack of perception/knowledge of information/concepts described or associated with a non-English language in multiple narrative layers, including the base narrative layer. The phenomenon of object non-existence based on lack or rejection of recognition has already been confirmed in known studies. However, unlike those occurring in individual intellects, the SCP-7000 anomaly is caused by interlingual collective intelligence among multiple narrative layers. It is currently assumed that the SCP-7000 is mainly influenced by the upper narrative layer, but it is believed that this problem can be solved by adequately suppressing the phenomena originating from within the base narrative layer.

The SCP-7000-affected entities are collectively designated SCP-7000-A, and most of the time their existence, as well as their information, has been erased. Based on the percentage of languages used in the Foundation's database, it is estimated that approximately 49% of the resources, objects, and information managed and recognized by the Foundation have been altered to SCP-7000-A. Due to the diversity of the scope of its influence, its impact is not limited to this universe, but is widespread across multiple dimensions, creating an ongoing Z7K-Class Reality Chaos Scenario. It is believed that this outbreak originated in the 2010s or later, but the details are under separate investigation.

Among the concepts designated SCP-7000-A, the most severely affected and triggers the cascading destabilization of other concepts is the concept of "branch".

SCP-7000 was discovered on 2022/06/25 by Ushu Kei, a staff member of the Foundation Records and Information Security Administration (RAISA), during a security check and update in SCP-2000, when a number of related files affected by SCP-7000 were confirmed.
The Containment team cited the following three reasons for Ushu Kei's discovery of SCP-7000.

  • Former staff of the Japanese Branch. (Could be SCP-7000-A.)
  • Currently affiliated with the U.S. Headquarters site. (The non-SCP-7000-A portion of the foundation is in a recognizable state.)
  • Was a RAISA staff member who came in contact with various files in the course of his duties. (Increased possibility to find files affected by SCP-7000-A.)
  • Has a security clearance. (Same to above.)

Persons with these or similar conditions are extremely rare among Foundation staff and are non-reproducible. It is speculated that this is why it has not been discovered to date.

See previous revision for subsequent details.

After the disappearance, Dr. Mothei invited the Pataphysics Department based on Ushu Kei's testimonies, and the cause was rapidly clarified, and on 2022/08/04, the cause of the SCP-7000 was found as above. In order to neutralize the effect of SCP-7000 on our narrative layer as much as possible, an upgrade of A-Z7K.aic and the development of the Ushu Narrative Anchor (UNA) based on the Ushu Observation Device were conducted.

The UNA is based on specific influence patterns in the SCP-7000-influenced area, and aims to generate weak conceptual connections to areas that can be - and once were - affected by the same type of pattern, to the extent that they do not cause conceptual creep, and to stabilize the area through the connections. The improved A-Z7K.aic also includes this feature.

The following list contains examples of SCP-7000-A and related data from previous revisions.

Item # Description
SCP-7000-A-00001 SCP-2000-JP. An information intelligence with the image of a dog (Canis lupus familiaris). Accessed and activated SCP-2000 after the neutralization of SCP-3519 by "digging" a security hole.
SCP-7000-A-00005 An email and accompanying document, presumably sent by the Three Moons Initiative, requesting that the development of a second SCP-2000 be discontinued.
SCP-7000-A-00008 SCP-603-KO. A woman who uses a cane-like object for reality-bending. Speaks Japanese, but chants in English when exercising reality alteration.
SCP-7000-A-00010 SCP-CN-2434. A concept of intelligence with an independent ego that has existed for about several thousand years. The consciousness is manifested when this concept is performed by a human being under specific conditions. It has recently been active as a virtual YouTuber.
SCP-7000-A-00562 SCP-002-VN. The outbreaks of spiritual entities at the grave of foundation employee Darwin Hardwick on August 19th of each year.
SCP-7000-A-01348 SCP-2999-JP. A group of unusual employment phenomena at the Foundation. As a result of this phenomenon, it has been determined that the main employment requirements of the Foundation are job performance and loyalty to the Foundation, and that Foundation employees are incinerated immediately upon death.
SCP-7000-A-01477 SCP-050-CS. A stone that is constantly moving. It converts energy imparted from its surroundings into kinetic energy.
SCP-7000-A-02879 SCP-356-TH-EX. A luminous phenomenon, of unknown principle but known to the public, that occurs annually on November 15 in certain rivers. Details unknown, indicating interference by Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.
SCP-7000-A-03009 SCP-1280-JP. A space-time anomaly that dilutes the reality of its surroundings. Details highly classified, see appropriate document.
SCP-7000-A-03838 SCP-923-KO. A parasitic concept in the form of an "The Anti-Disney Department" in organizations. It has been identified within the Foundation as well as at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
SCP-7000-A-04528 The Laundry Department. Traditional Chinese Branch Jurisdiction. An internal division established through a franchise agreement with Group of Interest "The Camellia Laundry, Phantasm Orchid." Specializes in decontamination work using anomalous washing techniques.
SCP-7000-A-05551 SCP-001-JP-IKV. Details highly classified, see appropriate document.
SCP-7000-A-06131 Site-Cerere. Under the jurisdiction of the Italian Branch. Contains animal and plant anomalies. Director is Dr. Tommaso Passini, and vicedirector is Dr. Luigi Foriani.
SCP-7000-A-07236 GoI "Robotic Republic". Confirmed by Ukrainian Branch. An organization composed of a group of machines hostile to humanity, planning to dominate the earth by machines.
SCP-7000-A-07780 SCP-124-PT. A dinosaur outbreak that occurs annually on August 2 throughout Brazil. Friendly chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) occur after the end of the outbreak.
SCP-7000-A-08925 SCP-CN-312. A women who, while non-anomalous and not previously associated with anomalous entities, appears to potentially hold a great deal of important information about them.
SCP-7000-A-09062 SCP-156-DE. An android who claims to come from a parallel universe R-7703-DE. In this parallel universe, an SK-Class Dominance Shift Scenario by machines has occurred, and this android has been working to revive humanity.
SCP-7000-A-09364 SCP-2105-JP. A car that can terminate a divine entity under conditions by following a procedure.
SCP-7000-A-10003 SCP-ES-131. A humanoid entity that ultimately causes the death of anyone who shows sympathy for it. Antisocial Personality Disorder holders are resistant to this effect. Contained at Site-15.
SCP-7000-A-14201 SCP-PL-167. An underground corridor in Egypt, illuminated by an unknown light source. Already neutralized. Found from the SCP-3790 document.
Related Data Description
SCP-6777 Site-8171 and Dr. Seimei belong to the Japanese Branch
The Society of the Atheist Partisans of Progress for the Halt of the Irrational and Religious Enemy (SAPPHIRE) This Group of Interest was originally confirmed by the French branch. There are indications that the file was widely circulated in the U.S. in the past for further attention to this organization.
SCP-206SCP-1138SCP-2195SCP-2470SCP-5240 SCP-206, SCP-1138, and SCP-2195 were designated as SCP-1092-RU, SCP-1138-RU, and SCP-1195-RU before renumbering4. SCP-2470 and SCP-5240 are identical objects to SCP-1001-RU and SCP-1380-RU.
SCP-179SCP-2104 Identical objects to SCP-ES-026 and SCP-ES-004.

If a person who has become SCP-7000-A or who has spent an extended period of time in the SCP-7000 affected area recognizes SCP-7000, the significant discrepancy between brain cognition and SCP-7000-based collective intelligence recognition will greatly confuse the person in question, resulting in further destabilization or disappearance of the being. The result is further destabilization or disappearance of the person in question. However, this phenomenon can be alleviated by explaining the cause or by weakening the influence of the SCP-7000. All Foundation staff members who had been suffering from confusion or severe destabilization of their existence, recovered and returned to their duties after this treatment with the exception of Ushu Kei.

Explanation from Dr. Mothei

Let's start with the obvious. The Foundation is working around the world to secure an anomalous presence. Of course, some of them are in non-English speaking countries. In such places, it is impossible to communicate with local people using only English, and it is also impossible to find anomalies. Therefore, it is necessary to have staff members who can speak the language of the country in each region, but it is inefficient to have staff members conduct language courses for each region every time. It is more convenient to hire local people as staff, and if you want to create an organization that can act independently to some extent, you do not have to worry about every detail. Thus, the foundation set up branches in each language area. (We basically don't operate on a country-by-country basis because we need to divide the system in vain. That is why Austria and Switzerland are under the jurisdiction of the German branch).
Now, as for the separate branches for each language, few people can speak more than one language, and the same is true of foundations. And even fewer are able to translate documents, since most of them are employed as interpreters. Therefore, most documents are left untranslated. However, English is often translated into other languages because it is relatively easy to learn. This is also due to the fact that it is an international language. However, this creates a problem.
While non-English speaking staff may have opportunities to read documents in their own language, there are very few opportunities for English speaking staff to read documents in other languages. Then, there is a big difference in the amount of document recognition here. For human beings, the size of the world they can see fluctuates depending on their beliefs and the amount of knowledge they have. Considering this, English-speaking staff members perceive the "world" narrower than staff members from other languages. And this difference in perception is compounded by the number of people belonging to each language group.
If this were all, SCP-7000 would not have occurred yet, but this problem occurs in the upper narrative layer as well. This cognitive difference between the linguistic spheres affects the efficiency of the narrative modification process. The combination of these two, similarly structured factors is believed to have caused SCP-7000.

For years we overlooked this problem. As a result, the Foundation has failed to make effective use of resources that could have been used, and has largely put off problems that could have been addressed sooner. It is time to stop being driven by the gamble like the native language.

Now is the time to catch up.

Coupled with the fact that several documents, primarily this one, have become the proofs of concept of existence belonging to international branches, the effect of SCP-7000 is rapidly weakening.
The SCP-7000 object class is currently being considered for change to Keter and is expected to be changed to Euclid or Safe in the future.

Postscript 2022/08/31

On 2022/08/29, Ushu Kei appeared at Site-17 with a flash of light. Although Ushu Kei did not retain any memories after 07/26, no space-time distortion due to SCP-7000 was confirmed. The individual in question has returned to duties, but it should be noted that Ushu still complains of occasional hallucinations.
The recording device that was missing at the time of the apparition was also recovered, and the following logs were recorded.

Video Log 7000-EE


(Ushu Kei is pulled up from below. Several thread-like objects are entangled all over the body, suspending Ushu.)

Ushu Kei: It was you, wasn't it?

Ushu Kei: You made me suffer, didn't you?

Ushu Kei: Did I?

Ushu Kei: Just for that? My whole life has been for this?

Ushu Kei: Then set me free. I've had enough of this.

Ushu Kei: What?

Ushu Kei: That's not much! Why, why!

Ushu Kei: Do I still have to suffer for you!

Ushu Kei: That's too much to ask! I have human rights to be protected! Now cut this off and let me—

(Ushu Kei faints. Some sort of procedure seems to have been done to his head, but it is not well documented.)

(Ushu Kei moves down and fades out.)


The entity (or group) that came in contact with Ushu Kei in this log is currently under investigation.

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