【翻訳案】SCP-3357 - Practice Makes Perfect /

出典: 出典: SCP-3357 - Practice Makes Perfect /
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作成日(EN): 2017/7/4

Rev: rev.11まで反映済み

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The floor plan of SCP-3357's current (8 m by 6 m) containment room in testing configuration

Item #: SCP-3357

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3357 is to be stored in a chamber of at least 6 meters by 6 meters by 2.4 meters. The object should stand centered in a 6 m by 6 m floor space marked by walls and/or tape. It is recommended that restroom facilities be available within the perimeter of this area for the convenience of test subjects. SCP-3357 must remain fixed securely in place.

特別収容プロトコル: SCP-3357は少なくとも6×6×2.4mを超える部屋に収容してください。オブジェクトは6×6mの床の中央に設置されるべきです。

During testing, this chamber must meet dual humanoid containment requirements. Additional amenities such as a waste bin, small furniture, or leisure items may be provided only with the approval of a senior researcher.

Description: SCP-3357 is a Young Chang brand baby grand piano with a black, high-gloss, polyester resin finish. The instrument remains perfectly tuned and in what is considered excellent condition despite the lack of maintenance it has seen while in the Foundation's care. Its dimensions and mass are identical to that of a piano of non-anomalous make.

説明: SCP-3357はヨンチャンブランドの小型のグランドピアノです。黒色で、高光沢加工及びポリエステル樹脂加工が施されています。SCP-3357は財団の保護化に置かれて以降、完全に調律された状態を保持し、メンテナンスをせずとも良いコンディションを維持しているものと見られています。容量や質量は異常性を持たないピアノと同一です。

SCP-3357-1 is an animate, humanoid, mostly intangible being of varying physical appearance. The entity manifests itself when a sentient subject imperfectly performs or fails to finish performing a musical composition using SCP-3357. Upon manifestation, it consistently takes the appearance of the composer or arranger of the piece played. SCP-3357-1 requires neither nutrition nor hydration, but it has been observed to sleep.


De-manifestation of the entity occurs only after it is satisfied with its student's ability to perform a musical composition perfectly or when the subject ceases life function. The degree of perfection to which it holds the subject accountable does not vary in relation to the difficulty of the piece or the subject's skill. Leniency to account for physical limitations has been observed in certain cases. SCP-3357's anomalous effects cannot be re-initiated while SCP-3357-1 is already manifested.


SCP-3357's keyboard

The entity is unable to leave a 6 m x 6 m x 2.4 m area at the base elevation of and centered around SCP-3357. The dimensions of this space closely resemble the dimensions of the location where the item was recovered. SCP-3357-1 is capable of phasing through physical objects and barriers such as walls which would otherwise further restrict its range of movement. Notably, the entity is incapable of physical interaction with living organisms.

A subject who triggers the manifestation of SCP-3357-1 becomes likewise limited in potential movement until the entity de-manifests. In a space that is larger than that which is described above, both SCP-3357-1 and the human subject are prevented from exiting the vicinity of SCP-3357 by a spatial discontinuity.

Despite being fully sentient and wholly aware of its own circumstances, SCP-3357-1 prefers to mimic the behaviors and personalities of those whose physical form it adopts. However, its teaching style and personal preferences remain independent of its borrowed appearance.

Document #3357-001: Abridged transcript of the Foundation's first interaction with SCP-3357-1.

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Anomaly: SCP-3357; SCP-3357-1

アノマリー: SCP-3357; SCP-3357-1

Subject: D-1849 — found to have received 10 years of piano instruction as a child

対象: D-1849 — 幼少の頃、ピアノ教育を10年間受けていることが分かっている。

Interviewers: Dr. Riley Cadence (senior researcher); Dr. Seymour Tracy (junior researcher)

インタビュアー: レイリー・カデンツ博士(上級研究員); シーモア・トレイシー博士(下級研究員)

<Begin Log>


[The subject performs Chopin's "Waltz in A minor" on SCP-3357. The entity appears. Researchers instruct D-1849 to avoid playing the instrument.]

[対象はSCP-3357でショパンの「ワルツ イ短調」を演奏する。実体が出現する。研究員は楽器を演奏しないようD-1849に指示する。]

Dr. Cadence: Welcome to Foundation custody, SCP-3357-1. We would like to begin—

カデンツ博士: 財団の保護下へようこそ、SCP-3357-1。早速始めたいと思うのだが—

SCP-3357-1: What was that? You ignore ornamentation like a child! But you play so well otherwise. You could be a talented student.

SCP-3357-1: あの演奏は何だ?まるで子供のように装飾音を無視しているではないか!ただ、他の部分はとても良かった。君はきっと才能のある子だ。

[The subject seems bewildered.]


Dr. Cadence: SCP-3357-1, your attention would be better focused—

カデンツ博士: SCP-3357-1、こちらを向い—

SCP-3357-1: Is the tempo too fast? Play a little slower. But practice trills first. Do long-short rhythm, then switch to short-long. This is finger-strengthening exercise.

SCP-3357-1: テンポが速すぎないかね?もう少しゆったりと弾くんだ。とはいえ、まずはトリルの練習だ。長-短のリズムで弾きなさい。それから、短-長へ切り替えて。これは指を強化する練習だ。

D-1849: Uh… Chopin? I think the doctors over there want to talk to you.

D-1849: あー…ショパン?あっちにいる博士があなたとお話ししたいようだけど。

SCP-3357-1: What? What use is talk? Play music, is good for soul!

SCP-3357-1: 何?そのお話とやらは何かの役に立つのか?音楽を奏でなさい、そちらのほうが役に立つ!

[Researchers repeatedly and unsuccessfully attempt to hold a conversation with the entity. SCP-3357-1 refuses to interact with any personnel other than D-1849. It eventually engages in the interview after the subject ceases to acknowledge it.]


SCP-3357-1: If we must have this conversation, let's make it quick. I have a student to return to.

SCP-3357-1: この会話をしなければならないのならば、さっさとやろうじゃないか。私は生徒の元に戻らなければならないんだ。

Dr. Cadence: The more you cooperate with us, the faster and easier this will all be in the long run. Now, SCP-3357-1, what is your earliest memory?

カデンツ博士: あなたが協力してくださるなら、長期的に見れば早く楽に終わりますよ。さて、SCP-3357-1、思い出せる中で最も古い記憶は何ですか?

SCP-3357-1: Earliest memory? I can't quite say. Would have been in Warsaw. I have fond memories of mother giving me piano lessons in boarding house.

SCP-3357-1: 一番古い記憶?はっきりとは言えない。私はワルシャワで生まれた。母が下宿先でピアノのレッスンをつけてくれたのは良い思い出だよ。

Dr. Cadence: That's information anyone could find in a biography. What proof do you have that you really are Chopin?

カデンツ博士: その情報は伝記を読めばだれでも分かるものです。あなたが本物のショパンであるという証拠はありますか?

SCP-3357-1: I have only ever been myself. Who else could I be?

SCP-3357-1: 私は私でしかない。他の誰になれるというんだい?

Dr. Cadence: What year do you think it is?

Dr. Cadence: 今、何年だとお思いで?

SCP-3357-1: What does it matter? I am simply here to teach and to enjoy life.

SCP-3357-1: 何が問題なるというのかね?私はただ指導を行い、人生を楽しむためにここにいるだけだ。

Dr. Cadence: You aren't Chopin, SCP-3357-1. You're an anomaly mimicking the human form. Where did you come from? Where did the piano come from?

カデンツ博士: あなたはショパンではありません、SCP-3357-1。人間の形をまねたアノマリーです。あなたはどこから来たのですか?このピアノはどこからやってきたのですか?

SCP-3357-1: I come from Poland. The piano? Perhaps Austria. It is excellent craftsmanship.

SCP-3357-1: 私はポーランドから来た。このピアノ?恐らくはオーストリア製だ。素晴らしい職人技が詰まったものだ。

Dr. Tracy: Boss, I don't think we're getting anywhere with this.

トレイシー博士: ボス、埒が明かないと思いますよ。

Dr. Cadence: [sighing] You might be right. Okay. D-1849, proceed with the waltz. You won't be leaving until you manage a perfect performance.

カデンツ博士: [ため息]そうでしょうね。分かりました。D-1849、ワルツを再開して。完璧な演奏ができるまで帰れないと思って。

SCP-3357-1: Marvelous. Good student, be careful with your fingering at the twelfth measure!

SCP-3357-1: 素晴らしい。良い生徒よ、12小節目の指使いに気を付けて!

[The remainder of the session is comprised of the subject practicing and receiving instruction from SCP-3357-1. On the sixth attempt, D-1849 performs the piece to the entity's satisfaction, and SCP-3357-1 vanishes.]


<End Log>


Closing Statement: The entity's displayed behaviors in this interview have been found to be contradictory to those recorded of Frédéric Chopin. However, other interactions with SCP-3357-1 have proven it capable of mimicking personalities and mannerisms accurately enough to be indistinguishable.

結び: 実体がインタビュー中に見せた言動は、記録におけるフレデリック・ショパンの言動とは矛盾していることが判明しています。ただし、それ以外のSCP-3357-1とのやり取りは


Document #3357-016: Reference table summarizing a series of tests which have determined SCP-3357-1's operating parameters.

Document #3357-018: Transcript of an unauthorized interview between SCP-3357-1 and a senior researcher meant to be on psychiatric leave.


















































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