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3/4476 LEVEL 3/4476
Item #: SCP-4476
Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned MTF
Site-93A Dr. Stanley Arthur Dr. Isabelle Beaumont Beta-2 "Bayou Boys"

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-4476 Exclusion Zone

SCP-4476 is contained within a 3-kilometer exclusion zone on the far western edge of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. Site 93A has been set up in the nearby town of Port Sulphur under the cover story Lambda Mu 22a: "Gulf Shore Cleanup Operation". Additionally, the local economy has been artificially depressed in order to encourage the local residents to leave, as well as to discourage population growth.

MTF Beta-2 "Bayou Boys" are to routinely patrol the nearby marshlands to prevent outside intrusion as well as to contain the inhabitants of SCP-4476 from exiting the exclusion zone. Due to the high-traffic nature of the bayou fishing industry, additional resources have been allocated to the containment of SCP-4476. This includes the expansion of MTF Beta-2 to company strength, with a variety of amphibious vehicles and several bayou patrol helicopters.

Any non SCP-4476 resident apprehended attempting to enter the exclusion zone is to be interrogated and released after amnestic treatment.


SCP-4476 is a small fishing village accessible only by boat in the far western part of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana with an estimated population of 45. The entire population, designated SCP-4476-1, is made up of members of the Natau family, and they all display significant birth defects and physical abnormalities.

SCP-4476-1 Presenting with Growth

These physical abnormalities primarily present as large tumorous growths as a result of foetus in foetu. These growths are treated with a great deal of respect, and SCP-4476-1 refer to them as "The Unborn".

The language spoken by SCP-4476-1 is a fusion of Proto-Urallic Adytite mixed with the local French-English Creole. While it is uncertain how long this family has lived in the area, linguistic drift analysis suggests that they originally spoke Adytite, with the local Creole adopted sometime in the latter half of the 17th century.

The social hierarchy of SCP-4476-1 revolves around a group of five visually identical, elderly females, designated SCP-4476-1A, which the others refer to collectively as "Manma Natau". It is unclear how SCP-4476-1 distinguishes between the five, and careful genetic sampling indicates that the five sisters represent the matriarchal genesis of every other member of SCP-4476-1. It is also of note that one of the five instances of SCP-4476-1A is always pregnant.

The population of SCP-4476 remains exceptionally stable even with the observed rate of pregnancies. There have been no reported cases of illness within the family group, and no observed accidental deaths. It is currently unknown whether the absence of additional children is a result of stillbirth or a high infant mortality rate. When asked about this phenomena or the anomalously high pregnancies, the locals will give evasive or non-answers.

The villagers rarely travel far from SCP-4476, and thus their diet is restricted to the flora and fauna that can be found within the exclusion zone. Dietary staples include several types of fish, a variety of swamp cabbage1 cultivated in a nearby field, several species of frogs, and small alligators.


SCP-4476 Longhouse & Shed

The infrastructure of SCP-4476 is made up of one large residential structure, a storage shed, a small building primarily used for drying collected swamp cabbage, a short dock with several small fishing punts, and a medium-sized anomalous2 structure that serves as both a religious gathering place and "birthing house". SCP-4476-1 spend the majority of their time either working in the cabbage field, fishing, cooking, or mending the nets they utilize for fishing and catching frogs.

SCP-4476-1 adhere to a strict pattern of six working days with a single day of religious observance. While generally tolerant of Foundation researchers, SCP-4476-1 will become hostile to all outsiders that intrude on their religious practices. These rituals take place inside the church-like structure, and until recently have been entirely unobserved.

Attached Addenda


SCP-4476 was initially discovered in late April of 2010, following reports of concern for a "Nälkä family"3 made by several denizens of LoI-354 "La Rue Macabre" during the clean up of the Deepwater incident involving SCP-████. These reports were followed up on by members of MTF Beta-2 "Bayou Boys", and they were eventually able to locate the village.

Initial contact was made with the villagers on April 29, 2010. Due to the isolated nature of the area, it was decided that SCP-4476 should be contained in its original location. Site-93A was established utilizing the clean up effort as cover, and remains there to this day.

While SCP-4476-1 mostly ignored the Foundation presence, no headway was made in successfully establishing a permanent research presence, primarily due to the difficulty presented by the language barrier. Upon a request by Site Director Stanley Arthur, the Foundation Oversight Committee agreed to bring in Dr. Isabelle Beaumont, a local anthropologist that had previously shown marked success in developing ongoing contact with other local indigenous cultural groups.

Her relevant research logs and memorandum are included.

Despite Dr. Beaumont's initial hesitation, significant progress was made towards understanding SCP-4476-1 and their way of life. After several months of study and interaction, Dr. Beaumont was able to give valuable insight into their language and cultural heritage. The bulk of Dr. Beaumont's notes and reference materials has been omitted for brevity, but are available upon request.

In June of 2011, Dr. Beaumont made a request on behalf of SCP-4476-1 for a semi-permanent generator, as well as lighting, an electric stove, and a refrigeration unit. After a series of exchanges between Dr. Beaumont and Dr. Arthur, this request was granted. This marked a significant turn in the Foundation's relationship with SCP-4476-1, and Dr. Beaumont began spending most of her time at the village.

On June 20th, 2011, Dr. Beaumont conducted an interview with one of the SCP-4476-1A instances. The interview was conducted in the local dialect of Louisiana Creole and was translated by Dr. Beaumont. A portion of that translation follows:

Interviewed: Manma Nutaa, Resident of SCP-4476
Interviewer: Dr. Isabelle Beaumont, SCP-4476 Head Researcher
Foreword: This is the first time that any of the Manmas Natau have consented to sit down for a structured interview. While I've talked with them several times, they've remained reluctant to share much.
<Begin Log, 06/20/11 - 10:18>
Dr. Beaumont: Thank you, Manma, for sitting down with me.
M. Nutaa: You're welcome, meeña.4
Dr. Beaumont: I'd like to ask you a bit about your history, how long you've been here, and-
M. Nutaa: [Interrupting] You would not believe me, meeña. None of the children of this new land ever do, even Old Man Nancy5 does not believe.
Dr. Beaumont: Perhaps, but I would like to know your stories, your tales, anyway.
M. Nutaa: I remember the burning towers of Gyaros as we sailed away. Karcist Meksa wanted to go Kythera, to reunite with our beloved Ion, but we could not.
Dr. Beaumont: I'm not sure what that means, Manma.
M. Nutaa: It was long ago. Before even your ancestors knew of this land.
Dr. Beaumont: That is hard to believe, but I will try and follow along.
M. Nutaa: A storm ravaged the Aegean, and we were swept past the Great Rock, and into the endless waters of the Western Sea. We were lost, adrift. Our ship had been injured, and it took everything Karcist Meksa could do just to keep us alive. Eventually we landed in the far North, where we tried to make a place for ourselves.
Dr. Beaumont: Why didn't you just try and go home?
M. Nutaa: We all knew that the Grand Karcist had fallen, meeña. There was no home to return to.
Dr. Beaumont: Ok, I guess. Go on.
M. Nutaa: I told you that you would not believe. Let's talk of other things.
Dr. Beaumont: Um, all right. I've noticed your family rarely gets sick. Would you mind telling me about that?
M. Nutaa: Ion has blessed us, meeña. We use His gift to keep the älaakt6 safe from the small things in the waters.
Dr. Beaumont: Ion? Is that the Nälkä divinity?
M. Nutaa: No, no, not like that. The Grand Karcist is our Intercessor. He taught us the Way, and showed us how to be more. We keep to His ways, and we shape our älaakt to become a Vessel for His Return.
Dr. Beaumont: I am confused. You said that your Grand Karcist fell. Is "Ion" the name you give to your current Grand Karcist?
M. Nutaa: Yes, and no. Beloved Ion is no longer of this world, but He is still with us, in our blood, in the Way. He is our only Grand Karcist, and He will Return to guide all of His children to Adytum. We seek purity in order to join Him when the time comes.
Dr. Beaumont: You mentioned Karcist Meksa, I know the term "Karcist" is akin to "Priest". What happened to him?
M. Nutaa: Now you return to things you will not believe. Another time?
Dr. Beaumont: Ok, Manma. Let's talk about fishing perhaps?
<Extraneous conversation expunged>

After several more successful interviews, mostly involving details of the daily life of SCP-4476-1, Dr. Beaumont was invited to participate in a birthing ritual. Her request to attend was initially denied by the Site Director, but that decision was overruled by the Oversight Committee in the interest of gaining more information regarding the activities of SCP-4476-1.


Update - 07/12/2013: Dr. Beaumont was invited to participate in an overnight ritual with SCP-4476-1. She indicated that she had been "invited to join the Family", and expressed interest. She assured Dr. Arthur that this was standard practice within many indigenous peoples, and it would be a formality that would be rude to ignore.

The next morning, Dr. Beaumont failed to return from her stay with SCP-4476-1. On the morning of July 11th, four members of MTF Beta-2 "Bayou Boys" raided SCP-4476 with the objective of either retrieving Dr. Beaumont or ascertaining her status. The following is a transcript of that raid from the viewpoint of the team lead, Sgt. Arnaud.

Dr. Beaumont was taken directly to the Site 93A infirmary where she was pronounced dead. As per protocol, an autopsy was performed and her cause of death was listed as "massive exsanguination due to improper surgical procedure." Also of note is that her uterus and reproductive organs were missing in toto and were never recovered.

From the data retrieved from Dr. Beaumont's notes, it is believed that SCP-4476-1A were attempting to "harvest" genetic material from Dr. Beaumont in order to integrate her into the family.

Update - 07/24/2013:
An additional iteration of SCP-4476-1A has been observed. It should also be noted that all six iterations are showing signs of pregnancy.

All further contact with SCP-4476 has been restricted until further notice.


















































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