Tale翻訳案 Six Letters Addressed to the SCP Foundation (and One Letter Home) (SCP財団に宛てられた6通の手紙(そして1通の故郷への手紙))


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Found in SCP-2118's cell.


Dear Carly,

I saw you in the newspaper. When they were removing all the nondangerous SCPs skips anomalies, the newspapers were there, they took pictures. There's a great one of you, you're in the middle of this big crowd of policemen and military and scientists, and you're looking right at the camera…you look like you're on fire. You look so brave, so strong. You made me feel so proud.

I knew you couldn't be dead. I knew it. Everyone thought I was crazy, but I knew you weren't dead.

I'm trying to get you back, now, but there's so much paperwork I have to get through. Lots of people are. Some people can't come back, they're keeping them there indefinitely…I keep hearing stories about people who've gotten their kids back and they don't remember them. Either the kids, or the parents. I hope more than anything that you remember me. You must have gone through so much. I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you. What you must think of me.

We celebrated your birthday every year, your dad and I did. We kept your room just like it was. You're 15 now, right? Practically a woman. We have a lot of good schools around here, I think you'll find one you like. Or we can homeschool you. Or if they have to keep studying you (god knows why), we'll move near one of those horrible facilities. As long as I can be with you again, I don't care. I only want you home.

I think a lot about how we fought when you were younger. I'm so sorry. I know now that you couldn't control it, you couldn't help sounding like him. I can't lose you, too. We'll figure something out. We'll find a way.

Please write back soon. I will see you as soon as they let me.

I love you.



新聞であなたを見ました。危なくないSCP スキップアノマリーを全部移していた時新聞屋さんはそこにいて、写真を撮っていました。その中にはあなたの素敵な写真もあって、警官、軍、科学者の大群の真っただ中でカメラをまっすぐに見ていました……火の中にいるように見えますね。あなたはとても勇敢で、とても強く見えます。あなたは私をとても誇りに思いました。



私たちは毎年あなたの誕生日を祝いました。あなたのお父さんと私で。私たちはあなたの部屋をそのままにしておきました。あなたは今15歳よね? ほとんど女性も同然ですね。この辺にいい学校がたくさんあるから、きっと気に入ると思います。ホームスクールでもいいですよ。もし彼らがあなたを研究し続けなければならないなら(なぜかは誰も知りません)、私たちはそれらの恐ろしい施設の一つの近くに移動します。あなたと一緒にいられる限り、私は気にしません。あなたに家に帰って欲しいだけ。





Found in the desk of SCP-682's primary researcher.


dear lizerd

hello. how are you? i am fine. my mom dos not know i am writing to you. i do not think she would like if i did but i can do it.

i seed you on tv. you were very big. i bet you could eat a city. have you ever eat a city? i bet you could. i want to see you do that.

i am writing you in class. miss drucy says to write a letter to your hero, so i am writing you one. i think you are my hero because i bet you can breathe fire.

how old are you? i am seven. other kids think you are scary but i do not think so.




こんにちわ。お元気ですか? ぼくは元気です。ぼくのママはぼくがトカゲさんに手紙を書いてるのを知らないんだ。ぼくが書いたらママは気に入らないと思うけど、ぼくはできるよ。

トカゲさんをテレビで見たんだ。とってもおっきかった。トカゲさんはたぶん町も食べちゃえるね。町を食べたことある? きっとできるよ。見てみたいな。


トカゲさんは何才? ぼくは7才。ほかの子たちはトカゲさんのことをこわいと思ってるけど、ぼくはそうは思わない。



Found in the Foundation mailroom's "Do Not Deliver" pile.


Dear Mr. Lennox,

Please let me begin by saying how sorry I am for not communicating earlier. I felt it unwise, at our present points in our respective locations, to speak with you in any formal capacity. Now that Korea has…happened, however, I think the time has come for us to speak again.

And what a shock it was to look in my morning paper and see you looking back at me! Some intrepid reporter is publishing pictures of every living…SCP? That's what they're calling them? Seems a little dramatic, but I suppose you can't change what's done. In any case, he's publishing photos of every alive SCP he can get his lens on, and there you were this morning, this big lump of a bear staring out next to the crossword!

Is Abbie there with you? I remember when they took you, they found me in her records and searched for me as well, but my friends know how to hide from their watchful eye. I've been preoccupied and haven't been able to communicate as well as I would have liked, but official records apparently now state that she died. Of course, you and I both know better than to trust official records. Besides, how could they bury an empty box and call it a funeral? Someone will always know.

In any case, I wanted to let you know that I intend to keep my promise to you and Abbie. I am locating paperwork to have you released at this very moment, and as soon as you're back in my care, I have a place for you to live, out of the public's eye. It's quiet. I think you'll like it.

Did you read that, Foundation? Of course I know you're screening these letters. I can keep him safe. I can keep him secured. I can protect them both. Please let me.





朝刊を見て、あなたが私を振り返っているのを目にしたときどれだけ驚いたことか! 何人かの勇敢な記者がすべての生きた……SCP? そう呼ばれているんだったか? の写真を公開している。少しドラマチックにも見えるが、君に起きたことは変えられないのだろう。いずれにしても、彼はレンズに収めることのできたすべての生きたSCPの写真を公開していて、今朝君が載っていたところでは、大きな熊が隣のクロスワードを見つめていた!

アビーは一緒にいるかい? 奴らが君を連れて行った時、彼女の記録で私を見つけて私のことも調べたのを覚えている。しかし、私の友人たちは彼らの監視の目から隠れる方法を知っている。気を取られていて、思うように意思の疎通ができなかったが、公式記録では彼女は亡くなったことになっているらしい。もちろん、君も私も公式記録を信頼するよりはましなことを知っている。それに、どうして空の箱を埋めて葬儀と呼ぶのだろうか? いつも誰かが知っていることだ。


読みましたか、財団? もちろん、あなたたちがこれらの手紙を審査しているのは知っています。私は彼をSafeにしておけます。私は彼を安全な状態にsecuredしておけます。私は彼ら両方を保護するprotectことができます。私にさせてください。



Found in a wastepaper basket in Site-06-3.


محترمہ نسیم,
ہم ایک بار پھر آپ کو مل گیا ہے خوش ہیں.

نیک نیتی کی علامت کے طور پر اس خط کو لے جاؤ. ہم آپ کو زندہ ہیں حیران رہ جاتے ہیں. ہم آپ کو اپنے والدین کے ساتھ رہنا جنت میں چلا گیا تھا سوچا. تم زندہ دیکھنے کے لئے ناقابل اعتماد ہے.

تاہم، آپ کو واپس آنا بہت خطرناک ہیں. ہم آپ کے ارد گرد کس طرح محسوس، ہم پسند نہیں کرتے. آپ کہاں ہیں آپ برا سلوک نہیں کر رہے ہیں.

ہم نے تمہیں زندہ رہ سکتے ہیں جانتے ہیں. اللہ پر طاقت میں تلاش کریں اور آپ کو اس کے ذریعے کر دے گا.



Found in the desk of SCP-682's primary researcher.


dear lizerd

my mom found out i wrote to you and got mad. miss drucy told her. she says my hero shouldn't be an unoml anamoln you. she says my hero should be human but that's dumb. she didn't even mail the letter i wrote before. so i stole it.

my mom says its not good to steal but it's also not good to lie and miss drucy said she would mail the letter then she didn't. i think its okay that i stole it. i got stamps out of mom's desk and told frank that he had to mail it right now today.

how big is your mouth? it looked real big on tv. i can fit 4 marshmallows into my mouth. how many can you fit in yours?

frank is the mailman. i told him it was a letter to my hero the lizerd and he didn't like that. he said you give him the fukin heebie jeebies. its okay lizerd, i do like you even if frank dosnt.

do you think i could meet you? i think we would be best frends.




ママがぼくの書いた手紙を見つけてカンカンになっちゃった。ドルシー先生がママに言ったんだ。先生はぼくのヒーローはアノムル アナモルン トカゲさんじゃないって。ぼくのヒーローは人間だって言うけど、そんなのばかげてる。先生はぼくが前に書いた手紙を出さなかった。だからぼくはそれをぬすんじゃった。


トカゲさんのお口はどれくらいおっきいの? テレビじゃほんとにおっきく見えたよ。ぼくは口の中にマシュマロを4つ入れられるんだ。トカゲさんは何こ入れられる?


ぼくたち会えると思う? ぼくたちは親友になれると思うんだ。



Found in the Site-77 mail pile.



I now know it was you who stole Scarf.

I always thought. I had feelings that it was one of you groups that took them. My coworkers told me it was probably you, they said not to worry, I could make more. Everyone there knows about you. They all think you're cute, you're harmless packrats. I know better.

I couldn't make any more, I couldn't make another Scarf. How could I? I loved Scarf too much. I love Scarf too much.

Is love something you even understand?

I just want Scarf back. Is that so much? How much more from them do you need? They must be so scared, they must be so mistreated in your clinics.

I suppose you think I should be grateful, hm? I should be grateful it was you and not the artists, or the government? But I'm not. I don't understand why you kept them at all. Do you need to know how they work? I can tell you everything I know if you return Scarf to my care.

I'm coming to fetch them, and you cannot stop me. If you've hurt a fiber on Scarf's fringe, I swear, I will…how dare you. How dare you.

Do you need money? I don't have much. But I can give you my savings. I need them back. I need them to know how loved they are. I bet you all don't even hug them, do you? How long has it been since Scarf felt a loving hand?

Tell them I'm coming. Tell everyone I'm coming.

Signature is illegible.




私はもうあれ以上作ることができませんでした。私は他のスカァフを作ることができませんでした。どうしたらいいのでしょう!? 私はスカァフが大好きでした。私はスカァフが大好きです


私はただスカァフを返して欲しいだけです。そんなに大したことですか? あとどれくらい必要ですか? 彼らはとても怖がっているに違いありません、彼らはあなたたちの診療所で残酷な扱いを受けているに違いありません。

あなたたちは私が感謝すべきだと考えているのでしょうか? 芸術家や政府ではなく、あなたたちだったことに感謝すべきなのでしょうか? 私はそうは思いません。なぜあなたたちが彼らを保管していたのか全く理解できません。彼らがどうやって動いているのか知る必要があるのですか? もしスカァフを返してくれれば、私の知るすべてのことを教えることができます。


お金が必要なのですか? あまりありません。でも貯金なら差し上げられます。返してください。私には彼らがどれだけ愛されているか教える必要があります。あなたたちはハグもしないのでしょう? スカァフが愛ある手を感じてからどれくらい経つのでしょうか。



Many copies found in mail trucks over the course of three weeks.



Secure, Contain, Protect

To Whom It May Concern,

After receiving and reviewing your letter, we have elected to not return the person or object of interest into the general populace/your care at this time. This has not been an easy decision to come to, but after reviewing the anomaly's properties, we have deemed them to be too disturbing or dangerous to be released.

Attached is the proper paperwork to fill out in order to receive visitation to your anomaly. Visiting hours are from 1200-1500 on the 26th of the month and take place at the location your anomaly is currently being stored. When you arrive, retrieve a visitor's pass and inform the front desk of your anomaly's designation. Without both the designation and the attached paperwork, you will be turned away.


Thank you for your understanding at this time.


Dr. Everett Mann
SCP Foundation Researcher











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