【翻訳案】SCP-4052 - Sandwich (disambiguation) / サンドイッチ(曖昧さ回避)


出典: SCP-4052
著者: Deadly BreadDeadly Bread
作成日(EN): 2019/9/4
SCP-4052 - Sandwich (disambiguation)
SCP-4052 - サンドイッチ(曖昧さ回避)

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ライセンス: 不明

タイトル: 不明
著作権者: Sandwich Police Department
公開年: 不明
補足: ライセンス不明につき、画像掲載を控えさせていただきます。

Item#: 4052
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its relatively isolated nature, the town of Sandwich, Illinois[[footnote]]Now designated Site-481.[[/footnote]] has been quarantined by the Foundation. Individuals attempting to enter the town are to be interrogated, issued Class-B amnestics, and released.

比較的孤立した街であることから、イリノイ州のサンドイッチの町[[footnote]] 現在はSCP-481と指定。 [[/footnote]]は財団によって隔離されています。町に入ろうとする人物は、尋問し、クラスB記憶処理を施した上で解放してください。

All food items within this site are to be kept and consumed within its cafeteria, which has been constructed outside of city limits. SCP-4052 manifestations are to be treated cordially to prevent loss of personnel. Requests to utilize SCP-4052 in the removal of culinary-based anomalies is currently pending review.


Description: SCP-4052 is a humanoid entity that appears exclusively within the town of Sandwich, Illinois. This entity resembles an ordinary, white male police officer; the single exception being its head, which appears as an uncut loaf of white bread. Despite this, SCP-4052 is able to speak, see, and hear without apparent issue.

説明: SCP-4052は、イリノイ州・サンドイッチの町内でのみ出現する人型実体です。人型実体は一般的な白人男性の警官と似ています。唯一の例外は、頭部が、切られていない白いパン一斤のように見えることです。このような状態にもかかわらず、SCP-4052は見たところ問題なく言葉を話し、見聞きすることができます。

SCP-4052 manifests if something is brought or created within the town that can be defined using the word "sandwich." SCP-4052 will appear on the paved road nearest to the creator of the object in a police car (henceforth referred to as SCP-4052-1) identical to those used by the Sandwich Police Department. SCP-4052 will approach the current owner of the sandwich and request to see the individual’s “sandwich license,” although no such legal document is known to exist.


If a satisfactory document cannot be produced, SCP-4052 will respond by confiscating the sandwich and placing it in the back seat of SCP-4052-1 before driving away. Once SCP-4052-1 is out of viewing range of the individual, it will demanifest along with SCP-4052. Inquiries directed towards SCP-4052 about the method of obtaining a “sandwich license” are met with indifference, after which the entity will ask that questions be directed towards the "DSO." No government office or department of this name is known to exist.


Addendum: Included below are portions of SCP-4052’s test log to determine the extent of SCP-4052’s manifestation requirements.

補遺: 下記に記載されているのは、SCP-4052の発生条件の判定するために行われたSCP-4052の実験記録の一部です。

Procedure: D-1401 prepared a standard turkey sandwich. Before the sandwich was completed, 100 milligrams of arsenic was added to the dish.
Results: SCP-4052 appeared wearing blue rubber gloves before confiscating the sandwich, commenting “This sandwich has way too much arsenic. It's way above the standard limit of 3 parts per googillion.”
Conclusion: SCP-4052 will manifest if the sandwich is unsafe to consume.

実験方法: D-1401に標準的な七面鳥のサンドイッチを作らせる。サンドイッチが完成する前にヒ素100gをサンドイッチに混入させる。
結果: SCP-4052は青いゴム手袋を着けて出現し、「このサンドイッチはヒ素が入りすぎている。標準を3ppg1超えている状態だ。」と言った後、サンドイッチを没収した。
結: サンドイッチを安全に食すことができない場合、SCP-4052は出現する。

Procedure: Several cut pieces of metal were stacked by D-1401, vaguely replicating the appearance of a sandwich.
Results: SCP-4052 appeared wearing chainlink gloves before confiscating the metal, saying to personnel “Do you even have a Class B sandwich license? Any sandwich that contains metal or other dense materials in its construction requires a Class B license to construct.”
Conclusion: SCP-4052 will appear if the sandwich is made of inedible material.

実験方法: カットされた複数の金属片をある程度サンドイッチの形に似せるようにD-1401に積み重ねさせた。
結果: SCP-4052は網目模様の手袋を着けて出現し、「クラスBサンドイッチ・ライセンスすら持っていないのか?金属や高密度物質を構造に含むサンドイッチを構築するためには、クラスBサンドイッチ・ライセンスが必要だ。」と言い、サンドイッチを没収した。
結: サンドイッチが食べられない物質で作られている場合、SCP-4052は出現する。

Procedure: D-1401 wrote the word "sandwich" on a standard sheet of printer paper. Shortly afterward, a crude drawing of a sandwich was created on a separate sheet of paper.
Results: SCP-4052 manifested and confiscated both papers, commenting “How old are these documents? And you haven't gotten them renewed yet? Sandwich documents need to be renewed regularly so that we know the current operational status of your sandwich. If you had your license, I'd request you get a standard sandwich inspection to make sure there were no underlying problems."
Conclusion: SCP-4052 will appear if the abstract concept or a visual representation of a sandwich is used.

実験方法: D-1401に標準的なコピー用紙へ「サンドイッチ」と書かせた。その後まもなく、サンドイッチの雑な絵を別の用紙に作成した。
結果: SCP-4052が現れ、「いつからこの文書はあった?これらの文書はまだ更新されていないな?我々がサンドイッチ・ドキュメントの運用状況を把握するために、サンドイッチ・ドキュメントは定期的に更新される必要があるんだ。あなたがライセンスを持っていれば、根本的な問題が無いことを確認するために、標準サンドイッチ検査を受けるように要求できるのですが。」と言い、どちらの用紙も没収した。
結: サンドイッチの概念表現あるいは視覚表現を使用した場合、SCP-4052は出現する。

Procedure: D-1401 recreated a map of Sandwich, Massachusetts on a standard piece of paper.
Results: SCP-4052 manifested midway through the recreation before taking the map from D-1401. Before leaving, it commented “You do realize what you're playing with, correct? You could have opened a rip between opposing Sandwiches. You don't want to release what's between the slices.”
Conclusion: SCP-4052 will appear if the term sandwich is used in reference to a specific location.

実験方法: D-1401に、標準的な用紙にマサチューセッツ州サンドイッチの地図を再現させた。
結果: SCP-4052は作成の途中で出現し、その後D-1041から地図を取り上げた。SCP-4052は立ち去る前に「何で遊んでいるのか本当にわかっているんだよな?正対するサンドイッチの間に隙間ができたようなものだ。スライス間の何かを解放したくないだろう。」と言った。
結: サンドイッチという言葉が、特定の場所の言及するために使われると、SCP-4052は出現する。

Procedure: D-1401 attempted a written analysis of the ham sandwich theorem without stating the name of the theorem.
Results: SCP-4052 manifested approximately 47 seconds into the analysis, confiscating all writing materials from D-1401, commenting “What are you doing?! Are you trying to get us all killed?! Writing sandwich creation runes on a sheet of A4 paper? That flimsy compressed piece of pulp could never hold back an Nth sandimensional entity. This is your last warning bud. Stop playing with fire." SCP-4052 then wrote D-1401 a ticket, claiming he owed $500 for multiple sandwich related violations.
Conclusion: SCP-4052 will appear if a term sandwich is related to a mathematical process or abstract concept.

実験方法: D-1401に定理の名前を言及させずに、ハムサンドイッチの定理の分析を書く試みをさせた。
結果: SCP-4052は分析を書き始めて約47秒後に出現し、D-1401から筆記具を全て没収し「何をしている⁉我々を皆殺しにするつもりか⁉A4用紙にサンドイッチを創造するルーンを書こうとしたな?火遊びはやめるんだ」と言った。

Procedure: D-1401 was given a copy of SCP-3689 and was provided the necessary ingredients to create the dish.
Results: As D-1401 was adding the final ingredients to the dish, SCP-4052 manifested and drew its weapon, ordering that D-1401 cease creating the dish and place his hands above his head. D-1401 resisted and was restrained by SCP-4052 before being taken into SCP-4052-1. SCP-4052 reentered SCP-4052-1 and emerged wearing a standard Level B hazmat suit and a biohazard disposal bag. SCP-4052 proceeded to disassemble the sandwich and individually place each ingredient within the disposal bag. Once this was completed, SCP-4052 made an obscene gesture towards nearby researchers before demanifesting along with D-1401. To date, D-1401 has not reappeared during subsequent manifestations.
Conclusion: SCP-4052 will appear if the sandwich has anomalous properties and will react accordingly.

実験方法: D-1401に SCP-3689のコピーを与え、SCP-3689を作るために必要な材料を準備した。
結果: D-1401が最後の材料をSCP-3689に加えようとした際、SCP-4052が出現し、武器を取り出して、SCP-3689の作成を止め、手を頭上に挙げるようD-1401へ命令した。D-1401が抵抗すると、SCP-4052はD-1401を取り押さえ、その後SCP-4052-1へ乗り込ませた。SCP-4052はSCP-4052-1へ再び乗り込み、標準的なレベルB防護服を着用し、生物学的災害用の汚物処理袋を持って出現した。SCP-4052はサンドイッチを分解し、一つ一つの材料を別々の汚物処理袋へ入れ始めた。完了すると、SCP-4052は付近の研究員に中指を立て、その後D-1401とともに消失した。D-1401がこれ以降のSCP-4052が出現した間に、再び現れたことは現在のところありません。
結び: サンドイッチが異常性を持つ場合、SCP-4052は出現しその場に応じた対応を行う。


[[██collapsible show="► レベル4/4052セキュリティ資格を入力してください。 ◄" hide="▼ パスワードが受理されました。 ファイルにアクセスします。▼"]]

Item#: 4052
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: No active containment of SCP-4052 is to take place. SCP-4052's previous containment procedures have been nullified and its classification changed accordingly.

特別収容プロトコル: SCP-4052の収容活動は行わないでください。SCP-4052に対するこれまでの収容プロトコルは無効化され、SCP-4052のクラス分類は変更されています。

Archived Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-4052's occupation of a former Foundation site and the lack of a civilian population within the town, attempts to evict SCP-4052 from their current location have been unsuccessful. As such, containment of SCP-4052 is to be focused on misinformation and misdirection. All roads leading to or running through the town are to be rerouted to the nearby cities of Plano and Somonauk. A Foundation outpost is to be constructed within a nearby knoll, obscuring it from the town. Individuals attempting to approach the town are to be allowed in and intercepted upon exiting once out of view of SCP-4052. These individuals are to be interrogated, amnestized, and relocated to a nearby town. Attempts to enter Site-481 for any reason are to be approved by two Level 4 personnel.

アーカイブ済収容プロトコル: SCP-4052がこれまでの財団のサイトを占領したこと、および町内に民間人がいないことから。SCP-4052を現在の場所から立ち退かせる試みは失敗しています。SCP-4052の収容は誤情報の伝達および誤った方向へ向かわせることに重点を置いてください。町内に向かう道あるいは通過する道は全て付近にあるプラノPlanoソモノークsomonaukの街へ迂回させてください。財団の前哨基地をSCP-4052から見えない位置にある丘の付近に建設してください。町へ近づこうとする者には進入を許し、町から見えない所へ出たらすぐに取り押さえてください。取り押さえた人物は尋問を行い、記憶処理を行った上で、町の付近に移動させます。サイト-481への侵入を試みる場合は、いかなる理由であってもレベル職員2名の承認を得てください。

Description: SCP-4052 is a group of humanoid entities currently occupying Site-481, which encompasses the entirety of Sandwich, Illinois. These entities resemble ordinary police officers of various ethnicities and genders; the single exception being the heads, which appears as uncut loaves of white bread. Despite this, SCP-4052 are able to speak, see, and hear without apparent issue. Current estimations show the population of SCP-4052 residing within the town as between 45 and 200, although this population regularly fluctuates.

説明: SCP-4052は、現在イリノイ州サンドイッチ全体を包含するサイト-481を占領している人型実体の集団です。SCP-4052は様々な民族、性別で構成された一般的な警察官のように見えます。唯一の例外は頭部で、切られていないパンの塊のように見えます。SCP-4052は見たところ問題なく話すこと、見聞きすることが可能です。町内に住むSCP-4052の人口は定期的に変動しているにもかかわらず、45人から200人の間に収まるものとみられます。

SCP-4052-1 are armored vehicles possessed by SCP-4052 resembling police cars used by the previous Sandwich Police Department. Through unknown means, SCP-4052-1 are able to translocate between Site-481 and a separate location (referred to as 4052-Ω) believed to exist on another dimensional plane. SCP-4052 use this ability to transport supplies and construction materials, along with the transport of additional instances.


SCP-4052 are fairly amicable when approached by civilian individuals, allowing them to enter Site-481 and the town itself. SCP-4052 will only react violently if an individual attempts to enter the town with or create something within the town that can be defined using the word "sandwich." Once something within the town is recognized as a sandwich, the owner of the "sandwich" will be apprehended by the nearest SCP-4052 instances, and have the "sandwich" confiscated. The individual will then be brought to the Site-481 D-Class holding cells and imprisoned for a seemingly random period of time. Different objects will produce varying levels of hostility from SCP-4052, with anomalous objects defined as sandwiches producing the most violent results.


If an individual knowingly associated with the Foundation attempts to enter Site-481, they will be violently assaulted by SCP-4052. This occurs whether the individual's connection with the Foundation was during the past or present. During these encounters, SCP-4052 have shown an extremely elevated pain tolerance, with instances ignoring bullet wounds and compound fractures in order to continue attacking personnel. SCP-4052 will continue attacking until all personnel are either subdued or deceased, upon which, SCP-4052 will place subdued individuals within an instance of SCP-4052-1 and transport them to 4052-Ω. Individuals who have been taken to 4052-Ω have never been recovered.


Addendum 4052.1: Following several failed attempts to infiltrate Site-481, undercover Foundation agents coerced several civilian photographers to photograph the interior of Site-481 under the guise of it being a recently constructed theme park. Of note within the photographs were several flyers hung within the town, having an overwhelming presence in the interior of the site. A second civilian excursion were able to acquire one of these flyers. A recreation of this flyer has been provided below.

補遺 4052.1: Site-481へ侵入する試みが何回か失敗した後、財団の潜入エージェントは民間の写真家何名かに、サイト-481を最近建設されたテーマパークであると称した上で、サイト-481の内部の写真を撮らせました。撮影したもので特筆すべきは、サイト内で一際目立つ存在となっている町内に貼られた何枚かのチラシでした。次の旅行客は、チラシを一枚確保することができました。



+++++ If you are stationed at Sandwich Outpost Phi-Alpha, be on the lookout for human individuals associated with the organization known as "The Secure Contain Protect Foundation." Although their intentions are unknown, they are largely responsible for the creation of large tears within sandwichtime, along with the release of several Nth sandimensional entities within the lower slices. This blatant violation and ignorance of our enforced laws have partially contributed to the current state of Sandwich Prime.

+++++ If you encounter one of these individuals, it is imperative that you attempt to restrain them as soon as possible. They are considered extremely violent and have previously attempted to breach this compound. Relocate them to Sandwich Prime where they will be sedated and interviewed as their motives are still unclear. If you are unable to restrain them, do not be afraid to use your firearm. Your safety takes precedence over everything.

+++++ Remain vigilant. Remember, our war here is not with the human population. Our war is with those who disobey our laws and threaten the safety of others.

+++++ Empanda be with you.


Image recovered from L24-1's shoulder-mounted camera.

Addendum:4052.2 On 20██/09/14, MTF-Lambda-24 ("Yeast and Desist") was utilized in an organized raid on Site-841, with the goal of weakening SCP-4052's hold on the compound. Utilizing a former loading bay, the team used a chemical explosive to break through a disused metal garage door. Once the explosive was detonated, a large opening was created in the door. When an MTF member went to inspect the point of entry, several hostile entities burst from the hole and attacked the unprepared MTF. These entities appeared to be made of yellow semisolid material and proved to be largely unaffected by gunfire, dispatching a majority of the MTF within minutes. These entities were only subdued when SCP-4052 instances, after hearing the commotion, rushed out of the compound and began attacking the entities using a military-grade flamethrower, allowing the surviving MTF members to flee.

Following this event, a brief note from SCP-4052 was found on the desk of Head Researcher Randall Bannock, likely due to his previous involvement in the containment of SCP-4052. The transcription of the note has been provided below.

Dear Secure Contain Protect Foundation,

親愛なるSecure Contain Protect財団へ

I think it's about time that we formally request you cease involvement in our activities. I'm fully aware that you believe you're only doing good by attempting to protect the public from what they aren't knowledgeable of and that might harm them. We agree that is a very noble cause. As such, we must request that you allow us to follow that same noble goal and allow us to control things that might harm others due to their lack of understanding. That includes you.


You've shown countless times that you don't understand why rules have been set in place as well as the tendency to blatantly ignore them. Just recently, we were required to clean up your mess after you created a portal to the lowest possible slice by using a process identical to those used in open-faced sandwich explosives. Compared to your clearly careless method of operating, our agency has done far better at abiding by universal restrictions. Countless times you've interrupted our operations, causing our stationed officer countless hours of stress and paperwork following every one of your "experiments." The only contribution you've made towards our commitment is the construction of our newest outpost, which you proceeded to infiltrate multiple times.

We feel as if it would be best that our parties went separate ways, don't you agree? We would be one less interdimensional information breach for you to worry about, and you could stop violating our spatial laws and opening rifts to allow hostile beings into our outpost. A win for both of us. Of course, tabs will still be kept on you, due to your impact on our agency as a whole. I expect you to follow suit.

Don't worry about us. We can take care of our own containment. I hope you can do the same.

Warmest regards,
Sylvia Lavash
Sandwich Cataclysm Prevention

Following a decision by the O5 Council, all further Foundation involvement regarding SCP-4052 and its continued spatial enforcement has been suspended.


















































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