SCP-1320翻訳案 「Refractive Explorers/屈折探検隊」


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Four members of SCP-1320; Image taken by Agent Rob Mulholland 4人のSCP-1320; エージェントRob Mulhollandが撮影

Item #: SCP-1320
アイテム番号: SCP-1320

Object Class: Euclid
オブジェクトクラス: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The current known extent of SCP-1320's habitat, as well as no less than a five (5) kilometer radius of land from the estimated center, is to be owned by Foundation front companies and observed at all times. A concrete wall at least 4 meters high is to be constructed and maintained around the perimeter, and integrated ultrasonic motion detectors are to be placed at 20 meter intervals to monitor for breaches.
特別収容プロトコル: 現在既に分かっているSCP-1320の生息地、及び推定された中心から半径5km程の土地は、財団フロント企業が所有し、常に監視されます。周囲に高さ4m以上のコンクリート壁を構築、維持し、超音波動体検知器を20m間隔で設置して違反の有無を監視します。

At least once per week, during a period of inactivity, at least ten (10) items not previously encountered by members of SCP-1320 are to be introduced into their habitat via air-lift, as close to the center as feasible. For a list of items already encountered by SCP-1320, please see document 1320-4071a.

Should individual members of SCP-1320 be observed leaving the containment area, a general alarm is to be sounded and MTF Chi-41 (Ghost Watchers) is to be brought on station to return the individuals to their habitat. Should containment not be possible, observational command is to be notified and currently allocated areas are to be adjusted accordingly.
SCP-1320の個体が収容エリアを離れるのが観測された場合、非常警報が鳴らされ、機動部隊カイ-41 (“ゴースト・ウォッチャーズ”)がその個体を生息地に戻すために拠点に連れてこられます。収容が不可能な場合は、観測命令が下され、それに応じて現在割り当てられているエリアは調整されます。

Description: SCP-1320 is the group designation for an anomalous, sapient species, native to a roughly 6 square kilometer area of [REDACTED] known to be heavily forested and sparsely populated. The species shows a unique ability to refract electromagnetic radiation around their forms; this is most easily identifiable in the fact that light "bends" around them, rendering them somewhat transparent or reflective depending on angles, but the refraction extends to all currently tested wavelengths of the spectrum.
説明: SCP-1320は深い森と少ない人口で知られる[編集済]の約6平方kmの範囲に生息している、知性を持った種族です。その種族は、その形状の周りの電磁波を屈折させる特異な能力を示します。これは可視光線が周りに「曲がる」という事実で最も簡単に識別でき、角度によっては透けたり反射しているように観測されますが、屈折は現在観測された全てのスペクトルの波長にまで及びます。

A side-effect of this anomaly is that individuals are able to seemingly "appear" or "disappear" when not directly in view. Members of SCP-1320 are not believed to be able to teleport or in any other way shift themselves; they are simply well camouflaged and silent by nature, and are able to utilize their anomalous properties as means of evasion. Primarily, they have utilized such tactics to interfere with any attempts to retrieve specimens, ambushing groups attempting to capture one alive and swiftly removing any of their kind that are injured or otherwise incapacitated.

Individuals of SCP-1320 are humanoid in shape, averaging between 2.7 and 3.2 meters in height. Additionally, the distortion effect that surrounds them makes individuals appear to be between 1 and 1.5 centimeters thick; remote ultrasound imaging has confirmed that the actual physical body is less than 1 micrometer thick. Despite this, individuals have shown a level of physical strength and dexterity roughly equivalent to an average human, save for an ability to shear objects at a near-molecular level. It is estimated that the tips of their extremities are narrowed to within a few dozen nanometers and are extremely durable, allowing for this level of sharpness and precision.

Typically, members of SCP-1320 are not hostile unless provoked, instead showing an inquisitive nature with small groups gathering around any type of object that is new to their habitat and studying it thoroughly; this inevitably concludes with individuals cutting the object into successively smaller pieces, even if it is biological in nature. While they appear to lose interest in specific objects within three to four days and will largely ignore repetitive stimulus, similar objects that are sufficiently unique will attract their attention anew; for instance, after growing accustomed to Douglas-fir trees (Pseudotsuga) they still showed interest in both Cedar (Cedrus) and Pine (Pinus) species. It is believed that this inquisitive nature is the driving force behind SCP-1320's instincts, as no member of the species has been observed attempting to leave an inhabited area until all new forms of objects have been thoroughly examined.

Despite the fact that no light or other electromagnetic waves should be able to permeate their refractive nature, SCP-1320 are observed to be "looking" at objects, using a form of sensory adaptation we have not been able to detect or duplicate. Similarly, members of SCP-1320 have never been observed to make any sort of vocalization, but apparently are able to communicate with one another.

To date, SCP-1320 have not been observed to perform any sort of construction or assembly; it is not known whether they do not have the intelligence or desire for such activities, or if they have somehow been able to hide their constructs. Given the fact that individuals have been described as "disappearing" even when under direct observation, this has lead to great difficulty in tracking them to any type of central nest or housing area.

Addendum: Incident 1320-1
補遺: インシデント1320-1

On 08/17/████, a group of D-class subjects under observation by Researcher Grant were introducing new stimulus into the SCP-1320 habitat, which at that time was contained in a steel mesh fence and was just below two kilometers on a side. Incident 1320-1 was the first time that SCP-1320 was observed to have any sort of large-scale hostility. What follows is an interview conducted by one of the few survivors.

Taking the above interview and further investigation of the patterns of SCP-1320's behavior, it was confirmed that their assumed territory had expanded to the currently held ranges. Containment procedures were upgraded, and in light of their potential threat, Doctor Kennar put forth an official request to upgrade SCP-1320 to Keter status.

The escalated security measures have kept them in check since the single incident. Thus, increasing their status to Keter has been denied until such time that SCP-1320 demonstrates a continual, active intent and ability to breach containment. - O5-█
エスカレートしたセキュリティ対策は唯一のインシデント以来、彼らを封じ込めてきました。従って、SCP-1320が断続的で積極的な目的や収容違反を起こし得る能力を示すまでは、Keterへの再分類は却下されます。 - O5-█



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