“You’re not afraid of clowns, are you?”
When Victor had been interviewed for a sales rep with MC&D, they had asked him a lot of unusual questions, but for some reason that one had always stuck out as the most non-sequitur.
Now he was wondering if they wouldn’t have hired him if he had said yes, or just not have sent him here.

As he looked upon the numerous striped tents of Herman Fuller’s Circus of the Disquieting, he tried to figure out exactly what it was that was making him so uneasy.
Upon casual inspection, nothing was out of the ordinary.

The glances he managed to steal of the freaks or the clowns or the attractions as the Circus was set up were never enough for him to explicitly identify anything wrong, but yet he couldn’t shake the feeling that they were all deeply abhorrent somehow.

Maybe it was just the pitch-black cotton candy.
Everyone knows cotton candy is supposed to be bright pink, baby blue, or maybe snow white on occasion, but never pitch-black。
Especially not such a deep, abyssal pitch-black that looked like darkness incarnate on a stick.
And why was the calliope playing when they weren’t open to customers yet?
Something about a calliope being played just for the sake of it seemed so unwholesome.

“You Victor?”
Victor turned his head at the mention of his name.
A few yards away from him was a large, muscular man with a moustache, bowler hat and of course…

My God, how is that even possible? Does his throat pass through his brain?

“Yes, I am indeed. Victor Chan, from Marshall, Carter, & Dark’s Hong Kong Office,”
he greeted, masking his horror at the man’s disfigurement as best he could.
He did not wish to offend him as Victor was himself a fairly small and slight man, and was painfully aware that his five-figure Italian suit only signified softness in this place.
“I spoke with a Mr. Gorham over the phone and he said I was to meet with a gentleman by the name of Manny. Am I correct in assuming that you are him?”

“Never been mistaken for someone else yet,”
the Man with the Upside-Down Face replied dryly.
“What’s this about Emcee D? You got something to sell me, you want another private show?”
「 Emcee Dについてはどうだ?お前は俺に何か売るものを持っているんだろう、別のプライベートショーをお望みか?」

“I actually have a proposition I would like to discuss with you regarding some of your former assets that are currently being held by the SCP Foundation,”
Victor replied. Manny groaned and muttered something under his breath.
It might have been ‘Icky’.
“I apologize if I’ve said anything to upset you, but I was led to believe you may have an interest in reobtaining some of these assets.”

“You, ah, you’re going to want to talk to our Ringmaster Veronica. I run back-of-house around here. She runs front-of-house. I have a feeling she’s the one behind this,”
he grumbled.
“Follow me, we’ll see if she’s in her tent.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Victor stuck as closely behind Manny as he could, not wanting to get lost in the candy coloured labyrinth.
As they moved further into the Circus the sickly sweet scent of cotton candy became so overwhelming Victor needed to cover his nose and mouth with a neckerchief.
Amidst the unceasing drone of conversation that surrounded them, Victor swore that some of the voices he heard didn't sound Human.
Though he had yet to see any animals, he could hear their various calls ringing through the air.
Some didn't sound like any creature he was familiar with, and all of them either sounded monstrously vicious or pitifully forlorn.
The calliope was still the worst of all.
The music felt almost invasive, insidious somehow, as though it was trying to lull him into letting his guard down so that it could do with him as it pleased.


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